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SELECT LADIES' & GENTS' Saddle Horses, Cobs, Ponies, &c., FOR HIRE, by the Day, Hour, or Week. RIDING & DRIVING LESSONS BY APPOINTMENT Parties may rely on quiet Ponies suitable for Children (special care taken with them), at Moderate Charges. A. W. RTCHES, Stud Pony PatMocks.Tho Lodge, Crange-rd,Rhyl A fine stock of well-bred Welsh Cobs, Pories, Carriages, Harness, etc., for Sale (noted exporters). Animals sent direct to purchasers at Moderate Rates to all parts of England at a few hours' notice. (275 ASK FOR And SEE YOU GET Spratt's Patent Dog1 Cakes. :Each Cake is stamped Spratt's patent" and a X (Trade Mark) In the centre. Pamphlet on Canine Diseases, post free, SPRATT'S PATENT, Ltd., 24 and 25 FENCHURCH STREET. factories at Poplar, Bermondsey, Berlin, and Newark, U.S.A. Vl KERFOOT HUGHES General Furnishing Builders' and Agricultural Ironmonger, Corner of Wellington Rd. & Queen St., RHYL. SPECIALITIES. Every article for the Building Trade. Noted for Manhole Covers, Batha Cylinders, Closets and Cisterns, &c. Quotations given for High and Low Heating Apparatus for Chapels I Schools, &c. Quotations given lor Electric and Telephone work. Agent for Eley's Ammunition. I All kind of Jobbing done-prompt and under strict supervision. Plumber, Grate-setter, Gasfitter, and Tinman employed. THE ROYAL DAYLIGHT OIL" delivered free in any quantity IMPORTANT! YEa I WHAT is moie important in Dispensing Medicines than Acc uracy, Promptitud and Purity of Drugs. CONSEQUENTLY all Drugs are TESTED, and FULLY QUALIFIED CHEMISTS only dispense all Prescriptions at the HIGH-CLASS CASH STORES, 66 HIGH STREET, RHYL. PROPRIETOR- Percy J. Ashfield, M.P.B.S. (from the principal Pharmacies in London, T. Oxford, Birmingham, Shrewsbury, etc.) licentiate Dispenser of the Apothecaries Hall, London. Certificated by the Pharmaceutical Society of r Great Britain (by exam). Certificated by the Society of Apothecaries (by p, exam). Certificated by the South London College of Pharmacy (by Exam. Honours). HEAD DISPENSER J. E. JONES, Chemist and Druggist (by exam) —All Goods sold at Birmingham and London Store Prices for Cash. *■ THE OLDEST ESTABLISHED BUTCHER'S SHOP IN RHYL. T. E. JONES, Wholesale & Family Butcher, Bryngwyn, Rhyl. Pork Shop- 151 WELLINGTON ROAD. Branch Shop— 6 MARKET STREET. Always a Grand Selection Meat in Stoc1 Xholesale. » -I -D i. '<• WLIOL1 J dral & f J 1 -T' _4 .f -<% orU/ Embroi V 48 i Branch '.1ul\,¡. -G DRESSMfH. COMAH I Go's Cycles. Support Local Industries. Everyone of these Machines fully Guaranteed. DRUID NO- 3 Cox Double Tube Tyres. Guarantsed by the makers, and made in England Ladies, Roadster, or Racer, Z6 10s. DRUID NO- 2 A.B. Velox or Warwick Tyres. Rubber or Rat Trap Pedals. Any shape Handlebar. Ladies, Roadster, or Racer, in all grades, £ 7 10s. DRUID NO.1. A very fine Machine with Plate Rims, Gold Lines. A.B. Velox Tyres, jE8 10s. ROYAL WELSH NO- 3 The Cheapest Free Wheel in the Market. Fully Guaranteed. jS8 10s. ROYAL WELSH NO 2. Free Wheel, Plated Rims, Gold Lines, Bowden Back Brake, Plunger Front Brake, and Gold Monogram, £ 9 10s. ROYAL WELSH NO. I. A Machine complete for touring, Free Wheel, 2 Rim Brakes, Fine Gold Lines, your