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m^EOWrHSHIRE M6NMQ«fH.0ti'vjferiday week, Wm. Fuller, the acUv« police officer of. this town, apprehended,; twor^guDg4el^owst named Thomas Young, and Thos.: Sjp^ti^ad' their femal^.j .companions, Charlotte ;¥oung.> £ alias Harriet Br<^ks)and Eliza Sweet, hav- ing in their possession sevpn dead fowls recently killed (s<a«se ofwich were very old ones) and partly y stripped of their feathers. As every enquiry was made in the neighbourhood, among those who keep; poultry without suc^ess, the two men were brought up to the rtagistriitesl,r66m "on Monday last, and ex-; amined as to. their mode of living, and were con- victed as TOgueS and vagabonds, and committed to. prison for two mdnths to hard labour the girls were discharged. Thfey all stated themselves to belong toBedmiHster a»d St&pl6K>Vnear Bristol. On Tw^Sftay last, a young man named John Russell, a Wagg^nner, was Committed to Monmouth Gaol:, oh a change of stealing five packets of to- badc<t from the warehouse of Messrs. Dyke and Son, in which he was discovered to have secreted himself. FiRE.—On Thursday afternoon a fire broke out in a cottage on the Kymin, near MonmoOth. The inmates,an aged labouring man and his wife, were 1 enabled to rescue a bed and most of their humble furniture, but the dwelling was burnt to the ground. The Annuill ShowofSir Chas. Morgan, Bart's Agricultural Stock will take place at Court y-Bella Farm, near Newport, on Tuesday, the 17th Dec. 1833. LANVtHANGI&L.-Oll Monday last, the atiricui- turnl labourers about 70 in number, of Charles Morgan, Esq. of Ruperra Castle, sat down to an excellent substantial dinner at the Inn at Lanvi- hangel, provided by their respected master, and finished the day in merriment and harmony lor which they expressed themselves truly thanktul. In the Castle, also, mirth and festivity reigned; we understand the eldest son ot Mr. Morgan on that day attained his fifth year. 'A-gS!t(;AVENNY AND NEWPORT RAi.ilWAY.-Coll- siderable difference of opinion prevails as to the expediency of this undertaking. The objection to it "c understand to be, that it is slIppmwd to clal) %vitli the (,f the Iloi)!i)outhsliii,e (,iti,al (,(), while, on th? other hand, it is alleged that the rates of tonnage on the Canal are too high, and that the Railway will pass over a new jine 0f country and benefit Abergavenny and Usk. HORTICULTURAL Siiow.-The Abergavenny Horti- cultural Show took place yesterday week there is always an excellent variety of fruit, flowers, &e. but we regret that it does not meet with better encou- ragement. Several keepers of beer-houses at Abergavenny have been this week fined in the mitigated penalty for selling tobacco without licence the informa- tions are laid by a set of fellows going from house to hotls(- for that I)tirpose. On the 5th of December, Charles Phillips was committed to Monmouth Gaol, by the Rev. Wm. Powell, at Abergavenny, for stealing out of the dwelling house of Thomas Pritchard, of the Varteg, wearing apparel and a watch. He was apprehended at Lanvihangel, with the whole of the property in his possession. NEWPORT—LAUNCH.—On Saturday last, Mr. Perkins, the spirited proprietor of the Dry Dock, launched from his yard a large ship, burthen nearly 600 tons, named the Daniel Grant, after the owner, an extensive merchant in Liverpool, who fits her out immediately for Lima and Quito. She is the largest vessel that was ever built at this port, and is certainly a beautiful model of the present style of naval architecture. The no- velty of so large a vessel being built here drew a concourse of spectators to see her meet the flowing- tide the signal being given, she glided slowly and stately into her element. It was a tie launch, and altogether reflects the highest credit on Mr. Perkins as a skilful builder. The shipwrights had a jolly cruise upon the occasion. We under- stand Mr, P. has orders for another ship of the same burden he has also a fine brig on the stocks, which -will soon be ready. Ship building is at present- very brisk here. On Tuesday a party of 30 gentlemen, by invitation from Mr. Perkins, sat down to an excellent dinner at the Westgate Inn, served up in the Messrs. Iggulden's usual style; the wines were excellent, and gave great satis- faction. VESTRY MEETING-—The vestry meeting, which we noticed last week as about to take place res- pecting the payment of the county rate by the Borough, was held on Friday last, when the parish officers were directed not to pay such rate and the Meeting resolved that they should be indem- nified by the parish in resisting the claim. On Saturday the officers attended a summons, issued by the County Justices, to shew cause.why they refused to pay the rate, when they produced the resolutions of the parish meeting, and objected to make the required payment. The county justices I therefore granted a warrant to the chief constable of the borough to levy the amount by distress. We understand, however, that at the town Petty Sessions, held on Monday last, the chief constable, by the directious of the county justices, attended and made application to the town magistrates to back the warrant, but the town magistrates, with- out entering into the question of the liability or ion-liability of the borough to contribute to the rat(?, declined doing this. The reason, we believe, for their so objecting was, that they thought, that as the County Rate Act authorizes justices of the county to rate only such places as are within the limits of their commission and not places having sepa- rate jurisdiction, the county justices might in this case compel payment of the rate without the assistance of the town magistrates, if Monmouth were within the limits of their comniissioit that the backing of the warrant by them, the town magistrates, would ouly be necessary upon the presumption that if was not wilhinsllch limits, but had a separate juris- diction and if so, then it was not liable to be rated at all, and the rate ought not to be enforced. MELANCHOLY ACCIOEM".—0» Friday week last, Mr Coles, a respectable farmer, residing st the Court Farm, Llanvihangel, near Pontypool, visited his son, who keeps a provision shop near the Pen Twn Re- form Brewery, Abersychan, and upon retiring to bed, when he had reached the summit of the stairs, either from a sudden attack of apoplexy, or some other cause, lost his equilibrium, and fell to the bottom, by which, he sustained such severe injury of the spine, that, notwithstanding prompt surgical assistance, be died on the following day.

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