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Jury Lists.

Alleged Cruelty to a Heifer.

Drunk in Charge of a Horse.

A Heavy Penalty.

Weights and Measures Prosecutions.

Cruelty to a Horse.




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The Royal Alexandra Hospital…




------IST. ASAPH.

Life's Harvest.

Rhyl as a Winter Resort



Rhydwen Jones I and Davies, COMPLETE IIOUSE FURNISHERS, 33 & 34 QUEEN STREET, RHYL And at Llandudno. Telephone-16, Rhyl. RHYDWEN JONES & DAVIES ARE NOW SHOWING Down Quilts in great variety, Draught Screens, Portiere Rods, Curtains, Draperies, &c., &c., For Winter use. Early Inspection Invited. RHYDWEN JONES & DAVIES General House Furnishers, Household Drapers, &c., &c.» Rhyl and Llandudno. I 1. IF YOU HAVE NEVER SMOKED The "MASTA" Pipe You aO not know what cool, dry smoke means. NO MOISTURE CAN REACH THE MOUTH OR SATURATE THE TOBACCO. B't6 Wi THE NAIURALJ «*VOB OF THE TOBACCO IS M RETAINED, PERFECTLY SIMPLE, MFESSSL 1 EASILY CLEANED, NO ABSORBENTS NECESSARY. Made in all shapes. Prices-Straight: 1/6, 2/6, 3/ 3/6, 4/ 5/6, 7/6. Bent: 2/ 3/6,4/6, 6/6, and upwards. What Old Smokers say Hugh Ayton, Esq, Stokes Croft Brewery, Bristol- Yours is the only Pipe I have smoked for three years and cannot now feel at home with any other." From all High-class Tobacconists. Lists. &c., FreeM.P.P, Co., 153 Fleet St., London, E.C The Oldest Established Fishmongers, &c., in the Town. Walter Clarke & Son I FRUITERERS, FISHMONGERS, Poulterers & Licensed Dealers in Game, 2 and 3 Water Street, and 2 and 3 Market Hall, RHYL. Boning and Larding a Speciality. Sole Agents in the Market for Horner's celebrated Cream Cheese, Clotted Cream, and Special Thick Rich Cream fresh daily. Butter and Eggs from the choicest Dairies and Pontfaen Farms. Warranted to be fresh. Fresh Fish from the sea daily. Always a good supply of Poultry daily. A large selection of Vegetables freslx daily. Telephone No. 21. (499 ( f TERMS FOR ADVERTISING in the "RHYL JOURNAL." Parliamentary and Board of Trade Notices, Is. per line. County, Municipal, Local Board, Poor Law, Joint Stock Legal and other Public Notices, Contracts, Tenders Property Sales, &c., 6d. per line each insertion. Special Paragraph Advertisements, 6d. per line. Long Term Business Advertisements as per contract. Continuous Advertisements and Special Positions as per contract. Entertainment, Sermons, Schools, Furniture and Stock Sales, and all other Advertisements not specified in the foregoing or following classes, 4d. per ine each inser- tion Business and Entertainment Advertisements DISPLAYED, 2s. 6d. per inch each insertion. Prepaid Advertisements. Houses Shops, Apartments, Farms, &c., To Let o Wanted, Articles Lost, Found, or for Private Sale Servants or Situations, &c., Wanted: Once Three. Not xceeding 24 words i o 2 0 3 1 6 3 0 and 6d for every additional seven words for fjrgt inser- and threepence per subsequent insert. No advertisement 11n(l"h h.l<fd. N.B.—This scale only applies to Prepaid Advertis ments, and is not applicable to Announcements from Public Bodies, Educational, Bankruptcy, or Liquidation Advertisements, Business, nor to any other classes than those above enumerated. Births, Marriages, and Deaths, Is. for 3 lines. As no letter addressed to initials at a Post Office are delivered, Advertisers may have replies addressed to Our office, 3 stamps being remitted to cover cost by those residing out of Rhyl, if we have to forward such replies Only bona-fide answers in writing admissible. Address" or "Apply" to Capital Letter, Number or Word, means apphcauts are not to apply personally at the Office, but by letter. All advertisements must be authenticated by name and address of sender. Whilst great pains are taken to secure the correct printing of Advertisements, the Proprietors will not be answerable for inaccuracies, nor for any consequence arising therefrom. 