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DREADFUL SUICIDE IN THE FLEET PRISON.—* On Saturday evening an Inquest was held in the Fleet prison, on the body of the Rev. John Borthwicke Bingley, aged 50.-The body of the deceased was prostrate on the floor of one of the upper wards of the prison. The head was nearly severed from the bodyv and the place covered with blood. The deceased it appeared, formerly held a living in Yorkshire, where his family, who possess considerable estates, resided. Prior to his arrest, he was known in the sporting world, in which he betted largely, and was unsuccess- ful. His misfortunes reduced him, and brought within the walls of a prison about seven years &S0' He was subject to fits of epilepsy, and frequently la boured under a delusion of vision. He imagined that he saw visions before him, and he would often the poker, and strike at every-thing about him, call'11? out "Murder Murder! as if some one was at- tacking him. Verdict- Teinpoi-ary Insanity. INTEMPERANCE.—An inquest was held at Wey* mouth a few days since on the body of John Talbot, aged 19, who having found a tub of brandy that bad been washed ashore, killed himself by excessive drinking.- Verdict accordingly. BURGLARY.—On Sundav evening last, between six and eight o'clock, while the family of a matt man named Davis, residing on the Stapleton road, next door to the Waggon and Horses, were absen at Chapel, some villains entered his dwelling-house and carried off money and clothes to the value 0 201. And on Wednesday evening an attempt wa' made to break into the house of Mr. Marks, SllrgeOI1 who resides near the Three Blackbirds, but just a the moment the thieves had succeeded in opeiliflg the outer shutter and removing some glass to e^e°j an entrance, the servant-maid gave an alarm, they were obliged to make a precipitate retreat. Bristol -foitrzial. b FATAL ACCIDENT.-On the 14th inst. as Josep Taylor, servant to Mr. Gwillim, of How Caple, I'v0 0 superintending a thrashing machine, his smock.frocic accidentally got entangled in the machinery, was immediately stopped, but the poor fello,s Aral was dreadfully shattered. He was conveyed to Infirmary, and the arm was amputated, but from tw injuries he received, he died soon afterwards. All inquest was held on the body before J. Cleave, Coroner for this city, when the Jur., returned a velj diet that he had died from the hurts he received, aP J assessed a deodand of 5s. on the machine.—Ilerefo* Journal. ANOTHER FAMILY POISONED.—On Friday. 8th inst. the family of Mr. Robert Minns, an elder^ farmer, at Offton, near Ipswich, were poisoued by ef ing a pudding made from a sack of flour in wh' f arsenic had been infused. and Susan Minns, sister, to Mr. Robert Minns, bov 0 died from the poison but the other members of ttle family have recovered. The sack of flour stood ll.e,aj a window at the back of the house; and the di*0' murderer is supposed to be a person of known character, who lately committed a highway robP on Mr. Minns AN IMPOSTOR.—A letter, signed S. addressed to the Editor of the Hereford,jSt states that a person, who pretends to be a Minister but is not so, has been proselytisi'iff- aH1° g the weakminded, at Kington. This person, f Obe threat from Mr. Blackmore to expose him, left tle place.