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Travelling without a Ticket.

Diversion of Footpaths.

Offence Under the Foot and…

Sunday Trading.

Cruelty to Animals.

Drunk and Disorderly.

Improper Distance from Horses.

No Reliable Witnesses in Morfa…

Enforcing Sanitary Regulations.

Dismissed for Want of Sufficient…

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The Representation of Flintshire…


The Representation of Flintshire Boroughs. The "Chester Courant" states that there is a vague feeling of unrest and anxiety in the Flint Boroughs on the part of the Liberals as to what the result of the election will be when it takes place. For the first time some of the staunchest men of the Liberal party feel forced to admit that the chances of a Unionist gain are greater than ever before. By now it is generally acknow- ledged that whenever the General Election comes on it will be fought on the Transvaal question, and this means that many Liberals who have seen fit to carp at the G ov- ernment concerning their policy in connection with South Africa will be thrown out bag & baggage. It is well known that in a shadowy way the member for the Flint Boroughs is among the critics of Mr Chamberlain's policy and Mr Herbert Lewis's connection with Mr Lloyd George has been the means of adding many Liberals to the Unionist side, hence the anxiety which exists concerning the safety of tne seat. It is well known,: too, that the Liberal member himself partakes largely of this feeling of uneasi- ness, for at Flint some weeks ago, "'in secret conclave, he confessed that he was in a dilemma, and was exceed- ingly anxious to know if he was in any danger. The delegates told him frankly that he was, seeing that the- war was exceedingly popular throughout Flintshire, and that he had declared himself against it. We can also state it upon the best authority that the policy of resign- ation rather than defeat has been entertained by Mr. Lewis himself.

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IYachting on the Lake.

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