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THE CHARLESES OF FRANCE.—It is deserving of rem. ark, that, with the one solitary exception of Charles the lull, everyone of the sovereigns of France of this pwnomen since the days of Charlemagne should have brought calamities on his own head. or that of his lieges. Charles the Bald was no better than a tool of the Nor- r,ns the Lusty was deposed in the reign of Simple, France was laid waste by the Nor- h nt*u ",arJe* the Fourth was seldom out of a sick c amber •, Charles the Sixth went out of his mind amidst the iiitestine commotions which constantly desol-ited his lominions; Charles the Seventh was, on every occasion, 1 6 fU'rn by the English for seven -and -t men1 y years (1423 to 1450 and lost half his territory Charles the Eighth was Spoiled of Burgundy, Artois, Cliarolois, and Ccrdag- 'v; a/L re?00k a '°°l's rnarch to Naples; Charles the i n s aughtered his Protestant subjects by wholesdle unng the Hugonot wars, and deluged Paris with their 7v»/<i!1 ^ftholomew's night; and Charles the .ayenged the loss of his crown upon his subjects by leaving them at the mercy of Louis PHILIP, ''ihe sovereign title of His Majesty" is of Spanish origin, and was first adopted by Charles the Fifth, when he was elected Emperor of Germany. Previously to that period, sovereigns were content to be styled your Highness," or your Grace." The other crowned heads of Europe were not slow in following the precedent, and as it has not hitherto been found possible to invent a more exalted de- signation, it has maintained its courtly vogue to the pre- sent hour. SIBERIA.- There are two expeditions now in progress, which promise 10 throw much light on this un. explored, and, so far as the history of nature for a suc- cession of ages is concerned, singularly interesting quar- ter of the globe. The one is an investigation, which the Emperor Nicholas has directed Feodorow to make into the geography and natural history of die south eastern parts of Siberia, for which purpose his Majesty has placed asum of one thousand pounds at his disposal; and the other is a scientific visit to the western quarter of that country, which Fuss, the secretary of the Academy of Science at St. Petersburgh, is instructed to make, whilst proceeding on a mission to Pekin. LYONS.—A very short interval has sufficed to raise this city from a population of seventy to one hundred and seventy thousand. The manufacture of bobbins may be instanced as a remarkable evidence of the rapid growth of its industry. It commenced with a solitary loom ir the year 1807, and at this day there are not less than two thousand of them, which produce 150,000 yards a day, and send them to market at so low a price, that the piece of 28 yards is sold retail for twopence. One manufac- turer alone, Cliauibovet, annually consumes six hundred cwt. of the raw material in making this article. THE TEN HOUR FACTORY BILL.-On Tuesday eveniug, a public meeting of the inhabitants or Peckham was held at the rriends' Meeting House, Hanover-street, Rye-lane, to consider the propriety of petitioning parliament in support of thisjustiindhu- mane measure. The meeting was convened by public advertisement, and though but very brief notice had been given, was most respectably attended. 1 he chair was taken by Underwood, Esq. who explained the object for which they were called together, and congratulated the in- habitants ot Peckham on being among the first in or about the metropolis who had come forward in support of the poor defenceless factory children. The Lancashire de- puties, Messrs. Doherty and Turner, addressed the com- pany, the former at considerable length. Several other gentlemen took pai tin the proceedings, and a petition was tinally agreed to) embodying the resolution*.