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ADDRESSED TO A YOUNG LADY ON ASKING FOR A | UOCK. OF HA LIT. Thou bright eyed maid, thou bright eved maid, t Oil bill me not DESPAIR But from those tresses dark unbraid I One single lock of hair. And when in distant lands I roam i And other fair ones SEE, I Far from thy happy peaceful home, TIlen. love, I'll think of thee. I More precious far than India's mine Of jems and jewels rare, I Dearest, I'll think that gift of thine, That single lock of hair. As loveVtrue pledge, knights used to wear A Scarf or broidered glove; I only ask one lock of liair, From thy fair hand, my. love. AMIDST THE caiiiion's DEAF'LIING roar, AND deadly musketry, ::>. 6 WHEN danger, threaten, then the more, lvly love, I'll'ti,iLik of tliec. AND IF THIS LITTLE GIFT YOU'LL SPARE I AND KINDLY GIVE TO ME, [ ATY crest sliall be one lock of liair,- K -inly INOTTO, constancy. Y, I A FRAGMENT. } J BEHOLD YON CROWD APPROACH WITH SOLEMN TREAD, I I'HE'Y BEAR THE COFFIN OF THE QUIET DEAD I OF ONE WHO, IN HIS DAY, WHEN WARM WITH LIFP, » Perchance had mix'd in many a scene of strife; Or in retirement had been led to find The joys that charm the cultivated mind. ) Had he ambitious sought, -in climes afar. THE GAUDY HONOURS, THE REWARDS OF WAR? HAD HE ADVENTUROUS PLOUGHED THE RAGING SEAS, » I 'NEATH TORRID HEATS, OR WHERE THE FRIGID FREEZE, T F TO HIM INDIFFERENT WHETHER STORM OR BREEZE, I | LED ON BY GAIN? WHAT CHARMS HAS GAIN IN STORE! I MIIL IONS AMASSED, WE'SEEK FOR MILLIONS MORE. | V WHAT MIGHT HE NOT HAVE BEEN, WHO NOW IS DEAD, I WBOSE HEART IS COLD, WHOSE ENERGY IS FLED F I CURIOUS TO LEARN HIS MERIT, I ENQUIRED. I A STRANGER TOLD ME ALL THAT I DESIRED. I HE WAS A YOUTH OF MAUNERS SOFT AND MILD, « J IN LEARNING GREAT, IN INNODENCE A CHILD. | FOND OF RETIREMENT, OFTEN WOULD HE STRAY | THROUGH WOODS, BY RIVERS, ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY. | HIS GENTLE SOUL GLOWED WITH POETIC FIRE, I HIS HANDS HAD TOUCHED THE ALL HARMONIOUS LYRE. Roaming from glen to glen, all free and wild, I By fancy nurtured, and romance's child, Far from the stir of noisy man he flew, I And in seclusion all his pleasures drew. For hours he'd lay him by some pftrling brook, While in his hand he held an ancient book, That told of olden times, of fairies, fays, Yet still he loved to read those ancient lays. But ah some sudden sickness 0 cr him came. He died, alas! nor left behind a name No, not that name the sculptured marble shows, That lines the church in fair and equal rows, Where the paid parasite will often raise, In studied prose, his modicum of praise. No stone, no marble marked his resting place, Nor hackneyed praise his virtues tried to trace. But oft the villagers will linger near, And on his grave will drop affection's tear; r For he was kind and good, nor to the poor Refused his aid, nor thrust them from his door. From their sad tales he never turned his ear, But eased their wants, and tried their hearts to cheer. Cowbridge, April 24, 1833. W. V.

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