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GLEANINGS, OAK TREES.—The enormous Oak w'11Lc'jfpoft» cut down in the year 1810, at Golynos, near Me r^t has been generally considered as one ot the ^t, oaks on record. Its contents were 48 tons, But whoever will take the trouble to read t | teresting Discourse on Forest Trees" by Evelyn Esq., Feilow of the Royal Society, of the very highest authority, will find thai' .^r were several oaks in his days of much larger ^$ sions. In the last edition of his works two oak trees in the following words :— brated oak tree was cut in Sheffield ^'nfV when prostrate on the ground, was yet ° gpefr huge dimensions that Samuel Staniforth, > huge dimensions that Samuel Staniforth, > and Edward Morphey, woodward, though Sv I on horseback, could not! see the crowns » other's hats over the tree." The editor adds note, in the year 1776, at Cowthorpe* too Wetherby, on an estate belonging to Lady there was an oak, which, three feet from the g measured sixteen yards in circumference an by the ground twenty-six yards in circuW er JIIllob Its height was eighty-five feet, though then decayed. When compared with this, all known trees Jare but as children of the Fores Evelyn's Sylva.. fe In the edition of Evelyn referred to, there IS a of the Calthorpe Oak. jjjgt LONGEVITY OF TREES.—Decandolle trees do not die of old age, in the real sense word," by which he seems to mean, that ihey upplf. live for ever if provided with an unlimited oJj,eo' of nourishment, and not destroyed by.storms or s the many accidents which trees are heir t0* joti* Bobab Tree, according to Adanson's tngbut II computation, might be 5,000 years old, b't the grows in climes unlike ours, where it escap hurtfnl viscissitudes of frost and heat. In floor country there are oak», elms, and yews stJ ^e ishing in all the pride of the forest, whic J probably been the contemporaries of DaV g o» Solomon. Decandolle thinks that the ye ^$ Fountain's Abbey, near Ripon, may have st^ years those of Crowhurst churchyard, 10 1,450 years; the yew ofFortingal, at the en■ of Glenlyen, Perth, 2,500; and that in t> («- churchyard, Kent, 3,000. These are startling ments, but they proceed from a high author1 h it are based on observations that entitle respect. is PYTHAGORAS AND BEAXS.—The Dov°*ssJ Pythagoras' school, because their master Fabis abstineto," by which he intended they not ambitiously seek for magistracy, though' selves good Pythagoreans if they did not eat Had there been any Radicals among thei ,j0t. might easily have construed it, Beware the a SCIENCE IN THE VATICAN.—One of *ke G»J' of Rome condemned the Bishop ofSulzbach* ing that there were Antipodes.. d bo SOMETHING NEW.—An agricultural ffleD ed rot related to us the following:—He had observ ved some weeks that two of his cows gave b small quantities of milk in the mornings aa-tjig 1 they gave the. usual quantity, but in the nor was not unfrequent for them to withold it He could not account for it, but was satl cau"M must have been milked, yet with all his e^ he could not discover the offender. Yet t jiT continued, until a few days since, when it covered that a couple of good sized bOgs ootS stationed one on each side of one of t sbl playing the part of the calf," with a of self-complacency. The cows and hogs ha K kept at night in the barn yard together > appeared that the grunters had so far (Dr. themselves into the good graces of the c°wS,?-(i»$ to be indulged with the first milking.Jublgro York Journal. MINISTERIAL SOBRIQUET.—Everybody cOIL whence the Cabal arose—from the memorab g bination of initals which marked the na j^i Clifford, Ashley, Buckingham, Arlington, a (Cl derdale. The present Ministry has got its n» an —the initials of Grey, Russell, Alth°T^opl0 Brougham have been adopted, not only by the P jgtr*' but by themselves, as designating their ad«o. tion. It is called by the political UD1 J G R A B ministry,John Bull.. /Jet: BON MOT.—"I am just in time for said L. "if the clocks agree." How c agree," rejoined W 16 when they are striking."