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FASHIONABLES, LITERATURE, fee. -+- The German Papers, to the Sist ultimo. an- nounce the arriv-al of his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland at Berlin. The t)uke of Wellington has adopted the E >rl of Burlington's plan for warming Stratfieldsaye, by steam. Numerous workmen are employed in laying down iron pipes and erecting stoves. During the process, his Grace occupies two rooms detached. The Duke and Duchess of Beaufort are enter- taining a family circle and other friends at Enstone Hall, Oxfordshire. The sports of the field occupy the morning, cards and music the evening. The Marquis of Worcester, having recovered from the effects of a late attack of the gout, joined the party last week. THE DUKE OF NEWCASTLE.-H;s Grace, ac- companied by his family, on arriving at Welsh Pool, from Hafod, on his way to Clumber, was met by a deputation of gentlemen residing in that neighbour- hood, headed by Captain Gildy, who delivered a congratulatory address on his Grace's visit to his new estate. He expressed the pleasure which the Conservatives of Montgomeryshire felt in having so distinguished and amiable a nobleman among the landed proprietors of their country. This unex- pected compliment was acknowledged by the Duke of Newcastle in an appropriate and feeling address, and the carriage moved on amidst the joyous accla- mation of the people assembled.—Derbyshire Cour. The Morning Hera'd" says—" Lord Durham purposes to visit the Continent." As the Continent is already in a troubled state, had not his lordship better visit the Pacific Mr. and Mrs. Long Wellesley have separated on terms mutually satisfactory the lady and her child quit Calais immediately, but remain some time on the continent. We have much pleasure in announcing the birth of a son and heir to the Right Hon. the Earl of Wilton. This joyful event took place at Heaton Park, about three o'clock on Monday morning week, and we are happy to add that the Noble Countess and the young stranger are both doing well. We hear that a lady of rank, who resides con- stantly in Paris, has, by a decree of the Court of Chancery, become possessed of 600,0001.. This state- ment is understood to allude to the Queensberry property. The Marquis de Funchal, Minister from the Queen of Portugal, expired suddenly, yesterday week at his residence in Brighton. His death is supposed to have been produced by spasms. A vaudeville is in rehearsal at the Olympic thea- tre, London, in which Madame Vestris is to per- sonate a Welch girl, and to sing several beautiful Cambrian melodies, expressly arranged for her by Mr. Parry. PARLIAMENTARY GRANT FOR SCHOOLS.—A minute of the treasury has been issued for the disposal of 20,000/. granted by Parliament for the erection of schools. All parishes wishing to avail themselves of this fund, should make their applica- tion without the least delay, by memorial signed by the clergyman and principal inhabitants, and addressed to the lords of his Majesty's Treasury, and at the same time make their case known to the National School Society, addressed to Mr. Wigram, the Secretary. MARCH OF THE COMMISSIONERS.-M,essrs. Ros- coe, Rushton, and suite are making a pleasant tour in Devonshire, and earning their wages more easily than they ever did before. Some weeks ago, it is said they entered the borough of Plympton, in that county, and, proceeding to overhaul the affairs of the corporation, they were thunderstruck when they were informed that the income was only thirteen shillings, and expenditure about seventy pounds! They com- mitted a sad mistake in being taken to a private house instead of the inn, into the drawing-room of which they entered unceremoniously, rang the bell, and called for porter and other refreshments. The owner of the house happened to be an honest malt- ster, who soon made his appearance, and did not like the.rs. He ordered them to hop off briskly, which they did after making the necessary appologies.— Bristol Journal.


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