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OUR FOOTBALL COLUMN. Seven matches were played in the Frst Divipion of the Football League on Saturday, and three resulted in favour of visiting clubs. These were, Liverpool, Sheffield United, and Derby County, who defeated Aston Villa, Grimsby Town, and Sheffield Wednesday respectively. Everton beat West Bromwich Albion 3-1, Sunderland defeated Bolton Wanderers 3-1, Notts Forest gained a 2-0 victory over Wolverhampton Wanderers, and New- castle United lost to Bury 1-0. Under Rugby Union rules Oxford and Cambridge played a draw of 8 points each, and the Canadian team defeated Ulster by 11 points to 8. » In the semi-final for the Chester and District Senior Cup Rhyl Reserves were badly beaten by Helsby, the result being 8-1. In a replayed tie in connection with the second round for the Welsh Amateur Cup the Druids defeated Oswe&try by 2 goals to 1; and in the third round the (replayed tie) for the Welsh Senior Cup Bangor defeated Port- madoc by 4 goals to 0. In the Combination the following results were obtained :— Rhyl¡7, Winsford 3. Wrexham 3, Nantwich 0. Oswestry United a, Chester 2. Burslem 6, Newtown-le-Willows 0. [ Middlewich Athletic 0, Witton Albion 0. Notes by Observer. Rhyl's first encounter with Winsford this season took place on Saturday, the occasion being a Combination fixture. The Grange Road enclosure was fairly well patronised, and at the hour fixed for the kick-off operations were commenced under the supervision of Mr Nunnerly, referee, Wrexham. The visitors had as strong a team as they could command and Rhyl were represented as follows Goal, Seabrook backs, Ogilvie and Vernon Jones; halves. Brooks, Vaughan, and Parry; forwards, Matthews, Jenkins, Wellings, Rowland-Thomas, and Roberts. The visitors had choice* of ends and during the first half a strong breeze was in their favour. Wins- ferd were consequently the first to assume an aggressive attitude. A corner fell to their lot, but this was abortive, and their the ball was shot just a little to the wrong side of upright. Following this, Rhy I made tracks for the other end, and thanks largely to some pretty play by the right wing, the visiting defence had an uncomfortable minute or two. Close in the ball was flashed across the goal mouth from the right, and Thomas, who met it only just missed scoring with a hard shot. From the goal kick the visitors rushed away, but noth- ing more serious than an unproductive corner resulted. Directly after Jenkins forced the Wins- ford custodian to concede a corner. This was finely placed, but well cleared, and another invasion of the home half was witnessed, a good opportunity being thrown away by the visitors. At their next attempt Seabrook (who until the present season kept goal for Winsford) cleared in good style a difficult shot from the right wing. Winsford rushed down again, and from the resulting corner the ball was transferred to the other end of the field. Here Roberts, from a pass by Matthews sent in a stinging shot. which the goalkeeper was lucky in clearing. From the same source auother lightning shot was sent iÐ, the ball skimming the bar. Matthews also gave the goal- keeper a handful. At the other end Seabrook had a similar experience, and was eventually beaten by a return shot, the visitors thus being first to score, after a period of about 35 minutes' play. In the next ten minutes, however, Rhyl showed that they were not to be trifled with. A capital cross shot from the left wing was met by Jenkins, who gave the visitors' stickminder a warm handful. This he disposed of, but the next shot by Thomas made the score level, this being how matters stood at half-time. » Upon the game being restarted, Rhyl went off at a good pace, and in quick succession hard shots were sent in by Wellings, Roberts and Jenkins. A couple of corners were secured in about as many minutes, and from the second, which was well placed by Rofcerts, Matthews gave the homesters the lead. Then Parry made a deserving attempt, and Jenkins, when on the point of shooting, was daringly robbed by Wins- ford's custodian. Shortly alter the visitors lost a player, who had to be carried off the field for the rest of the game, owing to a collision with Ogilvie. Still bent upon scoring, however, they at last succeeded, Seabrook being beaten by a curious shot. The score now stood at two goals each, but from this point onwards Rhyl had altogether the