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Kinmel Terrace I Mr Rd. Evans 2 Mr John Williams Mr Jones 4 Mr Bartley 5 Mrs Wright 6 Mrs John Hughes Market street 1 Mr Daniel Evans lAMr T. D. Jones IBMr Simpson lclr W. Williams 2 Elvaston House—Mr Jones 3 Mr J. J. Williams 4 Mrs Wright 5 Mr W. D. Hughes 6 Mr F. Lipsham 7 8 Mr P. H. Piercy 9 Mr Jones 10 Mrs Williams 11 Mona Hotel-Mr G. W. Jones Offices of Messrs P. and J Williams Mr F. H. Homan Rhyl and County Clubhouse GLANGLASFOR. Mrs Roberts private Mr J. Jones Mrs Price GLANGLASFOR VILLAS. Covington House — Misses Robinson Mr Isaac Jones Mr Salsbury LYRIC BUILDINGS. Lyric Hall Mr Brient Mr Talbott Morhy road Brunswick Chapel House-Mr P. Eyans Mr and Mrs H. Ward and family, B'ham I Mr W. Edwards 2 3 Cefndy Villa Mr Joseph Humphreys private 4 Wh itford House—Mrs Moseley Mrs Alex. Ramsay, Montreal, Canada Mrs J. C. Holden do Dr D. B. Holden do Mrs Holden do MORLEY VILLAS. 1 Miss Hughes private 2 Fairholme- Freelands-Mr David Davies and Mrs Davies private Mill Bank Mill Bank Inn—Mrs W. Jones Elwy Hall-Mrs Griffith Jones private Maes Cottage—Mr Riches Elwy Villa- 11 Miss Jones MOUNT PLEASANT. 72 Mr Arthur Mr, Mrs and Master Pycroft and baby, Manchester Miss May Rose, Salford Mr and Mrs Hughes, M'chester Mr Hatton,. Old Trafford Mr Wood, L'pool Mr E. Nicholls, Pendleton Mr T. Lord, Rochdale Mr Johnson, Longsight Mr Basford, Stoke on Trent Mr Walters, Sale Miss Hatton, Old Trafford SUMMERSET VILLAS. I Mrs Jones 2 Mr Crosby VALE VILLAS. 1 Mr J. Humphreys 2 Mr Robert Roberts MILL BANK VILLAS. 1 Mr G. Farrant private 2 Paradise st. CHURTON TERRACE. 1 Mr T. Davies private 2 Mrs E. W. Pritchard private 3 Mr J. Williams private Churton Villa Mr and Mrs Parsons private Eden Cottage-Miss Jetsum Ivy Cottage-Miss Burns Rhyl District Water Co.'s Office Mr Bayliss, manager REGENT VILLAS- 1 R. D. Roberts, Esq, and Mrs Roberts private 2 Mr T. Robb private 3 Mr J. H. Parry private Princes st. 1 Miss Jones private 2 Misses Ledward private 3 Mrs Jones 4 Castle View-Mrs Jones 5 Misses Walton Mr, Mrs, and Miss Edmonds, Harborne Miss Brodley, Birmingham 6 Mr and Mrs Williams 7 Mr Chadwick 8 Twyning House—Mr J. D. Williams Mrl Mrs, and Mirs Lanton, B'ham Miss Young, Hereford Mr and Miss Wickham, London 9 Mr Pickersgill 10 Mrs Hnghes 11 W. Mason, Esq private 12 Mrs Irwin private 13 Mrs Timms 14 Mr Evans 15 Mrs Thomas Rev. Moses Mills Misses M. and S. M. Grundy, Marsh, Huddersfield 16 Mrs Moseley 17 Mr Stavely 18 Mr & Mrs B. Williams private 28 Mr E. Roberts private Mr & Mrs Treleaoin <& family, Leeds 29 Mr W. Edwards Mrs Williams, Wrexham 30 Mr Thomas private 31 Mr W. Evans Mr and Mrs Stanley, Crewe Misses Stanley (3) ditto 32 Mr and Mrs Williams 33 Mr Morris private 34 Mr Highway Mrs and Miss Walters, H'worth Mrs Turner do 35 Miss Hardy private 36 Prospect House- rs ughes 37 Auron House—Mr Hannaby Mrs T. Phillips family and maid, Oswestry English Presbyterian Chapel Queen st Town Hall Auction Mart— Messrs