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GLAMORGAN AND MONMOUTHSHIRE I HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY. I This society held their third meeting for the year, at the Town Hall Cai-diff. on Wednesday the 31st ult. which was attended by all the principal fulniliel ill the neighbourhood who are now in the country. The 0 doors weie thrown open to the public at one o'clock, and a numerous and highly respectable company ex- pressed themselves highly pleased and gratified with the splendid display of flowers, fruit, and vegetables which were most tastefully arranged by Mr. Nelson, foreman to Mr. Miller, of Bristol, who attended for the express purpose of awarding the prizes. The chair having been taken by W. H. Deacon Esq. The following list of prizes were publicly announced :— ,f t FLOWERS. Most carious plant (veratrura nigrum), Sir Charles Morgan, Bart.; most beautiful do. (crassula coccinea), E. P. Richards, Esq.; six best biow„ roses> Hon. W. B. 0rrey,six best carnations, R. Reece, Esq.: three pinks (one ofgarsort), and three piccottees (one of a sort) Hon. W. B. Grey; cockscombs, John Moggridge, Esq. _T EXTRA. Nasturtium (new brown), E. P. Richards, Esq.; gladi- olus cardmahs, R. Reece, Esq. « 1 C- FRUIT. Melon, Sir Charles Morgan, Bart. black grapes, Col. Morgan; white do. Sir Charles More an apricots, I I ,Nroggridge, Esq. peaches, do. nectarines, do.; red raspbeiriM, Ciil Morgan; white do. Hon. NV. B. Grey; cherries, Rev. I. M.Traherne; gooseberries, Col. Morgan; red currants, do. i white do. Sir C. Morgan. EXTRA. White currants, E. P. Bichards, Esq black grapes, S^V" •». \T 1 «rne whitc do ll° i apricots, Mr. Mmmtt; Melon, Rev. 1. M.Traheme. Vl.GKTABLRS. Kidney beans, (runners), jyj. Richards, Eiq.; celery, Mr. Minnitt; carrots, E. P. Richards, Esq. LXTRA. WaJcheren carrots, E. P. Richards, Esq. COTTACLRs' PRIZES WEUE AWARDED TO Thomas White, Whitchnrch,7i. 6d.; Jenkin Rees, Cow- bridge, 7s. 6J; Thomas James, L:mdollgh, 7s. 6J.; i. P. Brookes, St. Nicholas, 5s. Ann Russell, Landaff, 7s. 6d.; David Dufliyn, 3J. 6d, Aun Ray, Tredegar, 5s. LXTRA. Sergeant-Major Jones, 2s. (jj., for a VL-ry tine cabbage, weighing nearly 3.51bs We feel much pleasure in noticing the great im- provement that has taken place in the different articles exhibited by the cottagers. On the present occasion we have no hesitation in saying that the vegetables exhibited by this class of competitors, far surpassed Shy thing of the kind produced by them on former occasions and the liberal rewards held out by this society we trust will be the means of increasing the number of competitors amongst this useful branch of the community. The band of the Royal Glamorgan Militia of which the noble patron is Colonel, attended at the Hall and contributed highly to the gratification of the company assembled, by performing some excellently selected music. The wheat harvest has generally comtnenced in the vale of Glamorgan with every prospect of good qua'ity and an average crop, NEATH FAIR.—This fair, last week, was rather dull. Horses went off slowly, excepting ponies which, however, weat at low prices, as at Llandilo' and some other recent fairs. The culm trade at Neath is particularly brisk. COMMITTED TO SWANSEA HOUSE OF CORRC" Ttos .-David Bradley, chnrged with stealing a silver watch the property of John Owen, and a case of in. struments and other articles the property of John Evans.—Ann Rees, charged with stealing combs, tapes, necklaces, &c, the property of John Davie.44 Bowen Cleaton and John Watts, hawkers: Ann Prothero was admitted to bail for buying the said article*, knowing them to have been stolen.-Rees Howell, charged with stealing a five pourd note and two sovereigns, the property of James Ewin was ad- mitted to bail.-For asivaults.- Evaii Evans was fined 51. including costs, and in default of payment com- mitted for two months David Lewis, 10s. and costs and in default of payment was committed for 14 days; George Thomas, 10s. and costs; Howell Williams W. and costs John Thomas, 40s. including costs Will: Powell, 59. and ccsts; Thomas Evans, 5s. and costs. SPEEDY JUSTICE.-Johu Jones was committed by William Thomas. Esq., for trial at the ensuing Quarter Sessions, charged with feloniouly stealing a pair of cloth tronsers, of the value of ten shillings the property of Isaac Jaffa.iii lesa than two hours from the time the theft was committed, the prisoner was apprehended, brought before the Magistrate examined, committed, and on his march to prison. Who shall complain now of the law's delay? FRAUD OUTWITTED.—On Wednesday week, Lewis Thomas and Evan Erans set offfrom Merthyr to take their passage for America, Thomas leaving a wife and six children, and Evans a wife and eight children behind them. These honest men, in all probability, expected that the parish of Merthyr, rather than be encumbered with the permanent bur- den of maintaining their families, would defray the expense of their conveyance also to America It turned out, however, that application was made on the following day to J. B. Bruce and William Thomas, Esquires, to grant a warrant for their appehension. On Friday the warrant was put in force by George Thomas, constable, apprehending them at Newport, with eleven pounds in their possession. Out of these eleven pounds the constable defrayed the expences of their conveyance on Saturday to Merthyr, where they were brought before W.Thomas, Esq., Magis- trate, and by him committed for threej months to the house of correction at Swansea, to which place they were conveyed (there to experience the instruct- ion of the tread-mitl,) at their own proper costs and charges. FATAL CASE OF HYDROPHOBIA.—Tn May last, a little girl, 8 years old, the daughter of D. Joseph, miller, at Velin Corwg, was unfortunately bit by a terrier dog, in a rabid state. It is a popu!ar delusion, which cannot be too strongly rebutted in this part of the principality, that the application of a sort of stone, called Garaglas, which is found in Breconshire, atfords an antidote to this dreadful malady. This fictitious remedy was called in aid on this occasion: and we regret to state that on Sunday week the little gii-1 was attacked with symptoms of the smothered malady, under which, after dreadful sufferings, she expired on the foUowing Wednesday.


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