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ANNIVERSARY SERVICES AT TOWYN. The nineteenth Anniversary Festival of the con- secration of St. Mary's Church, Towyn, was held on Friday, the 17th inst., St. Alban's Day. The services of the day began with a celebration of the holy eucharist at 8 a.m. At J I. ij the rite of con- firmation was administered by the Lord Bishop of the Diocese. This office was preceded by a pro- cession of the choir, clergy, Bishop and confirma- tion candidates, who entered the church by way of the chancel, passing down the north aisle, and thence up the nave; the choir returning to the chancel, whilst the Bishop took up his position in the sanctuary, and the candidates, accompanied by their clergy filed into places reserved for them in the front seats of the nave. The hymn "Come Holy Ghost, Creator Blest" was sung during the procession. The Vicar, the Rev. J. Thomson Jones, having read the preface, the Bishop pro ceeded with the office, a chair being placed for his lordship at the entrance to the chancel. The can- didates came forward in twos, kneeling on the chancel step, to receive the outpouring of God the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands." When all had been confirmed, the hymn, Our Blest Redeemer," was sung. The Bishop, in the course of his address, said :— c. Confirmation is an opportunity for reflection, and is very often a turning point in life. After confirmation, there is before us the life of the Cross or that of selfishness. Selfishness works out badly even in this life. His Lordship having illustrated the different conditions of the heart for receiving grace, by an application of the Parable of the Sower, proceeded to say that, although he had no doubt they had all been carefully prepared by their clergy, and had also made every effort to prepare themselves by prayer and self-examination, for their confirmation; still, he should like to say a few words to them about this rite. In Holy Baptism they were born spiritually,—had re- nounced the world, the flesh, and the devil,—and had been cleansed. They had now, in their con- firmation, been made bold and strong to serve God,—and had received an increase of grace. The had come to receive that, which St. Peter, on the Day of Pentecost told the multitude, that re- pentance and baptism would qualify them. He had so far spoken of what confirmatian had done for them. He wished next to remind them of their part viz., renunciation, faith, and obedience. Faith was not peculiar to religion. All through life we had to exercise faith. No great cause was ever won, nor any great deed accomplished, with- out faith. No army ever won a battle without faith in their commander. We, then, must hav faith in Christ. We must obey Him for by obedience we shew our love; and Christ will mani- fest Himself to those who love Him. Hence obedi- ence brings greater knowledge of Christ. His Lordship next urged them to be creatures of principle and not of impulse. A great man had once said, Heaven means character and character means principle." It must have struck them what a solemn service Confirmation was, and at the same time how simple. Perhaps also they may have heard it asked how such a simple thing as the Laying on of Hands by the Bishop could do any good. Well, the water of Holy Baptism, and the bread and wine in the blessed sacrament of Christ's body and blood were just as simple. Then again, remember all the simple means our blessed Lord employed in His teaching works. So the Laying on of Hands" was the outward sign of bene- diction, ordained by Christ when He blessed little children. Now, confirmation brought with it the privilege of admission to the blessed sacrament. He entreated them never to neglect their com- munions, but to make it a rule to receive never less than once a month. At the conclusion of his ad- dress, which was listened to attentively by all, but in a marked manner by those just confirmed, the Bishop proceeded with the service, the res- {>onses being sung to Merbecke. During the col- ection the hymn My God, accept my heart this day was sung, after which the Bishop pronounced benediction from the altar. The newly confirmed were from Towyn, Abergele, St. George, and Connah's Quay. Evensong, which was fully choral, was sung at 7 p.m. The special psalm was the 84th, the Mag- nificat and Nunc Dimittis being Burnett in F. The hymns selected for this service were :—" Bywha dy waith, 0 Arglwydd lor" "Mae Eglwya Dduw trwy'r ddae'r a'r nef yn un"; "Tyr'd Yspryd sanctaidd, ledia'r ffordd"; "Arglwydd tyn y lleni trymion.' The sermon was preached by the Rev. D. W. Evans, Rector of St. George, in the unavoidable absence of the Rev. E. T. Davies (Dyfrig), Vicar of Pwllheli. Throughout the day, the choir and congregation were very much assisted by the play- ing of the talented organist, Mr A. W. Hughes, of Rhyl. The church was very beautifully decorated with choice flowers and plants by members of the congregation, assisted by Mr Kemp from Gwrych Castle. The churchyard, as usual, looked very pretty, loving hands having placed emblems of the resurrection on the graves. The Vicar and Mrs Thomson Jones very kindly entertained the choir to dinner and tea at the school.





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