J. E. Roberts & Co. 1 Mr Pryce Davies 2 Messrs Williams & Co. private 3 Messrs Homan & Son private 4 Mr J. Roberts private 5 Mr Graves private Welsh Congregational Chapel 6 Mr Hugh Roberts 7 Mr Roose 8 Temperance Hotel-Mr Ayre Mr and Mrs Mitchell and family, Birmingham Mr Winterbottom, Radcliff Miss Lanford and nephew, Stock- port Mrs Farndon family and maid, Hinckley Miss Plumb do 9 Walsall House—Mrs Patten Mr and Mrs Burns, Walsall Masters Sam and William Burns Mr and Mrs Swift, Walsall Misses Hill do Mrs Jeffries family and nurse do 10 Bayfield House-MrsW. Jones 11 Snowden's Temperance Hotel Mr Chas. Hassell, Fenton Staff John Thornton, Esq., Lopoel Mr Whatton, Wellington Mrs Davison, Richmond. York- shire 12 Talhaiarn House—Mrs Evans Mr and Mrs Empson baby and maid, Adams Green, B.ham Mr and Mrs Wood, Stafford 13 Miss Davies Mrs Thomas and family, B'ham 14 Mr James McGill Mr and Mrs A. E. Stokes, family and nurse, Wolverhampton Mr & Mrs Cooke, Onslow 15 Miss Hughea private I 16 Mrs Brereton Mr and Mrs Davies, Balsall Heath, Birmingham 17 Brunswick House—Mrs Parry Mrs and Miss Elliott, Whitchurch Mr W. Elliott do 17ABrunswick Cottage Mrs Jones P. A. Pemberton, Esq., Liverpool W. J. Stone, Esq., S.E. 18 Willoughby House Mrs Williams 19 Cleveland House-Mrs Brient 20 Albert House—Mrs Allen 21 Mrs Jones Mr and Master Davies, Bucking- ham Mr E. Wilson do Mr H. Lambert, Philipps Mr Bruien, Hanley Mr B. Bruien 22 Mrs Pierce Mr, Miss, and Master Arter, Wol- verhampton 23 Mrs Williams Mrs Moun, Coventry Master Sidney Moun Miss Frankbelen do 24 Mrs Geary Mr and Mrs Lane, Hereford Miss Lane 25 Mr Jones 26 Stanley House—Mr Edwards Mr and Mrs J. Butler and family, Birmingham 27 Cambrian Dining Rooms — Mr E. Peters Mr S. B. Vallance and family, W olverhampton Mrs Broadbent do Mrs Appleby do Mr and Mrs Aston do Mrs Broadbent, junr, do 28 Mr Boddington private 29 George Hotel — Mr W. P. Jones QUEEN'S CIRCUS. 2 Mrs E. T. Lee private 3 Mr Arnold private QUEEN STREET (Continued) 30 Mr Cheetham 30A S. Eisiski 31 Floral Hall—Mrs L. S. Price 32 Mr J. Evans private 33 & 34 Messrs Rhydwen Jones and Davies 35 Mr Hatwood private 36 Mrs Ingleby 37 Mr D. J. Griffiths Russell Road 2 Messrs Hackforth & Co 3 Mr Bell 4 Messrs Harrison & Son 5 Misses Morris Swan Inn-Mr Chorlton 6 7 Mr Robert Roberta Plasgwyn—Mrs Price Jones 8 private 9 MrP.MostynWilliams private Plas Newydd—W. B. Carstairs, Esq, M.D. private Plas Owen— Kirkstall H. Samuels, Esq, Mrs Samuels & family private Esmond House—Mr and Mrs Clews and family private Merton House Oriel House School-The Misses Meyrick private Sydnope-R. P. Radley, Esq (p Knighton Lodge Bodheulog—J. Pierce, Esq. and Miss Pierce private Angorfa-Mrs Smart and Miss Smart private The Lawn- Mrs Whitley and family private Oldcroft R. B. Dixon, Esq Mrs Dixon and family private Rhianva-Miss Sneyd private Bryn Estyn—Misses Atcherley private Southlands—S. Perks, Esq, J.P Mrs Perks & family private Blencathra-Misses TrousdeII pte Bryn