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The French Papers give a comparative state- ment of the revenue of that country, stating as the result that the advantage is much in favour of this year, the nine mouths past exceeding the corresponding period in 1831, by 37.487,000 francs, and that of 1832, by 15,365,000 francs. Proceedings have been instituted against the Mode," for an article on the presentation of the young Frenchmen to the Duke of Bordeaux. Prosecutions have also been commenced against the Gazette de France," the Quotidienne," and the Echo Frangais," for copying the same notice. The Council of Regency appointed by the wili of Ferdinand, consists of able and upright states- men. Santa Cruz is a skilful and experienced diplomatist, desirous to make such improvenictill as can be safely effected. Amarillas. who wat; Minister of War in the time of the Cortes ot 1820, ia an individual of great talent and high courage, and a strenuous partisan of limited monarchy. Puig, the dean of the Council of Castile, has signalised himself, at all times, by unshaken firmness and unblemished probity. He wrought, with great skill,. upou Cie late Sove- reign to diopose of- the succession in favour of Isabella. Castanos is a veteran, par excellence, of the Spanish ranks-a soldier, .ôvho: has not a drop of blood in his veins but what is true Cas- tilian. We possess no trifling sr.' urity in the in- tegrity and moderation of ical sentiments, which distinguish the Duk 4r,"ut I'Medina-Cwli, as well as in the immense stake which he holds in the country. In conjunction with these, Zea Bermudez, Cardinal Catalan, and Caro, with the Count d'Ofalia and General Cruz, lorm an admi- nistration combining great talent and efficiency. —Intelligence from Madrid states that on the 10th inst. the Count de Rayneval, the French Ambassador, had a private audience of the Queen Regent, to make to her a communication, the substance of which was, "that the King of the French, in the quality o a e ally and relative of the Queen Regent, olfero supply her with all the assistance she may require iu any circum- stance to support the throne of her daughter. General Quesada also made protestations of fide- lity to the Queen, and it was said that he was to be appointed Viceroy of Navarre.The in- surrection at Bilboa is spoken of in the Madrid Gazette." It is reported that attempts had been I made at Pampeluna, under General Santos ¡I Ladron, and at Irun, to proclaim Don Carlos, but they'were suppressed. News from Bayonne of the 13th, states that at Bilboa his standard was triumphant, and the whole population of Biscay, triumphant, and the whole population of Biscay, even the women, had declared in his favour: he was proclaimed at Lograno on the 7th. pa the b r :¡')r\ Wtibro»l. .tt 1* '•■'t,' itt Roa.is. stan letter ti'.fd #t Pct.i'a Oo»1Y<- iionv soon a d. \1¡X!" Cotfc* S.. Paul 's, and !2.1 into N Wa!bm>i, Londoa. vince oftt britig him i- who arrived state that whv,- .==. but low mpr SEVENPENCE. was belur —

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