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ST. ASAPH (DENBIGH) RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. The monthly meeting of this Council was held at the Workhouse, St Asaph, on Friday morning, Mr J D Jones presiding. There was a moderate attendance of members. Water Wanted. It was reported that the supply of water to the Tanyfron district, Abergele, was still unsatisfactory. The Clerk said he had written to the Local Government Board, but had not yet received a reply. The Chairman There are several houses without water at present. Mr Lloyd Roberts said the occupiers of houses in the district should compel the Rhyl Council to lay on water. It was decided to call the attention of the Local Government Board to the matter. Alleged Poisoning of Fish. A letter was read from the Clerk to the Clwyd and Elwy Fishery Board, complaining that the sewage from the Llanddulas sewer outlet polluted the river Dulas. The letter further stated that several dead fish had been found in the water Mr G Bell said he could not find that any sewage had been discharged into the river until after the date stated. Two years ago fish had been poisoned by lime being thrown into the water. It was decided to write to Mr Wallis, the clerk to the Fishery Board, informing him that the matter was receiving the attention of the Council. Repairing a Road. With regard to Bryncynlas Road, Bettws- yn-Rhos, the Chairman stated that the Com- mittee had inspected it, and recommended that £5 or £ 6 be spent on it. They thought it could be put in good repair for that. Mr McNichol, agent of the Coed Coch Estate, had been seen, and he seemed to be willing to spend money on the road, providing the tenants would cut the hedges. It would, how- ever, be better for the Council to wait until a reply had been received in answer to the letter sent. The matter was eventually adjourned for a month. Abergele and its Sewers. The Council next considered a letter from the Abergele Urban District Council as to the terms for connecting a branch sewer from Llanfair Road with the Abergele main sewer. The Abergele Council said the sewer could be connected for £ 3 3s per annum until 15 houses were erected. Afterwards a fresh arrangement would have to be made. Mr J Jones thought the matter ought not to be rushed. The whole of the expense would fall on Abergele, and he thought the best way would be to bring the matter before the Parish Council. The Clerk said that was so, but still the St Asaph Rural District Council were responsible for seeing the work properly done. Mr Lloyd Roberts said the neighbourhood [ was growing rapidly, and the matter ought to be faced. Mr Roberts advised the Council not to trouble so much about the matter. He did not see why they could not provide cesspools for I-he houses. Mr Joseph Jones thought they ought to consult the Abergcle Parish Council over the matter. It was eventually decided that the matter should be laid before the Abergele Parish Council.