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LONDON HOUSE, DUKE STREET, CARDIFF, OCTOBER 24, 1833. Messrs. ANTHONY & DAVIES BEG very respectfully to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and the Inhabithants of CARDIFF and the Neighbourhood, of their return from London with An EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT of EVERY DESCRIPTION of GOODS SUITABLE to the SEASON, and are determined to offer them at such Prices as will convince their Friends, and those who will favor them with a call, that they still continue to adhere strictly to the system they started upon, namely, that of SMALL PROFIT AND QUICK RETURN, thus enabling them to sell all their Goods indiscriminately LOWER THAN ANY HOUSE IN THE PRINCIPALITY, 'hereby HOLDING OUT ADVANTAGES not to be met with in Wales, being the only "Establishment conducted on lhat principle in the Principality. The Stock is now ready, and an opportunity offered to the Public to convince themselves of the Fact. asr wmm s'A&xsw mJ:a!pr!.lœrr W [2J!£7 Will be found a great Variety of Plain and Figured Gros de Naples Gros des Indes; Satin Turcs; Laventeens Plain Figured Satins • Silk Velvets Plush;Tivy Velvets; French Merinos; Saxony and Polish Cloths for Ladies C'oaks and Dresses' Black Printed Book Muslins for Eveninz Dresses; Foulard and Shawl Dresses; Silk Cloaks; a *P'endid assortment'of Lama, Indiana. Thibet, and Saxony Wool Shawls, from 20s. to 110s.; French and British '°lds Lace Veils Scarfs Fancy Handkerchiefs, &c. &c. The SCOTCH, MANCHESTER, WOOLLEN, HOSIERY, LACE, GLOVES, & RIBBON DEPARTMENTS will be found replete with all the Novelties of the Season. FURS J Having entered into an arrangement with a Fur Manufacturer for the Season, they are enabled to offer by far the Neatest Variety, made into Muffs, Boas, Mantillas, Capes, Pellerines. Operas, Huffs, Collars, &c.; but with regard to the FAMILY LINEN AND FURNISHING DEPARTMENT, they beg particularly to state, that it is worthy the Notice of every Family in the Neighbourhood. From the experience they have had, and the peculiar advantages they possess in those Branches, they do not hesitate to say their Stock is Unequalled in the Principality consisting of four-fourths and seven-eighths Irish Linens, of superior fabric five-eighths, three-fourths, and seven-eighths Lawns, French Cambrics five-fourths, ten-fourths, and twelve-fourths Real Kussia, Mock Russia, Irish, and Barnsley Sheetings; six-fourths, eight-fourths, ten-fourths, and twelve-fourths Scotch and Irish Damasks, from Zi. to 14s. 6d. per yard all sizes in Table Cloths, Diapers, Doiles, Napkins, &c. Moreens, Printed Furnitures, Marcella Quilts, from 10s. to 40s. Blankets, Carpets, Hearth Rugs, and every Article connected with the Trade. An experienced YOUNG MAK> of good Address, WANTED IMMEDIATELY—a liberal Salary will be given. Apply, if by Letter, post-paid. The Schooner OTEMNON, JOHN WILLIAMS, Master, Is now Loading, at COTTON'S WHARF, Tooley Street, London, POR CARDIFF, NEWPORT, 31ERTHYR, ABERGAVENNY, BRECON, MONMOUTH, PONTYPOOL, COWBRIDGE, BRlDGEND, AND PLACES ADJACENT, And will positively sail on WEDNESDAY, Nov. 6th, 1833. For Freight, &c. apply to the Master on board; Mr. R. trton, jun. Newport; Mr. Thomas Richards, Aberga- ^entiy Messrs. Winstone, Prossier and Co. Brecon; Mr. *?niith, the Wharfinger, London; or to Mr. Fairclough, ~gent to the Cardiff and London Shipping Company, at Cardiff. London, October 25, 1833. BOROUGH OF MERTHYR TYDVIL. At a MEETING held on the 25th October, 1833, at the CASTLE INN, MERTHYR, in pursuance to **ublic Notice given in the Merthyr Guardian, to take into consideration the merits of an Act to provide for the better government of certain Boroughs when Incorporated," W. THOMAS, Esq. in the Chair, It was unanimously resolved,-On