1 Advertisers are requested to state distinctly the num- ber of insertions which is required for their advertis- meats HOLLOWAYS PILLS J ARE THE SWORN FOES OF DISEASE, And in a world-wide test, extending over half-a-century, have NEVER BEEN KNOWN TO FAIL DO YOU SUFFER From Indigestion, Bile, Sick Headache, Sleeplessness, Nervousnesg, or feel" out of sorts ? 0 oy (fPILLS. V ARE A SURE REMEDY; They Cleanse the Blood of all Impurities, Tone the System, Strengthen the Nerves and Impart Cheerfulness to the Spirits. invaluable for all female BUmente* THESE FAMOUS PILLS ARE PURELY VEGETABLE; they contain no deleterious matter, and May be taken by the Most Delicate. HOLLOWAY'S PILLS AND OINTMENT Are Manufactured only at 78, New Oxford St., London. Sold by all Chemists and Medicine Vendors. These Famous Medicines have held Front Rank during the past 60 years. ASK YOUR STATIONER FOR IMOREELL'S BLUE BLACK) IKK S, IN PATENT SCREW-STOPPERED BOTTLES, WITH LIP. Agent—James Dowell, Stationer, Wellington Road. 407 A Large and Varied Selection of Ladies' and Gent's AMERICAN Boots and Shoes. ILIgftt, Smart and Durable. Always in Stock at The Rhyl Cash Boot Co., lb High-st. ( Bfcyl I I TELEPHONE No. 1. IND, COOPE&Co. LD. OLD TOWN HALL STORES, RHYL. Wholesale & Family Wine & Spirit Merchants. SINGLE BOTTLES AT WHOLESALE PRICES. NOTE PRICE LIST- ALES AND STOUTS IN CASKS (CARRIAGE PAID). Per Per Per Per Galls. Pins. Fir. Kil. East India Pale Ale 1/8 7/6 15/- 30/- 60j- O „ 1/6 6/9 13/6 27/- 54'- L.B. Fine Bitter Ale 1/4 6/- 12/- 24/- 48/- F.A. Family Ale. 1/- 4/6 9/- 181. 36. Specially recommended for Private Families. 4. Mild Ale 1/6 6/9 13/6 27/- 64,- 5. „ 1/4 6/- 12/- 24/- 48 6. 1/2 5/3 10/6 21/- 42/- .7, 1/- 4/6 9/- 18/- 36/- Celebrated Extra Stout 1/6 6/9 13/0 27/- Double Brown Stout 1/4 6/- 12/- 24;- Brown Stout. 1/2 6/3 10/6 21/- BOTTLED. Imp Pints Imp. Half-pints; OOEast India Pale Ale 3/9 2/3 w-_zw ly 3/3 2/- L.B. Light Bitter (specially recommended) 2/6 1/6 F.A. Family Ale 2/6 1/6 D.S. Double Stout 3/6 l(9 S.S. Single Stout 2/9 lje P. Porter. 2/6 1/6 (In Cork Or Screw Stoppered Bottles). CHAMPAGNES, SPARKLING HOCKS, MOSELLES BURGUNDIES. CLARETS CHABLIS, CORDIALS, LIQUEURS, PORTS, SHERRIES, &c. AUSTRALIAN WINES, "BIG TREE AND "ORION" BRA DS. MARTELL'S and HENNESY'S BRANDIES. RODERIO DHU, HIGHLAND CREAM, INVERCAULD, BRIGADIER, GLENLIVET, AND J. JAMESON'S WHISKIES. IND, COOPE & CO., LTD. BREWERS, IMPORTERS and BONDERS of WINES and SPIRITS, BUiE^TOIsr-OlNr-T^IElNrT. INDIA PALE ALES AND STOUTS IN CASKS AND BOTTLES SPECIAL TERMS TO HOTELS AND BOARDING-HOUSES WINES AND SPIRITS. NOTE THE ADDRESS- OLD TOWN HALL STORES, RHYL, AND 8, LOWER MOSTYN STREET, LLANDUDNO. J. L. MAYGER, District Agent. SPORTING AMMUNITION FOR COMING SEASON Keeper's Cartridge—3 drams good black powder, 1 one-eight oz. shot\ 5/6 per 100. Better qualities 6/6 and 8/6 per 100. Smokeless Cartridge," 3 drams, E.C. Schultze or Amberite, 1 one-eight oz. shot 10/- per 100. Gastight cases 6d per 100 extra. The above cartridges are loaded throughout by us on the premises. Smokeless Cartridge," Factory loaded, 3 drams best smokeless powder, 1 one-eight oz. shot 6/6 per 100. Special Smokeless Cartridge," Factory loaded, 3 drams S.S powder, 1 one-eight oz. shot.. 8)1. per 100. We guarantee cartridges loaded throughout by us to contain accurate loads as stated. v Eley's, Kynoch's, and Joyce's loading or cases can be had if preferred. Large stock of Cuns, Gunpowder, Shots, Wads, and Accessories of all kinds. H. W. Roberts and Co., Handel House, High Street, opposite Post Office. (754 7s CELEBRATED COUT AND RHEUMATIC PILLS. The Safest and most Effectual Cure for TRADE MARK. TTHEY REQUIRE NEITHER k CONFINEMENT S3 M NOR ALTERATION OF DIET W AND IN NO CASE CAN W AND IN NO CASE CAN THEIR EFFECT BE INJURIOUS. ™ REGISTERED. These Last Three Years I have never had a Pain. MR EADE. 27 Boyne Street, Willington, Durham, January 12th, 1898. I Dear Sir,-It affords me great pleasure in writing these few lines to inform you about your valuable pills. It is seven years since I had the rheumatic fever, and the following three years I had the rheumatic pains. Having tried sure remedies but got no better, I heard of your pills* which I got and used, and received great benefit. These Last Three Years I have never had a Pain in regard to rheumatics. You can use my name, and also publish to the world the great power your pills have over rheumatic pains, and many I have told have got relief. They have been tome three times the Talue I have paid for them.