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Unionist Prospects.

Procrastinating Ratepayers.


Procrastinating Ratepayers. The appearance befoie the magistrates about this time of the year of a large num- ber of rate defaulters, especially those who have delayed paying the big rate" —the pet name for the Rhyl general district rate,—prompts the suggestion whether it would not be a kindness to these people if the authorities were to press for payment earlier in the year. One reasoii for this is that money is, or should be in this neighbourhood at any rate, more plentiful than in winter. We afe of opinion, too, that many ratepayers bring upon themselves the unpleasant experi- ence of being summoned for non-payment of their rates, and of having in conse- quence to pay more in the end, by putting off the day of reckoning when they might pay as promptly as those much better off than themselves. It is true that the bulk of the ratepayers of this district are dependent mainly upon summer visitors for their daily bread, but we fear it must be admitted that money which might be applied to more urgent demands drifts into channels that might very well be avoided. Of course, it is not characteristic of human nature, in this country at any rate, to meet willingly or cheerfully any compulsory demands, especially when it is open to question if they are getting full value for their money. But if the golden rule of prompt settlements of all claims were more generally observed a lot of unnecessary litigation would be avoided, and much less might perhaps be heard [about hard times hereabouts in winter.

IPolice Court Procedure.

Lord Stanley's Bomb Shell.

Family Notices

Flintshire EducationJ Committee.…

- Prestatyn.

Education Notes.


Towyn, Abergele.

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