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GLAMORGANSHIRE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the the P NeXt GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS of eacefor this County will be holden TUESDAY the Thirty-first day of DECEMBER Next. ^"untv in the Town of Cardiff, in the said t'ou»< 0,1 which day the Magistrates will meet and proceed o'doak in the Forenoon. The Grand, j H'ifa, be rworn, at which time all Prosecutors and Jn<iiZ"SeS are Erected to attend and prefer their Bills of pros???'?' anct Appeals and Traverses intended to be nuir Ut ",e same Sessions will be entered on the Tues All busing relating to the internal regula- County ufill then be settled..And it is ordered then all Dl,d, on the County rate, and all accounts be br 'htforwad and audited, and at no other time; "ceoti^' sur^1 Permits who do not bring forward their And M" t^le ^ves^ay morning be not heard that Sessions. ]"er,a>is'who have any Traverse or appeal to bring ot| fj~ Sessions, ape requested to be prepared to proceed *Hq ]u Sa?ne on Tuesday mornings Court. The several act- retjirJ'yjf*rates ,u?ifh'n Me said County are requested to tobe" Depositions relating to Felonies and Misdemeanors Clef°?ecuted at the same Sessions into the office of the iitceni'lg 1^3°Ce 0t ^ar^ff' on before the 2$th day of Curdiff, 30th November, WOOD, 1833. Clerk of the Peace. MONMOUTHSHIRE, NOTTCE is hereby given, that the NEXT J Pij GENERAL QUARTER. SESSIONS of the i" ttÇh, for this County, will be held at the Town Hall, the town of USK, 0. Monday, the THIRTIETH day of DECEMBER, 1833; for Court will sit precisely at Ten o'clock in the when and where all Grand and Petit Jurors, thl, ^"nutables, and Bailiffs, are to attend and answer to all names, or in default thereof they will be fined., And f0 .°'er persons bound by recognizance, or having traverses AnP' °*° other business to transact, are required to attend. e Persons preferring indictments are requested to give q & instrnctions for the same on the above day, as the j(' and Jury will be -discharged as soon as possible', and it thJefjUeste% th -t all recognizances taken by the Justices of xt3th,eacCy for the appearance of persons at the Sessions, be delivered into Court early on Monday morning. 'o tl"^ a/^ persons who may have any bills or accounts to present ft ie Court, or who may have any demands on the County at*tes' are t° deliver in their accounts of the same precisely en o'clock on. the Monday morning, as the Court will tin°ee^ ",e examination and the allowance thereof, at the n buy t^le ^urV arc impannelled and sworn, and ordinary /,■ i,i&w of the Court gone through and any accounts de eted after that time will be referred to a future Sessions. A JONES, Clerk of the Peace. Brecknock Infirmary. AT a MEETING of the Managing Committee of A of the Brecknock Infirmary, held at the infirmary, ^7 10th day of December, 1833, and another on the ^ay of December, 1833, the following resolutions were j, Resolved,—That .the Rev. Archdeacon Davies and Dr. *ntJ Lucas be requested to complete the Annual Report, 111 tna'te such additions as arc usually made in similar subject to the revision and approbation of Dr. a —That Dr. Wynter and Mr. John North be a nnnittee for the purpose of making an estimate of the ftmber of article required for furnishing two Wards and i -Apothecary's Shop, with the prices, &c. that it ruay be o1 ,J>u'ore the Meeting of the Committee of Management otr r«esday next. Tuesday, Dec. 17th, 1833. Resolved,—That the two Wards now fitting up, be opened I0r the reception of patients on the 1st day of January, 8"4. and that the Dispensary shall be opened there on •je same day. That notice thereof be advertised in the fer>hyr Guardian, Hereford Journal, and Cambrian e*vspapers. a Resolved,—That Dr. Wynter and Mr. John North be JJthorised to carry into execution the Resolution of the .h day of December u!t., and to purchase the articles re- 3"ired; and that the Chairman of the Committee of ^'anagement bo empowered to draw on the Treasurers <)r the amount necessary, out of the Annual Fund. (Signed) RICHARD DAVIES, Chairman, jTheAnnnal Report having been completed by Archdeacon j avies, and !)r H. Lucas was submitted to and approved of y the Meeting, and a sufficient number of copies thereof **as ordered to be forthwith printed and dispersed among "e subscribers, &c. GLASGOW LOTTERY. \\7" MALLALIEU, GAZETTE AND GUAR- t » • D1AN OFFICE, MERTHYR TYDVIL, Agent 0 JMSH'S Office, London, has on Sale Tickets and Shares Or the SECOND GLASGOW LOTTERY, the Scheme of which contains Prizes of 115,000, £ 10 000, &c. on j*.