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Bible Society Meeting at Rhyl. MR HUGH JONES AND THE USE OF THE REVISED VERSION OF THE BIBLE. The annual meetings of the Rhyl auxiliary of the British and Foreign Bible Society have been held this week in the Town Hall, the English meeting taking place on Tuesday even- ing and the Welsh meeting on the following night. At tho English meeting, which was very thinly attended, the chair was occupied by Mr R M Hugh-Jones, J.P., and supporting him were the Revs. J R Ellis (Poitmadoc), T Lloyd (vicar of Rhyl), and J Verrier Jones, with Mr A Rowlands [Chon secretary). The singing was led by the junior choristers of St John's Church, Mr J D Asher presiding at the piano. The Chairman said that though the meeting was a small one-much smaller than they had had on previous occasions-he was pleased to hear that the amount sent up to the parent society during the past year was JE5 larger than the preceding contribution (applause). Continuing, he said there was one suggestion which, it occurred to him, he might make, with all respect to those who were better qualified to judge in the matter, and it was this had not the time come when more use might be made in public worship of the revised version of the English Bible ? For his own part he would be glad to to see it used in church, and he thought it would be a yery instructive commentary on the old version. He felt, moreover, that consider- ing the great amount of time and labour which had been bestowed upon it, it was not being used to the extent that it deserved. As on instance of the advantage of the revised version of the Bible over the old version he quoted a verse from the second lesson for Christmas Day, to be read in Church, which according to the old version read thus, "Thou hast multiplied the the nation and not increased their joy," where- as in the revised version this passage read, "Thou hast multiplied the nation. Thou hast increased their joy. No doubt many people were deeply attached to the words of the old version, but where accuracy was in question surely they must prefer correctness before the sacredness of old associations ( applause). As for the work the Bible Society was doing, whether they were present in large or small numbers that night, he did not think it needed any words from him to commend it to their warm support he only expressed his hope that every year they might see an increasing interest taken in the society's work and increased con- tributions to its funds (applause). The Hon Secretary, in presenting his annual report, said that the credit for the work being done in Rhyl on behalf of the society should go to the lady collectors ( applause). During the time he had been connected with tho Rhyl auxiliary the town had contributed over £700 to the parent society's flinds-(applatise )—to say nothing of what had been sent up previous to that period. They started the past year with a balance in uand of X-7) 18s. 3d, and the collections at the meeting twelve months ago amounted to £2 2s. 6d. During the year the various districts had contributed a total of £ 30 0s. 2d, made up as follows:—District No. 1, collectors, Airs Hughes ( River Street) and Miss Price ( Aquarium Street), £3 14s. 5d No 2, Miss Jones ( Elm House), £10 3s; No. 3, Miss Jones (Heathville) and Miss Reid (Craig- mor), £ 8 No. 4, Miss Williams (5G West Parade) and Miss Jones (King's Avenue), £ 4 13s. 3 No 5, Mrs W E Jones (23 River Street;, R3 4s 3d No. (i, Miss Dowell and Miss Price, £ 3 158 3d No. 7, Mrs T D Jones and Mrs J T Jones, £5 lOe. With a bank interest of tld the income side totalled £47 Is 8d for the year. Ofthat amount £40 had been forwarded to the parent society-95 in excess of last year's contribution—and R3 18s had been spent on printing, advertising, &c., leaving a balance to be carried forward of 13 3s 8d (applause). The adoption of the report was moved by Councillor R Oldfield and seconded by Mr R Broadie Griffiths, the latter gentleman com. menting upon the fact that the town's con- tribution to the parent society during the past year was no ereaterithan the amount sent up in 1891, notwithstanding that the population of the town was now some 2,000 more than it was twelve years ago, [and also in a better financial position. The Chairman having endorsed what had been said with regard to the debt of gratitude that was due to the collectors, the motion-with which was coupled a hearty vote of thanks to the officers, the committee, A "n_. and especially the collectors, for their services during the past year, together with a request that they all continue in office another year-- was etrried with acclamation. The Rev J R Ellis, as the parent society's representative, then gave the meeting the bene- fit, in a most interesting speech, of his own experience of what a useful work the society was doing, stating at the outset that for ten years he had had the opportunity of being an eye-witness of its very effective operations in the mission field of South India. After giving an outline of the progress that had been made in the direction of Christianity amongst the 22 millions of people of South India who spoke the Tamil language—a language in which as a Welshman he was delighted to find the guttu- ratsof the'grand old Welsh language figured so prominently—Mr Ellis went on to say that the duplicity of the average educated Hindoo formed at the present time one of the greatest barriers to the evangelisation of India, but on the other hand he was thankful to say that the great truths of the Bible wife exerting a healthy and powerful influence on the minds and hearts and even the lives of thousands of those educa- ted Hindoos (applause). Concluding, he pro- posed "That this meeting expresses its unbounded satisfaction and gratitude to God for the great and glorious work done by the British and Foreign Bible Society at home and abroad, and pledges itself to renewed prayers and exertions for the continuance and increase of its prosperity thoughout the world." Mr Edward Jones briefly seconded the motion and, like the previous one, it was enthusiasti- cally adopted. A collection on behalf of the society and votes of thanks to the deputation and chairman terminated the meeting.

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