upper hand of their opponents, and a series of raids upon the Winsford goal called forth some lively exchanges between the com- batants. Rhyl's third goal was due to a brilliant individual effort by Jenkins, and this number was increased by Matthews, who promptly netted the ball after the goal- keeper had fisted out a clinking shot from Wellings. The Rhyl left wing pa'r looked like breaking through again, but the ball was banged against the side of the net. -it •* The homesters kept up the pressure, and were rewarded by a fifth goal, scored by Roberts, the goalkeeper being robbed of the ball almost on the goal line, after the backs had been clean beaten. Again the visiting Lacks failed, and again the ball was netted, this time by Jenkins. A fast shot from Roberts was deliberately handled by the Winsford right back, and Seabrook was allowed to take the penalty kick, but the ball was well met and cleared, the result being that a short visit was paid to the other end of the field. Seabrook barely had time to get back to his post before being called upon to handle. The home backs also proved resourceful, their efforts enabling operations to be again carried on in front of the Winsford goal. Matthews applied the finishing touch to a clever run by the eft wing, the ball bounding off the post into the net. Subsequently the Winsford custodian was tested very severely, and attempts were made to rush him, but he withstood these assaults with wonderful coolness. Just before the call of time Winsford forced the ball to Seabrook's end, and after a keen tussle they obtained what proved to be the last goal of the day, the game ending a minute or two later in an easy win for Rhyl by 7 goals to 3. On Saturday's form, Rhyl deserved all they got, and Winsford must congratulate themselves on the capital display given by their custodian that they did not suffer a heavier defeat. Seabrook, his vis-a-vis, had very little to do, being well covered by a pair of reliable backs, but satisfaction was expressed by the spectators at the manner in which he shaped. The Rhyl halves also played a bustling game, and on the whole the forwards gave a fair accountofthemselves, Wellings and Matthews being the only two with whom serious fault might be found We would certainly like to see them playing a more nimble and less selfish game. Where Wins- ford sinned most was in the weakness of the forward line, especially when in front of goal, and in sum- ming up their display generally we can only except their goalkeeper and centre-half from unfavourable comment. These two played a rattling good game, the latter proving himself a fine tacker. It is to be hoped that at the Dudley Hotel to-night (Friday) there will be a good attendance of the Town Club's supporters and of all interested in the game who are desirous of showing their appreciation of the services rendered by Mr R J Hughes, the late secretary. Mr Hughes will be the guest of the evening, and it is intended to make a presentation to him in acknowledgment of his labours on behalf of the club. Rhyl Athletic Notes. At a Committee meeting held on Monday, Mr T W Ellis, was elected captain, and Messrs T Jones and I Roberts were added to tha Committee. Mr J Williams, the champion jumper will play centre-forward for the Athletic to-morrow (Satur- day), against Penmaenmawr. The Athletic have placed their field at the dis- posal of the Pickwicks for Boxing-day, as the energetic secretary (Mr T. Robinson) is in com- munication with a Liverpool club for an away match that day. ■K- Prestatyn will meet the Athletic on January 3rd, in the third round for the North Wales Coast Junior Cup. The following team has been selected to repre- sent the Athletic v. Penmaenmawr, at Rhyl to-morrow:—Goal, W Williams; backs, T W Ellis (captain) and J W Ellis half-backs, E Davies, T Jones, and T Harris forwards, E Roberts, W Roberts, J Williams, G Owen, and R Williams. Rhyl Pickwicks v. Abergele. Played at Abergele on Thursday last. The Rhyl team was weakened by the absence of two players, but in spite of this an evenly contested game was witnessed. The home t/eam opened the score from a scrimmage in goal. Rhyl shortly afterwards equalized through P King. The win- ning goal was scored by a well-placed shot from B Jones. Result—Pickwicks 2, Abergele 1. Printing of every description neatly and promptly executed at the "Journal Works.



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