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Trm LANDED INTEREST IS F'- hA%cF.Clia- tea ivieux tells us, that the surface of France is divided into 4,300,000 properties namely or 1 zw acres (averaged) 90 000 — 28 i 2'.K),000 —- 160 «i00,000 — <43 a 'It("#) ()W 15 In connexion with this subject we may add that I reports the number of French "landholders mX 10,292,7'JS; so that very nearly one individtial in every three perons hoJd.s landed pruperty in Fiance i It seems impossible to conceive, that the writer should not have included householders under this dt-sci-iption. Be this as it may, he thus enumerates them paying lib, a-year in taxes, or under. I 8. 663,234 from JBa. to.2li. S. 642.3,15 above 21to 21. 4.. 523,901 21. to 4L a. ati,fm9 V. to I 1\. 121. to I 7. to 441. L S. -13,447 401. u ) m nne, íh. Gentian statistic.1 sn, ttasselt. estimated j the number of houses in France 5, J31,000 some years i » £ o. If, therefore, tnis number be deducted IV">m -Seguin's report, we arrive at the much proba- • -» bit* conclusion, that the landholders o'/ i rauce j amount to 4,802,793: and even this won] J bring- I -nearly Que person in every eight individuals Jinder that class—Londo-i Guardian. GOVERNMENT ANNUITY PLAN.—It is stated to (i the intention of Ministers to introduce a measure tor the purpose of forming, in every parish, an es-j "tab! ishmenl under the^guarantee of government, for grnnti.-g tenuities on term? especially favourable to I thA industi kms part of the cc.mumtv. The fol- I lowing outline will shew ta? mode by which it i hoped the object may he accomplished It is pro- posed "that a person, paying from me age of 5, niae-pence per week, will, from the time of his completing his POth year,.be entitled to an annuity Kt>f 20f. per ar.nuia lor life —if he pay 1&1. per week lie A i! be entitled {(^receive the annuity ZO!. from the age of So. Perseus paying G- I. 10s. at once will have considerable advantages held out to them, and the annuity of 20'. will be allowed at a period named. To guard against fra,il by persons buyfllg annuities with other's money, and then going into the i^zctie,} it willjbe prodded tRafin bankruptcy cases the cash received by the bankrupt shall he handed over to to the asaigneps. it- at any period a subscriber would withdraw}?.-hat he has thus put by, he may do so but ia that case the principal only is: to be returned h £ Will h^ve no ciaim to interest, ^The tnortey #nly to bo returned wheretlw subscriber hasrecei^'ed no benefit from his deposit, From tÜ time an an- j nuity becomes payable, the principal car-not be 1 toiichei!. The rules and regulations necessary are -now being prepared" by-nn eiaineiit barrister. Dlkham fKosRcrnoN.—Lord DtirliaTi) has commeiiced legal proceedings against the Editor oi j the Our ham for certain statements said jl tobp. libellous against his Lordship, published in a recent number of that paper.. j Ft;.NEKAI. OF THE LATE RICHD. HEBER, ESQ.— ] The remains of the lale Richard Heber, Esq ar- rived at Hodnet Viall for interment on Monday attended by his frieud the Rev. J. F. DibrJen. D.D' scene, says the Shrewsbury Chronicle, was pain- affecting. coHConrse of j^eopu- jn | Hodnet and the surrouading vicinity, with the whole of hb teliantry, attended in a calin and Src aiiaI ita^ !ii ot'ti;ei<r nlandlord, who -'never' tofc^'their farewell; 1 .y? 'v^ and e'rery heart too »» lip-. Xbo t>i4v:, when his Wather, tbP B.«hop o. parishioners ^ion„ V V ->•- I '« £ •. z


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