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SHIP NEWS. NEWPORT. ARRIVED.—The Maria, Le Bas, the Olive Gibbons, from Jersey, with cider the Fanny and Jones, and the New Bee, Jones, with iron ore; the Simkin, Cox, the Minerva, Owen, the Enterprise, the Henrietta, Skerries, with corn and flour; the Beynon, the Cordelia, Swaffin, with cattle, sheep, and P'^V the Brothers, Hopgood, with flo,ir the'frede,ar. arwOO t the George, Johns, the Mary, Coombs, the Bristol P*c fg' Scott, the Carl eon, Saer, the Moderator, Johns, and Ann, Richards, with sundries. be SAILED.—The Alexander, Souter, for Alexandria, the Amiable Perinne, Labour, for Rouen, the Bramley, for Ancona, the Atlas, Jones, the Success, Woolley, the Albion, Sharer, the Albion, Richardson, the John, the Princess Royal, Jenkins, the Bercsford, Hughes, Agnes Beynon, the Charles, Howe, the Lydia, Bey0<,fj' the Phoenix, Taylor, the Glamorgan, George, the Mary Rees, the Martha, M'Dougall, the Marv, Hurlow, the Owens, the Fly, Davies, and the Providence, Jones, I" he iron and tin plates; the Three Sisters, Jones, and 1 Victory, Puttum, with cinders; the George. Johns, Tredegar, Harwood, the Mary, Coombs, the Ann, Richaf'j' the Bristol Packet, Scott, the Moderator, Johns, and f Carleon, Saer, with sundries. NEATH. Cl.EARED OUT.—The Speedwell, Phillips, and Friendship, Jones, for Aberayron the Union, Ed war" and the Velocity, Phillips, for Newquay; the RebeCca, Narramore, the Orange Branch, Adams, the United Br thers, Fox, the Daniel, Matthews, the Faith, Upham,1 Providence, Mundy,and the Dispatch, Smart, for mouth the Two Brothers, Drake, the Ranger, Bence,' Totncs, Bence, the Gratitude, Fogwell, the Holman, and the Eliza, Holmes, for Exeter; the Molly, Watkins, and the Waterloo, Lloyd, for Aberystwi t the John and Mary Ann, Tobin, the Philemon, Smith*' g Ann, Webb, and the Friends, Pring, for Cork; the Sisters, Jones, for Carnarvon; the James, Williams, 1 Mars, Johns, the VVilliam and Thomas, Skentlebury. the Union Canal, Walters, for Looe the Trident, Gcorg and the Gannet, Richards, for Cardigan; the Swift, Bic the Catherine, Parnell, the St. Ives, Jenning, the Bidc^ f0t Mollards, the Eliza, Thomas, and the Lamb, Peake, St. Ives; the Gannet, Jones, for Llaneily; the Charlotte, Carlile, the Betsey, Long, the Louisa, Qu,c the Regent, Elery, for Plymouth; the Unity, Brewer, a° the Sprightly, Richards, for Padstow the Sarah, cor6'; and the John and Elizabeth, Peake, for Bideford; tr5 Fonmon Castle, Rees, for Bristol; the Three Brothe Trick, for Bridgwater; the Moderator, Hole, for the George and Eleanor, Helm, for Greenock, and t Brocantuer, Monnier for Brest. SWANSEA. ARRIVED. -She Daddon, Bell, from Waterford, with flour; the Henry, Thomas, the Eliza, Thomas, the 'fapl'" Davies, and the St. Patrick, Griffiths. from Chester, Irltb bricks the Sarah, Pocket, from Gloucester, the Brotbe' Lewis, from London, and the Hiuton, Brown, from cork, with sundries; the Thetis Yatch, Lear, from a cruize with copper ore and 25 in ballast.

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