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G LA M ORG A NS HI R E. 1 "J;; CARDIFF EISTEDDFOD. A General Meeting of the Committee for pro- moling I he Eisteddfod, or Grand Musical Festival is announced by the Secretes, for Tuesday next (which we anticipate will be fully attended) for fixing the subjects for the Prize Essays, Poems, &c. und for appointing a sub-Committee of management. In addition to the names of those noblemen and gentlemen which appeared in our paper of the 31st lilt., who have already expressed their readiness to promote the objects of the festival, we aie happy to add the names of Charles Morgan, Esq. Ruperra, Capel Hanbury Leigh, Esq., Poptypool Park' Richard Blakemore, Esq., the Leys, Robert Francis Jenner, Esq., Wenvoe Castle, Mrs. Williams and Frederick Fredncks, Esq Diiffryn. From the patronage already received we have little doubt that the extent of the subscriptions will enable the committee of management, with the assistance of Mr. Parry, (the able and talented Conductor) to engage the most celebrated vocal and instrumental performers in the Kingdom, and that the Oratorios in the Church and the Evening Concerts in the Town Hall, will afford a musical treat not hitherto attempted, on sO grand and magnificent a scale in the Principality-a scale worthy the patronage of their Royal Highnesses the Duchess of Kent and the Princess Victoria, under whose auspices this Musical Festival has already been announced by the committee. The munificence and hospitality of the noble president,the Mhrquess of Bute, aided as it will be by theole of the nobility and gentry re- sided in the Principality, and the adjoining counties of Monmouth and Hereford, afford a sufficient guaran- tee that the reception of theirRoyal Highnesses will not be less cordial and loyal in Glamorganshire than already has lately marked the Royal progress on the southern English coast. ° The Rev. W. Curling was last week elected to the Chaplaincy of St. Saviour's, Southwark. There were five canidates, the Rev. W. S. Plumtre, (alternate evening preacher at ttie Foundling,) late of Cowbridge, being one. We feel satisfied that our Cowbridge friends (to whom the unaffected piety and zeal of Mr. Plumtre were so well known during his residence at Cowbridge) will participate with us in regret that he did not succeed to the appointment. On Monday fast the patrons and friends of the Cardiff School for the education of the children of the pOOl" asetnbled at the committee room, to celebrate the 18th anniversary of its foundation. Thomas Bates Rous, Esq. ofcourtyralia, one of the Vice-Presidents, being called to the chair, kindly presided throughout the day. The report of the committee for the past year was first read by the Rev. W. E. Graham, one of the Secretaries, after which the accounts were audited, and several matters of interest to the well-being of the Schools were brought before the meeting, and resolutions moved by Lieateuant-Cotonet Bourne, the Rev. J. M. lraberne, Vva'ter Comii, T. K. Guest, T. Charles, James Lewis, J. J. Watkins, C C. Williams, Esq. and Mr. D. Evans, who severally addressed the meeting ou the occasion. Since the opening of the Schools ou the 9th of October, 1815, 855 boys, and 670 girls, have been admitted, of whom 98 boys and 65 girls are at present in the Schools. The general business of the day having been finished, and an unanimous vote of thanks passed to the Chairman an interesting examination of the children took place in the boys'school room, under the direction of the Rev. Secretary (to who-e zeal and attention towards the iuterests of the establishment the subscribers are tOO much indebted); after which the business of the day concluded with the imposing sight of so large a body of the risiug geoeration offering up their prayers to the Author and Giver of every good, for blessiugs on them, their friends and benefactors. It appearing from the report and accounts that the annual sub- scriptions were lessened in consequence of the deaths of Evan Thomas, E,.q. of Sully, Thomas Bourne, Esq. Mrs. Taitt, and the Rev. Thomas Whiteing, who were warm and zealous friends of the establishment, the Rev. J. M. Tiaherne, Col. Bourne, and Mr. Guest, most generously directed the Secretaries to insert the names of their respective ladies as annual subscribers. The annual meeting of the trustees to Wells's charity, washolden at the Guildhall, Cardiff, on Monday the 5th ult. wheu the yearly accounts of Thos. Charles, Esq. the treasurer, were settled, from which it ap- peared that there remaineda balance of 521. lis. 8d in favour of the charity. Through the instrumentality of Aldermen Thomas Charles, and John ThsekweU, in the year 1822, thischarity was re-established under the directions of the Court of Ch&ncery, and the annual receipts amount at present to 601. and upwards. The children (six boys and six girls) are educated at the Cardiff school for the education of the poor, and at tlultable ages are apprenticed to trades or husbandry, the sum of 10/. being allowed as a premium with boy and 5/. 