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FOOTBALL NOTES. (BY THE WANDERER). [ THE COMBINATION. Goals. P. W. D. L. F. A. Pts Oswestry I 1 0 0 6 0 2 Chirk 1 1 0 0 5 0 2 Wrexham .1..1..0..0..3..0..2 Bangor .1.. 1.. 0..0..2..0..2 White Star W. 2 1 0 1 5 2 2 Buckley V. 2 1 0 1 4 4 2 Newton 2 1 0 1 3 5 2 TianmereB.1 0 0 ..1..1..2 ..0 Eirkenhead 1 0 0 1 0 5 0 Hudson's .2..0..0..2..0 ..11 •• 0 Oswestry made & capital start in the Combination on Saturday, Hudson's Roing down before them to the tane of x goals to nil. Several new players appeared in the ranks of the Salopians, who mean to make a bold bid for the championship. Wrexham had all their work cat out for them to beat Buckhy on the Racecourse by 3 goa!s to nil. Bucklev are playing a very good gime, and should draw a good aate on the 29th lest., when they visit Rhyl. Wrexham, 11 the other hand, are disappointing their supporters, nd there are signs of mutiny already. Bangor opened the seison with a victory over White Star Wanderers by 2 goals t) none. There were very few fresh faces in the Bangor team, notwithntandiEg the amount of brag indulged in by certain <f the committee. The person who writes the alleged Welsh Coast Notes" for the Echo is a Baioa-Ir min, who evidently ha no intention of paying much tit cniion i„ ihe iloings of clnbs outside Bangor. LI\t Satur- day's 1, Kcho" ontlined what was supposed to be A report as to the prospect, cf ("oast clubs, btr the greater part of the Notes" were devoted to Bangor, whilst the Swifts and Rhyl were dismissed with a few words. The opening match at Rhyl last Saturday was fairly well patronised, and the local team, who beat Holyhead by 12 goals to 2, met with a good reception. The form exhibited by the new players was vety favourably commented upon. and it was generally admitted that in Spencer and Delaney, Rbyl had secured two excellent players. Sam Brookes and Harry Jones are also valuable acquisitions, as also is Brett, and with a capable goalkeeper and another forward we shall have a team that will be a credit to the town. Alf Vaughan has definitely promised to play centre half, andi Donoghne will probably be drafted into the forward rank. Hall and W Jones played a very fair game on Saturday, and so did Sam Parry, but they will each have to improve to keep their placts in the team. It is a pity Isaac Williams cannot see his way to sign for his old club. He was of great assistance last season, and is in capital form. ♦ The directors are endeavouring to get together one of the strongest teams on the coast, and their efforts ought to be appreciated by all local footballers. Those who have not, as yet, taken shares, should see Mr Moss, the secretary, at once, and fill up the usual form. A share carries with it a ticket admitting to the ground, and as there will probsblj be no season tickets issued this season, the advantage of being a shareholder is obvious. A. directors' meeting was held this week, aud upwards of 100 letters of allottment were sent out by the secretary, proving how well the venture is progressing. Bartley, late of Flint, appeared in the Earlestown ranks on Saturday, and did good service for his new club. Thomas, late of Rhyl, hopes to be able to play for Buckley on the 29th inst at Rhyl. In all probability, Robinson (Crewe) will be between the sticks to-morrow (Saturday) at Belle Vue ground, with Harry Jones and Phil Evans in front of him. Delaney, Vaughan, and Brookes are expected to be the halves, and Spencer, Brett, Parry, Loweivie (Crewe), and W Jones the forward line. Welsh has signed for .Llandudno Swifts, but means to play as an amateur (sic)—as also does Fred Jones (!) The Swifts will have to play pretty hard to- morrow to defeat the locals, and it is rumoured they intend to do their utmost to achieve this result. The kick off is at 3.15, and the price of admission to be ground 3d., so there should be a good crowd to witness the game. Brookes will play his bsfct (he says) against bis old team. A Jfew probable players are making applications for places in the Rhyl teaai for League matches, and several will be given a trial. There is Hooper, Colwyn Bay, and ft left back from Mustyn. a half-back and a forward from Denbigh, ami a master from one of the local colleges-all amateurs and promising man. In addition to these there are, at least, half a dozen good local players worth places, and so thsre should be an excellent Reserve team. Mr F Beech, who refereed so successfully last Satur day, has been put ou agnin for to-morrow, but he as expressed a hope that the weather will not bij quite so hot. Frank is now a Benedict, and it evidently agrees with him.



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