tirionCottage- Mrs Murray Seacombe Plastirion Plastirion Lodge-Miss Cox Plas Sydney- Bronwylfa T. Morgan Owen, Esq, M.A., H.M. Inspector, Mrs Morgan Owen and family private Bryntirion—Major Howard (p The Vicarage Mrs Howell Evans & family private Bodannerch-Miss Sneyd pte Preswylfa-W. J. P. Storey, Esq and Mrs Storey private Englefield Englefield Cottage Stephen Roose, Esq privat S. Thomas' Church Holy Trinity Church RUSSELL BUILDINGS- Mr Barlow, Auctioneer Mr J. Jones, Collector of Taxes Messrs. Kendall & Co. St. Asaph st 1 Kilmore Villa—Mra Hughes and Miss (Hughes private 2 Miss Richardson private 3 Mrs Barber 4 — Bodonwen Cottage Capt. Atcherley private Sussex st. Bank Buildings- Masonic Hall Mr Rudland, solicitor's office 1 Mrs Keyzar 2 Miss Furber 3 4 Mr McEwen 5 Mr Miller 6 Mr Griffiths Mr Thos. Allen, Warrington Mrs Allen Mrs Thos. Allen Miss M. Allen Miss Gandy do Miss Bradburn, Whitley, near Northwich St. George's Hall Stores — Messrs P. and J. Williams 7 Mr Roberts 8 8AMrs John Amos private 8BMr Griffiths private 9 Chester House-Mr Arnold private Albert Vaults—Mr Price 10 Albert Buildings-Mr Price private 12 Mr Abbott 13 "Advertiser" office-Messrs. Amos Brothers 14 Mrs Iddins 15 Mr Osbert Edwards, solicitor 16 Mr D. Pritchard English Baptist Chapel South Kinmel st I 1 Vale View Cottage Mr Howells 2 Mr Davies Mrs Matthews, Manchester Mrs Smith do Mrs Thomas do 3 Mrs Manning 4 Mr Edwards 5 Mr S. Jones 6 Mrs Lewis 7 Mrs Brooks 8 Mrs Roberts 9 Mr Francis Jones 10 Mr Davies 11 Mr Roberts private Tarleton st. Mordon House Mrs L. R. Morgan and family private jIhorpe street 1 Mr Thomas Jones and Mrs Jones private 2 Mr George Bell 3 Mrs Roberts 4 Mr F. Bayliss Brunswick Villa Rev. John Hughes private Gwynfa Villa — Mr J. Davies Mrs Davies and Misses Davies private Vale Road. EAST SIDE. Ivy Cottage—(1) Mr R. Evans Ivy Cottage-(2) Mr Dicker 1 Mrs Hoole 2 Mr Richard Jones 3 Mr John Roberts 4 Mr Thos. Ellis 5 Mrs M. Williams 6 Mrs T. Williams GREENFIELD PLACE. 5 Mr Wm. Jones 6 Mr Ll. Williams 10 Mrs Parry 11 Mrs M. Blackwcll VALE ROAD (continued). 7 Maesincle Villa — Mr T. J. Haselden 8 Llys Arfon-Mr Parry 9 Arfon Cottage—Mrs R. Lloyd Victoria Inn-Mr Heathcoto British Schools—Head Master: Mr Geo. Nuttall. Infants' Mistress: Miss J. Jones 19 Colomendy House Miss Davies .Jfr R. Hughes Mr Collinson, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Williams, Glan'rafon, Corwen 21 Sabina Villa-Mr Powell, (Postmaster) 23 Colomendy Villa-Mr Hulley Mr Jones, Llandrillo Mr Rafferty, Manchester COLOMENDY VIEW. 8 Mrs Williams 10 Mr Crossley 12 Mr Mason 14 Mr Ellis Evans VALE ROAD-( continued). 25 Messrs. Williams and Co. 27 Mr Edge 28 Elwy House-Mr J Hughes 29 Mrs Rowlands 31 Prince of Wales Hotel—Mr G. Brookes Bryn Hyfrvd-Mr Jones 61 Mrs Parry Mr Roose The Hand-Mr J. Robtrts Farmers—Mr F. Heathcote Ty'n Rhyl-Mr Ingram private Maesgwilym Cottage—Mrs Jones Townend-Mr Evans WEST SIDE. The Poplars—Mr Campbell Town End-Mr Wm. Evans Smithy—Mr Wm. Jones Terfyn Cottage-Mr Jones PENDYFFRYN ROAD. Pendyffryn-Miss F. Sneyd private Merllyn—Mr Smith Tyne wydd—Mrs Davies RHUDDLAN ROAD. Plas Llewellyn—Mr Trevathen I Reynolds'Villas—Mr W. Davies Stanley Park—Mr J. E. Roberts Epworth College—Mr Walker Ponty GwtterFarm—MrsHughe Glan'rafon- BETHEL TERRACE. 