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List ofI ILodging Ihouses,…

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List of I Lodging houses, Business Premises, AND Visitors. (For a full List of Householders in the town see The Rhyl Directory" published at the "Journal" Office. Price One Penny). West Farade. I Mr Henkel laMr Kirk IbMr Walkden Idfr T M Davies ldMr Groves Queen's Hotel—Mr Dunkerley Swiss Cafe—Mr J Pozzi 5 Mrs S Jones Mrs & Misses Evans, Newport, S Mr & Mrs Murphy and f, Fenton Misses Toole, Rochdale Mrs Kelsey and f, Coventry Mrs Pitchford, Whitchurch Miss Maddocks do 6 Victoria House—Mrs Wilson 7 Moseley House—Mrs Jones Wilson Misses J & E E Powell, H'sworth Masters Berry do 8 Mrs Hand Mrs Ashlin, f and m, H'worth Mrs Hardy, Lincoln Mr and Mrs Clewes, Cradey Miss and Master Clewes do Mr & Mrs Cotterill & f, Pery Bar Mr, Mrs, and Miss Haines, Sutton Coldfield 9 The Ferns-Mr & Mrs Alger Miss Jones, Wrexham Misses Mason do Mr and Mrs L White, B'ham Miss White do Mr and Mrs Piggin & f, Basford Mrs and Miss Molyneux, Dudley Mrs and Misses Higham, M'ter Mrs and Masters Owen, Llanrwst Mr, Mrs, and Miss Scott 10 Mrs D Williams Rev J W & Mrs Strong and f, Sutton on the Hill The family of Rev S G Walters, Nuneaton 11 Mrs Whittingham 12 Misses Edwards 13 Dr Laurance 14 Mrs H Evarls Mr & Mrs Dumbell & f, W'pton Mrs Lamb, London I Mrs Edwards, Merthyr Tydfil Mr and Mrs Edwards do Misses Edwards do Mr & Mrs Hateley and c, E'ton Mrs Taylor, Stourbridge Mr and Mrs Attwood do Master & Misses Attwood, 15 Miss Eadsforth 1(5 Almora-Miss Owen Mr and Mrs Hickin, f & a, Derby Mr and Mrs Crook, M'chester Mrs Seagreen, B'ham Mrs Hinde do Mrs Deegan do Miss Tennilly do 17 Mrs Curry 18 Mrs Snowden 19 Mrs J Arthnr Evans Mr & Mrs Blekeley and f, M'ter Miss Alice Blekeley do Master R Blekeley, Vancouver Mrs and Miss Tuncliff, M'chester Miss Roberts, Stockport Miss May Hodson do Mrs & Miss Williams, P'trefoelas Mr T Elwy Williams do Mr Rogers, Leicester Mr Robson, B'ham Mr Floyd do Mrs and Miss Floyd do Mr McCulloch, Manstield 2 0 121 Mrs Jones Clifton House—Mrs Chilwell's Boarding Establishment Mrs and Miss Hodson, Longton Mr, Mrs, and Miss Fraser, L'don Mr, Mrs, & Misses Edwards, Ch'sr Mrs and Miss Clarke, Coventry Mrs and Miss Wilton, Aston Mr John Wilton, Erdington Mrs & Misses G, N, & G Wilton Mr W E Wilton Mrs and Miss Ferriday Mr A J Smedley, Burton-on-T't Miss Tarl, Bilston Miss Graves, W'pton Mrs Webster, Ashby-de-la-Zouche Miss Webster do Mrs Allen, Erdington Mrs Bennett, Aston Mr and Mrs Weedon, H'worth Miss E and Master Weedon do Jr, Mrs, & Miss Grove, B'ham Mrs and Miss Timmins do Mr Mellor, Oldham Mr Corbett, Tipton Mr W E Mill ward, Wednesbury Mrs and Miss Sadler, Langley Mrs Glover, Walsall Miss Moore do Miss and Master Parker do Mrs Burrow, Nuneaton Miss and Master Burrow do Miss Geary, Burton-on-Trent Messrs P and G Rigby, Cheshire Mr A H Male, Bilston Mr Cartwright, W'bury Mr & Mis Martin, Stourbridge Miss Perkin do Mr, Misses & Master Perkin, Tamworth Mr Trotman, B'ham Miss Maher, King's Lynn Mr Chappell, Stourbridge Misses Chappell do Mr Mobberley do Mr, Mrs, Miss & Master Kinson, Miss Parker, Hanley Mrs & Miss George, B'ham Mr A Jobling, M'ter Mr Agar do Mr Miscatnpbell, Belfast 22 Mrs Chilwell 23 Gorphwysfa,— Miss Hughes 24 Mrs Williams 25 Anchorage Mrs Owen Hughes 26 Miss Mitchell 27 Miss Hughes 28 Mrs H Jones 29 Mrs Picken 30 Mrs Morris Smith 31 Silverdale-frs A Sutton 32 Abbey House—Mrs Mathews Mrs Challenor. Southport Miss Johnson Miss Williams Mr & Mrs Poole, f & m, S rbridge Mrs & Misses Whaite, Gravelly H 33 Mrs Harper :"4 Arden House-M sKynaston 35 Cecil House-Ilrs Buckley 36 Mr Middleton 37 Hendon House—Mr D Owen 38 Ivy House—Mrs D Thomas 40 Stratford House Mrs Vaughan 41 Sefton House-Mrs T Good- man 42 Alexandra House-Misses Lloyd and Jones Mr & Mrs Cooper & f, K Norton" Mr & Mrs Kenyon & f, Oldhury 43 Latham House—Mrs Hines Mrs and Miss Rogers, Wrexhaml Miss Liptrot do Mr G H and Miss Bessell do Mr T A Rogers, Ilford, E Mrs Farner, B'ham Miss Elliot do Mrs & Miss Paine, Walsall M r Lloyd L'pool 44 Clarence He use—Mrs Lloyd 45 Mrs Lloyd 46 Marlborough Boarding Es- tablishment-Mrs Walton 47 The Charlton Boarding Es- tablishment-Mrs Charlton 48 