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0 T. M.DAVIES DISPENSING CIIEMIST, BODFOR STREET. National Telephone No 0167 The "West Parade branch is now closed for the Winter, and orders received at BODFOR STREET will have prompt attention. ioaal Celephone, No 2. Telejranas—Ellis, Rbyl | •TIE BEST IN THE WOltL ELLIS'S CLENLIVET WHJSKEY. Cuaranteed 12 Years Old. ASK FOR tLLIS'S RED DRAGON BRAND And See that you get it. Not a Headache in a Hogshead Sole Proprietor- J. II. Ellis U&12Water-st,Rhyl Full Price Lists of Wines, Spirits, &c. on application. H A. STEER, WINE MERCHANT 73 High Street, Rhyl. (Near th Fountain). GOLD LABEL HIGHLAND WHISKY As supplied to COL. CORN IP ALUS WEST, Rulhh Castl during the visit of U.M. ICING EDWABB VII. May, 1898. 8139cial Valua in Clarets CHATEAU MOUTON D'ARMAILHACQ, Grand Vin Vintage 190' 18s per doz. CHATEAU GRUAUDLAROSE (Sarget1, Vintage 1900, 248 per doz. VIN ORDINAIRE (Selected', 12s. dozen. BASS'S ALFS. in 9 and IS gitllon Casks, from per gallon Do. PALE ALE, at Is Sd per gallon. GUINNESS' DUBLIN STOUT, in Cask and Bottle. KING EDWARD Vfl. liqueur Quality, very old SCOTCII WHISKY, guaranteed Pure Malt. Distilled in Scotland from the finest MHIWI Barley. JOHN JAMESON'S IRISH WHISKY. WREXHAM LA'lER BEER Bass'Jfe Co's Light Bottl'g Ale: Imperial Pints, 2/6 rerdo Half Pints, 1/6 per doz Spar'-ding Saumnr; finest extra qnality. Made and fermented on exactly the same principle as the finest Champagnes. Recommended with the utmost oil lennn to t!li1 c mnoisseur and invalid. Bottles, 488 doz. Half Bottles 21s. T JJegrams-" Steer, Rhyl." Telephone-No PriceLists on Application. Jewellery and Silver Plate. LARGEST AND BEST STOCK IN PHYL Why pay city prices when you can purcnase cne same poods at this establishment and save 2 I per cent ? Gem Pings from 3/6 to X100. Brooches from J to RIOO. Large stock 22ct. Wedding Ring 0 0 t) SOI.D 1IY WKIGIIT. Ilall marked Silver Goods from l/l No'e my prices before buying elsewhere. Old Gold and Silver purchased for cash or taken in exchange S. BODDINGTON, Note Addre33 28 Queen Street (UNDER THE CLOCK) Telephone 0191. Fred Roberts&Co Complete Furnishers And Removers WINTER CURTAINS I in great variety.1 I SERGES. PLUSnETTES. PORTIERE RODS. F.B. & Co. have 8 good selection of DOWN QUILTS, BLANKETS, etc. CALL AND INSPECT STOCK at 3 Russell Buildings, Rhyl And COLWYN.

Unionist Prospects.

Procrastinating Ratepayers.

IPolice Court Procedure.

Lord Stanley's Bomb Shell.

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Flintshire EducationJ Committee.…

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Towyn, Abergele.

,...----rtern Meiriadog.