212 Mr D. Roberts 214 Mrs Robeuts 216- 218 Mr Conway Welsh Calvinlstic Methodist Chapel Queen's Arms—Mr J. Jones NationalSehool East View-Mr J. Eamford Glenville Villa—Mr P. Jones Mr W. Pendleton NottinghamHouse-MrE. Jones pte 60- 61 Mrs J. Wynne 62 Mrs Williams 64 Mr Jones WILLIAM STREET. I Miss Hnghes private 2 Mr P. Roberts 3 Mr Williams 4 Mrs Medcalf 5 Mrs Jones 6 Mrs O. Jones private 7 Mr Roger Thomas 8 Mr D. Williams private 9 Mr J. Thomas 10 MrReevely 11 Mr T. Williams private 12 Mrs Emerson 65 Miss J. Owens private SISSON STREET. 1 Sisson Villa-Mr Ed. Morgan Welsh Wesleyan Chapel 3 Mr J. Jones 5 Mrs Edwards 7 Mr Manley (NEWTOWN). 21 Mr J. Williams private 23 Mr P. Griffiths private 25 Mr Ed. Jones private 27 Mr W. Jones 29 Mrs Hughes 31 Miss Catherine Jones 33 Mr J. Williams 35 Mrs Hughes 37 Mr Edwards 39 Mr T. Hollis 41 Mr W. Jones 43 Mr Lloyd ERXEST STREET: NORTH TERRACE. 1- 2 Mrs Davies 3 Mrs Windsor private 4 Mr A. Maltby private 6 Mrs Watson 6 Mr J. T. Royle 7 Mr J. Griffiths private 8 Mr Titton 9 Mrs Smith 10 Mr Tinsler 14 Mr Morris 16 Mrs M. Hughes 18 Mrs Ellis 20 Mr Davies 22 Mr Griffiths 24 Mrs Lidge 26 Mr Edw. Brierley private 28 Mrs Parry 30 Mr Ivor Williams 32 34 Mrs Dixon 36 Mrs Holmes 38 Mrs Jones 40 Mrs Davies 42 Mrs J. Hughes 42A Mr John Parry 42B Mrs H. Pickering 42c Mrs M. Thomas 42D Mrs Jones 42E Mr John Parry 44 Mrs Stalker 44A 46 Mr Simner 48 54 Poplar House-Mr Hughes faughan st. 1 Mr Jones 2 ————— 3 Mrs Jones 4 Mrs Williams 5 Mrs Lambert 6 Misses Roberts 7 Mrs Jones 8 Mr Davies 9 Mr Beech 10 Mr R. Evans 11 Mr R. Williams Tudor Villa-Mrs Humphreys Voryd. Voryd Hall J. E. Middle- hurst, Esq, Mrs Middlehurst and family private Glandwr-Mrs Keyzar Mr R. Jones, shipbuilder Voryd Cottage—Mr Thomas The Refreshment Rooms-Mr McNaughton Voryd Harbour Hotel-Mr R. Clarke Wafer st. 1 Shamrock House Mrs E. Price Roberts and Miss Prk Roberts riv lAMr Maltby lBMr Thomas Griffiths 2 Mr Simcox 3 Mr Thomas Williams 4 Mrs Foulkes 5 Mr J. J. Hughes 6 Swiss Cottage Mr Peter Powell Jones private Welsh Baptist Chapel 7 & 8 Mr E. P. Jones private 9 Messrs Owens and Sons 10 Providential House Mr Owens 11 Windersdorf-Mrs Holland 12 Mr J. H. Ellis Trelawney—Mr and Mrs Ellis private MARINE TERRACE. 14 Ronhilda Ladies' School Misses Read private Clifton House—Mr Chilwell WATER STREET-(Continued 13 Miss Cook Mr and Mrs Jackson, Aston Miss Eden, Ruabon 16 Miss Lloyd Humphreys Mrs Turner and family, Acocks Green Mrs Chambers and family, Shirley 17 Albury House-Mrs Greenhouse Mr & Mrs Dickinson, Wolverton Mr & Mrs W. Pace,$Bridgnorth Miss Grocott, L'pool 18 Osmund House—Mis Teece Mr & Mrs Hill & family Bradford Mrs Garnett do Mrs and Miss Hrr