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On Sandhills.

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'-Israel My Glory."





NOTES FROM ABERGELE. 1 With the dull November days and the dark nights the need for improvements in the streets, and also lighting arrangements, is brought home with an impressiveness which cannot be mistaken. I hope that the Gas Company will get the powers they ask for, and that the Council will also carry their Provisional Order. At the present time the road between Abergele and Pensarn is in a very poor condition. It requires a good layer of stones, and the application of a steam road roller, while the lighting arrangements are not of the best possible character. If a Local Government Hoard Inspector could be induced to spend a few days at Abergele in the months of November and Decem- ber I feel sure that there would be no difficulty in getting Government officials to sanction whatever loans for improvements the Council like to ask for. The need for a wider roadway at Pentre- mawr cannot be questioned by anyone who has the interest of the place at heart. On Saturday, at the conclusion of the business of the monthly petty sessions, an interesting presentation was made by the members of the police force in the Abergele District. P.C. Rogers, stationed at Llanddulas, has recently taken unto himself a wife, and his colleagues thought it a favourable opportunity for presenting him with a very nice table lamp. Supt Jones, who is in charge of the Division, made the presentation on behalf of the subscribers, and referred to the good feeling which existed among the members or the torce in that district. He wished P.C. Rogers and his wife every happiness. Inspector Roberts also said a few words, and the recipient suitably responded. The War is a favourite topic for debate at the meetings of Literary Societies up and down the country, and the Wesleyans in Abergele are not behind in getting up a discussion upon it. The speeches and the papers read at the meeting held on the 30th ulfc were well to the point. Mr J H Lewis and Mr J R EUis were the leaders, and they dealt in an able manner with the subject. Both are well-known debaters, although, fortunately, the occasion docs not often present itself for de- bating the pros and cons of a war of the magnitude of that upon which we are at present engaged. The subject was of such an interesting character that it was decided to further discuss it at a meet- ing to be held next week. The entertainment held on the 23rd and 24th ult at St George proved a great success, and now I understand that the Abergele people are to foliow the lead set by the ladies at Kinmel Hall. The War Fund here amounts to upwards of £80. and Mr Bedford has undertaken the task of arranging a concert to supplement it. He has selected the 15th inst as the date, and he has been fortunate in securing the services of the Misses Hughes, Kin- mel, and Miss Griffith, ladies who are well-known for the readiness with which they help on all occa- sions like the present. I hear that capital sport has been obtained in I Kinmel covers dnring the past few weeks by a party of gentlemen. Pheasants have been plenti- f Ul. When the Railway Company commenced to widen the line between Foryd Junction and Aber- gele the question arose in the minds of many as to how the loop traffic would be carried through Foryd Station. The engineers have settled Uie matter by opening one of the archways on the west side of the old line, and by a circuitous route they avoid the difficulties which would be sure to arise if the traffic on the loop line had to be worked on the main line metaJs through the station. The next alteration of some magnitude will probably be the re-building of the station at Pensarn. Many of the inhabitants, as well as of the public generally, will be pleased to have the tale A Modern Privateer," which has been appearing in serial form, made up in a neat well-printed sixpenny book. The author i3 our fellow-townsman aud literary writer Mr England Cowen, and the publishers are Messrs W 11 Evans & Sous, Chester. BERG EL.

Protection of the Coast Line.


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Life's Secrets,

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