—Literary Gazette. BROTHER JONATHAN WITTY,—A MY at some stockings in a dry good store, hiqu,re ? f* clerk, who was a raw lad, how high they ca tlJerJI clerk very seriously answered, "I never trl on, but believe they will reach above the knee. CROKER'S FIRST.—We have often giye" 9 C.'s last; this is his first. When Croker at school, he even in early years gave ev'^eD^,cc9?l<|y future sharpness. His master upon jj said to him, if he did not ^mend, he should visit him with punishment." I am v.e j^r,) L obliged to you, Sir, (replied the youthful 1 the information; aud I beg to assure y»u fl5 that when you and your friend call, I shall be certainly not at home. There is no such term as CLARET France. It is an English corruptive for „r> which is applied to a wine of a red OP rose co 1^ A blacksmith brought up his son, to was very severe, to his trade. The urchin J audacious dog. One day the old tempting to harden a cold chisel, which *fforge<' j|l foreign steel, but he could not succeed. it, father," exclaimed the young one; not harden it, I don't know what will." A grain of musk will, it is said, sceotri 0 J for twenty years, and at the end of that pe I' I have lost little of its weight. e 10 oe NEW MUSKET.-A gunsmith at Ircl^^e giuni, of the name of Montiguy, has lately se&ce.0t, highly successful experiments, in the P' ft several officers, with a musket of new c0°c^ for which he has taken out a patent. The inserted at the breach. He loaded aud 0di in three minutes, whilst three experienced n eg # rifles were not able to load more than 1* gether in the same interval. AGES OF THE PRESENT SOVEREIGNS OF —King of Sweden, 69 King of Jinglan > Pope, 68; Emperor of Austria, 66 mark, 66; King of Prussia, 63; King King of the French, 60; Kiug of Wirle Emperor of Turkey, 48; King of Baval",a' of Belgium, 42; Emperor of Russia, 37 j oQx\$ Sardinia, 35; King of Sicily, 23; Queen Of 14 Queen of Spain, 3. LAST INTERVIEW BETWEEN BURKE A^ J VY —M What a prodigy Burke wallo Erskine. He came to see me not long be ro ( ,net I then lived on Hampstead-hill. COIe, get ,I ;cÐ said lie, holding out his hand, let us •„ p* shall soon quit this stage, and wish to ipro io, with every body, especially with you.' 1 r:e gtOIl oP the sentiment, and we took a turn round the 0$109 be Suddenly he stopped, wrapt in thought. grg|{i"e'(/ the sky, as the sun was setting,' Ah said, pointing towards it, you cai not cause you cannot reach it; it would 0 ref° yes, the firmament itself—you and y°a y would tear it all down. To THE FAIR SEX.—The following^ ment appeared in a recent number of .ft(jy Guardian:—" Wanted, as a better oljP derate fortune, say five or six hundl*,d P appotyp small stature, genteel proportions, neat,a of ey and of modest reserved manners, of the ag jjlfe but not particular to five years up or ^0,iV t' the$ would be preferred but not nice abo<* agioff" i^1* features, provided the countenance is P must not be a milliner, as milliners are too ^of t" to showy dress and flaunting demean°u e'to0 ^1*/ she be a confectioner, as confectioners ar c„gt<e/j assume captivating looks to attract y00?^ & ■( neither must she have been accustomed ^e11 t shopr for the habit of extolling goods yery 0 value, though a very common practice* 1 jiiifl^fgtfV bring on a habit of exaggeration* and* lying. A schoolmistress will be prefer1^ 'aod.t flO'i I save the expence of sending to «cho pef teach the young idea how to shoot*tj,eir e j9 a widow, for they are apt to presume ence. She most be fond of music, very element of tender souls; if a<^ust music would be preferred, but she ^a?e mouths when she sings. She must a°o0 ways in eating or drinking, now put vioev jo for to0 )Pin_ tea orv *lips ladies, particularly in sipping a or heir lips e II some now imitate the goose, exalting The it purpose of showing their snowy °fc f0rt|,t,et' e, making this inquiry is a man of bU 0f* £ i> middle height, with a sallow comp ye^u&f* disagreeable face, between 20 a,, £ ornish Communications may be left at the o Office, directed to X. Y.—No jilts neeu j

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