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tlALE OF WORK AT PRESTATYN A ()f Work was held in the Constitutional clea "restat.yn, yesterday, with the object of ,Jf then|,thVIebt existing on the National Schools ari'sh. A splendid selection of goods were Utiljs l\ y exhibited, every inch of space being cleve i additional ornamentation being given by reCj.( y arranged bunting, which was crossed and ero one side to the other of the room. falJcentre of the apartment was occupied with the frJl1.lld Soods stall, and a goodly array of articles Hsefui rf;ldy purchasers. In addition to many ^tin l]" garments, dainty creations of silk and ejte ^ptied the pockets of the visitors. Cleverly li0en ,e" paintings on velvet, silk darning on net, IjQitf avvn thread work, embroider}', smocking, ofn'PB. netting, fantastic pincushions, wall pockets Khajdlnt shapes and forms, warm slippers, delicately in f shoes for tiny feet, pictures and ornaments; ^i&ti ^Oo great an assortment for t lie eye to e1d T1|'u'8h without long inspection. The lower 0ue the room was very fascinating. On the °Pp(S ^as the fruit and vegetable stall and bejns/ it the cake and sweet stall, tea tables coi^rangcd between, where tor a modest silver the f unc^ ca^e ad. libitum was supplied.jAbove "f p fUlt sta11 were suspended magnificent bunches I 'P'e grapes, showing up splendidly-against a S(ao,8r°und of scarlet flowers. Below these were Ijn sPecimens of fruits and vegetables, especial- C^ble being some huge potatoes and fine i marrows. The flowers were artistically tiven Set! and added much to the general attrac- 'jf Cuief<fs (,f the bazaar. The cakes were triumphs Prof. lal y skill, and would put to shame many re sS.lonaI. confectioners. On this stall also \Vej J* dishes of fancy butter, bottles of clear the hon^y and splendid sections of honey in All, "Dlnb, sweets, and biscuits of varied kinds. fjne §st the useful things on sale we noticed a Vie v,rH^ R°bin starch, Hartley's marma- inc]' ,°rax and soap powder. Indeed the collection Com^ y such a variety of goods, that no visitors Ot^ t;iil to find something either useful or the o Cntal to Mrit their particular fancy. Before 'th PlDg ceremony a large number had arrived. ^Pt)6 6V ^T'car Rhyl, said that those fe\y Sl°le for the sale had invited him to say a he fQ 0rd« with regard to the object thereof, and much pleasure in so doing. Briefly, the the n ^le sa^e wa!S to supplement the efforts of the of the National Schools to pay off n? f existing on the schools. The sum the r Very large, but it looked formidable to ij5Cllies'^cnts of Prestatyn. £ 25 of the debt was that v ,^ast vear, and when a debt increased at Hot o a^e was rather alarming. Still they hoped at thnly to clear it off, but to have a sum in hand the shcll)se of the business. The subscriptions to tepI:e; h 001 last year amounted to X42, and that elite a large amount of work. Some people Sojj)e a;k why the schools were carried on ? It was tf) « at ungenerous to say they were carried on ()f te other bodies." It was the original school I year^ Parish, and it had been carried on for forty ^"t out <if spite or merely in the spirit of ^l^'tion, nor yet for the fun for the thing, tad to work hard and worry much, dOt) duties were not a pastime; neither was it dltL ^'th the object of keeping down the rates, the 'n places like Rhyl and Prestatyn, where of improvements was so heavy, the econo- 'H'JV the rates was a great matter, and any was welcome that tended to keep them ^'r/'ri leasonable limits. The schools were not Clu, ?°n f°r any of these reasons, but because Pfin PeoP^e believed that instruction in the Hwj'Ples of religion was absolutely necessary to ^tu ilD.^ shape the characters of those who in the (W.e "right be the governors of their town and that ry. The speaker1 then humorously added the organisers of the bazaar almost per- Cojj, Rted a huge joke when they asked him to th. from Rhyl to introduce Mrs Horsfall to Horsfall br iefly declared the sale of work tfa and Mr Coward, J.P., moved a hearty vote of J,p to that lady for doing so.—Mr R C YVelsby, Ulaji .Pl0P°sed a vote of thanks to Mr Lloyd, re- hity that he had a large parish, which gave hiln .a great deal of work, and it was good of bec 0 and help his poor neighbours—poor ^'HdUSe they were (lehfc- It was especially .C() of. Mr Lloyd inasmuch as it was his Ila ntl visit that year. The managers had been ftls t^lTle sliSht difficulty earlier in the year, and of the Bishop of St Asaph—who was a trustee (the schools—w as unable to come over, he pla bishop) had asked Mr Lloyd to come in his e' and he gave them advice which proved baldat assistance to them. The National schools lots ne good work in the past. There were edu °? country people who would have had no !j^Cation at all, had it not been for the National and he hoped they would still continue iiiU ari'y on the work. They would, however, have the greater scope if the government gave them distance that might reasonably be expected. Manager of many years1 standing lie knew the ^antages under which they laboured. Iw this juncture the Rev T Vaughan, Rhuddlan, w iln<3 amid great applause announced that he Authorized by Mrs Nicholson, Nithsdale, to y she W(juld give a donation of £ 20. the r ^elsby thanked Mrs Nicholson on behalf of school managers most heartily. ttd 1 W Horsfall proposed a vote of thanks to the to ^kers, through whose efforts it was possible rj,old the sale of work. f0t e business of the hour then went merrily \yj Vard. Amongst the many people, not other- J^/ e mentioned, present at the sale we noticed Hi I °yd (Rhyl), Mrs Vaughan (Rhuddlan), Mrs C\ °l.son (Nithsdale), Mrs Owen (Dyserth), Keillor John Pritchard, Mrs Blackwall (Plas) Mt,Sses Briggs, Mr Roberts (Swansea), Mr aid J> 8 l)ent (Croydon), Miss Mannix (Rhyl), Mr las Coed), etc., etc. c0ii 1 J- J Sc(^tt was exhibiting an interesting ection of curios from Ladysmith Miss Ethel jj^ghan gave pianoforte solos and Miss Ethel Kang at intervals during the afternoon and n8- ladies in charge of the various departments ^j,re the following:—Work table: Mrs Coward, YVelsby, Misses Livsey, Lyne, P. Jones, 1 h Coward, and Briggs, Flowers & vegetables: Je ^.Linnell, Misses Linnell, Eveline Coward, and ^J^iLyne. Parcel Department: Misses Welsby ^1,. Briggs. Cake Table and Tea Department: 8 Parry Jones, Mrs Broad, Mrs Tickle, Mrs n es> Misses Worfolk, Ethel Taylor, (Gerard, and Valuable assistance was also given by Kessrs Worfolk, E Jt(arry, Broad, Tickle, and ^c.jtt. atdhe sale altogether was a most enjoyable one ■tyi may be recorded as a complete success, those Were r esponsible for the arrangements must l t0V;u'nily congratulated upon the result of their °°urs.