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FOOTBALL NOTES. I (BY THE WANDERBR). I THE COMBINATION. Goals. P. W. D. L. F. A. Pit Wrexham .11 7 2 2 29 9 ..16 Chirk 7 5 1 1 22 ..12 ..li Oswestry 8 5 1 '2 '25 10 ..11 Bangor 8 5 1 2 20 ..15 ..11 Hudson's .11 4 2 5 20 ..26 ..10 Tranmere R.10 3 3 4 14 ..15 9 Rhyl 5 3 1 1 16 8 7 Buckley V. 8 3 1 4 15 ..17 7 White Star W. 6 2 2 2 11 14 6 Birkenhead 8 2 0 6 10 ..18 4 Warrington 9 1 2 6 9 ..28 4 Newton .9..1..2..6..14 ..30 4 ♦ NORTH WALES COAST LEAGUE. G als. Teams. P. W. L. D. F. A. P Holyhead. 6.. 4 1 1 21 ..11 9 Holywell 2..2..0..0.. 8..3..4 Rhyl 3..2..1..0.. 8..4..4 Bangor 4..2..2..0.. 6..10..4 Llanrwst 4 1 2 1 5..10..3 Llandudno 2..1..1..0.. 6..8..0 Carnarvon 4 1 3 0 10 9 2 Penmaenmawr 3..0..3..0.. 7..18..0 The only Combination match played on Saturday was at Birkenhead, where Wrexham very kindly took up Rhyl fixture, and what is more came away with two points and three goals. This is certainly a set back for the Cheshire men, who have been doing a lot of bragging of late (at least, their secretary has), but it seems that they are still very "so, so," and likely to figure at one end of the table at the close of the season. On Saturday their forwards were simply at sea, and did not score a solitary goal. The third round of the Welsh Cup took the attention of the Welsh Clubs last Saturday, and, at least, some of the clubs will have to replay on account of drawn games. The draw for this round was about the worst that could have taken place. Fancy the Druids having to go to Portmadoc, Carnarvon to Broughton, Bangor to Newtown, Llandudno to Chirk, Towyn to Oswestry, and Rogerstone to Rhyl. There should be some alteration of the rule that permits this kind of thing to occur, there is certain to Le a noise about it. Rogerstone spent close upon 217 to come to Rhyl, and only took back a paltry £ 5. Had the practise of grouping the clubs into divisions as near to each other geographically as possible been permitted in the third round, as in the other two rounds, then all these long and ex- pensive journeys would have been avoided, and this is the remedy which should be applied next season. » Towyn and Llandudno Swifts very wisely scratched, and thereby saved quite 210 each. The Druids visited Portmadoc and had quite a fright. At the interval they were leading by 2 goals to nil, but during the second half the locals were in luck, for they scored three times. The Druids, however, managed to put on an- other goal, and thus an exciting game ended in a draw. Bangor visited Newtown, and took a strong team. There was a good crowd, and the home- sters made things known a bit at first, for they scored twice before half-time. The second por- tion however, saw Bangor playing their old cup tie game, and it was not long before they equalised, although no further scoring took place. ♦ Carnarvon had hard lines at Broughton on Saturday, but they played a capital game, al- though beaten by 2 goals to one. » Bangor and Holyhead met for the second time on Saturday in the Welsh Junior Cup com- petition, and this time the Anglesey team managed to win by a goal to nil. Rhyl Reserve meet the Church Guild on the latter ground to-morrow in the Coast Junior Cup Competition. The kick off is at 2-30, Mr C. Jones, Holywell, is Referee. The defeat of Rogerstone by 5 goals to one was hardly unexpected, for the average person was unable to locate the place. It appears Nettlefolds have one of their screw factories at Rogerstone, and the team that played at Rhyl an Saturday is connected with the Institute belonging to Nettlefold's factory. The game was spoilt by the high wind, but there was a JElOgate, which is more than many expected. Rhyl faced the wind during first half, and played a pretty game, Matthews eventually scor- ing. Rogerstone, at times, got down and tes- ted Robinson, but to no effective purpose. The second half was all in favour of Rhyl, but Brett had to retire early on account of an injury, and this led to experimenting, Harry Jones going centre. Luckily Harry played a fairly good game, and scored thrice, whilst Rogerstone got one. All the Rhyl team played well, and it would therefore be unfair to single out any particular player. The visitors are a strong lot, but not quite class enough for the Combination. They say they always play Aberdare a drawn game, and we know what Aberdare can do. The result of the Draw for the Semi-finals Coast Senior Cup is that Bangor meet Flint at Llandudno, on February 9th, and Carnarvon meet Buckley Victoria at Rhyl on the same date. Rhyl were down to play Buckley Victoria a^ Rhyl on January 12th, in the second round o the Charity Cup Competition, but it appears the locals have two fixtures already for that date, but the chances of their coming off are somewhat remote. Rhyl v. Wrexham. To-morrow (Saturday) there should be a record crowd at Belle Vue to witness the Com- bination match between the above teams. The kick-off is at 2-30 prompt. Rhyl v. White Star Wanderers. Again on Boxing Day there should be a big field, when Rhyl play their Combination match with White Star Wanderers. Both clubs will be strongly represented. The kick-off is at 2-30 prompt.




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