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Telephone No. 7. Telegrams-SHEFFIELD, RHYL. A. SHEFFIELD S SON Ironmongers, Merchants, and Hot Water Engineers, 6 Wellington Road, RHYL Invite inspection of their large and varied stock of RANGES, GRATES, MANTEL PIECES, &c, All the NEWEST DESIGNS in Tile Registers, Carved Oak and Walnut Mantels Marble and Enamelled Slate do., and Tile, Hearths. Their New Tile Surround with well-fiie is the latest thing for Drawing and Dining Rooms, and cannot be obtained elsewhere A VISIT to their spacious Show Rooms is an education, and will repay intending purchasers to obtain our prices before placing their orders. 0 The Celebrated Gradient Range. SAVES FIFTY PER CENT OF FUEL. We have fixed HUNDREDS of these JUSTLY CELEBRATED RANGES, and the following testimonials speak for themselves :— TESTIMONIALS. TESTIMONIALS. To Messrs A. Sheffield & Son. llbyl. Gentlemen,-I cannot reirain from writing to tell you how delighted we are with the iof oi.o ho.f f i C0°k*Qg 18 *ow done Pleasure, and the consumption of Fuel ™ the old one \u/nt- The fire always bright and cheerful, and I only wish we had put it in years ago.—Yours faithfully, ° 1 Gentlemen,—The Gradient Range you supplied me three weeks'ago gives the'greatest satisfactwn—both m_ cocking and economy of fuel. It has quite disheartened the coal dealers, but it has raised the spirits and made the cook ever so much more cheerful.- Yours respectfully, (Originals can be seen on application or name sent) Lamps and Silk Shades Gas Fittings with the LATEST inverted Burners, Gas Cookers and Oil Heating Stoves of the Intest and most artistic patterns. Range Setting, Hot Water Heating, Pluming an<* ail kinds of Sanitary Work done by their own Experienced Workmen, and for which they have earned a "REPUTE TION THROUGHOUT NORTH WALES. Electric Bells and Lighting, and Acetylene Gas Installations. ESTIMATES FREE. DISTANCE NO OBJECT. ————————— A. SHEFFIELD as! SOS, EHTL RIDER AGENTS WANTED I One in each district to ride and exhibit a sample 1905 Cycle. ■kkSt Write for special offer. Highest grade fully warranted f Jrk British-made Cycles mm HA LATEST WORFE/S' £ 2 10 to £ 6 Mlymm HMaB nbw departure coaster hubs, best makes tyrbs and ■rVbI/hIL IlllMS BEST BRITISH-HADE EQUIPMENT. MMjlgOO SECOND'HAND CYCLES all makes, good as new, £ 1 to £ 2.10 Great factory clearing sale at half factory prices. We send on approval and allow TEN DYS' FREE TRIAL on Vfl Hj\|w wip every cycle. Money witli carnage charges refunded without ■Lj* UV question if not perfectly satisfactory. ■2 jU|F C"amm M taking orders from sample machine furnished MS QLjg WrtLm S aS us. Our agents are making larpe profits. Tvr«. o Write at once for FREE CATALOGUES. am m r~L l' sundries, Sewing Machines, Phonographs, &c., at Half Prices. MEAD CYCLE COMPANY oapt. "2 85 to 97 Faraifise Street, LIVERPOOL, and 19 to 21 Cftartnu Cross Road, LONDON. NO PRELIMINARY FEES charged. MONEY LENT PRIVATELY. I" In large or small sums (not less than £10), J ON PROMISSORY NOTE ONLY. J; During the last 20 years the total amount lent by the I undersigned EXCEEDED £ 1,250,000 He hit received hundreds of unsolicited letters of thanks, and has annually, for the past nine years, issued elections from these in pamphlets, of which more than 300,000 copies have been printed Prospectuses, terms for advances or any informa- tion desired, will be supplied, free of charge, on application, either personally or by letter to CEORGI PAYNE AccountaDt, l 3 CRESCENT ROAD, BBYL Established 1870 J MONEY. B5 to £ 500. MONEY. IMPORTANT NOTICE. IN esponse to the requestof NUMKROUS CLIENTS, the well-known firm of D. WHITE have decided to re-open AN OFFICE IN THIS DISTRICT, where ADVANCES will be made on the same REASONABLE TERMS as hitherto TO ALL RESPECTABLEHOUSE- HOLDERS, FARMERS, TRADESPEOPLE ALL TRANSACTIONS STRICTLY PRIVATE TERMS LOWER THAN OTHER LOAN OFFICES DISTANCE NO OBJECT. Upon receipt of letter, I will wait upon you by appoint- ment AT YOUR OWN HOUSE, and advance you the money required thus saving you a journey and waste of time, repayable by easy instalments TO SUIT YOUR OWN CONVENIENCE. SPECIAL RATES for SHORT PERIODS. APPLY BY LETTER in confidence to D. WHITE, (Ca,a be seen personally Tuesdays from 4 to 8 p.m.) also 17, MAESCJWYN ROAD near he Genera Railway Sation, WREXham

I Abergele Police Court.


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