own Monogram in Gold Letters, Silver Plated Lamp Spring Clip, Pump Clockwork Bell, Hand- some Tool Bag, and a Luggage Carrier or Frame Bag (as you choose) all for f,10 10s. Please call and inspect. My Assistants have orders not to press you to buy, as I know the Inspection of the machines will Work the Oracle I ANY MACHINE ON DEFERRED PAYMENT. Ye Little Supper Shoppe. CROCEFORD'S 17 High Street, a the NOTED Rhyl Shop for BREAKFAST and SUPPER DELICACIES. Home-cured Boiled Hams. A LA MODE BEEF. Pressed English Ox Tongue, Rich Melton Pies (Veal & Ham, or Pork). Malvern Brawn. Cambridge Sausages \Plain or Tomato Flavour FRESH DAILY. Potted Ham and Beef. Chicken, Ham, and Tongue Rolls. Best Sheffield Polonies. ALL OF THE CHOICEST QUALITY. REFRESHMENTS. -0- REFRESHMENTS JEWELLERY JEWELLERY: I JEWELLERY! All the Newest Designs and Latest Novelties at Birmingham Prices to be obtained from 19a 19a High H|gh .f. r RHYL. W"ate eis, Clocks, and a Optical eading Goods Feature. J. ITCOMEY, Late Argent, WATCHMAKER- T — 1 .r Claremont Hydropathic, BRIGHTON ROAD, RHYL. Beautifully situated in large pleasure grounds. Including Croquet Lawns and Tennis Courts. A Delightful SUMMER AND WINTER RESIDENCE replete with every comfort, and within a few minutes' walk of the Sea and Golf Course. Hot and Cold Sea Water Baths, &c. BILLIARDS and New Central Lounge. Table d'hote 6-30 p.m. Terms moderate.—Apply W. J. TRENCHARD, Manager. READ THIS You will be Pleased SOME DAY. Dress Rings, Keeper Rings, Signet Rings, Engagement Rings, Lucky Wedding Rings. Cheapest and Best Selection in Rhyl at W. L. FOSTER'S, 21 Bodfor St., Rhyl. SPECIALITIES 18ct Gold Dress Rings, set with real diamonds 25s. Gents' Massive Gold Signet Rings from 15s* Solid Gold Fancy Rings from 5s. Heavy Gold Keepers from 7s. 6d. Size Cards on application. Private Room for Wedding Ring Customers. Selections sent on approbation to any address. SHOP AT The Cheapest House for Reliable Drapery Goods of every kind. SUSSEX STREET, RHYL. BEEHIVE Send your Dyeing and Cleaning TO THE "SKETCHLEY DYE-WORKS." Best work. Moderate charges. AGENTS FOR RHYL: THE BEEHIVE DRAPERY STORES. DAVIES & CO., THE Ladies' Tailors At MODERATE PRICES. Newest Selection of Patterns for the Season TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED. Tudor Buildings, Rhyl. 1. V I I j fgoms, iDuaroing pauses, «i. I Alexandra Commercial Hotel, RHYL. CHOICE Wines, Spirits, and Cigars. LIVERY AND BAIT STABLES. Carriages of every description. HEARSES & COACHES for Funerals. — Billiards. — I., J., and M. WILLIAMS, 5777) Proprietors. Telephone No. 0168. White Lion Commercial Hotel, man STREET, RBYL. Brakes and Carriages leave Daily for places of interest in the Vale of Clwyd. Choice Wines, Spirits, and Cigars. Livery and Bait Stables. Carriages of every description Hearses and Coaches for Funerals. J. ELLINCHAM, Proprietor CRESCEN T Family & Commercial Hotel, CRESCENT ROAD and EDWARD HENRY ST., RHYL (Five minutes' walk from Station and one minute from Promenade). Wines, Spirits and Cigars of the Finest Quality Bass's Ale and Guinness' Stout. Burton Ale and Stout in Cask and Bottle. First-class Accommodation for Visitors- 15 Bedrooms and 5 Private Sitting Rooms Tourists and Cyclists Catered for. Coach House and Stables. 