5s. with eaeh girl Since the re-establish, inent of the charity 21 boygand 19 girls have received its benefit. During our late visit to Cardiff, we were glad to notice an improvement at the corner of Duke-street, leading towards the Merthyr road, the corner having been considerably rounded and the street widened; and in passing towards Saiut Mary's-street, we were glad to perceive that Church-street had been widened on the north side, thus opening to view the beautiful tower of Saint John's Church. We understand the alterations have been effected uuder the judicious management of Thomas Charles and John Homfray, Esquires, the worthy magistrates of the town, at the expence of the corporation and with the assent of the Marquess of Bute and C. K. K.Tynte, Esq. of Cefnma- bly, the proprietors of the properties adjoining the im- provements and this is not the first time the corpora- tion and the public have been indebted to Mr. Tvnte for his promptitude in affording his assistance to the general improvement of the town. At no distant period, we hope to see a further iniproveimement take place, by taking down the row of buildings beween Smith-street and the Running Camp, and in the street leading from Duke-street to Saint John's Church COMMITMENTS TO CARDIFF GAOL AND HOUSE OF CORR ECTI ON. --September 13, Catharrne Williams, 'by T. Charles, Esq. charged with having feloniously stolen one silver watch and other articfes of the goods and chattels of Thomas Griffiths.—Con-fictions- Sept. 6, Edward Wharf, by W. Coffin, Eq., for com- mitting an act of vagrancy, in the parish of Whit. church, one calendar month bard labour. REJOICINGS AT COWBRIDGE. A valued correspondent from the neighbourhood of Cowbridge informs us that great rejoicings took p'ace there and at Uanblethian upon the return of Hugh Entwisle Esq. on Saturday the Iltb iust. from Norway. Owing to the late accidents at sea, and no letters havingarrhed from him fora very considerable period, the greatest possible anxiety had been felt for his safety; and more heartfelt satisfaction has seldom been witnersedthan was testified by all his neighbours at his safe return. The bells of the neighbouring villages, firing of guns, &c. proved the warm regard which is felt for the master of the Danbletbiau harriers, by his friends and acquaintances of all ranks and stations. I We have peculiar pleasure in recording these in. stances of affel-tionate feeling. which speak so highly both for the merits of the individual towards whom they are evinced, and for the warm hearted attach- ment of the persons in whom they originate. FRIGHTFUL ACCIDENT. On Satnrday last, Morgan Morgans, a collier at Plymouth, who was hauling coal in oue of the mines, was in the act of, stooping to apply his pickaxe, when a ponderous mass of coal from above fell upon him and his head was crushed to atoms The unfortunate man had two of his sons, youths, working with him in the mine, and had sent one of them to fetch their dinner but a minute before the fatal accident occurred. He has left a widow and nine children. SUPDEN DEATH.—On Monday last, about eight o'clock in the morning, as Mary Evans, who was assisting in the service of Mr. Bryant, brewer in this town, was cleaning a grate, she suddenly complained of acute pain in her head. Mr. Bryant advised her to leave her work and retire to her bed room, where she received such assistance as his establishment could furnish. As this however, proved unavailing Mr. Bt-yatit sent for Mr. Russell surgeon, who was ffQm home at the time, but bis assistant promptly attended; and shortly afterwards Mr. Russell who had returned in the mean time arrived himself. We regret to state, however, that the poor woman had ex- pired a few minutes before the arrival of Mr. Russell's assistant. Mr. R. on examination expressed bis opinion that the deceased had died of apoplexy. An inquest was held the following day before Lewis Keece Esq. coroner, when a verdict was returned Died by the visitation of God." M ERTHYR POLICE.—Evan Jones furnace tiller, convicted before J. B. Bruce, Esq and W. Thomas I Lsq. of abandoning his wife and children and leaving them changeable to the parish of Merthyr, was sen- tenced siz weeks imprisonment in the bouse of i correction. fFor Monmouthshire (7IIpUir,e-nt-e, see second page.)





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