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CUSTOM-HOUSE PROSEC Of ION.—SWANSEA. Tuts KING t. ILLTED Mov.f.i.l, A FRENCH CAP- TAIN, JR. WILLIAM PAULEY AND MB. SIL- VANUS FAOIiEY, JUN. At a Pett), Sessions, ljU at tlie Town Hall, on v Tuesday last, the following charges, which occupied r nearly the whole day, were brought forward by r>. Davles, Esq. Collected, and Mr. Thomas Stephen Todd, the Comptroller of the Port of Swnnspa, by order of his Majesty's Cosmnissioners of the Board 1 41 ■of Customs. ou separate informations. » ». Thouias Thomas, Eiq., solicitor, fctlfcnded on be- of Messrs W. and i>, Padley. i Thfinas- Wili Lams, Off.ufcr of Excise, was first *> < HO Mr. Todd, on th, part of the prosecution, 1 that ou the 30th of^Stpt. last, he re- u cask of spirits wos in the ny's warehouse, on the Quay, of sen. is the agent, Hew{i.Ued ::i Consequence, Who told him '.nmediate,admittance into the .rdiagly sent his son William tie it of the name of Diin- conifce, vv tr, ne lIpJoy of Mr. Padley J !5? xa? swa afterwards dis- fPO_e^,) b»t i\. itijle to obtain the koy door m?o i»r^^ • i I'&diey < desired that the ;n<rjv (■■ open, and tfc« lot k was accord- envat- il rt's' 2 on going into the warehouse found j found a *r«t pc-rinitted aad adiireused Fadlev \un *CQr*im5'sm i ^sked Mr, in «;asle I atid t^nnd U to be „ ,u, I ,e where the cask was found to be a public ware- e, for the reception of all kinds oi goods from steam-packet, open to public inspection has i goods warehoused there, the cask was after- ds found to contain 48 gallons of brandy, 15,3 .er proof; Duncombe was the person whom he ,pMcd to have the care of the warehouse heard .Mr. P. sen. give directions to his son to fetch the key from Duncombe, which he refused to give, as was admitted by him in his examination. Mr. Williams was asked by Mr. Todd, the Comp- troller, the name of the party who gave him the infor- mation, but which he declined to answer, observing that he was not at liberty to do so. WUliam Duncombe, late clerk to Mr. Padley, was next called by Mr. Todd on the part of the Crown. He described himself a builder, and stated that on the jQih September last he was applied to by Mr. William I Padley for the key of the warehouse, which he refused to give; knew he was then about to be dismissed i from -NI r. P.'s employ; knew there was a cask of I brandy in the further corner of the warehouse, about i 40 cr 50 gallons, and on being requested by Mr. Todd to state how it came there, he gave the following ac- count :—That on the evening of the 22d of August last, he observed a French vessel, a sloop called the St. Jean, laying near to Mr. Padley's quay, saw the cask in question carried from the veassel was re. I quested by Mr. W. Padley to put it into the warehouse, who stated that it had been bought by his brother Sylvanus; knows it to be the same cask as was landed from the St. Jean and placed it in the ware- house; had since been discharged from his situation tcd succeeded by Mr. Lumsden; is not on the best rJljg with the Padloys, there were hostile feelings at t time between him and the Padleys; did not to best if his knowledge tell Mr. Brittan, Mr. Biggs, i, is the plumber, that he would ruin the Padleys, ing them as poor as himself; might have said hey had behaved so ill to him he had the ad. .?ef them did not tell Mr. Brittan that he there was no devil or hell, or any future ex. ciag further examined by Mr. Todd, he stated lordi, and two of his crew, rolled the cask ,te warehouse; Mr. W. Padley was present at ae, and gave directions to have the cask put ie warehouse. Mr. W. Padley told him he had d it for his brother Sylvanus; that, in a day or forwards, Mr. W. Padley came to him and at ajar, a funnel, and a gimblet, and drew off of the contents of the cask into the jar. Mr. y bored the hole in the head of the cask, and he coQibe) bored the vent-hole; they tasted it; Mr. ij gave him some in a bottle (about a pint) to -home with him; was sure it was brandy; it was !olour of sherry had the custody of the key of ftirehouse from the time the qask was put in till *8 taken away; never asked Mr. Morris, of the «T»-psoket, to purchase some smuggled brandy. :T6u. Rev. Dr. Hewson asked the witness if he tie in the New Testament and that there was future punishment for those who swore falsely ? to I witi,* he replied, yes he was also asked if he went to a iplace pf worship ? to which he replied, some- Umes i. Morell being then in custody (having made a £ pyacs since the 2*2d of August last) was identified iss the person who assisted in rolling the cask wish ♦ of his crew out of the vessel. MrTCoohrane was then sworn to interpret English i U: £ E> iy-et oh, and French into English, and the evi- j deuce.vtsm then carefully read over and explained to j fchea he most positively denied all knowledge ] oi fhetransaction. The aWve facts having been so positively sworn to ( by the hist witness, and Morell not offering any evidence to contradict the proof, the Magistrates were imperatively called on to convict him in the penalty oi ,iGt1! in default of payment, committed him to .priscut/ Vre understand the conviction to be under | She of 3 and 4 William IV. cap. 53, which pnilK^a. the line on all parties aiding, assisting, or d in the unshipping, &c. of smuggled J goodsAmendment of the Law," Whig fashion.) i I' PaK«5» MEETING AT MERTHYR.—On Thurs- day last, "sTi pursuance of notice given in the usual I Riitsner, a meeting was held at the vestry room, for J the purpose of fixing a rate for the relief of the poor fo!, e ensuing qurrter. The meeting was respectably very ouniei-ously attended. As it will be tie- ee>sary, in consequence of several accounts and other j claiti.a en ihe parish, which properly belong to pre- t visas m arters, being now brought forward, to impose f"»«sitt £ ;;ibly higher rate than the inhabitants I perhaps anticipated, it was resolved by the gentlemen oi- the motion of Mr. Oakey, that the meet- | ifig be a4jowrt»ed till Thursday next, and that notice | be given inviting then a full attendance! The s.se of the meeting was that this course would afford the. feir&t opportunity to the inhabitants of under- standing cause of the increased rate. | -MRR RTTYR POLICE—^OCT. 22, Philip Lewis was | firs*'<2 -ii'S, >>fore 1. B. Bruce aud Wm. Thomas-, Esqrs. for di lvin-r without reins, on Monday the 14th, and 10s, far having Do descriptive board on his cart.


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