is, Hednesf ord Mr Thomas Quinn, Stockport Master Quinn Mrs Beauford & son, Birmingham Mrs Ostcliffe Bradford Mr W. J. Gregory, Birmingham 19 Young Women's Christian Association Rooms Miss Crawford 20 Mr James Griffiths 21 Sidmouth-Mrs George 22 Woodville House-Mrs M. A J. Hall Mrs Ellen Morris, Stratford-on- Avon Mr W. F, and Miss Morris Mr and Mrs Wilson family and nurse, Wolverham Miss Tomkins, Albrighton Mr & Mrs Ashford, Basford, Staff Mrs Dixon, Willenhall Miss Oaks, Bewdley 23 Wednesbury House-Misses Lloyd and Jones Mrs Garbuth and family, B'ham Mr W. Henry Jones, Sheffield Mr and Mrs McArthur, and family, Moseley Miss McDonald do Mr and Mrs Ashmall and family, Burton-on-Trent 24 Maesdola-Mrs Owens 25 Mrs Wainwright 26 Mr Hugh Jones Miss Venville, Wolverhampton Miss Hunt do Mrs Young and family, Kidder minster va, 27 Regent House-Mrø Donald- son and Miss Furber F. Welsh. B.A. Mr and Mrs Pearson, Birmingham Master and Miss Pearson Miss Lowe do 28 Mr Perkins private 29 Gomer House Mrs O. R. Williams 30 Manchester House Mrs Myerscough Mrs E. Hughes, Cannock Misses D. and M. Hughes Miss M. Jones do Mrs Broadmeadow, Manchester Mrs A. Walker and baby do 31 Leicester House—Mr Roberts 32 Mr D. J. Davies 33 Office ofW. R. Williams, Esq, solicitor English Congregational Chapel Warren road I Mr John Hughes 2 Mr J. Edwards 3 Mrs Taaffe 4 Mrs J. Newbold Mr and MrsW. G. Smith, Astbury Mrs J. Brindley and family do 5 Mrs C. Duffield 6 Mrs Marison Welsh Calvinistic Chapel Plas Gwrych-Mr Pierce Grange Villa—Mr J. P. Lewis Fairfield Lodge- MOUNTVIEW TERRACE. I 2 Stansty Vill—Mr Lloyd 3 Mount Villa—Mrs W. Browne Marton Villa-Mrs Pritchard West Kinmel st. ARRAN VILLAS 1 Mr Oldfield private 2 Mrs Morris Hughes Wellington Road. WELLINGTON CHAMBERS. 2 Mr Homan 3 Mr Kirk 4 Mr R. D. Roberts' Office Offices :-1 Mr Alun Lloyd, solicitor; 3, Mr Pritchard, tailor 5 Mr Jones 6 Miss Amos 7 Wellington Arcade 8 Mr Sheffield's Warehouse 9 Mr J. Beech 10 Albion Hotel-Mr J. Denton, proprietor 11 Bodfor House Dr. T. H. Summerhill, Mrs Summerhill and family private 12 Police Station-Mr Williams, Inspector 14 North Wales Hotel-Mr Ed. Edwards, proprietor j 15 Avondale-Mrs John Jones pte I 16 Mrs Taylor private j 17 Mrs Williams private 17AMr Dean 17BMrs Gregory 18 Mrs Burns 19 Mrs Roberts 20 Mr Bennett Mr Packer, Glasgow Mr Ovenstone do 21 Mrs Davies Mr & Mrs D. Findlay, Smethwick Miss E. Findlay 22- 23 —— Mr and Mrs Husk and family, Liverpool 24 Mr G. Jones 25 Mr Hubbard private 26 Misses C. & B. Williams Miss Bickerton, Birmingham Miss J. Bickerton 26AMrJ. Dewell 27 Mr J. T. Jones private 28 Mrs Egerton Mr & Mrs Bradshaw, London 29 Mr T. Hughes 30 Mrs Williams I 31 Mr Hughes 32 Mr Francis Gallager 36 Mr John Williams 37 Glanmorfa School R. M. Hugh-Jones, Esq., M.A. 44 Mr J. Proffit, junr. 45 Mr Edwards 46 Mr E. Vaughan 47 Mr Davies Roman Catholic Chapel Luesty Mair-Rev. Father Shea private 48 Misses Browne private i 49 Mrs Parsons 50 Mr Foulkes 53 Marine Villa-Mr and