the motion of Anthony ilill, Esq. seconded by Rowland Fothergill, Esq. that, in Consequence of the absence of the Member for the Borough, i*ld several other persons deeply interested in the above Vuestion, this Meeeting should be ADJOURNED TO 1HURSDAY, the 7th November, at 12 o'clock precisely. WM. THOMAS. LOST, A DARK BAY PONY, about 12 Hands High, from a field near Coed-y-cymmer, about a fortnight a8° it has the initials R. J. on the right side. Whoever will bring the said pony, or give such in- formation as will lead to its recovery, to the Gazette and Guardian Office, will be rewarded for their trouble. October 25th, 1833. Brecon 3Jnftrntarin Donationsfo-r the Building. Ann. Sub. A £ d. £ s-d. mount already Subscribed.. 1596 0 7 233 4 0 Walter Wilkins, Esq, Maeslough Castle » 50 0 0 Charles Powell. Esq. 110 Editor of the Cambrian. 330 Rev.Thomas J. Powell «• 2 2 0 ihes. Lawrence, Esq. General Post-Office 5 5 0 1 1 0 Rev. B. Lawrence 50 0 0 G. Middleton Powell, Esq. 2 2 0 A. M. Storey, Esq 10 0 0 1 1 0 MiwTaitt 5 0 0 •Miss Cunningham 2 0 0 •Jev. Thos. Williams 5 5 0 The Duke of St. Albans 5 0 0 Chas. C. Olifton", Esq. 10 0 0.. 2 2 0 Henry J. Lucas, jun, M. D. 110 The Duke of Beaufort 50 0 0 Mrs. Lloyd Watkins 15 0 0.. 1 1 0 P. Penry Williams, Esq. 20 0 0 Mr. E. G. Wright 2 0 0 £ 1,829 0 0 X243 14 0 National Provincial Bank of England. THE DIRECTORS HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that the DEED of SETTLEMENT constituting the Company will lie for the Signature of the, Proprietors at the office of the Company, Levant House, St. Helen's-place, between the hours of Ten and Four o'clock each day. It will be necessary that the Proprietors should bring with them their Letters or Sciip Certificates, which will be exchanged for Certiifcates of Registry. Powers of Attorney, with a Summary of the Deed of Settlement, will be sent to such Proprietors of the Company as are unable personally to attend at this office. T. LAMIE MURRAY, Secretary. Levant House, St. Helen's-place, London, Sept. 23,1833. Agent for Glamorgansbire.. Cardiff.. U. P. Richards, Esq. New Market at Beaufort- THE Public are most respectfully informed that A MARKET WILL BE HENCEFORWARD HELD AT BEAUFORT, on every Saturday, to commence on Saturday the 2nd of November, 1833. Application to be made to Mr. John Lloyd, on the premises at the Beaufort Arms Tavern, Beaufort Iron Works; who will be h&ppy to encourage Butchers and others that may bring provisions to the said market. J. Lloyd has received from the inhabitants such flatter- Ing promise* of support as to leave no doubt of its success. Beaufort Arms Tavern, 22ad Oct., 1833.. THE CAMBRIAN, GLOUCESTER, AND 3>qX?Z<jqjW AT A MEETING of the INHABITANTS of the Town and Neish"ourhood of SWANSEA, convened by the Portreeve, held at the Town Hall, on Thursday the 17th day of October, 1833, to take iuto consideration DEsoN a to London proposed by Mr. WOOD- It was Resolved,-That the formation of a Railway, from South Wales, through Gloucester, to join the projected road from Bristol or Birmingham, to London; would be of great national importance, ■ inasmuch as it would afford a and cheap communication between the important Mineral Basin of South Wales and the Metropolis, and between it and the interior of the Kingdom. That such a road would also be of very great advantage !0 the Agriculture of the several counties through which It may be carried, as by means of the same their agricul- tural produce would be expeditiously, and at a small ex- pense conveyed to the best markets. That a Committee be appointed to communicate with the Committees that have been formed at Merthyr Tydfil and Gloucester, as to the best mode of effecting the proposed Junction, the estimated expense of completing the same from Swansea, and the Revenue that would