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PRESTATYN. Can anyone say why the Flintshire police have openedacru.sadeaga.insb small country grocers for selling unweighei bread whilst grocers in a large way of business at such places as Rhyl do so with impunity? Will our representative on I the County Council ask why the law was enforced in the country and not iu the town ?—ATo/ a Baker. lit! SCHOOL BOARD.—A meeting of the School Board was fixed to be held on Wednesday after- noon, but at the hour appointed there was not a quorum. Mr Goronwy O Jones (chairman), Mr Peter Ellis, Mr John Hughes (clerk), put in an ap;ea ance, but no business could be transacted. It a? reported that since the Board had taken steps to prosecute parents for not sending their children to school, the attendance had greatly improved. It was decided to adj.,urn the meeting for a fortnight. SVLE OF WORK.—On Tuesday afternoon a Sale of Work was held at Edrnondsley Villa Meliden road, in aid of the Church Missionary Society. Miss Cox had charge of the arrangements. THE ELECTIO. -It has been decided that the poll will be taken at the Town Hall, and in anti- cipation of this the party agents have secured looms in the same building. Mr I J Scott repre. sents the Unionists and Mr John Hughes the Liberals. THE BRICKWORKS.—Much activity is being displayed at the brickworks, and this week the new kiln has been completed. It is anticipated that there will be a large output from the works in the future. < BILLIARD HANDICAP.—The Committee of the I Constitutional Club have arranged for a billiard 1 handicap, and there is a large entry. Play will J commence at once. THE NEW RADICAL CLur.The Radicals have at last found a home for their Association, and they have forsaken the upper room" which did service as a club for years. The Association has taken two large rooms in the Town Hall Buildings and have fitted them up in a very nice manner. One room will be devoted to billiard, and the other to newspapers, books, &c. By means of a moveable partition one room can be divided into two portions for committee meeting purposes. DEFRAUDING THE RAILWAY COMPANY.—At Holy- well Sessions William T Yale, a baker, working at Prcstatyn and living at Mold, was summoned for travelling without a ticket. Mr Fenna, who prose- cuted, pressed the case on account of the systema- tic fraud perperated by the defendant. From the evidence of the witnesses, it appeared that the defendant travelled on several occasions from Flint to Prestatyn, and that upon arrival lie represeuted that he had travelled from Mostyn, the next sta- tion to Prestatyn, and paid the excess fare. On one occasion defendant remarked to the station- master, "From Holywell," but upon going to the ticket-collector he said, From Mostyn," and only paid sixpence Inquiry was then made, and the Iraud of the defendant was discovered. Defendant admitted to Detective Weaver that he had travelled for about six weeks from Flint to Prestatyn and had only once paid full fare. The defendant did not appear, and was fined 30s., advocate's fee, and osts.


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