Mrs Linnell and family private 54 Mrs Davies 55 Orme's View—Mrs Pugh Mr and Miss Cain, Liverpool R. Curphey, Esq, Rock Ferry A. Pettitt, Esq, do J. Hatton, Anfield, Liverpool Mrs Casement family and maid, Bolton Mrs Dickinson and family, do Mr Barbour, Leeds 56 Mr Gratton 57 Mr and Mrs Connah private 58 Mr Stubbs 59 Mr Jones 60 Mr Williams 61 Mr and Mrs Middleton and family private Mr Phasey Mrs Dines Miss Giles, Wallhead, Dudley Mrs Stevenson, Dudley Mrs Elcock, Stourbridge Miss Dalby do Mrs Whitehouse do 65 Mrs Edwards 66 W. Davies National School-Mistress: Miss Trevitt Schoolhouse—Mrs Bell 69 Chester and Liverpool House Mr R. Jones 70 Mrs Tinman 71 Mrs Roberts 72 Mr and Mrs Harrison & family {privat 73 Acton House—Mrs Kerry 74 Myrtle Cottage—Mrs Jones 75 Sea View Cottage Mr Morris 79 Mrs Williams 80 ————— 81 Mr William Jones 82 Sun Inn—Mrs Moores 83 Mrs T. Hughes 84 Mrs T. Hughes 85 Mrs J. Hughes 86 Mr William Jones private 87 Mrs Roberts Palace and Summer Gardens- Manager—Mr Tom Barger St. John's Church Gorphwysfa—Mrs Purcell Wil liams&MissPurcell Williams pte 124 Mrs Lewis private 125 Mrs T. Hughes 126 Mr Edwards 127 Mrs Ellis 128 Mrs Davies 129 Mr Hutchfield 130 Mr Ellis 131 Mr Jones 132 Coedmor-Mr P. Davies 133 Mrs Hughes I WATERLOO VILLAS. 1 Mrs C. Johnson Smith private 2 Mr Joseph Jones, Mrs Jones and family private 142 West Bromwich House-Mra Jones 143 Grafton Villa-Mrs Lamsdale 144 Mrs Jelly private 145 Plas Glan y Don Mr and Misses Hartley private 146 Mr R. Williams 147 Royal Oak-Mr Lilly 148 Mrs Roberts 149 Mrs Williams 150 Mrs Evan Wynne 151 Mrs Parry 152 Mr T. Jones 153 Mr Morgan 154 Mrs T. J. Williams 155 Mr H. Davies 157 Liverpool Arms—Mr P. Lunt 158 Mr Joseph Humphreys 159 Waverley Temperance Hotel Mrs Wills 160 Mr C. Ellis 161 Edgbaston Cottage Mr Morgan TOWN HALL-North and South Wales Bank, Mr T. Y. Strachan, manager; Mr Fred Wallis, auctioneer; Mr J. Pierce Lewis, solicitor; Mr M. R. Partington, Estate Agent's Office; Rhyl Improvement Commissioners' Offices: Mr A. Rowlands, Town Clerk; Mr R. Hughes, Town Surveyor's Office Town Hall Chambers-Mr Edw. Roberts, Solicitor and Commis- sioner for Oaths; Mr Huxley, Inspector of Nuisances' Office. ] 62 Mr Hugh Jones 163 Mr Tomkies 164 Birmingham Arms-Mr J. H. Ellis 165 Mr Ainsworth 166 Mrs Willis 167 Mrs D. Williams 168 Mr Gunner 169 Misses Eadsforth 170 Mr Sheffield 171 Rev. J. Williams and family private 172 Windsor st. I Refreshment Rooms Mr Roberts 2 Mrs Thomas 3 Mrs Roberts 4 Mr E. Evans 5 Windsor Villa—Mr Dowell 6 Mr R. Jones 7 Miss Davies 8 Miss Jones private 9 Llys Aled—Mr E. Roberts & Mrs Roberts private 10 Mrs Usher 10A Claremont Cottage Mrs Roberts 10BVale Rose Cottage Mrs Evans lOcMr D. Williams 11 Mr Wheeler 12 Mrs Wamley Miss & Misses Brown (2), B'ham Mr & Mrs Hill & family, Lichfield 12AHuddersfield House Mrs Paddey 13 Mr Tallis private 14 Mrs Jarvis Mrs and Miss Phillips, Liverpool E. Pearce, Esq, B'ham Mrs Pearce and family 15 Mrs Roberts 16 Mrs R. Davies