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RHUDDLAN. WHAT FOLKS SAY.—That the Unionist Can- didate, Mr Lloyd Price, has made an excellent impression here, that he is a thorough gentleman and has a kind and sympathetic way with him, that he pledges himself to uphold and safeguard the best interests of the nation, and not allow them to be frittered away, that some are trying to create prejudice and ill-feeling against him on account of his being a brewer, that this trade is as lawful and respectable as other trades, that the farmer who grows barley, is on an equality with a brewer, that grocers, who are mostly Radicals, sell wines and spirits; that more intem- perance is caused by these than by brewers, that it was the Radicals who granted these licences to the grocers, that the Radicals accept brewers as their candidates when they can get them, that they have made some Lords and Baronets, that Mr Herbert Lewis has been good to Rhuddlan, that he attended the Calvinistic Methodist bazaar, that he stayed there several hours, that he is one of the one-hundred-and-fifty lawyers who composed the last parliament, that as long as there are so manylawyers in parliament there is little chance of cheapening land conveyance and things of this sort, that no Pro-Boers should be returned to another parliament, that no patriot who loves his country should vote for such men, that some seem to be the friends of every country but their own, that some Radical canvassers are full of wit, and say to those who are doubtful, "we are come to convince fools,that Mr Lloyd Price will be triumphantly returned. SUDDEN DEATH.—We deeply regret to announce the death of Mr Rughes, Pen-y-fFordd, which took place on Saturday, 22nd inst. As late as Wednesday, Mr Hughes was in the town, and visited the schools, and the same evening enter- tained some friends. On Thursday he complained a little and on Friday he was worse. Dr Heaton, of St Asaph, was summoned, and found his patient had congestion of the lungs. The usual remedies were applied, and it was thought on Saturdav, that he was a little better. However, towards evening he became much worse and died at 10-30. Mr Hughes had suffered for lyears from a weak heart, and of late the symptoms had become serious. All that human skill could do was done by his medical attendant and his relations. The suddenness of his death caused quite a sen- sation. Mr Hughes formerly lived in Winchester but on retiring from business he returned to his native country, latterly taking up his abode with his sister and his brother-in-law at Penyffordd. He held the office of churchwarden and greatly exerted himself in collecting funds for the new heating apparatus in Rhuddlan Church. He was much given to hospitality, was genial and kind to all, very generous, and greatly loved by all who knew him. The funeral took place on Wednesday at Llanfwrog, the family burial place. The Rev T W Vaughan, vicar, accompanied the funeral, and took part in the service with the rector of Llanfwrog.




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MOXDA-S, MAY 14th, 1900,

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