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BRECbNSHIIiE. INFANT SCHOOLS.—In the present age, so prolific in good institutions, we think there are none more calculated to promote the moral welfare of the rising generation than that of infant schools. It is with much pleasure that we see their numbers gradually increasing in the principality, and we trust that the inhabitants of Crickhowel, who are about to establish one in that place, will meet with all the success which they anticipate. In aid of the funds for erecting a school house, the ladies resident in the town and neighbourhood, have been most actively engaged in making numerous fancy articles for the approaching bazaar (June 26) the proceeds of which will, we hope, amply reward its fair promoters for their indefatigable exertions in so praiseworthy an undertaking. OXFORD CIRCUIT. Chief Justice TIN T>AL, and Mr. Baron GURNEY. Herefordshire—Saturday, August J, at Hereford. Monmouthshire-Wednesday, August 7, at Monmouth. Gloucestershire—Saturday, August 10, at Gloucester. City of Gloucester—Same day. In the minority who voted against Col. Davies motion to support ministers on the Portuguese question are Viscount Clive, Hon. R- H- Clive, Hon. Col. Lvgon, John Nicholl, Esq., G. R- Robinson, Esq., (Col. Davies' co- representative of Worcester) Lord Granville Somerset, the Hon. G. R. Trevor, Sir Richard Vyvyan, and Col. Wood. Co!onel Fox, M P for Tavistock, presented a peti- tion on the 6th instant from the natives of Wales, resid ing in London, praying the House to take measures fo. enabling Welsh Ministers to preach in the native languagr of that country and also to form a Welsh professorship ae each cf the learned Universities. Augustus Pechell, Erq. has been appointed by the Lord Bishop of St. David's, Chancellor of that diocese, in the room of G. W. Marriott, Esq. deceased. His lordship has also been pleased to license the Rev. W. H. Powell, to the perpetual curacies of Llanpumpsaint and Llan: llawddoe;, on the nomination of the Rev. John Jones, Vicar of Abergwilly, vice the Rev W. Lloyd, Vicar of Xarberth, who resigned the same. F-tifts.-ALt Ross, on Thursday, fat sheep, of which there was a moderate supply, sold at 6d. to fiN. per lb. lambs (of which very few were exhibited) fetched 7d. In store cattle little business was done; but fat cows sold readily at 6d. per lb. The horse fair was largely supplied, and good animals, both for agricultural purposes and hacks, sold well, while inferior animals were a drug.—At Worcester, there was a good supply of beasts, which met a ready sale at 6d. per lb. The supply of mutton was scarcely equal to the demand, and sold 'from 6d. to t> £ d. The number of lambs was much less than in former years; they brought from 7 fd. to 8d. Veal 6d. per lb. J CAMBRIAN BENEFIT SOCIETY.—On the 29th ult. the members of the Cambrian Benefit Society commemo- rated their thirteenth anniversary. About ten o'clock a proccssion, preceded by an excellent band, of music, was formed to Carew church, when the Rev. Mr. Reese im- pressively performed the metvice of the morning. His sermon was of the most Appropriate character, and abetter was never delivered from the pulpit, The learned divine dwelt largely on those cardinal virtues, industry, persever- ance, and sobriety. The former he illustrated in a masterly manner, from the example of the Benefit Society then before him, to the great delight of his audience. On re- turning through Pembroke, they were met by the members of rhe United Friends Benefit Society, with whom they exchanged three cheers. They then proceeded at once to their club house, the Cambrian Inn, where they partook of an excellent substantial dinner; and being plentifully supplied with the Welshman's national beverage, ewrw da, they enjoyed themselves with due decorum during the evening, and separated at a becoming hour in a state of perfect sobriety.