Edgbaston House—Mrs J Jones 49 Edmondsley House Miss Gilbert 50 Cheltenham House Miss Pinder Mrs Walsh, Handsworth Misses Adie. Handsworth A E Godrieh, Esq, f & p, F Oaks 1 Mr8 Godrich, Sutton 1 Mrs Baker and child, Audlem Mrs Hall, Cheshire I Mrs Walsh, b and n, Calcutta 51 Malvern House-Mrs J P Evans 52 Melbourne House-Misses Derricourt 53 Brynmor—Mr Roberts 54 Mr E V Jones 55 West End Hotel Mrs A W Poole Mrs Hammond, Kidderminster Miss J Perry do Miss O S Hill, Redditch 56 Swansea House Mrs. B Williams Mr & Mrs Booth, f and m, Crewe Miss Griffith, Dolgelley Miss Hughes do Mrs Perkins, f and m, Coventry Mr & Mrs L D Williams, b & m, Chester Mrs Cross, Coventry Mr & Mrs Spencer aud b, London 57 Fron Wendon Miss Teece 58 Shrewsbury House — 59 Osborne House—Mrs Row- lands 60 Mrs R Hughes 61 Mrs W E Smalley 62 Rangemore-Mrs Bellamy 63 Misses Parry Mrs & Misses Pritchett, King's N R Thornloe, Esq, Coventry Mrs and Miss Thornloe do Mrs Archdale, f and n, Harborne Mrs and Master Mear, Burton Mr and Mrs Hinkley, Seacombe Miss Hinkley do 64 Glan y Mor Boarding Estab- lishment-Misses Parry Mrs and Misses Bagnall, H'worth Mrs and Miss Haimes, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Adams, Smethwick Misses Chorlton, Manchester Misses Cambell do Mr and Mrs Felton, Wrexham Mr Pearn do Mr and Mrs Owen, Swansea Mr and Mrs Cook do Misses Cook do Mr and Mrs Warry, Edgbaston 65 Gordon House-Mrs Ellis Mrs and Misses Davies, Nantwich Miss Fisher do 66 Uwch y Don—Mrs 0 R Williams 67 Emlyn House—Mr Griffiths 68 Sandywood—Mr Z Jones 69 Tudno House—Mr Williams 70 —Harborne House Miss Roberts 71 The Norlands-Misses Foulkes 72 Orme's Head View-Mis Peter Davies Mr & Mrs Milner and f, B'ham Mr & Mrs Pratt, Hinckley Misses Pratt do Mrs and Miss Whitehouse, Tipton Mr Whitehouse do Mr and Mrs Downes, Bilston Mr Evans, Staff Miss Lord do Mr and Mrs Arcott, Hinckley Mrs Reids, Wrexham Mrs and Miss Conady, B'ham Mrs Wiseman do 73 FerndIe-Mrs Fielding 74 Rutland House—Mrs Poulson 75 Mor Avon-Miss Williams 78 Mrs Edwards Mr|and Mrs Turnock, Chester .Niisses & Masters Turnock Miss Turnack, Warrington Mr & Mrs Gath & m, Pendleton Major & MrsMason, f & m,Chester Mr & Mrs Severs, Moss Side Mr & Mrs Slinn, f & n,Stonehouse L-T-. East Parade. 1 Mrs Lawrence Mrs Bowes-Robinson, Tettenhall MrC Bowes-Robinson do Mr and Mrs Gothard & f, Burton- on Trent Mrs Yates do Miss Willis do Mr & Mrs Phillips, f & m,W'pton Mr & Mrs Mason & s, Newcastle Mr & Mrs Brinton, f & m, Bewdley Miss Gabb do Miss Newth, Trowbridge 2 Mrs E Evans 4 Min y Don Cottage—Mr Simcox pte 5 Min y Don 6 Miss Jones 7 Miss Jones 8 Mrs Roberts 9 Sutherland House 10 Belvoir and Pier Hotel Miss Ashworth, man- ageress 11 Westminister Hotel Mr Lang, manager 12 The Grosvenor-Mrs A Jones \V Walcott Shand, Esq, Chester Mr and Misses Shand Dr & Mrs Stevens & f, S on Avon Mrs M Tourmerley, Wpton Mr & Mrs R Parker & f, Burslem Mrs Cartlidgc do Miss Hales do Mrs Weltrop & f, Bridgnorth S Warhurst, Esq, J.P,Stalybridge Misses and Mr A Warhurst Mr & Mrs James & f, Gresford Children and Governess of H Meynall Esq, W'pton Mrs, Miss & Master Cathmore Miss Violet Hill, Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs Hill, f and m do 13 Northcote House Misses Sproson Mrs and Misses Foster, Harborne Miss Cooper do Misses Green do Mrs Hall & f, Macclesfield Mr Fox, f and m, Hawarden LV] iss Holmes do Mr & Mrs Cashman & f, Gt Barr I Mrs Byren, f & m, Gravelly Hill Miss Boddington, E'baston Miss Bill, Wednesbury 14 EIsinore-Mrs J Jones 16 The Alexandra Children's Hospital (branch) 17 The Alexandra Children's Hospital (branch) 22 Sandhills-Mrs Twigg Mrs Hengler and maid, Cheshire Miss Sprake, London Misses Morris, Pensnett Miss Caddick, Bilston Canon Wynne.1 ones, Llanymynech Mrs Jones and maid do 23 Devonia-Rev Lewis Ellis 24 Craig y Don-Miss Evans Mr and Mrs Wheldon, Derby Misses Wheldon do Mr and Mrs Flowesden, M'ter Miss and Masters Flowesden do Mr and Mrs Duncan, Liverpool Misses & Master Duncan & g do Mr and Mrs Home, f and n do 25 Healey House-Misses Taylor 26 Pier View-Miss McLennan 27 Brighton House-Miss J Trehearn 31 Fairfield—Misses Edwards 30 Morville-Mrs Embrey Judge Wynne Ffoulkes R T B Atcherley, Esq Mrs Atcherley and children Penydon Hoarding Establish