—I remain, yours truly, JOHN LONGSTAFF. P.j$,—I would have written you sooner, but I have given them a good test. Eade's Gout and Rheumatic Pills. The Two First Pills took the Pain Away. 2 College Park Yillas, Kensal Green, London, W., May, 1891. Dear Sir,—I feel it my duty to tell you I had rheumatic gout once, and had to stop at home for three weeks. I cannot describe the pain I suffered. I read your advertisement, and looked upon it as all others, A brother signalman said, "Try them." I did so The First Two Pills took the Pain Away in a few hours, and I was able to resume my work. No one need be frightened to take them. 1 have recommended them to all whom I have heard complaining of rheumatism, gout, lumbago neuralgia, etc. I hope no one will doubt my statement.—Yours sincerely, Mr G. Eade. JAS. PETTENGALL. PREPARED ONLY BY GEORGE EADE, 232 Goswell Road, Londollo AndJsold|by*all Chemists, in bottles, Is Ild three in one 2s 9d. Sent post free by 9 Proprietor on receipt of stamps or postal order. Eade's Celebrated Gout and Rheumatic Pills 55 FREE INSURANCE. 2100 Will be paid to the legal representative of any man or woman (railway servants on duty excepted) who shall happen to meet with his or her death by an accident to the railway train in which he or she was travelling in any part of the United Kingdom on the following conditions :— 1. That at the time of the accident the passenger in question had upon his or her person this paper. 2. That prior to the accident the passenger in question had affixed his or her usual signature in the space provided below. 3. That notice of the accident be given to the Corporation guaranteeing this insurance within seven days of its occurrence. 4. That death result within one month from the date of the accident. 5. That no person can claim in respect of more than one of these coupons. 6. The insurance will hold good from 6 a.m. of the morning of publication to 6 a.m. on the day of the following publication. The due fulfilment of this insurance is guaran- teed by The Credit Assurance A Guarantee Corpora- tion, Limited, 10 King William Street, London, E.C., to whom all communications should be made. Printing of every description at the Journal Office. ESTABLISHED 1851. BIRKBECK BANK Southampton Bldngs., Chancery Lane, London, WJJ. CURRENT ACCOUNTS 20 on the minimum monthly balances, O JQ when not drawn below £ 100. Jq DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS °/ on Deposits, repayable on demand. J- 2/o kUZ/o STOCKS AND SHARES Stocks and Shares purchased and sold for customers. The BIRKBEOK ALMANACK, with full particular* poItfree. FRANOIS RAVENSCROFT, Manage Telephone No. 5 Eolborn. Telegraphic Address: "BIRKBKCK, LQ^DQK." Monev Lent Privately From S10 Upwards ON BORROWERS' OWN PROMISSORY NOJ: The undersigned has been established since and has always conducted business under bf Name. He has always endeavoured to act ill » *al ,fe& straightforward manner, andhaBreeeivedmanyHoo ,o of Letters of Appreciation and Thanks from those have dealt with him. NO PRELIMINARY FEES CHARGED. NO BILLS OF SALE TAKEN. PROMPT ATTENTION TO ENQUIRIE8. Prospectuses, Pamphlets containing Letters from Borrowers, Terms for Advances, ot information desired, will be supplied, free of charge, application either personally or by letter, to GSOBGE PAYNE. ACCODNTAHT, 3 CRESCENT ROAD. Printed and Published by PEARCE &u at 30 High Street, Rhyl, ia the F.riOll Rhyl, ia the County of Slot*