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ADVERTISERS NOTE! No Finn in Rhyl can post bills to better advantage than the North Wales & District Billposters, Ltd.. who have see Li red, the bill posting business formerly carried on by the Rhvl and Distnct Advertising and Billposting Co. (Evans & Co.); and, having increased and enlarged their posting stations, have placed it under new manage- ment. All orders and bills should be sent to Mr W. C. DAVIES, 12 St Helen's Plaoe, High St., Rhyl, for posting in Rhyl, Meliden, Dyserth, Prestatyn, Holy- well, Mostyn, and districts. Contracts made ifor the whole or any part of North Wales, J IMPORTANT NOTICE. KERFOOT HUGHES IRONMONGER, Has just received a splendid selection of ZE-i A :M: P S. TABLE LAMPS complete from Is. 3d. eac h Also a huge assortment T3Tcs 11 TDn All New Patterns at of if Wa* 1 Chj^J vi very low prices- Kynoch's Smokeless Cartridges, 7s. per 100. NOTE- tengouke" The Pure Royal Daylight Oil. We have numerous testimonials as to the quality of this oil. NOTE THE ADDRESS- R. Kerfoot Hughes, IRONMONGER, Corner of Wellington Rd. & Queen st. (New Bank) j Rhyl. Liverpool Liverpool House House CHAS. A. TA YLOR, 29 Wellington Road, RHYL. (Opposite the TOWN HALL), Pawnbroker, Jeweller, Clothier & Outfitter, Many years' experience with Mr Robert Pemberton Daglish, Liverpool. Money Lent to any amount On every description of Portable Property, Diamonds, Watches Jewellery, Silver and Electro Plate, Cutlery, Pianos, Furniture, Wearing Apparel. Business by Post or Rail receives immediate personal attention in strictest confidence. Old Gold and Silver bought. Foreign Money exchanged. The Inhabitants of Rhyl and district are respectfully invited to give us a trial for Men's, Youths' and Boys' CLOTHING. We make it our business at all times to give a GOOD article at a reasonable price. By paying a small deposit we put away any article we sell, and take weekly payments at the same price as ready cash. Our Motto Value for Money. grand lct gold Keyless Mahogany Chest of Hunter, by Thos Russell & Son, Drawers large.size. Liverpool. Warranted for 25 years. 16/6—Lady's very pretty solid Gold Watch Inspection invited, second-hand, in perfect order. £4j15-Lustrous Single Diamond Ring, 18/6—Half dozen solid silver tea spoons. massive 18ct claw setting. Out of 2/11 to 10/6—Half-dozen Dessert or Table pledge. Knives fine Silver English 1/6—Half-dozen British plate Teaspoons. Half Chronometer Lever, by a do. Dessert Forks or Spoons. brated maker. Warranted for do. Table do. years. 5/6 to 6/6—Good set of Meat Carvers. hand-made Solid Gold 2/6 and 2/11—The famous Nickel Alarm Bracelet, with handsome gold lock Clocks good timekeepers. pendant. To be seen in window. celebrated Working-man's Watch, Ace Guinea, gold mounted, capital timekeeper. in splendid condition. tit • .■» m. £ 6/6—Gent's magnificent 5-stone diamond lNow is tne Time snake Ring, 18ct. setting. TO Silver Hunting English Lever, by a world-renowned Liver- "PtD'HQ'PO "fflT Winfflr I pool maker. Will wear for a lifetime..ri ePd'1 C 1U1 VV WJr 5-stone half-hoop of rare GO Pairs All-wool Blankets, second hand, purity and lustre. but as good as new, 7/- to 10/6 per single diamond Ring, very paIr. lustrous, in solid 18ct setting 100 SmSle Blankets, second hand, from 2/6. Gold Curb Albert," Govern- 90 Pairs good second hand Twill Sheets, ment stamped on every link. from 2/6. £2 Piece Pendant, with 75 Good second hand Quilts, white and solid gold mount. coloured, from 2/6 each. gold Fob Seal, exquisitely 8/6, 10/6, 12/6, & 14/6—Excellent full-size designed and set with real amethyst. new Wool Flock Beds, with Bolsters A bargain. and Pillows. gold Guard, secret link 4/11, 5/11, 6/6, & 8/6 Grand selection of pattern, diamond cut. Very serviceable Cloth Hearthrugs. gold curb double Albert, 150 Men's Overcoats, second hand and new, neat design. from 5/- upwards. silver Cream Jug in good 45 Men's warm Pilot Reefers, from 7/11. condition. b GO Boys' Overcoats, from 2/6 upwards. neat 5-stone Diamond Dress 16/6 to 30/—Men's Serviceable Winter Suits. Ring, 10/6 to 18/6—Youths' Strong Suits, Tweeds, fine Gold Breastpin, set with! Navy Blue, &c. two pure white full cut diamonds. 