nb- Miss Strevett, proprietoress Miss Hipkins, B'ham LI Hughes, Esq, Wrexham Mrs and Misses Hughes, do H J Baines, Esq, Burslem Mrs and Misses Baines, do Wm Baines, Esq, do T Baines, Esq, do Master Baincs do Mrs Powell, Chester Misses Powell (3) do Mrs and M iss Yarwood F Harrison, M'ter Mrs and Miss Harrison do Mrs Greenway, Edgbaston Misses Richards, New York Mrs Leigh, Winsford H Leigh, Esq, do Miss and Master Leigh do Theo. Tweedie, Esq, Northop J H Hookham, Esq, B'ham Mrs an 1 Misses Hookham do J H Williams, Esq., Watford CG Baker, Esq, S-on-Trent Mrs Baker do Mrs Orrell, Crewe Miss Wright Durham Miss (Irrell Crewe Mrs and .Miss Hill, Chester PLASTIRION TERRACE. 1 M iss Martin I 2 Miss Roberts 4 & .5 Plastirion Boarding Es- tablishment-Mra Mitchell fi Mrs Cox Mrs and Miss Boylan, L'pool Miss Noon do Mr and Mrs Marshall f and m, Guiseley Rev and Mrs Stanley Edwards, Bishop Waltham Mr and Mrs Orrell, Rochdale Mr & Mrs Hargreaves, Tcttington Mrs and Miss Keeling. L'pool 7 Mr R Price Golf House-Mrs Jones, manageress MARINE DRIVE. The Marine Hydropathic-Miss Bryan, manageress I Abbey street. 1 and 2 Abbey Vaults-Mrs Jones 3 Mr E Joaes 4 Mrs Hughes Misses Hamlev, Chester Master W Ham ley do Mr and Mrs Ayres and b, B'ham Mr and Mrs Carter, Walsall Master M Carter do 5 Mr W Jones 6 Neston House-Mrs Williams 7 Mrs Ed. Edwards 8 Danesbury House-Miss Dean 9 Mrs Minshall 10 Runswick-Mrs Hughes Miss Patstone, B'ham Miss Barker do Mrs & Miss W Dillon do Mr & Mrs Upton & f, do Mr & Mrs Wheeler & f, do Mr & Mrs Bellis & son, M'chester Mrs Adderley, Sale Miss Dickson, B'ham 11 Mrs Birchall 16 Heath House-Mra Hazel 12 Mrs Smallev 13 Bognor House—Mrs Owen 14 Nantglyn House Mrs Roberts Mrs & Misses and Master Gould, Bilston 15 Mr Hughes 17 Seaforth Housa—Mrs Mun- slow Mrs and Miss Irston, B'ham Miss May, Smethwick Mrs and Miss King, Ladywood Mr and Mrs Powis, Cannock Miss Powis do Miss Lane, B'ham Miss Holly Rouse do Miss Hod kiss do Mr and Mrs Turner, Moseley Master Turner do Miss Gunner and maid do Mr & Mrs Johnston, Bromsgrove Masters Johnston do Miss Johnston and maid do Miss King, Handsworth Misses Hicks, Harborne Miss Clay do Mr Hicks do Ty Newydd Villa Mrs Brereton 17aArfon House-Mrs Pearce 18 Lichfield House-Mr Richd. Williams 19 Leamington House Mra Arthur 20 Bodifor—Mrs Davies 21 Mrs T Whitley 22 Mrs Morris Jones Ethel Villa-Mr J Jones 23 Mr J C Wood 24 Mr E P Griffiths 25 Silverdale Houae-Mrs J Jones 26 Mowcop House—Mrs Kinsey 27 Cambridge House Mrs Roberts 28 Claremont House-Mrs Parry Mr & Mrs Thomas, Hatton Mrs Roberts, Connah's Quay Mr Evans do Mr Evans, L'pool Mr and Mrs Hogg and f, B'ham Mr & Mrs Edwards, Dol-y-wern Dr Edwards, Glyn Mr and Mrs Brierley & f, Oldham Mr and Mrs Wynne, Brymbo Miss Charles do Miss Jones. Llangollen Miss Matthews do 29 Euston House-Miss Wil- 30 Mrs Morgan 31 Mr Pepper 32 Mr G Lyne 33 Northampton House-Mrs. Roberts 34 Mrs Rogers 35 Mrs Roberts r .50 mr ijrinsDunj Aquarium street. 1 Staffordshire House-Mrs J C Wood 3 Gwrych Castle ViewMisses Williams 5 Harecastle House Mrs J Williams Mr and Mrs Chatterton, Stoke Miss Chatterton do Mrs Walters, Cannock Mrs Simkins do Mr Fred Williams, Walsall Miss Jackson do Miss Norton do Mrs and Miss Hill, B'ham Mr and Mrs Fletcher, Erdington Miss Fletcher do Miss Evans do Mr and Mrs Cosby do Miss Cosby do 7 Mrs J Jones 9 Laburnam House-Mrs J Bassett 11 Mrs Astle 13 Mrs Hockey 15 Mrs B Edwards 17 Mr 0 Evans 19 Shelton House-Misses Haw- thorne 21 Grosvenor House—Mrs W Williams 23 Miss Mayell 25 Mr M J Davies 27 Mrs Williams Mrs and Miss Davie?, Wrexham Mrs Jas Davies do Mrs and Miss Williams, L'pool Mrs Reid and f, B'ham Mrs and Miss Hill do Mr, Mrs & Master Sproston,B'lem Mr and Misses Coxon, Stoke Miss Codard do 29 Mr Isaac Jones 41 Miss Rowlands Mr Dunderdale & f, Rock Ferry Mrs and Miss Green, Drogheda y Mr & Mrs Dunderdale, Rockterr Misses & Master Dunderdale Miss Green, Ireland Miss Green, Scotland Mrs Clayton, S'bury 45 GLADSTONE VILLAS. 