probably arise therefrom. That the following gentlemen be requested to act as a Committee. Mr. Talbot Mr. H. H. Price Dillwyn Mr. T. D. Place TK* ^'v'an Rees Williams *he Portreeve of Swansea Mr. Elias Jenkins ™*r. T. E. Thomas Mr. Michael Williams John Morris, Bart. Col. Cameron Mr. Grove Mr. Aubrey apt. Hickey, R. N. Mr. John Parsons Wlr. Smith Mr. S'rick Grenfell Mr. Drcwe ijjr- Benson Mr. T. Tennant Mr. R. M. Phillipps Mr. Thomas Martin Mr. Thomas Thomas Mr. W. Bevan Mr. R. j. ]Sevil 1 Mr. R. Rees £ r- Bath Mr. Robert Smith Ir. Budd Mr John Vigurs ltlr. Grant Mr. Philip Jones r. Nash Vaughan Mr. John Reynolds r. J. T. Price Mr. Gabell With power to add to their number. Resolved—That Mr. William Bevan's offer to act as onorary Secretary to the Comiiiitee be accepted, in if—That 'he foregoing resolutions be published the Merthyr Guardian, Cumbrian, Gloucester Journal, r*s s Birmingham Gaxette, Felix Farley's, and Mercury, fistol Newspapers. PATRO Tw: ROYAL NISED BY FAMILY. [pœfJ(JJw ¡;jJdJadlœ anb SJutcii iFancg Oair., DEPOT DU PALAIS ROYAL, A PARIS, AT THE CASTLE INN, IN THE BALL ROOM. Positively the Last Day. MONSIEUR SCHERMAN begs leave most re- spectfully to return his sincere thanks to the Inhabitants of this Town and Neighbourhood, for the very liberal encouragement he has received, and should he ever revisit Merthyr, hopes that he will meet with the same kind patronage and support which has been shown to him on this occasion. From the patronage which has been so flatteringly bestowed upon him during his Visit to Cheltenham, Oxford, and other places, and the testimonies of approbation which he has universally received, he trusts that on a minute in- spection of his Stock, which he respectfully solicits, he will continue o receive the same kind support and si- milar expressions of satisfaction from the Inhabitants 1( of this Town and Neighbourhood. SCHERMAN is well known, and he pledges himself to adhere to the very same scale of prices which has so much excited the envy of the trade, and attained such an extraordinary degree of public patronage. This truly elegant Stock of Parisian, Geneva, Frank- fort, Vienna and Berlin Fancy Goods, for taste and fashion, may'safely challenge comparison with the first London and Paris tiouses but puffing not being his custom. Monsieur Scherman will feel obliged by an early visit ocular demonstration being the best proof. A great variety of Musical Clocks; Musical Boxes; Gold and Silver Watches, &c.; a magnificent assort- ment of Dresden China, with Flemish Paintings; Bracelets, Snaps, and Crosslets, in great variety; a truly splendid assortment of the best manufactured Jewellery; and other fashionable Suites; real Berlin Jewellery; Venetian and Shell Combs, in th(S..first style of fashion best Parisian Perfumery, and a great variety of other Fancy Articles, too numerous ,to men- tion, well worthy the attention of the public in general. Agent for Farina's Eau de Cologne. An Act of Parliament obliging persons travelling with Goods from the place of their usual residence, to take out a license, Adolph. Scherman has complied therewith, although not certain whether his mode of transacting business does not exempt him.. N. B. Monsieor Scherman begs to say that owing to the liberal support given to him in Merthyr Tydfil, his visit to to Cardiff has been delayed; but he will positively visit that place in the early part of next week. Open from ten in the morning to Five in the Afternoon and from Six to Ten in the evening. ADOLPH SCHERMAN, Licensed Hawker, No. M1Y.A October, 1833. manors of Xkfachen and Wentlloog, IN THE COUNTY OF MONMOUTH. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the COURTS LMbt of our Sovereign Lord the King, and Gene- ral Courts Darun ot Sir Charles Morgan, Bart. Lord of the said Manors, will be holden at the places and on the days following, that is to say- For the Manor of Macben, on Monday the 28th day of October instant, at the dwelling house of Catherine Lewis, victualler, called the Butcher's Arms, in the parish of Bedwas, at Lleven o'clock in the Forenoon. For the Manor of Wentlloog, with the several Manors following, members thereof, viz.; Pencarn, Youlton, Cogan, Pembroke, Cogan, Hemming, English Dowlais, Welsh Dowlais, Ebboth alias Greenfield, Fitz John de-la- Moor, Sutton Duffrin, Malpas Mendlegief, Redcastle, Saint Brides, Hencourt and Marshfield, on Wednesday the 30th day of October instant, at the dwelling house of Elizabeth Potter, victualler, called the Angel Inn, at Castltetown m the parish of Marshfield, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon. When and where the Tenants of and Resciants within the said Manors are required to attend to do their suit and service. FREDERICK JUSTICE, Steward. Newport, 14th October, 1833. GLAMORGANSHIRE. AN ELIGIBLE OPPORTUNITY FOR INVESTMENT. Mr. J. JENKINS Respectfully announces that he is instructed to offer for public competition, In a alt fcg auction, At the SHIP INN, BRIDGEND, on SATURDAY, the 9th day of November next, between the hours of two and four o'clock in the Afternoon, (subject to the conditions then proGuced,) the following desirable Customaryhold Property, called HERNSTONE VILLA, with the Garden and Out- JTJ houses adjoining, together with about 12 Acres of rich Pasture LAND. f. Tbe:.above- Preraiaes are advantageously situated within one mile of the improving Market Town of Bridgend, and the same distance from Ewenny Village, where the Mail passes and repasses daily. The House has been recently erected, regardless of ex- pense, and comprises two Parlours, Kitchen, Dairy, Cheese- room, and Cellar; five best Bed Rooms, & Servants ditto. The whole is now let at the low rent of 150 per annum. One moiety of the Purchase Money may remain on Mortgage, if required. Further particulars may be had of John Bevan, Esq. Solicitor, Cowbridgc, or of the Auctioneer, Newcastle Cottage, Bridgend, who will shew the premises. The post- age of letters most be paid. October 23, 1833. VERY LIBERAL!-A Dublin Paper informs us that the Earls of Leitrim and Charlemont and Lord John Russell have each subscribed 201. towards the fund for completing the Roman Catholic Cathedral at Tuam and that the Right Honourable E. Little- ton has sent 201. for the same purpose, to the Arch- bishop of Tuarn 1 Of course the Archbishop alluded to is not the Protestant Prelate we there- fore beg to congratulate the Right Honourable Secretary on the noble and liberal disregard of the provisions of an Act of Parliament. To be sure the clause in the Roman Catholic Relief Bill, prohibit- ing the assumption of the titles of the Protestant Sees, was intended to protect the Established Church from insult; it is therefore to be expected that a Whig Secretary should violate it. Nor yet should we feel any surprise at a Papist Priest arro- gating to himself the designation of Archbishop of Tuam, when such Archbishopric, as a Protestant See, has been abolished by Earl Grey, for the mere purpose, we presume, of giving it to the Church of Rome. The cause for astonishment would have been the hesitation of Mr. Secretary Littleton to acknow- ledge the usurpation t but he has not hesitated, and all is as it should be—very liberal! That Lord J. Russell should give any thing at all would be con- sidered very extraordinary, were we not tempted to imagine that he deems it his duty to render back a trifle to that Church, from the spoliation of which by that arch-robber, Henry VIII. his ancestors de- rived their property. Thus, again, it is as it should be-very, very liberal!


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