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Travelling without a Ticket.

Diversion of Footpaths.

Offence Under the Foot and…


Offence Under the Foot and Mouth Diseases Order. Rice Jones Williams, John Davies and Edward Davies, Rhyd Farm, were charged with removing cattle within the area affected by the foot and mouth disease. Mr Gamlin appeared for the defendants. P.C. Taaife said that on August 26th he saw Edward Davies open a gate near Rhyd Farm, and let :13 cows and 3 goats out of a field. Witness spoke to the defendant, and asked him why he eirove the cattle along the road within an atiected area. Edward Davies replied that he drove them twice a Itv. J(,Iin Davies then arrived on the scene and was driving the cattle alonu, the road. Witness also told that defendant that he was doing wrong in removing the cattle. Edward Davies refused to give his name, and wanted to know who was witiiei-. He replied that he -was a police- man. John Davies said that that was so, hut that he should have had his uniform on (laughter). Witness was in piaia clothes at the time. He afterwards saw Mr Williams, and he gave Edward Davies' name. Mr Williams was told that he would be charged with allowing the cattle to be removed. Mr Williams did not assist in removing the cattle. Mr Gamlin here applied that the case should be dismissed against Mr Williams, as he did not move the cattle, and he was not charged with allowing the cattle to be removed. Mr Williams was in l,ed at the time, and had been ill for a few days. He had been called out of his bedroom in his dress- ing gown by the police. The Chairman said the majority of the Bench dismissed the case against Mr Williams. Mr Elwy Williams said their Clerk advised them that there was not a tittle of evidence against Mr Williams, and that he could not be convicted on the summons. Inspector Pearson proved the publication of the notice as to the affected area by placard. In reply to Mr Gamlin, Inspector Pearson said he could not produce a newspaper in which the order WAS published. Air Gamiiu contended that the orders had not been published in the manner directed by the Board of Agriculture. There was no evidence that the order had been published in the newspapers. The Chairman said the Bench were satisfied with the publication of the notice and order. In reply to questions, P.C. Taaffe said he could please himself whether he went in uniform or not, as he was working the roads. He could not tell how near the posters were fixed to Rhyd Farm. He had warnei some farmers, but he did not tell Mr Williams. He did not know that Mr Williams had been misled by the posters placed about the farm &.t a later date. Mr Gamlin said the police could well have allowed these cases to drop. The County Council had through its committee passed a resolution to the effect that the order of the Board of Agriculture was a great hardship, aud had urged the relaxation of the rules in the case of farms adjoining roads. Mr Williams had taken great care in connection with his animals, but he did not know of the order of August 14th. He did know about the other order, but that did not include Rhyd in the area affected. Defendants also thought that the cattle travelled along a private road. Mr R J Williams was called, and said that he saw no poster but the modified order issued at a later date. After reading the notice, he came to the conclusion that his farm was not included in the area. He received no intimation from the police, although all other farmers had been warned. He kept his cattle in three fields. P.C. Taalle was most impertinent to him. Cross-examined I have not continually driven the cattle along the road. P.C. Ta.affe denied that he was impertinent in anv way. Mr Gamlin contended that the defence was a reasonable excuse for the Bench dismissing the case. Edward Davies was called, and denied that he drove the cattle. He merely opened the gate of the field. The Bench dismissed the case against Edward Davies, but fined John Davies (id for each head of cattle, and costs, the total amounting to £1 8s.

Sunday Trading.

Cruelty to Animals.

Drunk and Disorderly.

Improper Distance from Horses.

No Reliable Witnesses in Morfa…

Enforcing Sanitary Regulations.

Dismissed for Want of Sufficient…

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The Representation of Flintshire…

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IYachting on the Lake.

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