2 Ambleside-Mrs Jones 4 Mrs Davies H Mrs D Jones Mr & Mrs While and f, Harborne Mr & Mrs Crosbie and b do Mr & Master Wilding, Wrexham Mrs Davies and f, do 8 Mrs Evans 10 Mrs Evan Lloyd 12 Mrs I Jones 14 Mr T Roberts 16 Allandale—Mrs M Junes 18 Mrs Midwinter 20 Haversham House — Mrs Atkinsod 22 Gwynfa—Mrs W H Thomas 48 Mrs Foden Jones Beechivood road. Mrs Rennie Miss Shepard Miss MeMorland Miss Leake, Salop Brighton road 1 Mrs W Roberts Mr & Mrs Schofield & f, R'dale Miss Soulby do Rev & Mrs Hytch, Great H'wood Mrs and Misses Sprague B'ham Miss Smith do Mr Marshall, Worcester 2 Mrs Evans M rand Mrs Briers, L'cester Mrs and Mr Keyte do Miss Griffith, Aston-u-Lyno Mrs Crickton & f do 3 Mr Pritchard BRIGHTON TERRACE. 5 Mrs William Hughes Mr and Mrs Bolton, B'ham Masters Bolton, do Miss Thorpe. Ripon Master F Warr, Harbournc, Mrs Stott, B'ham I Mr & Mrs Toft & f, S-on-Trent 7 Mr Hanlon 8 Mr E Jones J 9 Misa Owen j 10 Miss Jetsuni Miss Percival, Newtown Miss Powel do Miss Morris, do Miss Hilda Gittins, Buckley Miss E Hewitt, H'den Misses Hewitt, (4) Alltamie Mr Hewitt, Wrexham Mr Hewitt, Mold Miss Mann, Lichfield, Mrs and Miss Bird do Mr Bird do 11 Mr Williams Welsh Wesleyan Chapel OARADOC VILLAS. 12 Mrs Allman 13 Mrs E Jones 14 Mrs J Hughes 15—Mrs Faichney. 16 Misses Davies 17 Mrs T J Hughes English Wesleyan Chapel CHURTON ROAD. Peterborough House-Mrs Jos. Williams COBDEN TERRACE. 1 Mrs Yardley Mrs Edwards 5 Mrs Harvey 6 Mrs Evans Butterton Road 1 Mrs Parry 2 Mrs Gratton 3 Mrs O'Donnell 4 Miss Nicholls 5 Miss Williams 6 Mis J Roberts 9 Mrs Crosby Mr, Mrs & Miss Broadbent, L'pool Mrs and Miss Burgoine do Mr & Mrs Fox, f & m, Atherstone Mr, Mrs & Miss Burker, Droyls'n Mr White do 10 Minafon-Mrs Owens 11 Mrs Catherall 12 Chumleigh House Mrs Powell MADOC TERRACE. 1 Mrs W Stannard Mr and Mrs Cook and b, Swinton Mr & Mrs Holford & f, Higher B Miss Holford do Misses Baxter (2), Old Trafford Miss Caraghan do Mr and Mrs Part and f, M'ter 2 Mrs L Williams 3 Baden House-Mrs Barrett West Dene-Mrs Shawcross Mr & Mrs Robinson, Southport Mrs & Miss Hall do Misses Littler do Mrs & Miss Craig, Cheadle Heath Mrs & Master Thomas, Hanley Masters Lane, do Mr & Mrs Stratton, Sale Montrose Mrs Marnie and Mrs Evans Mrs and Miss Biddle, Moseley Mr and Mrs Crosbie, B'ham Mr and Mrs Cooper, Walsall Mr and Mrs Hobson, B'ham Mrs Williams, B'ham Mr and Mrs Cottrell, Bournville Bath st. CLAREMONT VILLAS. 1 Mrs Williams Mr Thomas, Rhyl Miss Stevens, Worcester Miss Morris, Warwick Miss Davies, Wrexham Mrs and Miss Bradford, B'ham Miss Thomas, Burnley Mr Jones, Wrexham Mr Griffiths do 2 StanhopeHouse—Mrs Owen 3 Mrs Davies 4 Mrs Jones Sosedene—Mrs Rhodes. Mr and Mrs Baird, Pendleton Mrs Machin, B'ham Mr & Mrs Chambers, Withington Bedford st 13aMr J White Mrs T K Davies, Birmingham Misses Davies do Miss Mary Cole do Madame Clavequin do Mrs Powell, Bloxwich Miss Andrews do Mr Hart, London 14 Mrs Lampinl 15 Mrs D Wynne Misses Rodway, B'ham Mr and Mrs Watton and f do 35 Misses Siatter Mr Williams, B'ham Miss Reynolds, Oswestry Mrs Morris do Miss Pugh do Mr Gowland, Spennymoor Miss Slatter, Northampton Bodfor st. 7 Mrs T C Amos Mr Moritz, Liverpool Mr Chapman, B'ham Mr T Bolton, Eccles Mr Washington, Fenton Mrs Beckett and f, Coalville Miss Williams, L'pool Mrs Lowe and f, B'ham Miss Howl do Mrs Fitter and f do Mr and Mrs Johnson do 9 Eagle House-Mr W G PepDer Clwyd st. 3 Mr and Mrs F Davies Misses & Masters Stratton, M'ter Nurse Chaning do Miss A Martin, Helsby Mr & Mrs Jones, Ruabon E M Jones do 4 Mr Humphreys and Mrs Payne Mrs Birbeck, B'ham Miss Birbeck do Master Birbeck do 5 Mrs J E Jones Mrs and Miss Davies, Rhos Mrs & Misses Watson, B'ham Miss Edwards, L'pool Miss Kammil do 6 Mrs Griffiths Mr & Mrs Slann and f, Gravelly Hill Mrs E Wright and f, Wilmslow Misses Davies, Mold 8 Mr Lucas 11 Mrs Bevan Mr W Booth, West Kirby Mr and Mrs Griffiths and f 12 Alexandra Cottage Mrs Norman 17 Mr & Mrs Kirwian f, & m Crescent rd. 1 Marine Villa—Mr Smith Miss Archer, L'pool Miss Smith, W'pton Miss Meeson do Mrs Cutts, B'ham Masters Cutts do Miss Lloyd do Mr and Mrs Thorp, L'pool Master Tt erp do I%l. 3 Shrewsbury House u- Mr Payne 5 Lincoln House—Miss Free- lnan Mrs Taylor & f, B'ham Mrs Handsaker, B-on-Trent Mr & Masters Holden do Mr & Mrs Fermor & f, Shifnal Misses Blackwell. Leicester 7 Mrs Sarson C Rippiughain, Esq, Handsworth Mrs Rippingham do Misses and Master Rippingham do J E Wood, Es i, B'ham Mrs and Master Wood do Mrs Lilly do Mr & Mrs T Sarson, Redditch 11 Fron Don—Sister Taylor 13 Mr and Mrs Everatt pte 15 Gwalia lIouso-Mrs R LI Jones 4 Avondale Mrs Gandon 27 Birchfield House Miss Davies Mr and Miss Suddaby, Eccles 29 Shenstone House — Mrs i) Mrs Denton 23 Mountain View — Mra F Lloyd Hughes Mrs Habonc & f, Newport Mr & Mrs Dean & f, Lrmston Misses Nixon, M'ter Mrs Carmalt and f, Cannon hill Mrs Hignett, B'ham 21 Morfa House—Mrs Parry 119 Oxton House—Mrs Beavan 37 Dawlieh House-MrsWilliams 31 Mrs Smith 33 Ellesmere House-MrsHughes 35 Highbury House—Mr. T. P. Hughes SOUTH VIEW VILLAS. 