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FOOTBALL NOTES. The surprise of the season was the victory by the Town Club team, secured at Llandudno, on Saturday over the Swifts, and consequently each member of the Committee appears to be delighted with the result. The team was as follows :—Glass, I Williams, Vernon Jones, Alf Williams, H Middleton, T Middleton, A Davies, Simcox, Chas Jones, W Jones, and S Parry. I have received the following account of the match will be read with interest by all lovers of the game :-The return match played last Saturday at Llandudno excited a great deal of attention in local football circles, as it practically decided Rhyl's chance of the championship honours. They preatly improved form of the Rhyl team since the home match was played on October 30th, which the Swifts won by 3 to nil, raised the hope that that defeat would be avenged, or at least one point might be gained. Results proved that the hopes were not vain, and Rhyl now stands top of the League, with a really five record; played 7, won 5, lost 1, drawn 1. The selected team turned up to a man, to catch the 12-50 train to Llandudno, being accompanied bv several committee men, and a few friendly enthusiasts. A pleasant journey was made, and half-an-hour's time was left for the Rhyllads to dress and get to the Swifts' ground ready for the fray. The spectators were few when the teams lined up, but increased considerably before half time, when quite a big crowd had assembled, in ideal football weather. Some of them no doubt remembered the match last season, when Rhyl went down to the terrible tune of 3 to 0, and per- haps imagined they had a soft thing on this time-. if so they were rudely undeceived. Capt Middle- ton won the toss, a most lucky thing for his team, as starting with a strong sun and breeze behind them, they undoubtedly had a great advantage over their opponents. The Swifts kicked off, and robbed by the Rhyl halves, play was soon at the home end, where some good passing by Charlie and Will Jones ended in the ball being sent behind. From the goal-kick, give and take play was the order for a considerable time, getting very slow at times. At last after the Rhyl forwards had shown splendid passing tactics the ball was sent to the centre-forward, Sam Parry, when at rather long shooting distance, who making no mistake, with a lovely shot, landed the ball safely just under the bar. Had the goalkeeper been a six-footer, he might have saved, but as he U not he had no chance. This stroke of luck oil"" coming after about 20 minutes' play just suited our lads, and from then until half-time there was no holding them off. The forwards came again and again, and but for the capital defence of the Llandudno baoks several more goals must have been got. As it was ten minutes later Abel Davies got possession of the ball, and racing through the halves and backs, with a long oblique shot, scored number two for the visitors. How those select few Rhylites shouted. It's a wonder almost they were not heard at home. Rhyl now pressed con- tinually, and had exceedingly hard lines in not increasing the score, especially so when Wil Jones, that clever outside left, raced along the wing, and IIhot: only inches wide of the desired mark. Was it the new boots, WIll t Had'nt got quite' used to 'em, eh Half-time came shortly after this, with the score Rhyl 2, Llandudno 0 § After the usual interval in which coffee was served out to the players, the teams once more faced each other, and Rhyl now facing the sun and a stiff wind had to show what their defence were capable of, and whether their back division were superior to the Swifts, for the game now was just the reverse of the first half. The Llandudno men at once began to press and Glass, who throughout gave a superb exhibition of goal keeping, was called upon to stop several stinging shots high and low, which he did in his very best stvle. in the first half he had one or two nasty samples to deal with, and came through the trial well. The halves and backs now showed grand defence, and Humph Middleton clearing, ran through the opposing forwards and in the act of passing to the left wing was badly fouled by Will Hughes, getting a very nasty tall. From the free kick the visitors forwards had a turn at popping for the goal, and several shots were almost put through, Charlie having hard lines once or twice, About this time a Llandudno player came from the back line to the centre-half position, a sign that the Swifts did not feel quite comfortable as to the result. Pressure then was put on the Rhyl defence once more and the whole back division worked like giants to keep their goal intact. Mention of any special player would be quite unfair, for the whole lot played a magnificant game, and excitement wore to a great height as time after time the ball bobbed