°uscs and Lan<ls, or the holders may have Money imme- » ant^ BISH sold last Lottery upwards of Two birds of all the Capitals, all of which he paid in Money were drawn.'—The whole Lottery will be ALL IN ONE DAY, IN LONDON, AT COOPER'S HALL, 22d. Jauuary, 1S34. BrSH'S AGENTS ARE thyr Tydvil, W. MaVlalieu, Gazette & Guardian Office. recon j. W. Morgan, Bookseller, Post Officc. ,\ard*ff W. Bird, Bookseller. J*tr»arihen .W. Evans, Carmarthen Journal Officc. .vverfordwest.. J. Potter, Bookseller. onmouth J. Nash, Merlin Office. j M. Fear, Timber Yard. W. Price, Grove House. ansea. J. Davies, Auctioneer, Post Office. rtangor J. Bfowrt, North Wales Chronicle Office. W. Potter and Co. Herald Office. olywetl. J. Davies, Bookseller, Cross-street. DR. WRIGHT'S vCelebrated Pearl Ointment. er the sanction and recommendation of etninent Surgeons, and patronized by the Nobility, Clergy, Gentry, i)'c. p'OIl the cure of cancerous, scrofulous, and indolent "T~- tumours and inveterate ulcers; glandular affections of neck, erysipelas-, scurvy, evil,- ring.worm, scald head, white swelling*, piles, ulcerated sore legs (if of 20 years -tanding-,) chilblai11$. chapped hands, Uurns,scalds, bruises, grocers' itch, and ail cutaneous diseixses also an infallible ^Hiedy for sore and diseased eyes. in every one of the above distressing complaints this '■^valuable Ointment has effected the most triumphant cures fttter all other means had failed, and it is strongly recom-1 "ended to faiiailies, schools, especially to grocers, never to e without it. TESTIMONIALS.-—We, the undersigned Surgeons, do Certify( i)j > we have known numerous instances of the great effu of Dr. Wright's Pearl Ointment, and we have *?Juch pk;_CTdj-c iu recommending it to the public at large *.— fe3'1" ^°',crts> Thomas Fereday, C Cartwright, Jun., G. ^ead Shaw, D. Shaw, W. Mainwaring", Francis Geast, and ^arniaduke Tompson, Dudley, Worcestershire; H. J. en-y, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire; Charles Reynolds, ^edneshury, ditto; W. H. Freer, Stourbridge, Worcester ^hire; W. Evans, ditto; Thomas Horton, Uroinsgrove,' orcestershire; T. M. Warehouse, Sedgley, Staiiordshire •H.Culwick, ditto; Edward Williams, Bala, Aleiioneth- ^h're C. Short, lietley, Staffordshire; J. i\l. Kloxham, alesowen, Salop; T. Hazlehurst, Claveiley, Salop; It. ■ Joiies, Pwilheili, Carnarvonshire. Sold in boxes at 2s. 9d. and 4s. 6d. each, by Barclay and °ns, London; Jenkins, Merthyr Tydvil Vachel, Cardiff; radford, Chepstow Williams, Swansea; Crutchlcy, ^ansea; Prosser, Brecon; Vaughan, Brecon; Dowdiug, Illotiti Walker and Sons, Glocester; Fouracre, Glo- cester; and -all Medicine Venders in the kingdom. N, B. As much fr.ischifis frequently occasioned by the ,V^.m„»,e use of strong plH'gative,medlcincs," Wright's Aperient Piiis," will be found a most invaluable fQiciue lor keeping the stomach and bowels in proper i°jr ^UT'ug the use of the Ointment. Sold in boxes ut jd. each, by all Medicine Venders. J tint MONEY THE Commissioners of the Newport Districts of Roads require a FEW HUNDRED POUNDS to complete their improvements on the Road from Newport to Pontvpool. The money wll he amply secured under an Act of Par- liament, and Iiterest after the rate of ZE5. per cent. per annum will be paid regularly every year at the Banking House of Messrs. Williams and Son, Newport. For further particulars apply to Mr. Thomas Jones Phillips. Newport, Monmouthshire. TO THE EDITOR OF THE MERTHYR GUARDIAN. SIR, ————— A S part Owner and Master of the Schooner Velo- city, of Cardigan, from Cardiff to Tralee, with Iron and Coal, which sunk in the bay of Swansea, near the Mumble Head, on the night of the 23th ult. Being a total stranger to the inhabitants of the town and vicinity, I beg leave through your paper to return my sincere thanks to the masters of ships and their crews, who so handsomely came forward in time of need to assist myself and Mr. Richards, Ship-builder, of this port, in his attempts to raise the Schooner. From my being a stranger among the people, I feel the obligation the greater, and I cannot too much extol the merits of such disinterested kindness to me, may it ever be their lot