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j RHUDDLAN. SCHOOL TREAT.-On Thursday, June 23rd, the scholars and teachers of the Church Sunday School had their annual treat. After a short service in Church at 3 o'clock, where an appropriate and tell- ing address was delivered by the Rev. J. Pritchard Hughes, Curate, the scholars marched through the town, carrying banners and flags, to the Boys' Schoolroom, where they sat down to a very excel- lent tea, served in the best style, the following ladi es presiding at the tables :—Mrs Vaughan, Miss Nora Wood, Plasycoed Miss Hughes, High St. Miss Davies, Black Inn Miss Williams, Peny- ffordd Miss Edwards, New Inn Miss Jenny Britland; Miss S. J. Williams, Morva, Vine. After all the scholars had done such justice to the good things as only youngsters can do, an adjourn- ment was made to the Castle, where games and sports of an innocent character were much enjoyed. Prizes were given for pole, high, and long jumping, running, &c. These were under the superinten- dence of the Secretary of the School, Mr Joseph (■'ariier, who was ably assisted by Mr Morris, Mr S Corey, and Mr J. 0. Hughes. The weather was all that could be wished and all thoroughly en. joyed themselves.—In the evening an entertain- ment was held at the Schoolroom, presided over by Mr Wm. Bell, Spital, who was supported by the Rev. T. W. Vaughan, Vicar, Rev. J. P. Hughes, Curate, Mr Jos. Wood, Plasycoed, &c. Mr Robt. Evans acted as conductor, and did his work to the satisfaction of all. The following was the pro- gramme, which was very well rendered, and, with two or three exceptions, was supplied by members of the school. Many thanks are due to Miss Jennie Evans and Mrs Claud Ridley for volunteering te sing, to the great deliaht of the audience :—Piano- forte Solo, Miss A. Hughes; Anthem, "Cenwch gan o fawl," Choir; Duett, "Johnnie Jones and his Sister Sue," Miss E. Hughes and Mr T. Jones Song, "The Washers," Infants; Song, "Mary (reen," l\Ir E. Evans; Glee, "The Sailors," Ju- venile Choir; Song (comic), Mr Humphreys Chorus, The Infants; Song, Winds of the West," Miss S. J. Williams; Topical Song, Profundo Basso," Mr Ed. Evans and party Song, Mr E. G. Morris; Chorus, The Girls; Catch Song, Messrs Ed. Evans, 1). Williams, and Robt. Evans Song, Another Day," Miss A. Hughes Glee, I 1 0 come to the Words," Juvenile Choir; Song, "At the Fcrry," Miss Lilian Jones Duett, Hiss Minnie Hughes and Miss Myfanwy Jones; Glee, The Choir; Song, "The Little Hero," Miss Jennie Evans; Song (comic), Mr Humphreys; Song, "Santa Maria," Mrs Claud Ridley; Pianoforte Solo, Miss Simcox (Rhylj; Finale, God Save the Queen. The following were the accompanists Miss Edwards, New Inn; Mr J. 0. Hughes, Mr E. G. Morris, and Mr A. O. Evans.—At the close the Vicar proposed a hearty vote of thanks to the ladies who presided at the tables, to the subscribers, to all who had so ably assisted at the Concert, and to all who had helped in various ways to make that day's proceeding a success, also to the Chairman for presiding.—Mr Bell, in reply, said he was greatly pleased to be amongst them, and to take part in their annual treat. He rejoiced to know that the Sunday School was in such a flourishing state, numbering about 200 scholars. He wished them well, and hoped they would carry out into practice the Divine truth taught them in school, and to overcome bad habits and shun evil com- panions.—The following subscribed:—Capt. Conwy ft, Mr Stokes 10s. ,Mr J. Wood I Os., NI iss Roberts, Abbey House, 10s., also 3s. Rev. T. W. Vaugh-m 5s., Mr Wm. Bell 5s., Madam De Sepres 5s.j Mr C. Enyon 4s., Mrs Payne, King's Head 3s., Mrs Payne, Cwybr Ucha 2s. 6d., Mrs R. Hughes 2s. 6d., Mrs Loftus, Glanllyn 2s. 6d., Mrs Williams, Dyserth Road 2s. 6d., Miss Houghton 2s., Mrs Thomas, Brynyscawen 2s., Mt Williams, Cwybr Fawr 2s., Mr Dalglish, tHan- rafon 2s., Mr Maxwell, do. 2s., Mrs Davies, butcher 2s., Mrs Wynne, Brynyscawen Is., Mrs Tones, Brynhyfryd Is. Butter and milk were sent by Mrs Davies, Pontfaen; Miss Jones, Abbey Farm; Mrs Payne, King s Head; Mrs Davies, Black Inn Miss Edwards, New Inn Miss Wil- liams, Peny ffordd.

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