596) E. WILLIAMS, Proprietor. ■■■■■■■ Family and Commercial. QUEEN'S HOTEL, West Parade, Rhyl. Tariff on application. Excellent accommodation for Visitors. Headquarters Cyclists Touring Club. Wines, Spirits & Cigars of the finest quality. Wilson's Sparkling Ales. Private Families supplied with Casks or Bottles on the shortest notice. THOMAS DUNKERLEY, Proprietor, Telephone No. 10. Telegrams, Queen's, Rhyl. (479 BAYLOR'S IIOTEL, Temperance & Commercial QUEEN ST., RBYL. VISITORS will find evtry accommodation at V this hotel, which is situate two minutes walk from the station and 2CO yards from the Promenade. REF RESHMENTS can be obtained at all hours of the day at this comfortable and central hotel. CYCLISTS will find at Naylor's Hotel every home comfort. Special terms for Parties. Write for particulars to IN aylor, Proprietor. VISITORS TO RHYL Will find every accommodation at THE GROSYENOR FAMILY & COMMERCIAL TEMPERANCE HOTEL (Facing the Station), BODFOR STREET, RHYL. Good 1/- Dinner on Ground Floor, Dinners and Teas in the Coffee and Private Rooms on first floor. Chops and Steaks a any time. Passengers changing trains at Rhyl can have a snack or bowl of Soup at THE GKOSVENOB. Prompt Service and Moderate Charges. Beds (including attendance) from 1/6. All kinds of Parties catered for. Bookings for th Season now taking place. Before applying elsewhere write to THE GROSVENOR, RHYL. (74 Wresh Fish. Fresh Fish. OBTAINABLE at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE at T. PAUL'S OQ Bedford Street, is own business, and having rience, he will not send that cannot be relied &c., Daily. &c. nded to. he ce. FOULKES &SON ll'j'i, WIDE Jf'ljj MERCHANT MINERAL WATER MINERAL WATER "¡ ',i MANUFACTURERS, 10 High Street "J 'v x' '^1 TELEPHONE 0195 FOR FISH and POULTRY BEST CHICKENS, 2/6, 2/9. All Poultry dressed, boned, and larded in best style on the shortest notice. Town and Country Orders'promply attended to. ICE always in Stock. Fresh arrival of Fish Twice Daily. J. MUDD & SONS, 18 BODFOR ST. RHYL. Expiration of Lease of the GRIMSBY FISH CO. Owing to the Expiration of Lease, Business carried on at the above address. The Pure Home-made Bread Shop. 32 BIGH STREET, RHYL. ROBERT PRICE, Family Grocer and Baker, Italian Warehouseman and Provision Merchant. Agent for Mazawattee Tea and Hovis Bread. M. S. OSBORNE, ¡ Tailor and Breeches Maker, Begs to draw special attention to his new ranges of Materials for the present season The Imperial Blue Serge or Scotch Cheviot, For Yachting Suits & general wear. Real Shetland, Isle of Harris, Donegal, and Welsh Homespuns, For Fishing, Shooting, Golfing, and Travelling Suits. Covert Coatings and Riding Tweeds. Fancy Cashmere and Tattersall Vesting. OH YES! OH YES! OH YES I It is a well-known fact, that Beech Bros., The local recognised Practical BILLPOSTERS And Advertising Experts, Have by far the Best and most adequate facilities for successful Billposting and Poster Advertising in Rhyl and sarrounding districts. Large Private POSTING STATIONS at all the BEST AND MOST PROMINENT SPOTS in the Town and its approaches. Also at Prestatyn, Meliden, Dyserth, Rhuddlan, St. Asaph, Foryd, &c. Office- 9 Wellington Rd., Rhyl, (G.W. Railway