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FLINTSHIRE ESTEDDFOD.—Sir Stephen Glynne the member for the Flintshire Boroughs, has con- tributed 50/. as a donation towards the funds of the intended grand Flintshire Eisteddfod. MILFORD.—On Friday week last, about 11 PM. His Majesty's Post Office Steam Packet, Sybil, Capt. Roberts, was run foul of by an East lndiaman, home- ward bound from Bombay, off the Barges Light, but fortunately she received no other damage than the loss of her head. The greatest praise is due to Capt. Roberts for his humane conduct on the occasion, having accompanied the ship upwards of four hours lest any accident should have befallen her. SERIOUS AcclDEsT.-On Tuesday morning Wil- liam Rutledge, a seaman belonging to his Majesty's Revenue Cutter, Skylark, had his leg broken to pieces in serving out the chain cable, and on being examined, it was found necessary to undergo am- putation, which was accordingly done on Wednes- day, and we are happy to say the poor fellow is doing well. BODY FOUND.—On Tuesday afternoon, about one o'clock, 70 pigs, and the body of one man, were washed ashore at Freshwater East, near Milford, supposed to have came ashore from a vessel recently wrecked on that coast- .MELANCHOLY ACCIDENT—We have just heard (Wednesday last) that an American vessel has been washed ashore at Freshwater East, near the city oi St. David's, with upwards of 60 passengers on board, of whom only ten were saved. The particulars have not yet transpired, but will appear in our next. ] NQuEsT.-On Tuesday lasj, an inquest was held on the body of George Hixon, a seaman belonging to the pilot-boat Mary Ann, who was drowned as mentioned in our paper of the week. before last. Ver- dict-Found Drowned. THE WEATHER.—The weather has been extremely boisterous duriug the last week; wind from S. to S.W. with heavy falls of rain and sleet. DEATH BY FIRL-AR-ils.-A melancholy acci- dent occurred a few days ago at Maesleinystin, Mont- gomeryshire, the sporting seat of Lord Visconnt Clive. His Lordship and a party of friends had been out shooting, and the gamekeeper laid down his loaded gun on a table a person touched the per- cussion lock, and the contents entered the groin of the gardener. Lord Clive, with his characteristic humanity and kindness mounted a horse and rode off for a surgeon; but the man died before assistance could be procured. --C'hester Cuurant. A BIDDING.—A proof that the old national custom of a Welsh Bidding is not extinct has come under our view, in the maniage of John Richards and Ann Morris, of Llandovery, who have issued their bidding" to their friends to visit them at their own house on Thursday and yesterday, and make them their customary presents. CARMARTHEN NEW BANK.—We have much pleasure in announcing to our readers that a new Bank will beopcn in this town, on the first of January next, under the firm of Biddulph, Brothers, and Co. The parties are connected with a banking estab- lishment of the highest respectability in London.— Carmarthen Journal. SHIPWRECK.—On Monday last, the Providence, of Hail (Cornwall), Veal, master, bound from Hail to Swansea with a cargo of copper ore, struck on the Laugharne sands in Carmarthen bay, during a heavy fog, which prevented the crew from seeing the coast until they were on the flats. The crew succeeded in landing safely through the surf, and it is hoped the cargo will be saved but the vessel haviug lost her bulwarks, deck, Scr., must become a total wreck.— Ibid. BRUTAL ASSAULT.—Thomas and John Mabe, butchers, were brought before W. B. Swann, Esq., one of his Majesty>s Justices of the peace, at Narberth, charged with having violently and brutally assaulted Thomas Bowen, plaisterer, on that day, in the Market- place, lately built by the Baron de Rutzen. It ap peared from the evidence, that a dispute had occurred between one of the Mabes aad the sou of Bowen on that morning, which ended in blows, the former gaining the victory. The elder Bowen, on being in- formed that his son bad"beeii beaten, went into the market-place with a large club, bratidi-iiiiig it in the air, and threatening the butchers with punishment for the injury they intiicted upon his son this led to a tremendous fight between the friends of both parties —the plaisterer with Iiis club, and the bnlchers their s cleavers, knives steels, and saws, which were used C, indiscriminately. After considerable difficulty they were at length separated, but not before Bowen was dreadfully wounded, and he now lies in a most dan gerous state. The charge, after a long and patient in vestigation, was clearly proved by very many wit- nesses against John Mabe and his brother Thomas as particclj4 criminis. It appearingfrorn the evidence of Mr. James, surgeon, that inUammation was to be apprehended from the contused and lacerated state of the head, which was indicted by a saw, and that death may be the consequence. The prisoners were com- mitted to the county gao1 until Thursday next, when the result may be more clearly aseei-i ai tied lbi(,I. GLOCESTER AND BIRMINGHAM RAILWAY.—At a meeting held yesterday week at Dudley to take into consideration this projected improvement, it was unanimously resolved that it was expedient to form the road, according to the plan laid down by Mr. Wooddeson, on a line passing through Tewkesbury, Cheltenham, near to Worcester, through Kidder- minster, Stourbridge, Dudley, thence by a tunnel under Rowley Hill, near Oldbury, to Birmingham. The thanks of the meeting were most cordially voted to Mr, Wooddeson. SHIPWRECK.—VVe regret to state that the Lord Blayney, Steam Packet, from Newry to Liver- pool, with several passengers and a valuable cargo, was lost off the point of Ayr on Wednesday week, and all on board perished. It is supposed there were 80 passengers, besides the crew, and a large quantity of pijjs, &e. The melancholy eircumstaue.* is said to have been occasioned by-the north-west lig-ht ship having been obliged to leave her station, in conse- quence of the chains of one of the anchors having snapped in a gale of wind,


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