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"-POETRY. - am-,"


POETRY. am- THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM, When marshal I'd on the nightly plain, 'I'lie glitt'ring host bestrid tiiesky One star alone of ail the train I Can fix the sinner s wandering eye. Hark hark to God the chorus breaks, „ From every host, from every gem- But one alone tin- Saviour soeaks, It is the star ot Bethlehem." 'T Once on the raging seas I rode, The storm was loud, the night was dark. The ocean yawn'd — and rudely blow'd I he wind that toss'd my found'ring bark. Deep horror then my vitals froze, Death-struck, I ceas'd the tide to stem j When suddenly a star arose, It was the star of Beth lehem. It was my guide, my light, my all; It hade my dark torebouiugs cease k; Aud thro the sionn, and uangeT's thrall, It led me to the port of peace. Now safely inoor'd—my perils o'er, I II sing, first in night's diadem, -For ever and for evermore, The Star !—the Siar ot Bethlehem JVIBKE WHITE. HYfN FOR CHRISTMAS DAY. BY BISHOP HHBER. o Saviour, whom this holy morn .f Gave to our world below To mortal want and labour born, And more than mortal woe. Incarnate Lord by every grief, i," By each temptation tried, :1'" *• Who lived to yield our ills relief, And to redeem its died If gaily clothed and proudly fed, In dangerous wealtli wedwelf; Remind us of-ihy manger-beil, And lowly cottage-cell If prest by poverty severej In envious want we pine, S '■ < m*j> Oh may thy spirit whisper near, How poor a lot was Thine i." IL Through fickle fortune's various scene, From sin preserve us free Like us thou hast a mourner been, May we rejoice with Thee PRAYER. There is an eye that never sleeps, Beneath the wiug of night; There is an ear that never shuts, When sink the beams of night. There is an arm that never tires. When human strength gives way There IS a love that never fails When earthly loves decay. That eye is fix'd on Seraph throngs; 'rhat ear is fili'd witlk aiijel's songs That arm upholds the world on high That love is throned beyond the sky. But there's a power which man can wield When mortal aid is vain That eve, that arm, that love to reach, That listening car to gain. That power is Prayer, which soars on high, And feeds on blIss beyond the sy. LE BOUQUET DE BAL." Vous partez brillante et paree pour ce bal ou je n'irai pas De voeux d'hommages entouree, a mpi penserez vous ? Helas qu'alors ce bouquet vons rappele un atuant absent et lidele Et si je ue suis pas la, mon bouquet du moins y sera. Vous partez, et moi, je demeure avee mon amour et ma foi A vous, moi je pense a toute heure vous a minuit peuser i moi? Presses alors cette fleure jolie sur ton ctsur seul bien que j'envie Et si je ne suis pas là, mon bouquet du moiiy y sera. Regardes le quand avec grace, mes revan viendront te vanter Regardes Ic-si leur audace a valser vouloit t'inviter Que ce bouquet ma seule otfraude et vous separe et me defeude Et si je ne suis pas Iii, mon bouquet du moins y sera. EUc partit fraiebe, et brillante et les soupirs de mille arnans Du bal la musique enivrante bieutotcgarerent ses sens hfHeuranl A peine la terre, ellc valsoit vive et legere Quand soudain minuit sonna, et le bouquet n'etoitplus Ià.

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