about near to the visitors' goal. The spirits of the little clique of Rhylites went down gradually lower and lower until at last when from a hot scrimmage in front of Glass, Webb put the ball through amid a hurricane of cheers from the Llandudno crowd. One or two of the "select" thought they had better go home, and as for keeping their pipes lit, they could not do it, so put them away in their pockets. Spurred by the success just gained the ownts now tried all they were worth to notch another point, and though they gained one or two corners nothing came of them. For the last half hour the play of several of the home side was very dirty indeed, foul after foul being given against them. Had a stricter referee than Mr Pryce Smith, of Bangor, been officiating some of the Swifts would have been Sent off the field. Sly, spiteful kicks seemed to be their forte. Charlie Jones who wich H Middleton seemed to share the honour of these favours called the attention of the referee to this matter when it became too much to stand. The Swifts are too good a team to indulge in shady practices, so it is to be hoped that it will not occur again. The game was still hot and fast, end to end play ensuing until a few minutes from time when extra- ordinary efforts were made by the home side to draw level, bub the Rhyl lads fought equally hard for the lead they had won, and when the whistle blew the red and whites were defending for all they were worth. Pipes were lit by the clique, and with many jokes and congratulations the 4-40 return train was caught, previous to which a wire had been sent to the local headquarters, though through some mistake it never reached its destination and positive news of the grand victory had to be brought by the players themselves. With regard to the home match on Victoria Park, things were not quite what they might have been, and as compared with the doings of the first team the play of the Reserves was small. It was a match between the Rhyl Town Reserves and the Bangor Reserves in the third round of the Junior Cup. Bangor statted the game before a large assemblage and played uphill in the first half. The home team was minus Fazakerley and W Matthews, the latter having been suspended owing to his playing at Abergele in a medal com- petition. No doubt the absence of these players weakened the homeside considerably. Although the game was evenly contested the display was anything but good football. The home team star- ted as if they would carry all before them, but they lost chance after chance in front of goal. Bangor were also off colour, although but for the sterling play ot the Rhyl goalkeeper and the three half-backs there would have been a defeat for the home team. Neither side scored. Mr Williams, Holywell, was referee, and Mr W A Thomas the local linesman. The Rhyl Team were Goal, T M Jones; Backs, T Ryles, and D Smith halves, R H Jones, J Jones, E Davies; Forwards, T Parry, Lewis, G Evans, Bell and C Ellis. Do not forget the grand soiree to be held at the Pavilion on Wednesday next. I have heard from Mr F Sarson, the hon. sec., that there will be full value for the money of both spectators and dancers. The tickets have sold splendidly. I have heard it said that the Rhyl Town Club will either defeat Wrexham or draw with that team. I hope that there will be plenty of Rhyl spectators to give our lads a cheer on the 22nd. The general topic of conversation, also appears to be as to who should act as linesman in this match. The Committee seem to be in a difficulty as al- most everyone wants the office. It is to be hoped that the Committee will use their discretion, and select one who knows his work thoroughly, and who will give satisfaction to both teams, as well as to the referee. If 200 Rhylites will go to Wrexham the Company can make the return fare 2s. Names to be sent to headquarters by Saturday. The League table will be consulted with interest as Rhyl stands at the head. North Wales Coast League. Goals P W L D For A(?a Pts Rhyl Town 7 5 l 1 13 8 11 Llandudno Swifts 6 3 2 0 10 6 6 Bangor 4 2 l 1 10 4 5 Rhyl Amateurs .5 2 3 0 J *7 4 Holywell 0 2 1 7 1 Carnarvon Tronopolis 4 0 3 1 4 7 1 Carnarvon Ironopolis 4 0 8 1 4 7 1 I understand that the recent match between the Rhyl Town Reserves and Bangor Reserves in the Welsh Junior Cup, which resulted in a draw, is to be re-played on February 5th. A match was played between the Talargoch Swifts and Gwaonyagor United, at Gwaenyagor, on Saturday afternoon. The names of the team for Talargoch Swifts were :-B Blain, R Hughes, D Hughes, R Parry, Joseph Jones, George Haworth, Rich Haworth, Isaac Williams, Louis Roberts, Jno Clark. The referee was Mr Savage, Newmarket. The game was played before a few spectators, and ended in a win for the Swifts by 6 goals to nil.








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