— Carmarthen Journal. CARMARTHEN FAIR — Monday last our June fair was pretty well attended by dealers, and cattle sold at an advanced price. The show of horses was not so great as anticipated, but good ones met a ready sale, colts were in great request, and nearly all were bought that were offered. There was but a limited supply of black cattle, probably owing to Narberth Fair being on the following day. Tuesday the usual pig fair took place; there was a large quantity offered, but the sale was extremely dull, and at low prices. It was remarked that at no fair lately held in this town were the vagrant tribe and thimble gentlemen so scarce, from which it is inferred that, like Horatio and the Ghost, they had the far-famed tread-wheel in their mind's eye (—Ibid. HAUNTED COTTAGE.—A poor woman, inhabiting a cottage near New Radnor, about a year ago persuaded her husband to emigrate with the whole family to America. Shortly after her arrival the poor woman was seized with cholera, and died. For several weeks past most alarming noises, like the sound of a sledge-hammer on the boards, or like a person jumping, or like horses gallopping, are heard in the cottage, and can in no way he accounted for. I The superstitious begin to connect the visitation with the fate of the poor woman who formerly lived in the house. MELANCHOLY DISCOVERY.— Some workmen were lately engaged in repairing an old house near the Sarn, in the parish of Kerry, Montgomeryshire, when lifting the boards of a ground floor, the skeleton of a human body was discovered, concealed beneath a part of the floor strongly secured. It is generally believed that the body has been concealed in this spot upwards of thirty years, as at that time a poor girl was lost from the neighbourhood, and never afterwards heard of but nothing can be dis- covered from the condition of the skeleton, to elicit the cause of the unfortunate girl's death.—Shrewsbury Chron. CURIOUS HISTORICAL FA.CT.-Durin, the troubles in the reign of King Charles the First, a country girl went up to London in search of a place as servant maid; but, not succeeding, she applied herself to carry out beer from a brewhouse, and was one of those then called tub women. The brewer, observing a well-looking girl in that low occu- pation, took her into his family as a servant, and after awhile, she behaving herself with much prudence and de- corum, he married her, and, dying while she was yet a young woman, left her a large fortune. The business of the brewery was, dropped, and the young woman was re- commended to Mr. Hyde, as a gentleman of skill in the law, to settle her husband's affairs. Hyde (who was after- wards the great Eart cf Clarendon), finding the widow's fortune very considerable, married her. Of this marriage there was no other issue than a daughter, who was after. wards the wife of James the Second, and mother of Mary and Anne, Queens of England. The spirit of the Political Union of Bristol lately wended its toilsome way to the summity of Brandon hill, and, from that eminence, shed its volumes (of smoke) over the humbler seekers of light touching the house and window taxes. At this sublime meeting one Mr. Lowe took the chair- and surely that's enough for Mr. Lowe. A Mr. Smith lashed the leading Whigs for their desertion of the people," and evolved the important truth, that" if his Majesty desires unanimity among his people, it must be by a perfect coincidence cf sentiment." Mr. C. Hawing, ton, a pavier, called on Ministers to amend their ways: (and surely if Mr. Harrington lived at Merthyr, he might call on the inhabitants to do the same for never was pavement in a worse condition ) Several other orators exhibited them- selves on the occasion, and, after some bouts at fisty cuffs, with not a few experiments in that philosophy which teaehes that property is not lost wheu it changes hands, the wisdom descended from the mountain, and the council" dispersed, having voted a hearty and sincere ensure on Lord Grey and the window taxes. MAN SHOT BY A TALLOW CANDLE.-On Satur. day last a man named Charles Home, residing in Clewer lane, was shot by a tallow candle fired at him by some of his companions, while in a state of intoxication. The poor fellow was. shot through the lungs and expired in three hours afterwards.- fvinds- Express NEW PROMOTIONS."—Vice Lord King dead de facto, and Lord Teynham dead de jure, Lord Suffolk to be leader of the wolves against the church in the House of Lords. We hope their Lordships will not be much troubled with coughing though we under- stand the prevailing ejpidemie is on lbs wune. r f..






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