2/6 to Suits, Sailor, Rugby, and 12/6 to 35/—Guinea Gold Wedding Rings.| Norfolk. £ 1 17/6 Serviceable double-barrelled breech- S/6, 6/11/& 7/6—Men's heavy hard wearing loading Gun, 12bore, top lever action.1 Cord Trousers. A bargain. 2/11, 3/11, & 4/11—Heavy Cord Vests to £4/10 A thorough good Second-hand! match. Double-barrelled Breech -ioadcr, Bl6-Capital Blue Serge Jackets. Damascus barrels, 12-bore, left barrel^/ll, 4/11, & 5/6 Real Welsh All-wool choke, top lever cross bolt action. A| Shirts. bargain seldom met with. 2/6 & 2/11—Splendid quality White Flannel 18/6—Handsome spring regulator Clock,! Drawers. strikes hours and half-hours. i2¡6-AIl-wool Flannel Singlets. 16/6 to Cowhide Gladstone Bags. 1/6 and upwards—Men's Grey Singlets. £ 2/5/0—Kdison Phonograph in perfect con- I/H> 2/6, & 2/11—— Ihe Finest Working dition; Aluminium trumpet; Edison ^en s Shirts in Wales. Bell gold moulded records, 1/6 eachI1!1! & 2/3—Capital Flannelette Shirts. out of pledge, a grand Serviceable Tweed Clock lever movement. A bargain. Trousers. silver Cream Jug; very Elevenpence and upwards—Boys' Serge pretty design, to be seen in window. Knickers. 18/6—A rich-toned Spanish Guitar. We have a Grand Stock of Men's, 12/6—Aneroid Barometer. Women's and Children's Boots at all prices Brass Curb. and well worth a trial. NOTE the Address Chas, A. Taylor, Liverpool House, 29 Wellington-rd., Opposite the Town Hall), RHY L. Don't Miss These! FIVE SPECIAL LINES FOR FIVE WEEKS ONLY. 2 lb. PLUM JAM gld 40 oz. RED CABBAGE gi|| 21b. CANDLES. glj, OUR MARVEL TEA jyg PICNIC HAMS—Our Little BEAUTIES 4d per lb. RIGHT THINGS AT RIGHT PRICES. CALL AT ——————————————— JOHN OWEN, Cambrian Stores, Nat Tel. 0199 High Street, Rhyl. The "Golden Padlock" Ironmongery Establishment E. LEWIS EVANS, Furnishing and General Ironmonger, 36 HIGH STREET, RHYL Lamps & Gas Fittings for the Winter Season. Incandescent Mantles, Chimneys, Globes, &c., &c. Pore American Royal Daylight Petroleum. A staff of Competent Workmen engaged on the premises. IF YOUR Drawing and Dining Room Suite, REQUIRES Recovering, Repolishing, &c., SEND IT TO Fred Roberts and Co., House Furnishers 3 Russell Buildings, Rhyl And it will receive prompt attention. Satisfaction guaranteed REMOVALS BY ROAD OR RAIL. ESTIMATES FRE A large stock of New Seasons Goods SEE WINDOW F.R. & Co,have decided to continue laying Linoleum free of charge MONEY LENT PRIVATELY. From £5 up to JS500. To Farmers, Tradesmen, Professional Gentlemen, Hotel and Lodging-House Keepers, and to all reponsible Householders, upon note of hand alone, with or without Sureties. Amount borrowed and Interest combined can be repaid as follows £5 Promissory Note 2/- weekly. £ 10 „ 3/6 „ 6/6 „ £50 „ 12/6 „ Larger Amounts in proportion. Monthly or Quarterly Payments taken. Special terms can be arranged to suit every borrower's own convenience. All transactions strictly confidential. Straightforward business guaranteed. On receipt of application our representative will wait upon you by appointment, and advance you the amount required. Distance no object. No delay. Prompt attention to all enquiries. Intending borrowers should write or call for prospectus, which is given free, and compare our terms. Registered Office 5 Water Street, Rhyl. 2M Telephone No. 16, Rhyl. RHYDWEN JONES and DAVIES, Complete House and Hotel Furnishers, Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers, RHYL, LLANDUDNO & COLWYN BAY. Autumn & Winter Goods Plushettes, Serges, Portiere-Rods and Curtains, Draught-Screens, Curtains and Draperies Made to Customers' own designs. Down Quilts. Old Furniture Repaired, He-upholstered and Recovered at reasonable charges. REMOVAL CONTRACTORS & |ST0RERS. ESTIMATES SUBMITTED FREE. RHYDWEN JONES & DAVIES, 84 Queen Street, RHYL. (Also at Llandudno and Colwyn Bay); Printed and Published by PEARCE & JONES, Russell Road, Rhyl, in he Parish o Rhyl, in the Caanty ef Fllab

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