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We are happy to being able to iuform our readers that our worthy county memVii-r, the Hon. Col. Trevor, voted in favour of Mr. Attwood's amendment of his motion for an enquiry into the distresses of the cotiziti-y and also paired off in favour of the Marquis of Chandos' motion, That in any reduction of taxation which may be con sidered expedient, it is necessary that the interests of the agricultural polition of the community should be duly con- sidered and on Sir W. Ingilby's motion for a reduction of the. duty upon malt, the Hon. Colonel proved himself a friend to his country, being one of the triumphant majority against Ministers, who, now they are in office, only proposed a few paltry reductions, which would not affect or improve the condition of the generality of the kingdom. Carmarthen Journal. A SINGULAR CASE.—On the 25th of April a suck- ling calf, the property of Mr. Davies, of Pencoed, in the parish of Egl wyswrw, in the country of Pembroke, appeared sickly recourse was had to palliatives, and amongst other things a small quantity of antimony was administered on the 27th a snake, two 3reet long, was voided part of which had actually commenced the process of being digested, and the poor caif is at present likely to lip well.— Ibid. We arc sorry to observe that the influenza has lately been very prevalent in this town, and there are but very few families whose members have not been more or less attacked with this complaint; the weather has been particularly changeable, and very moist for the season, accompanied by high winds from the north and south west. -lbid. The bill now before Parliament for rendering more effectual, in certain cases, the office of Justice of the Peace," empowers one justice to give repossession of de- serted premises to the landlord. Heretofore the process required the attendance of two justices, which often occa- sioned much delay and inconvenience.-Hereford Journal, At the audit held on Tuesday at Stoke House, ten per cent, was, returned to the tenants on their respective rents, by desire of Edward Thomas Foley, Esq. M P. an act of generous kindness, which was deeply felt and grate- fullyacknowledgcd -Ibid. p The polling for the election of a Member for West Worcestershire will take place on Monday and Tnesday next. The friends of the candidates, Captain Winnington and Mr. pakmgton, Seem equally confident of success. Ibid. THE BO.LITIONIST-Otl Monday se'nnight, a tailorof this city was summoned before the Magistrates for employing his appreiltice, an unhealthy looking lad, beyond the usual hours of the trade. It appeared that the appren tice was kept continually at the board from seven o'clock in the morning till tcn at night, with the exception of one hour's absence to dinner his breakfast and tea being taken .)n the work-board that he was also frequently detained till eleven and twelve o'clock at night, and upon one occa- sion until two in the morning. The Magistrates commented severely upon the cruelty of the above conduct towards the apprentice. The master acknowledged that he had recently signed a petition in favour of the immediate and uncondi- tional abolition of Negro Slavery! !The apprentice was directed in future to attend during reasonable and appointed hours.-Bitth Herald. THE PATRIOT OF WESTMINSTER—It is a curious fact, anti strongly iadicntive of the way in which affairs are conducted in the Reformed Parliament, that Sir Francis BiiTdett, who voted against Mr. Attwood's motion on the Cuivency question, had previously offered to Jecond it. SUICIDE NEAR "AI-PAS.—On Wednesday week an inquest was held at Malpas, on the body of a female named Theiwall, w'ho downed herself on the previous day in a pit in that neighbourhood. The deceased formerly lived near the spot where she terminated her existence. and was so unfortunate as to become enciente by the person with whom she resided. -She afterwards removed to Bangor, at which place intelligence arrived, about a fort- night since, that the father of her child was married from that moment she determined to destroy herself, and made no secret of her intention. On Tuesday week, she travelled ei-lit miles for that purpose, having resolved to end her miserable existence oil the estate where her sor- rows were occasioned, and deliberately hung her bonnet and cloak in a tree overhanging the pit into which she afterwards threw herself. When found she was quite dead. Verdict—'Temporary Derangement.—Chester Courant After the division on Sir William Ingleby's motion, I-ord Aitliorp said, that the government were certainly placed in a state of considerable embarrassment. This reminds ns of an anecdote of Lord A ~y> which occurred about five and twenty years ago. His Lordship was supposed to have lost some twenty thousand pounds at Watier's club, and on his first appearance in the field after- wards in Leicestershire, a friend said to him, I fear my I Lord you have been hit hard lately in London."—" Oh no," replied his lorbship, only a little crippled." It has been remarked, that the fifty-six individuals who signed the declaration of American independence, have all died within fifty six years after the signature of that act; that all the Presidents of the United States have died at the age of fifty six; and that the Union wRS well nigh being dissolved fifty six years after its foundation, through the dispute respecting Suuth Carohna and the tariff.


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