40 Mrs J Furber 41 Mrs Charles Ellis 42 Mr Llovd CRESCENT ROAD (continued) 44 Grsystone Villa—Mrs H Owen 38 Vine Cottage—Mrs D Jones 36 Mrs Davies 38 Mrs J Hooson 28 Ruabon House-Mrs Thomas Edwards Mr and Mrs Heathcote & f, M'ter Mr and Mrs Spray and f do Miss Hopkins do Mrs, Miss, & Master Price.C'mawr Mrs Bowen do Master Evans do Misses Hughes, Acrefair Misses Ellis do 39 Edyrn House-Mrs Hick3 31 Mrs M C Ellis Edward Henry st. 1 Lansdowne House—Misses Jones 3 Mrs Hodgskin 4 Sea View-Miss Williams Miss Vaughan, Coed Poeth Misses Vaughan Griffith do Master Vaughan Griffith do Mr and Mrs West & c, K'ster Mr & Mrs Edgell & f, Alt'gham Mr and Mrs Cobbe do Misses Winfield, B'ham 5 Mr R C Evans SEA VIEW TERRACE. 6 Mrs Cooper Mrs Richards, Edgbaston Mrs Newman f. & m, Towcester Misses Brookes, DarJaston Miss Horton do Miss Haynes do Mrs & Miss Eardley, Willenhall Mr Egan, Walsall Mrs Wolverson & f, W'pton Ventnor House—Mr Roberts 8 Glencoe-Mrs Fazakerley U & 10 Mrs Mellor 11 Miss Burton 12 Slindon House-Mrs Shilcock Mr & Mrs Slatter & f, Hanley Mrs Perry, Congleton Master Perry do Miss Penny, London Miss Wolferstan & m, 13 Mrs Lawson 14 Handsworth House-Mr A H Darlaston 16 Mr Beddington 17 Mrs Pritchard 18 Wave Crest-Miss Jones 1U Sealand House-Miss Simmons 20 Leith House-Mrs Pope 21 Mrs Taylor 22 Mrs Hibbits 23 Miss Rice 24 Sandhay—Mrs Percival and Miss Jones Crescent Hotel—Mr Williams 25 Lozells House-Mrs Chas Jones Mrs and Miss Turrall, L'mington Mrs Lees and child do Mrs Fardon and child Mr & Mrs Mousley, f & m, E'ston Mrs Garrington, Willenhall Mrs Brodoch do Misses Harmer, Birohfields 26 Oakdene—Mrs Roberts Miss Smethurst, Bolton Miss Anderson do Miss Chapman do Mr Teall, B'ham Miss Teall do Miss Asher do Mrs & Miss Penzer do Mr and Mrs Finlay & f, Rochdale Mr & Mrs Holroyd & f, do 27 Allesley House-Mr E Jones Roxby House- Btwy st. '2 St. Helen's Cottage—Mr D. Williams 3 4 Southport House Mrs Jolley Mr J Catterall, Rochdale Miss Butterworth do Miss Woodhouse do Mrs and Misses Butterworth do Master Butterworth do Misses Sanders do Mr Ben Gale do Mr Nuttall do 6 Mrs Davies 7 Mrs Thomas 8 Mrs J M Jones 9 Mrs Roberts Mr J R Andrew, Chester Misses Andrew do Miss Barwell, Sheffield Miss Phillips, Manchester 10 Sandbach House—Mrs Cbas Egerton Mr and Mrs Heath, f & m, B'ham Mr Rupert Pike, Sleaford Miss Bellis, Nottingham Mrs Bellis, Chester Mr and Mrs Makin, Blackburn 13 Colwyn House-Mrs Roberts Emlyn Grove 1- Mrs & Miss Nisbet & m, L'pool 2 Mrs Hubbard 3 MissHayboard 4 Mrs Williams 5 Mrs Cain 6 Mrs P. H. Jones 7 Mrs Butler 8 Mrs Picknell !) Mr T. Jones 10 Mrs Smith 11 Mrs P. Williams 12 Mrs Edwards 1 airfield Avenue Belle Vue— Ffynongroyio rd. Barmouth Villa—Mrs Jones Miss Jones, W'pton Mrs Daniels, B'ham Mr Naylor, Wednesbury CASTLE VIEW. 1 Mrs Evans 2 Mrs Lindall. '> Mrs Jones 20 Mrs J Evans Gronant st. 3 Mr Cookson 7 Mr R Davies 13 Miss Innes Mr and Mrs Dean, B'ham Mr and Mrs Harvey Jones and f, Brockton, Salop Madame Emilie Young, L'pool Miss Florence Gorman do 16 Mr J. Price 26 Mr J D Whitley 34 Mrs Davies 31 Coningsby House Mrs E D Roberts Mr R Roberts, Anfield Miss C E Roberts do Mr Hughes, Withington, M'ter Mrs Hughes, f and m do Mr Hughes, jnr do High st. 19 Mrs Jones 24 Mrs J Byrham Mr Jackson, Sheffield Mr & Master Ratheram do Mr R Dunn do 29 Mrs Guthrie 38 Mrs T H Black Mr and Mrs Aston, Nechells Miss Aston do 45a L pton Housc-Mr Jones John Street. 