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r -¡, WEYHILL FAIR.—The Hop Fair commenced on Saturday, but little business was transacted until Monday. It was a brisk fair and the stocks went off readily at advanced prices, best Farnham hops realizing Ill. to 121.; country hops 101. to Ill. one lot reached Ill. 15S. To THE TALLOW TRADE.—It appears the wily Muscovite merchants have been diddling their com- mercial brethren in Britain by constructing casks with tops so thick that a considerable portion of the proper quantity of tallow is decreased. This, to nay the least of it. is a stralure manoeuvre. How pmi I the Russians believe that they could.go on with im- punity to deceive John Bull by the medium of thick- heads? All men in the city are not like Alderman Wood, who has got a beam in his eye, and not a tre- mendous great deal in his noddle.-Aue. A very intelligent gentleman, recently returned from a tour in France, reports the silk manufacture to be in a state of great activity, all the looms being- employed. The cotton manufacture likewise is throughout France in a most prosperous condition, t A mine of excellent coal has been discovered in- the neighbourhood of Valenciennes, which will prove inestimably valuable to the numerous manufac- tories in that part of France. HIGHLAND MODE OF CONVEYING HIS MAJES- TY's MAIL.—We are informed that the mail-bags are conveyed from lnverary to Cairndow and back daily —a distance of twenty miles-in a wheel-barrow, drawn by the postman !-Glasgow Courier. STEAM COMMUNICATION WITH INDIA.—A meet- ing has been held at Bombay for the accomplishment of a regular communication by steam-boats between Europe and India, which has been taken in baud with so much zeal and energy that there is great probabi- lity of it being effected. NEW STEAM OMNIBUS.-Sir C. Dance's steam- coach now makes its trip three times a day from Wel- lington-street to Greenwich. The journies continue to be performed with safety and certainty, and all seem pleased with the ease and equable motion of the vehicle. PARTIAL DESTRUCTION OF THE BRIGHTON CHAIN PIER.-About a quarter to eight last night, during the violent storm that raged, a flash of lightning struck several of the suspension rods on the east side of the second and third bridges of the chain pier, which thereupon gave way, and the platform of the third bridge fell into the water. The platform of the second bridge is hanging to the rods on the west side. Hap- pily no lives were lo,-t.-Brighlon Guardian. UNDULATING RAILWAYS.^—By several experi- ments made at Liverpool, and related in the Mcr- cury, it appears that the undulating principle is most fully confined and it is proved beyond all doubt that a locomotive engine and load can traverse a curve or undulation whose two summits are of equal altitude with much greater rapidity, and, consequently, with far greater economy of time and power than a level road of proportionate length.



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