Enquiry Office). SOLE BILLPOSTERS IN RHYL to the L. & N.W. Ry., G.W.Ry., Rhyl Football, Hockey and Cycling Clubs, Choral Society, May Day Demonstra- tion, Horticultural Society, &c., &c., also to Barnum and Bailey's Great Show, and other well-known Entertainers. The ONLY Members in Rhyl of The United Billposters' Association." Parties .sirous of having Bills well Posted in Rhyl and District cannot do better than place their orders with BEECH BROS. Estimates and List on Application A work under the direct personal supervision of FRANK J. H. BEECH, Practical Billooster and Poster Advertising Experts F. GREENSLADE, CABINET MAKER & UNDERTAKER Windsor Villa, Windsor St., Rhyl All kinds of Household, Office & Shop Furniture Made to Order. Jobbing in all its Branches. The Renovation of Antique Furniture a speciality Over 20 years' experience. FUNERALS COMPLETELY FURNISHED. (127 ESTABLISHED 1879. DAVID GRIFFITHS SON Furnishing Undertakers. Coffins supplied and Funerals conducted in Town an Country. Perfect efficiency can be relied upon. Care would be taken that only moderate charges are made, consistent with first-class work and guarantee. REPAIRS TO PROPERTY EFFECTED A Steady and Competent Staff of Men employed in at branches of the Building Trade. Windsor Joinery^Works, Windsor St. Rhy L 21 TILES TILES TI LES JOHN ROBERTS, Ironmonger, QUEEN STREET, RHYL Begs to call attention to a large Stock of Tiles latety come in, over 200 square yards of 6 x 6 Printed, Majolica & Barbotine Tiles To select from at exceptionally low prices, from 2s. per dozen. Builders will do well to come and see them. Also, note that we now do Hall Tiles at very low prices, plenty of patterns to select from. A large new Stock in Showroom of undermentioned Goods at Lowest Prices for Builders to select from— Tile Registers, Enamelled Slate and Marble Chimney Pieces, Mantel Registers, Kitchen Ranges, of every description, Locks, Rain Water Goods, Boilers, Sash Weights, and all Plumbers' and Sanitary Goods, &c. P.S.—J. R. desires inspection ef the above special lines, all orders and enquiries will have prompt and careful attention. JESSE BEECH, Wholesale and Retail Glass&C hina Merchant, WELLINGTON HALL, 9 WELLINGTON ROAD, RHYL. SPECIALITIES in ART PHTTFPV OF EVERY r\t\ I rU I I ElR\ T DESCRIPTION ,I 00 pq T1 H H 8 Z 00 H A A BY CELEBRATED MAKERS, All kinds of Government Stamped Tumblers, Mugs, Jugs, &c., for Hotel use. PRESENTS in great variety in Glass, China, and Earthenware. Novelties in Royal Worcester," Doulton," and other well-known makes. ClasS, China, Cutlery, &c., FOR HIRE. Goods Carefully Packed Free of Charge. Wellington Hall China Depot, 9 Wellington Road A Note of Warning. TWO FIRST PRIZES: LONDON, 1895 & 1896. PHILIP THOMAS, Family Bread Baker, Cook & Confectioner, 63 HIGH ST., RHYL. (H.B.