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G LAMORGA NSHIRE. Cardiff—On Sunday evening last, a sermon was preached, in Cardiff church, by the Rev. David Jones, of Pontypool, in behalf of the CHURCH MISSIONARY SoCIETY. The preacher, in a discourse admired by every hearer, expatiated with great feeling on the duty of those who were themselves in the enjoyment of the blessings of the Gospel, to send the glai' tidings of salvation to nations who are vet in dark- [Jess; and-pointed out, that Missionary Societies were the only effectual means, under God, of advancing so important a work. On the following evening:, a meet- ing was held in the Town Hall, the use of which was kindly granted by the bailiff, Thomas Charles, Esq. for the occasion. The chair was taken, at a quarter before seven, by the Rev. H. E. Graham, Curate. The buBiness of the evening commenced by prayer, offered up by the Rev. W.D. Conyheare, Rector of Sully. In accordance with the usual routine, Mr. Conybeare laid before the meeting the account of various sums collected in the Cardiff district, and which, we are happy to say, shewed an increase as compared with the funds of last year. It was the intention of the Rer. Gentleman to address the meet- ing, but he -wtur Tjnfortnnately seized-with a sudden indisposition, which compelled him to leave the hall. This was felt as a greut disappointment by all, at the high attainments and great eloquence of Mr. Cony- beare, must at all times render any communication proceeding from him peculiarly interesting. The Rev. WM.Thompson, Minister of St, Barnabas church, London, deputed by the Parent Society, then ad. dressed the meeting: he afforded much interesting matter, relative to missions in general; and shewed that the blessing9 of God had in a peculiar degree rested on the labours of those Missionaries whom the society had sent to their several stations. A col- lection was aftevwards made, amounting to 41. 7*. Gd. We are sorry to add, the attendance was very small, when the impo*ance of the object for which the meeting was held is considered. If it is true, as stated in some of the papers, that Sir John Nicholl is to hold the office of Judge of the Admiralty, in comtnendam, it will be a curious coincidence that the last and ouly person who held the three offices was also a Glamorganshire man. We do not believe that Sir Leoline Jenkins was Dean of the Arches, but he was certainly Deputy to Dr. Sweit, who was the Dean of that Court in 1G63, and was appointed Judge of the Peculiars by Archdcacon Sheldon. He was also Judge of the Prerogative Court, and in 1665 succeeded Dr. Exton as Judge of the Admiralty. He was Pi incipah of Jesus College, and was three times returned M.P. for the University of Oxford. He and Frewen, Archbishop of York, and Sheldon, afterwards Archbishop of Canterbury, passed much of their time during the troubles of the revolu- tion at Sir John Aubrey's, at Llanhithyd, in this county, to whose eldest son Sir Leolir.e was tutor. Maendy, an old farm house on the roadside between Ystradowen and Aberthin, is believed by many to be Sir Leoline's birth-place; but W. Wyuue, Esq., who published his works in 1724, says his father had an estate of 401. a year at IJantrisaint, in Glamorgan- shire, where this son was horn about I Jtitice Balllp1. is the Judge who will attend OUr next circuit. Green peas shelled, were selling in Cardiff market on Friday week, at lOcf. per quart. On Monday last, Hannah Evans, who was convicted at the last spring assizes for larceny, and sentenced to 7 years transportation, was removed from Cardiff gaol, to be put on board the convict ship William Hryan, at Woolwich in the river Thames. FATAL XCCIDENT.-Ott Tuesday last, as two young men were coming through St. Nicholas, in a cart, in which they were both sitting, the horses took fright at something on the road and galloped off. One of the men jumped out, and in attempting to stop the horses was knocked down by the shaft, the wheel of the cllrt passing over and breaking his arm. His companion then tried to get out of ilie cart, upon the back of the shaft horse, but in doing so he was unfortunately thrown down, when the wheel of the cart went over his neck and he was immediately killed. An Association has just been formed at Cowbridge, each member paying 5s. per annum, to create a fund for the apprehension and prosecution of felons. MERTHYR.— IRON TRADE.The price of iron has not risen since our last, but the demand continues brisk. We understand the production is very much impeded by the railmen being in some places at a stcnd-siill for want of water. INFLUENZA. —Wre are sorry to say that this un- pleasant malady remains with us, and has rather increased than abated. WAIN FAIII.Oll Monday, Wain Fair, in conse- quence of the rainy weather, was not so numerously attended as it sometimes has been, but the business done was rather brisk, at reasonable, though not at high prices. MERTHYR POT-ICE CONVICTIONS—Howell Jones, of the Cambrian tap, was convicted before J. B, Bruce, and Wr. Thomas, Esqrs. in the penalty of bl. and c-,sts, for permitting persons of notoriously bad character to meet at his house &e.— Howell Jonep, Orange Tree, beer house, was convicted in 40s. and costs for keep- ing his house open for the sale of beer, after ten at iiiglit.-Evait Matthews, Horse and Groom beer house, was also fined 40d. and costs for a similar offeiice.-Benjamiti Jordan was committed as an idle and disorderly person, to the house of correction at Cardiff, for refusing to work, and thereby causing his wife and children to become chargeable to this parish, —one month hard labour.



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