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THE LATEST LONDON INTELLIGENCE. The Paris Journals of Monday contain ac- counts of disturbances among the operatives in the provinces at Louviers troops were sent to put down the excesses. Movements of considerable importance, and in favour of Don Carlos, are said, upon good authority, to have taken place in the provinces of the Asturias and both Castiles. The Queen, con- vinced of the insufficiency of the number of regular troops, had resolved to ordain a levy of 4o,ooo.-Albiotil From the Memorial Bordelais of Nov. 23. Accounts from the Portuguese frontier state that Don Miguel, driven from all his positions, has determined to cross the frontier with the rem- nant of his troops, and to act upon Spain in con- cert with Don Carlos. We shall see whether this intelligence will be confirmed. Letters from Madrid of the 13th speak of a loan which the Spanish Ministry intend to make, in three per Cents. This measure has become unavoidable, on account of the insufficiency of the receipts, and the exhausted state of the treasury. Montreal and Quebec Papers contain the answer, dated 28th June, of the Right Hon. E. G. Stanley, to a petition from the Tsland of Cape Breton, praying for the restoration of the Constitution grahted to the settlement by King Geo. Ill. He recommends that the petitioners be heard byCoun- sel before his Majesty in Council. By intelligence by the Plover packet, which left Havannah on the 27th August, we learn that the government of Santa Anna was fully estab- lished. He had completely dispersed the insur gents after a battle on the6th, and was conducting his government with much popularity. The Cholera, which had been severe, had decreased. Private Correspondence from Bayonne, Nov. 21st says the news is confirmed that Sarsfeld has resigned his command, and that his successor, General Quesada, has beeji ordered to march im- mediately upon Vittoria. The Spanish Consul has been changed: his cessor, the Chevalier de Ribus, has just arrived. The Carlists, who were at Tolosa, have disbanded themselves." The Augsburgh Gazette" announces in a letter from Constantinople that everything was tranquil there, but that in most of the provinces insurrections and discontent abounded. The Sheriffs of Norwich have addressed a letter to the Commissioners appointed to enquire into the state of that Corporation in which they disclaim all right in the Commissioners to conduct the enquiry, and firmly but tempera tely- refuse to permit their officers to afford them any infor- mation The O'Connell tribute having been a great failure, it has been resolved-by his committee that circulars be addressed to those who have not yet subscribed, and that a list be published of those who do and those who do not subscribe

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