under similar circumstances of trial to experience the kindness they have shewn; I must also beg leave to say that the effectual method pursued by Mr. Edmund Richards, for the preservation of my vessel, is an additional-proof of his experience, a vessel sunk 12 days many feet under water, leaden with Iron and coals without any material part of either to be pumped out and made a floating vessel in three quarters of an hour, and within five hours of thecommencement safely towed into Swansea; this is judgment combined with experience, valuable qualifications in time of shipwrecks. Your very obedient servant. JOHN DAVIES. Swansea, I7;h Dec. 1833. OFFICIAL. By Authority of Parliament. rr<HE SECOND GLASGOW LOTTERV will be JL drawn at COOPER'S HAI.i,, in the City of London, on Wednesday, The 22d of JANUARY NEXT. The Scheme, which may be had (gratis) at all the London and Country Offices, contains Prizes of £ 15,000 £ 2,000 £ 10,000 £ 1,500 £ 5,000 £ 1,000 £ 3,000 £ 500 £ 3,000 £ 500 &c. &c.. The value of each Prize may be received IN MONEY as sooon as drawn, if preferred. The Chancesin this Lottery, divided agreebly to the Act, are on Sale at all the London Offices; and by their Agents in the Country. PRESENT PRICES- WHOLE CIIANCR fIS 13 0 HALF £ J 6 0 EIGHTH £ 1 IS 6 QUARTER 3 15 6 | S XTBENTH 0 19 6 COPPER MINES. Co bt iLct, A MOST VALUABLE VEIN OF COPPER ORE, lately discovered upon the RATLING HOPE JiS- TATE, near Church Srretton, Salop, the property of the Rev. C. B. Hawkins, of Lewknor, Oxfordshire. From its peculiarly situation amongst the hills, it affords every advantage for Levels, »nd the Ore procured at the depth of IS feet having been proved by scientific men to yield from 22 to 23 per cent. genuine Copper, evidently offer no idle speculation. It is anxiously wished this may meet the eye of some spirited Individual, who. coming forward on this occasion, can see the Situation of the Vein aud Ore procured, will also find every facility for farther experiment, and every information rendered by Mr. C. B. Hawkins, jun. Ratchop Hall. MERTHYR TlDVIL. arc be SolU fcg auction, By Mr. GEO. WEBB, At the ANGEl, INN, MERTHYR TIDVIL, on FRIDAY the 3d January next, at Six o'clock in the evening, (by order of the Assignees of Wm. Badger, a Bankrupt, and subject to such Conditions as will then be produced, ) ALL those NINE DWELLING HOUSES, situate aud being at C^B-DllAU, in the parish of Merthyr Tidvil aforesaid, the Ground whereon the san.e are erected. The Houses have recently been erected, and are sub- stantial, convenient, and in good repair, producing a rental of about .£36 per annum. They are held by virtue of a Lease from the late John Edwards, Esq. of Rhyola, to the Bankrupt, his Heirs, and Assigns, from the 24th June, 1826, for the natural lives of the said W. Badger, John his son, then aged 4 years or thereabouts, and Jeremiah his son, then aged 2 years or thereabouts, or the life of the survivor of them; and in case the survivor of them should die before the expiration of 99 Years from the date of such Lease, then to hold unto the said W. Badger, his Execu- tors, Administrators, and Assigns, for the term ef 99 Years, to be computed from the day of the date of the said Lease, subject to the yearly rent of £ 6 I Is. 6d. by half-yearly payments, and to the usual Covenants entered in like Leases. For further Particulars application may be made to the Auctioneer, 1, All Saints' Lane, Bristol; to Messrs. Meyrick and Davis, Solicitors, Merthyr or to JOHN KERLE HABERFIELD, Solicitor, Bristol. PEMBROKESHIRE. wo fit 3ict, ANP ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATE,l,Y, ALL that extensive and eligibly situated MILL, called BLACK-POOL MILL, with a valuable Fish- cry, Storehouses, Stables, Wharfage, and Navigation Dues, anil j»n excellent Farm, on which tfiere area newly-erected Fann-house, Offices, Stables, Cottages, Gardens, and an excellent Orchard, with above 100 of the choicest Fruit Trees, containing together 55 Acres, or thereabouts, of very superior Land, peculiarly well situated on one of the Estu- aries of Milford Haven, thereby commanding unlimited exportation, as well as a ready communication with all the towns and villages on the Coasts of the Harbour, also close to all the main Turnpike Roads leading through theC juuty of Pembroke,and distant from the Market ami Post Towns of Haverfordwest 7 miles, Tenby 12, Pembroke