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ST ASAPH BOARD OF GUARDIANS The fortnightly meeting of the St. Asaph Board of Guardians was held at the Board Room, St. Asaph, on Friday. There were present :—Mr R Llewelyn Jones (chairman), Rev. Abel J Parry, D.D., Mrs Robert Jones, Miss Bennett, Messrs G F Gunner, J Pierce, W S Roberts, T Howes Roberts, Geo Williams, John Roberts (Llwyni), R Griffiths, Thomas Lloyd, John Pierce, Jos Jones. Rice J Wil- liams, E Morgan, R Davies, J Kerfoot, &c. The Children at Rhyl. The Master reported that the children were taken to Rhyl for sea bathing on the 13th and 16th of July, and also on the 3rd inst. Mr Vaughan, as in past years, allowed them the use of the bathing vans free of charge. The Pier Company also gave them a free pass to the Pir, and the Dramatic Company allowed them to witness the entertainment free of charge. Gifts of money, <Xrc., were also given them by several friends. The Board recorded its thanks. The Water Supply to the Workhouse Complaints against the Rhyl Council. A letter was read from the Local Govern- ment Board, enclosing an extract from Mr Bircham's report as to the water supply of the Workhouse, and requesting the guardians to take such steps as are necessary to secure the provision of a sufficient supply of water in the Workhouse at such a pressure as to make the water available for domestic purposes through- out the establishment. Mr Bircham's report was to the effect that the Rhyl Urban District Council's water was laid on to the house by an old agreement made with the Rhyl Water Com- pany, whose property the Rhyl District Council had purchased, but it was net supplied at con- stant pressure, and on days when bathing took place there was not nearly enough water upstairs to supply the inmates, owing to the want of pressure. Mr T Howes Roberts proposed that the matter be referred to the Visiting Committee. They might also consider the question what supply for domestic purposes meant." There was a little bit of difficulty with the Rhyl Urban District Council on that point. He was going to propose that the Visiting Committee should in addition to inquiring how to remedy the present defective supply, inquire into the question whether the Workhouse ought, not to be supplied on the rateable value, and what was meant, by a supply for domestic pur- poses. Mr J Pierce seconded. The Chairman: The complaint has coiiie none too soon. Mr Howes Roberts' proposition was agreed to The New Assistant Overseer for Rhuddlan. The Board approved of the appointment of Mr Kilner, subject to the amount of the security being tixed at JE400. The Rhyl Medical Officer's Deputy. A letter was read from Dr W Thomas, Medical Officer for the Rhyl District, asking the Board to approve of the appointment of Dr Moreton Prichard as his deputy instead of Dr A Eyton Lloyd. —Agreed to. Pauperism In the St. Asaph Union: A High Average. Mr R Davies called attention to the com- parative returns of pauperism recently issued by Mr Bircham for the district, under the supervision of that gentleman. That return, he said, must be very pleasant reading for two of the Boards of Guardians—the Hawarden and the Wrexham, and very depressing for others, including Holywell and St. Asaph. In the Hawarden Union the cost per head of the population was 2s lid, and the percentage of pauperism 2*f». In the Wrexham Union (which included a large mining district) the cost per head was the same, 2s lid—and the percentage of pauperism was only 2'1. In St. Asaph the cost per head of the population was 4s 5Ad, and in Holywell 4s 11d. The highest cost per head was at Ruthin, where it reached the high figure of 5s 9d. while the percentage of pauperism was 3-5 The lowest expenditure in the whole of Mr Bircham's district was in the Bridgend and Cowbridge Union, where the cost per head of the population was only 2s Id and the percentage of pauperism was 1 '4. It was their duty to inquire why this great disparity should exist. The ratepayers of the Union had a right to demand from the Guar- dians an account of their stewardship. Com- paring the present returns with the years 1896-97, he found that in those years there were in Abergele 17 in-door paupers, now 15 Denbigh 15, now 32 Rhuddlan 11, now 8, Rhyl 33, now 58. In St. Asaph the return showed 49 in-door paupers against 38 in 1896-7. The out-door relief was also very high. In Abergele (Urban) it was £2b1 3s 4d Rhudd- lan JE163 12s 6d Rhyl JE544 3s lid St. Asaph JE183 ,6s 2d; Denbigh £410 3s 4d. These five parishes cost the Union in out-door relief £1552 8s., and had contributed 158 indoor paupers during the year, while the other 19 parishes only contributed between them 44 in-door paupers, and received £1212 12s 4d in out-door relief. The population could not account for the disparity because the total population of the five parishes referred to was only 18,299, as against 12,747 in the 19 other parishes. What struck him most was the amount of paupers in the St. Asaph parish, whilst Rhyl and St Asaph also figured very high. He moved that the Clerk be requested to furnish the following statistics from 1880 to 1901 (a) number of in-door paupers each year, (b) out-door do., cost per head per week for maintenance (inclusive), (d) cost per head of the population in the union. The Clerk said that there were several Unions above St Asaph. Holywell was 4s llid, Bangor, 4s lljd.; Carnarvon, 4s llfd Pwllheli, 5s 44d. Mr R Davies And some are down to 2s Id. The Chairman What is the average ? 2s Id strikes me as being too low. 0 Mr J Pierce It is no discredit to be in the happy medium. The Clerk The average for the district is 3s 8d, the cost per head in our Union is 4s 5Jd. Although there are 153 Unions in Mr Bircham's district, St Asaph stands 37th. The returns issued by Mr Bircham are very interesting for those who will give a little attention to them. One thing I ought to mention. Although it is contrary to the Standing Orders to relieve wives who have been deserted by their husbands, the Board have relieved 8, as against 6 in Wrexham, 1 in Ruthin, and 1 in Holywell. The Chairman Compared with Wrexham we are not so bad. The Clerk Wrexham is a very much larger Union. It was resolved to defer the discussion for I two roonfhs. The Recent Bicyoie Accident Near Rhyl. A letter was read from Miss Vizard, Lady Superintendent of the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Rhyl, stating that a man named William Fox met with a serious accident while cycling, and he was brought to the Royal Alexandra Hospital. He appeared to be in very poor circumstances, and had no friends. It appeared that his employment was, on I alternate days, to carry luggage from the Liverpool docks. He was attended in the hospital by Dr Thomas. She asked the Board to sanction the payment of £1 Is a week for the maintenance of Fox at the hospital. In a subsequent letter Miss Vizard announced the death of the patient. The Clerk said he had written to Miss Vizard stating that he would lay her letter before the Guardians, and in the meantime he instructed the Relieving Officer to make full inquiries. The Chairman said he did not know whether a claim was likely to be made against the Guardians. He did not see how the Guardians could be liable for a Liverpool man. The Clerk I question whether Liverpool would be liable in the case. The Chairman He had a bicycle. Where 18 that 1 The Clerk Seeing that a claim was likely to be made I instructed the police to take possession of the bicycle. Mr Rice J Williams The Clerk had better make inquiries. The Chairman 1 fail to see that we are legally responsible. The Relieving Officer did not give any order for his admission to the hospital, The matter was deferred pending the making of further inquiries.







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