1 Mrs Shaw Misses I'errins Rham Mrs Wellerand f, do 3 Mrs Badham f) Mrs Teale 7 Mrs Malings !) Mrs Thomas Evans 11 Mrs. Hughes Browne Mrs W F Brooks & o, H'sworth Miss AliGc Brooks do 13 Mrs Wainwright Mr, Mrs & Master,Denton, S'port Mr & Mrs A Denton, Tatsfield Misses Boffey, Burland Mr & Mrs Clark & b, Rock ferry 15 Mrs A Jones 17 Beak House Mrs John Jones 19 Mrs Garner Mr and Mrs Evans & f, Ruabon Mr and Mrs Burns & f, London Mr and Mrs Perks and f, B'ham Miss Wilson do 21 Mr T Morrow 23 Mrs Bartley 2 Miss Chilwell Mrs and Misses Bell, London Miss Ruthven do M r Kitsch do Mr Roberts, Leigh Mr Bottomley, Bradford Mrs and Misses Smith, Worcester Mr and Mrs Talbot, Grantham Misses Talbot do Mr and Mrs Fox, Leicester Mr W H Chilwell, Wednesbury 4 Lome House—Mrs Tailby 6 Mrs Williams 8 Miss Lester 10 Mrs Thos. Jones 14 Denver House-Mr Darby 16 Mrs F Jones 18 Worcester House-Mrs Morris 20 The Misses Wood 22 Brentford- 24 Mrs Harding 26 Mrs Burgess 28 Mr Parker Owen 34 Quispamsis—Mrs Emblen 36 Mrs Owen Mrs R Gibson, B'ham Miss Meggett do Miss Willner, West Bromwich 38 Mrs Chas. Jones 42 Mrs Edmund Hughes AVONDALE TERRACE (South John Street). 25 Mrs Kitchen 27 Mr and Mrs Dawell 29 Mrs Owen 31 Park House-Mr Satchwell 33 Argoed—Mr W C Davies 35 Cardigan House-Mr Jenkins 37 Mr Tatham 39 Mrs Griffith 41 Allendale-Mr Allen 43 Mrs Willis Kinmel street. 12 Mrs Rowe Miss & Master Leigh, Eccles Mr & Mrs Pearson & c, Salford Mrs, Miss and Master Hinchlife, Seedley Mrs & Master Roberts Llanelidan Misses Jones do 15 Mrs Manning 16 Cynval Villas-Mrs Jones 18 Mrs Edwards 19 Mrs A Prichard 20 Mr and Mrs Smith 21 Cawnpore Villa Mr and Mrs Dicker 22 Cawnpore Villas- -MrsParry Mr and Mrs Williams & f, Flint Mrs Lloyd do Miss and Master Dawson, M'ter Mrs Lambsdale, Stourbridge Miss Whitehouse do Mr Clifton, jun, Gorton WEST END VILLAS. 25 Mrs Davies Mrs Harper & b, Willenhall Miss Harper do Mr & Mrs Stopher, B'ham Misses & Masters Stopher do Mr and Mrs Morris Crewe Miss Morris do Mr & Mrs Jones & b, do 26 Mrs E Hughes 27 Mrs Hewitt 28 Mr A H Williams 29 Miss Howell 30 Mrs Jones 32 Mr Cuddy 34 Bodelwyddan View — Mrs T E Evans 35 Mrs G Newman 37 Ye Windsor-Mr Shepherd 38 Mrs Goffe 39 Mrs Wilson Madame N Courtcnay, London Miss & Master Courtenay do J P Cordova, Esq, L'pool Mrs and Miss Cordova do Mr and Mrs Bentley & f, B'ham Mrs & Miss Price, Chester Mr and Mrs Page, Warwick Master and Miss Page do Miss Taylor, Rowington Mrs Lockley & f, W'ton 40 Mr M Samuels 41 Mr Rosenberg 42 Mr Gregory 43 Castle Temperance Hotel- Mr Hulley Tennyson Smith, Esq, Deganwy Mrs Smith do Mr and Mrs Field f, m, Moseley Mrs Sinnister, Whitchurch Misses and Master Sinnister do Miss Denn Seargent and Mrs Yarnold E'sham Miss Chapman B'ham Mr J M Wright do 44 Aston House—Mrs Jones 45 Penrhyn House— Kinmel lerrace. 1 Mr D Lewis 2 Mrs Jno. Williams 3 Mrs Jones Mrs J Jeavons-Fellows, Dudley Miss ard Master Jeavons-Fellows Mr J W Smith 4 Mrs Wamby 5 Mr Crawford 8 Mr Jones Market st. GLANGLASFOR VILLAS. Saron House Mrs Williams, Corwen Mrs and Miss Evans, Bala Mr Jones do Miss Edwards, Derwen Mr and Mrs Holiday, Liverpool Miss Holiday do Mrs and Master Davies, Chester Mr and Mrs Cooper, Bloxwich Mr and Misses Plumer, B'ham Mr Salisbury Mr & Mrs H Wootton, Bloxwich Mr and Mrs J Wootton End f do Mr W R Savage, M'chester Mr W H Savage do Miss Clan Savage do Paradise street. CHURTON TERRACE. 2 Cartref—Miss Stubbs 3 Mr Bryan Warhurst Churton Villa-Mrs John Lucas, A.C.P. Gas and Water Office-Mr Leonard Hall, manager REGENT VILLAS. 2 Mr Snowden Princes st. 1 Iorwerth House Mrs W Jones Seiriol House-Mrs Pryce 5 Maenan House-Mrs Har- rison 7 Mr Owen 11 Mrs P Jones 13 Castle View—Mr E Archer Jones 15 Mr Hugh Jones 17 Mr Barrett 11 Mr Robinsons 21 Twyning House- Serl(t- Ins. McCully 23 DidsLury House-Mr Arthur S Williams Mr and Mrs Jenkins & f, L'pool Mr & Mrs Howson, Ramsbottom Mr and Mrs Keller and f, M'ter Miss Keller do Mrs Lees do Mr'Marshall, do Mr Fletcher Birkenhead 25 Mrs Thomas 27 W Mason, Esq 29 Mrs Jones 31 Rev D Lewis 33 Mr Peter Evans 35 Mrs Thomas 37 Mrs Evan Evans 39 Mrs Dan Jones Mr, Mrs and Master Mc Isaac, Sittingbourne Miss Long do Mr and Mrs Fowler, Hollinwood 41 Mr Dowell English Presbyterian Chapel 2 Auron House-Mr Hannaby 4 Prospect House Mrs Middleton 6 Mr Gates 8 Mrs Bell 10 Mr D Morris 12 Mrs Vaughan 14 Stanmore House Mrs Harrison 16 Mrs Arkell 18 Mrs Jones 20 Mr Cooke 22 Ashby House-Mr F J Beech 24 Mrs Polkinghorne 26 Llangar House-Mrs]Leedam 28 Bitteswell House Mrs W B Allen pte' 30 Halton House Mr G E Parkin Queen st. 8 Temperance Hotel—Mr Arre 9 Bayfield