-Two Doors from the Post Office). Can supply you with the Best Bread, Confectionery, Cakes in variety, made by a Staff of experienced and most efficient workmen. All goods are made from the finest materials and guaranteed. Compare and find our goods cannot be excelled. VEAL & HAM PIES & FRUIT TARTS IN DISHES TO ORDER. HIGH-CLASS TEA AND LUNCHEON ROOMS H. WOODWARD, FRUITERER, GREENGROCER BODFOR STREET, RHYL HIGH STREET, PRESTATYN Families waited upon daily. All orderR promptly & personally attended to (205 THE Sycamore Laundry Co. ENTRANCE KINMEL ST. & WINDSOR ST. Under entirely new supervision. All work entrusted to our care will receive the best attention, combined with MODERATE CHARGES. Hotel Keepers, Institutiollls, Schools, and Private Families may rely on all work giving satisfaction. The Staff of Washers, Ironers, Sorters have been engaged with the greatest care. All work will be done by hand, thus ensuring a longer life for all classes of goods. Our own Carts collect and deliver. Apply for Printed Price List, addressing Post Card to THE MANACER, Sycamore Laundry Co. IMPORTANT NOTICE! The Sycamore Laundry Co. having dispensed with the services of Miss manageress, all communications should be addressed in future to the Manager, 157 KIRK'S Victoria Arcade AND B ZAAR, (Short cut from High Street to Parade). DEPARTMENTS. Parade Entrance- Tobacconist's Stores. No. 2 Department- Plain and Fancy Stationery. No. 3 Department- Patriotic Medals and Flags. No. 4 Department- Toys, Fancy Goods, Views, &c. High Street Entrance— Kirk's Noted Fruit and Confectionery Stores DICKS The Cheapest House for all kinds of Solid Leather Boots and Shoes, OUR Men's Watertight Nailed Boots Are the Cheapest in the Trade. Prices- 4s lid, 5s 6d, 6s 6d, & 8s 3d ALL WARRANTED. Our Women's Boots At 3s lid, 4s 6d, 4s lid, 5s 6d, 6s 6d, 6s lid, and 7s 6d, &c. DEFY COMPETITION. Our Boys' & Girls' School Boots At 2s 9d, 2s lid, 3s 6d, 3s 9d, 4s Od, 4s 3d, and 4s 6d. ALWAYS GIVE SATISFACTION. DICKS buy largely for Cash, and give their Customers the benefit. The celebrated make, K Puttee, Spiral and Riding Leggins always in Stock DICKS make Repairs a Speciality. Note the Addresses- 168 Wellington-rd., Rhyl; Branches- 10 Station Road, Col-yyn Bay. Stanley House, Abergele. High Street, St. Asaph, etc, etc. G. P. GUNNER, Proprietor MFE a CMRNO OWENS & SONS, PURVEYOR OF MEAT TO HER MAJESTY BY COMMAND, and H.R.H. THE PRINCB OF WALES. 9, WATER STREET, RHYL. And at 51A HIGH STREET. PRIME BEEF, MUTTON, LAMB AND VEAL FRESH DAILY. >n<? Corned Beef and Pickled Tongues in the best possible condition always on hand. As nothing but the best ENGLISH and WELSH FED ANIMALS are selected for thiø Establishment (bought by a Member of the FinnJ customers may rely llpon the even quality of the meat supplied. Prime Welsh Mutton sent when desired to any part of England by Evening Mail, so as to be delivered Fresh Next Morning. Trial Orders solicited. Satis/action Ouaranited (661f ELECTRIC LIGHTING BY JOHN WORTHINGTON & CO. FOUNDRY WORKS, HANLEY. OFFICE AND SHOWROOMS TO BE OPENED SHORTLY IN RHYL. 435 HUGHES & SON, Merchant Tailors, Hosiers, Hatters, and General Outfitters, 56, High Street, Rhyl fT The largest and most complete Gentle- men's Outfitting Establishment in the tOWD. c Large and well-assorted stock of 1RUNKS, BAGS, PORTMANTEAUX. RUGS. &c — THiS NORTH W4LES ASPHALTE PAVING COMPY Undertake all Classes of granolithic paring n- work Y. SPECIALITIES—Parapetg .Garden Paths, Car* n» riage Drives, and Stable Yards. d, Terms moderate and work guaranteed. Esti to mates and specifications on application to QI Hugh Roberts, Fern Bank, Rhyl.of il.