and Pem- broke-Dock, 12, and Narberth 3 miles. This valuable Mill which is capable, of grinding above 1000 Winchesters per week, was constructed on the most approved principle by a very eminent Scotch builder, and contains four parrs of the best French Stones for grinding Wiieat, one pair for grinding Barley, one pair for shelling Oats, and one pair for the manufacture of Pearl Barley" with Store-lofts, Kiln, (communicating with the Millj and every convenience necessary, in great perfection, with a full and never failing supply of water, at all times equal to moving the whole machinery with the greatest ease. The Fishery produces great quantities of Sewin and Sal. mon in their season, which meet with a ready market. The Storehouses are peculiarly well situated for a Corii and Butter Trade, being iu the centre of a good Country, and the Wharf produces a considerable return (and may be improved) as it is the only Shipping Place .in the imme- diate Neighbourhood of Narberth, the River, at the Mill being navigable at Spring Tides for Vessels of 70 or b0 Tonsburden. The Residence and Farm are very excellent and conve- nient to the Mill. The whnle is surrounded by upwards of 2,000 ACRES OF WOODLAND, capable of supplying CORDWOOD in any quantity, and there is A VEIN OF IRON-STONE in the immediate neighborhood, which, with the great command -of water renders it an eligible situation for the erection of an Iron Foundry. A Work of this sort was formerly carried on here to some extent, with great success. Such an opportunity for the advantageous employment of Capital aud Industry, is scarcely to be met with, as this combined property atlords. Respectable references will be required. V For particulars, apply to Mr. H. P. Goodc, Land- Agent and Surveyor, Haverfordwest. November, 1633. SALE BY AUCTION. THE Public are respectfully informed that LEWIS JL LOYD, Esq. the purchaser of the estates, called Glanbrane, has purchased the Furniture and Effects in the Mansion House. Brewhouse, &c.; and that the sale of the Live and Dead Stock of the farm, consisting of Hereford- shire Cows, a Bull, Sheep, and Draft Horses, Hay, &c. and a Barouche, Stanhope, Harness. and Saddle Horses, &c. &c. will take place 'on FRIDAY, the 27th day of DECEMBER, instant. Credit will be given on approved security. Dated 7th Dec. 1333. GEORGE GOODE, A Earcfi, Spntcr, antr GLAMORGANSHIRE. I^OR SALE at YNISCAMBVVL NURSERY, near the Lamb and Flag. 150,000 LAHCH. F¡;ur Years Old. 12,000 SPRUCE, Ditto.. 5,000 OAK, Ditto. Terms and particulars may be obtained of Mr. James Dalrymple, Yniscambwl. GLAMORGANSHIRE. BRITON FERRY, NEAR NEATH. to be itrt, AND FNTERED UPON THE 24TH MARCH, 1834, ^I^HE HOUSE now in the occupation of the Rev. Edward Thomas, at Briton Ferry, with any quantity of Land not exceeding 12 acres. The House will accom- modate a respectable Family, and has all suitable Offices, including a three-stalled Stable and Coach House. The Garden is productive, and the Grounds are beautifully situated, and command views of the much admired scenery of this celebrated place.- Apply to the Rev. E. Thomas, Briton Ferry, if by letter post paid. MONMOUTHSHIRE. —— VALUABLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTY. be ol]) kg auction, BY MR. II. MORGAN, OF CRICKIIOWFX At the Greyhound Inn, in Tredegar, on Wednesday, the 1st day of January, 1834, between the hours of Four and Six o'CIock in the Afternoon, subject to such conditions as shall then be produced. ripIIE unexpired term of Forty-eight Years, of JL and in all that Substantial and WELL FREQUENTED INN, CALLEU THE ROSE AND CROWN, Together with the Brew-house, Stable, Garden, and other conveniences attached thereto, late the property of Mr William Morgan, deceased, eligibly situated on the .'Merthyr and Abergavenny Mail-road, within half a mile of the Tredegar and Sirhowy Iron Works; now in the occupation of Mrs. Vintum, at ihe low yearly rent of £ 47. For a view of the premises, apply to the tenant; or to Mrs. Morgan, Glanrhyd, near Sirhowy. N.B. The purchaser may.be, accommodated "with about Three Acres of Meadow Land, adjoining the premises, at a low rent. GLAMORGANSHIRE. &Q bt isy Siitcitm?, (IS LOTS.) By the direction of ihe Exec,-dor of ihe late Proprietor. At the MACWOUTII-ARMS the town of SWANSEA, on TUESDAY, the 7th day of January, 1884, between the hours of one and three, unless previously disposed of by private contract. VALUABLE FREEHOLD and COPYHOLD PREMISES, situate in the Parish and Manor of Oystermouth, in the county of Glamorgan:- LOT I.