House-Mrs /7 Jones Mrs A Beardsmore, Leicester Misses &. Masters Beardsmore do Mr & Mrs Wilkinson, Whalley Miss & Masters Wilkinson do Misses Dodson, Liverpool 10 Miss Jones 10 Queen's Bazaar-Mr Homan 11 Naylor's Temperance Hotel 12 Talhaiarn House Mrs A Cheetham 13 Mr W Jones 14 Mrs Hay 15 Mrs Robins 16 Mrs E Williams Misses Evans, Chester Masters Evans, B'ham Mrs Taplen, M'ter Mr & Mrs Birks do Mr Davies, B'ham Mrs and Miss Jones, L'pool Mr and Mrs Parry do Misses Wright, S-on-T Miss Halley do 17 Brunswick House—Mrs God- frey Parry 17aBrunswick Cottage—Mrs A Thomas Miss Wilson, Kingswood Miss Smith, Ealing Masters N & A Williams, Chester 18 Kirtland's Private Hotel Mr and Mrs Wardle & f, Eccles Mr and Mrs Ashworth & b, M'ter Mr and Mrs Payne and baby do Mr & Mrs Tasker & f, Carnarvon Mr and Miss Arblaster, B'ham Misses Kirtland, Croydon 19 Cleveland House Mis Allsop 20 Albert House-Mra Allen 21 Mrs D Jones 22 Miss Jonea 2 Rev E E Ingham, Mrs Ingham and family 24 Mrs Pozzi 26 Mrs H Edwards 28 Mr Boddington 29 George Hotel—Mr Freder- ick Park Arthur 30 Mr Eisiski 32 Mr J Evans Miss Tildasley, Handsworth Miss E Tildasley do Miss McCann do Mr and Mrs Avery, Redditch Miss Avery do Mrs Hobday do Miss M A Jones, Llanddewi 33 & 34— Messrs Rhydwen Jones and Davies 36 Mrs M Jones 37 Mr Greenhouse 38 Messrs Connah & Co. 39 Mr Goldsmith River st. 1 Moseley House—Miss Wads- worth Mr, Mrs, & Misses Wright, L'pl Mr and Mrs Cornes, Newcastle Miss Cornes do Mr and Mrs Davey, f and m, Heaton Chapel Mr and Mrs Wain, B'ham Master Wain do 3 Lvndhurst-Mr Z PrYce Mr& Mrs Roden & f, Stourport Mr & Mrs W Chadwich, Hadfield Mr F Taylor, Charlesworth Mr and Mrs J T Ashworth, Ashton-under-Lyne Miss and Master H Ashworth dc Miss Bird, Lytham 5 Mrs Abbott Mrs Athwood, Cradley Miss Earl do Miss Stanley, B'ham Mr Neale do Mrs Pringle, B'ham Mrs & Master Matthews do Mr & Mrs Pringle, Waterloo Miss and Master Pringle dj Miss Lloyd do 7 Havelock House—Mrs Sim. cock 9 Bodlondeb-Miss Griffith 11 Mrs Roderick 13 Mrs T J Hughes 15 Carswood—Mrs Hughes 17 Mrs Cowgill & Miss Lloyd Mrs Wild and f, Milnrow Miss Roberts Mr and Mrs Haywood and f Mr and Miss Turner Miss Heath Miss Bamford Mr and Mrs Buckley and f Miss Whittles Misses Mellor, Rochdale Miss Mercer Mr and Mrs Wilton & b, Kingston 19 Mrs Jackson 21 Mrs Williams Mr.M rs, Misses & Masters Mason, L'pool Mr, Mrs & Misses Salmon, B'ham Mr and Misses Hunter, Walsall Miss G M Williams, Coedpoeth 25 Minfor-Mr Hughes 27 Sedgemoor— 29 Mrs D E Owen 31 Miss Pearce 33 Mr John W Hughes 2 Riverdale-Mrs Darwin 4 Brynteg House-Mrs R Roberts 6 Westholme-Mrs Nark Mrs & Miss French & f. B'ham j Miss French, Trowbridge Mr & Mrs W Gibson, Gt Bridge Miss Gibson do Mr & Mrs J Gilson do Misses Gibson do Miss Charles, Bilston 8 Balmoral House-Mir, G Roberts Mr & Mrs Thurstan & f, W'pton Miss C Dorrington, Lancaster 10 Miss Williamson 12 Corweni House—Mrs Evans 14 Bod Meirion—Mrs Lloyd Edwards 16 Miss Thompson 18 Mrs Webb 20 Mr R Jones 22 Miss Whitehouse 24 Mrs D B Jones 26 Mrs T Pearce 28 Mrs Jones 30 Mrs Parry 32 Mrs Bloor 34 Glenhurst—Mrs W Wynne Mr & Mrs H Trubshaw, Stafford Master Trubshaw do Mr E and Miss Stanley 36 Enfield House Mrs Darlaston 38 McDonald House Miss Jones & Miss Humphreys Mr Cash and friends, B'ham Mr and Mrs Andrews, London Miss Andrews do I South Kinmel st. 1 Vale View Cottage Mr Parry Mr & Mrs Jones & d, H'den Mr & Mrs Lee & d, W'ton Miss Corns do 2 Mrs Davies 4 Mr W Edwards Mr and Mrs Pullan, Dublin Master Pullan do Mr and Mra Savage do Miss Savage do Mr and Mrs Connah, Wrexham Mrs Williams, Rhyl Mr Alston, Manchester Mrs J Mussell, B'ham 5 Mr S Jones 6 Mrs Lewi? 7 Mrs Dobbins 8 Mrs Lloyd 9 Mr Jones 10 Mr Evans 11 Mrs Lunt Kensington Cottage-Mr Birch Sussex st Dank Buildings 1 & 2 Sussex Dairy-Mrs Col- linson 3 Mr W Roberts 4 Mr McEwen ffarren-rd 3 Ystrad VilIa-Mr J Roberts Marton Villa Rindsorst 10 Claremont House Mrs Usher Misses Harvey Dudley Miss Franks do Messrs Franks do Mrs Cooper, W'pton Mrs Bentley do Mr &,Miss Stanfield, M'ter Mr Pearce, do Miss Lindley, do 12a Huddersfield House-Mn R Roberts Water-st 5 Mrs Abbott 10 Mrs Kilvert Misses James, Bedford Mr and Mrs Downes, Chester Mrs Duffner & f, M'ter Mr. Mrs Miss & Master Highan Hinckley Mrs and Miss Lea, Common Wooc Mr and Mrs Williams, L'pool Miss Ross Burbage, Hinckley 11 Mr J H Ellis MARINE TERRACE. 