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MONM O UTHSHIRE. MONMOUTHSHIRE QUARTER SESSIONS. The Monmouthshire Quarter Sessions were holden at Usk, on Monday, befere a most respectable bench of magistrates, of whom Lord Granville Somerset was Chairman. Benjamin Thomas and Mary Thomas (the former 22, the latter 23 years of age, passing for man and wife) the woman charged with stealing, and the man with receiving, four notes, of the Monmouth and Abergavenny Bank, of tho vallie of 201, the property of Edmund James, were acquitted, prosecutor not appearing. John Thomas, aged 25, brother to the prisoner Benjamin Thomas, for breaking into the shop of VVilliam Lewis, at Castletown, on Sunday night, the 7th of April, and steal ing therefrom sundry skin boots and shoes, &c.-G,iilty. Seven years' transportation. [This man,'we belieVe, has been connected, with a gang of thimble players, and other bad characters. He was imprisoned in Coldbath fields, as a vagrant, not long since, and it is supposed that a reward has been offered for his apprehension on a charge of felony in North Wales.. JVstkin Davis, for stealing coal, three no imprison- ment. William Williams, for stealing bacon, &c., two months' imprisonment. Mary Watford, charged with feloniously receiving lea. ther, acquitted. Ann Morgan, for the same oflence, guilty, 18 months'imprisonment. William Walford, for the same, evidence discharged. AIII Franklyn, Joseph Franhlyn, and Thomas Daties. Upon the first indictment, for stealing a watch, they were all acquitted. Thomas Davies stood further charged with having, on the 26th and 27th December last, obtained 56 quarts of beer, under false pretences, from Wm. Thomas, of Newport, victualler, of which he was found guilty, and sentenced to two mouths imprisonment in, Monmouth county gaol. Edward Parry, for stealing coal, six weeks imprison- ment. Thomas Rogers, for stealing a smock frock and pair of stockings, four months' imprisonment. Mary Anne Matthews, for stealing a purse, containing three sovereigns and some silver, nine months imprison- ment. John Powell, for keeping a house of ill fame, on the Low hill, in the parish of Trevethin, and for refusing to find sureties to appear at the quarter sessions, twelve months' imprisonment. Ruth Harris, for the like offence, six months imprison- ment. Mary Anne Morris, John Venable and Sarah Venable, charged with receiving stolen leather, the property of William Lewis, not guilty.. Thomas Edmunds, {or burglary in the house Oi Mr. Blyth, draper, Usk, was remanded.. Richard Pitt, for an assault upon a sheriff s officer, and with force obtaining a silver watch and othpr property, which had been dilly distrained for a debt, was fined 40s. and to find sureties for his good behaviour for 12 months, or be imprisoned till he did. No bills were found against William Keynolds, Mary Morgan, William Williams, George Jones, Barbara Morgan, Lewis Morgan, Ann Jones and James Dwyer. HORSE STEALING.—A man, calling himself James Webb, came to the Butcher's Arms, Monmouth, on Saturday night last, with a mare. The landlord's suspicions being excited, he had him apprehended and taken before a magistrate, in the forenoon of Sunday, by whom the man was committed for further examination. On lookinG" over the" Hue and Cry" which came by that day's mail, it appeared that a mare, answering the description of the one in the prisoner's possession, was stolen from the neighbour- hood of Frome, Somersetshire, on the 27th of June, and that a reward of 101, was offered for the appre- hension and conviction of the offender. This is the fourth committal to Monmouth gaol, for horsestealing, since the assizes in March. POST OFFICE IMPROVEMENT.—By an improved regulation about to be adopted, it will he arranged, that the mail from Lqndon, will reach Monmouth at 12, instead of half-past 12, and the mail from Mil. ford will reach us half an hour later than at present, which will leave us an hour and a half interval be- tween the arrival of letters from London and their departure for that place. '70 f'





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