-All those two several COPYHOLD FIELDS called and known by the names of WHITE GLO and HIGH POOL MEADOW, containing 3A. in. ISP. or thereabout. LOT. 2.— All that FREEHOLD PIECE or PARCEL of LAND, called and ^fcnowti by the name of NIC WTO N FIELD, containing I A. 2 R. 12P. or thereabout,now IN the occupation of Mr. John Davies. LOT 3.—All that FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or TbNLMKN'r of LAND, called and known by the name of SLADE, containing S.v. 2r. 16f. or thereabout; together with a PIECE of 'cunn; or WOOD LAND, called BYDDElt's WOOD. LOT 4.-AII those several FREEHOLD PIECESor PARCELS of LAND, being parts of certain Tenement; called and kuownby the names of P), Iti N N I and GRANGE, now in the tenure or occupation of Mr. T. B. Suminerfield, containing 13A.2r.82P. or thereabout. LOT that COPYHOLD MESSUAGE or TENEMENT of LAND, called and known by the name of 'V IH:r STONE, now in the occupation of John Harry, containing SA. or thereabout. LOT 6,-All that COPYHOLD MESSUAGE or TENEMENT of LAND, called or known hy the name of MA YELS, containing 11A. or thereabout. E°T 7.—AH that COPYHOLD MESSUAGE or TENEMENT of LAND,called and known by the name of Mr HI IE STONE, now in the occupation of George Thomas, conta iningga. 111. or thereabout. LOT 8.—All that COPYHOLD MESSUAGE or TENEM ENT of LAND, called and known by the name of BE! t S LAN j), contain ing l3A.27P.or thereabout LOT 9.-AII that FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or TEN.E.\IET of LAND, called and known by the name of BOAR'S p['i', containing 25A. SR. 19P. or thereabout. LOT 10—AH that CUSTOMARY or COPYHOLD M ESSLTAG E or TENEM ENT of LAND called or known by the name of WESTCilOSS, containing 61a. ;61'. or thereabout- This desirable property (affording numerousclegible' scites for building) is situated in the improving neighbour- hood, within four miles of the flourishing market-town and port of Swansea, to which there is an excellent turnpike road, and commands extensive views of the Bay of Swan- sea. Lime and coal are in the immediate vicinity, and the Oystermouth Railway passes through the Estate. For further particulars and to treat by private contract, enquire at the ollice of J. Jackson Price, Solicitor, S.vansea, where a Map of the property and counter p"rt,. of subsisting Leases may be seen. FOR BILIOUS, LIVEl, AND STOMACH COM- PLAINTS, SICK HEAD-ACHES, &c. SYDENHAM'S ANTIBILIOUS, OR FAMILY PILLS of 11EAL1H, entirely vegetable: a safe and efficacious Aperient. These Pills are invaluable as a remedy in most of the complaints to which the digestive organs are subject, especially in bilious affections, and an innumerable variety of diseases which are the consequences of the irregular and imperfect action of the organs of digestion, viz. habitual costiveness, indigestion, sick head- ache, loss of appetite, flatulence, lowness of spirits, gout, spasms, &c. Mild yet effectual in their operation, and Icing free from calomel, they require no confinement at home moderate exercise increases their good effect. The decided approbation and increasing demand by the public for these pills, and the opinion given of this compound public medicine, by some of the first medical practitioners, pernaps known to the readers of this advertisement, stamps this aperient with a character which few patent medicines possess. Sold in boxes, at la, 1^1. j 2s. d.; 4s. (Jd.; and lis. The 2s. 9ii. bones contain three-small boxes, and purchasers will tind considerable advantage in the pur- chase of the larger boxes, viz. 4s. 6d. and is. Also, GRANADA TOOTH POW 1)1311, entirely vegr. table, now lirst introduced into linyland, from the recipe of an emineut physician of Granada. All who value their teeth would do well to use this elegant dentritice, as it at once eradicates scurvy from the gums, and in the end produces that essential to beauty, white and sound teeth. It is also a preventive of tooth ache, a preservative 01 the teeth to extreme old age. Sold iu boxes, at "2s. d. The genuine will have the words, J. Roes, Bristol," on the stamp surrounding each box, by order of his Majesty's Commissioners; the imitation of which is a capital ode.ice.




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THE O'CONNELL veracity.