13 Mrs Fleming 14 RonhildMrs Langton Clifton House-illrs Chilwell 16 Bescot House—Mrs Trevitt Mrs, Master & Misses Guest, Stourbridge Mr & Mrs Danks, Much Wenlock Master and Miss Danks do Miss Smallwood, B'ham Miss Solomon do Mrs Chell, W'pton Miss Campion do M rs Miss Cartwright, Preece 17 Mrs Greenhouse 18 Mrs Bouillemien 19 Miss Griffiths Rev T Frimston, Mrs, Misses and Masters Frimston, Langefni Ma.sters Frimston, Langefni Mr and Mrs Wilson, M'ter Mr & Mrs Walker & f, B'ham 20 Mrs Evans 21 Sidmouth—Mrs George Mr I and Miss Grace, L'pool IMr F J Richards do Mr R H & Miss Phillips & mdo 22 Misses Furber Mr Cyril Furber, Oldham Mrs and Miss Busby, Redditch Mrs and Miss Grove, Dudley Miss Jessie Whitmore do Misses Richardson (2), B'ham Mrs Roberts, Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs Scanlan, Oldham Miss Furber do Miss Mason, Chester r or Mr Horton, B'ham Miss Thomson do 23 Calthorp House Mrs Parkes Mr & Mrs Dodd & f, Stone Mr & Mrs Martin, f &m, B'ham Mrs Marmming & f, B'ham Mrs Heaven and f, do Mrs Smith & s, do Mrs & Miss Bibb do Mr and Miss Wiggin, do 24 Maesdola-Miss Willians 25 Mrs Keen 26 Mrs Craighill 27 Waterworth & Co 28 Mrs M A vans 29 Mrs EWoi d 30 Manchester House 3irs Myerscough |Mrs Archer, Ardwick Mrs Devonport and f, Aston Mrs and Miss Cole, Liverpool Mr Cartwright & son, Nuneaton Mr Smith do Mrs Hewitt and f, Warrington Mrs Oats, Stockport Mr and Mrs J H Oats do 31 Leicester House — Donaldson F Welsh, E-sq, B.A. Mr & Mrs Gittins, B'ham Miss Gittins do Mrs & Miss Knott, Bishops castle Mr & Mrs Hancher, W'pton Mrs B J Garner, B'ham Mrs W Garner do Miss D Evans do. Mr Pimm do Misses D and M Pimm do Miss Hancher, W'pton Miss Arnold do Winterdorf-Miss A Watson fale Rd. Richmond'House Mr and Mrs Parkes. Black Heat11 Master & Miss Parkes & n do Miss Mallin Smethwick Miss Lones do Miss Jones do Miss Astbury, do h Mrs & Miss Shenton, W B *vic Miss Hollo way, do Elwy House— Miss Holloway, do Elwy House- Tudno House- Mrs Bray Colomendy-Mrs 0 Prytherch Mr & Mrs Whiteley:& s, Halite MILL BANK. Millbank Villa—Mrs E MaltbY Mr and Mrs Pearl, Levenshuline Elwy Hall— Miss Kate Eales and party, fr0ltl Yealmpton, Cheltenham I Wellington road. Royal Oak—Mr Lilley 73 Acton House—Mrs Kerry 74 Myrtle Cottage —Mrs Duffield 55 Mr S Edwards Mr and Mrs O'Brien do Miss M & Masters R & T O'Brie0 Mr & Mrs F Wood & b, Hythe Mr Allen, Chester Miss D and Master F Allen do 0 Mrs L & Misses C & V Gough d s 75 Sea View Cottage vs Davies 77 Mr E Williams Thornton VilJa-Mr and Mrs Geary and family Brook House-Mrs Johnson It Mr & Mrs Leeson, f & n, N'hwic Mrs and Miss Richards, W'pton Misses Jukes, B'ham r Mrs and Master Beard, M'cheste Mr Williams do Miss Antrobus do Miss Harris, St Helens Middleton House-Mrs Hittot1 jRosefield House-Mrs de MersY jRawdon Villa—Miss Nevetfc Mor van—Mrs W Jones I-Nlrs Warner, W'pton ;Miss Richardson, B ham iMr & Mrs France and b, B'Castl Nirs Baldwin do Miss Evans, Crewe Mr and Mrs Harper, Southall Mrs, Miss & Master MadeaO, Ashbourne 11 Crewe House-Mrs popple we r Mr, Mrs and Misses & Maste Crabtree, Southport Mrs & Miss Tompkins, Walsall .Miss and Master Hill do Mr and Mrs Wilkes, W'pton Mr Mrs & Master Sherwood, M'^e Mr and Mrs Pownell& f, Mr and Mrs Hill, Walsall Master and Miss Hiil do 125 Mrs Jones 126 Mrs Jones 127 Miss Ellis 131 Mr Cooke 132 Coedmor-Mrs Johnson e ltr, Mrs and Miss Beardnoreo Kilburn Mr Wetton, Marehay p Mr and Mrs Eastwood, Heaton Mr Stanley, B'ham Mrs Ash do Mr and Mra Staniforth and f do Mr and Mrs Hodgetts do 133 Mrs Hughes 134 Mrs Williams 135 Campbell House — & Brough Brough Mr P J &Mrs Liddell, Liscard Misses and Master Liddell Mr & Miss Mulligan, Rochdale Miss F Macdonald do I Miss Allsop, B'ham Miss Wilkes do Muster G Walker do I 148 Mrs Thomas 153 Mrs Morgan Mr and Mrs Highton, Rochdal0 Mr Moore do I Miss Lowe do Miss Eastwood do Mr and Mrs Davies, London I Miss and Master Davies do 11 8 Shansto n House -MrsCa 166 Mrs Cook MARLBROUGH GROVE t I Ashton Villa-Mr D W CIr West Kinmel ist. BORTHYN TERRACE. 1 Mr Owen Jones 5 Mr C Evans I 6 Mrs Edwards 7 Mrs Roberts ARRAN VILLAS. Mrs Brierley Capt & Mrs Murphy & Bons, L'P°°