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LIST OF 1 VISITORS HOUSEHOLDERS All names to be classified for these columns should reach the office before noon on Thcrsday in each week. Namfs subsequently received wil appear amongst late arrivals. The Parade. West Parade. 1 Mr Kirk la Mrs Wedgwood lb Mr T. M. Davies lo Mr Graves Queen's Hotel—Mrs Griffiths, manageress 4 GlanyDonHouse-Mr Jos. Owen 5 Mr S. Jones Mr and Mrs T. B. Horsfield and family, Alexandra Park, Man- chester Mr and Mrs Wells, Chester Mrs and Master Warburton do Mrs and Miss Eduardson, Aliddle- wich Mr George Scholes, Detiton Mr Thomas Creed, Armitage Mr Thomas E. Griffiths, Chester Mr George Morecroft do] 6 Mrs Wilson Mr and Mrs Potts and baby, Mac- clesfield Miss Potts do Master H. Potts do Mr and Mrs Annerback, Oxford Misses Annerback (2) and maid Miss Powell and maid, London Mrs Briggs and maid, Burton-on- trent Misses Briggs 7 Mrs N. L. Dyson 8 Mr & Mrs Jones Mr and Mrs Brock and maid, Hastings A. Wainwright, Esq, Knighton Mrs Wainwright do Misses Wainwright, baby & nurse Miss Cowaf, Chester Miss Laura Cowaf do Miss Linda Cowaf do 9 The Ferns—Mr & Mrs Alger Mr Miss & Masters Harris (2) Mrs Harris and family, North- ampton Mrs and Miss Emery, Market Drayton Mrs Sharpe and family, Walsall 10 Mrs D. Williams Mrs J. Sum, family and nurse, Mold Miss Metcalfe, Scarborough Miss Guest and maid do fl Nirs Whittiligliaiii Miss Holloway & maid, Burton-on- trent Mrs Foulkes, Bowden 12 Miss E. Pitchford Mrs G. B. Hammonds, Newport, Salop Miss Hammonds, Heath hill, Salop Mrs R. Williams, Newport, Salop 13 Miss Wooldridge Miss Wood, West Coker, Yeovil Miss Hill, Wolverhampton C. G. Stott, Esq, Liverpool Mrs and the Misses Stott do Mis Bowers, Tunstall Mrs Foster do 14 Mr H. Evans Miss Vivian, Chester Mrs Nightgalc do Misses Nightgalc Master Nightgale andnursc Joseph Southall, Esq, and family, Worcester Miss M. E. Andrews, Worcester- shire Miss Gummor do Madame A. Galerel Misses Abbott, Redditch 15 Mrs Pitchford Mr and Mrs Radcliffee family and maids, Oldham Mr Andrew Taylor, Whampton Mr F. A. Silvers do Mr and Mrs Young and maid, Market Drayton Master Young 16 Mrs Suowilcn Mrs Wain wight and family, Brig- north Mrs Burrows, Shifnal Miss Bloore do Mrs Smith, Roston, Ashbourne Miss Smith do Master G. Smith, Ellattone Miss Udale do Master and Master N. Morgan and maid, Rhual Isa, Mold 17 Miss Whitley J. M. Martin, Esq, Wylde Green, Birmingham Mrs Martin family & attendants Mr H. Martin, B'ham Mrs Hill, Barton-on-Irwell The Misses Hill do Rev. W. Hill do 18 Miss Perry Mrs Juckes family & maid, B'ham Mrs Cruckshanks and family do The Misses Asteley, Frodsham The Rev. and Mrs Alexander, Albanly Mrs Cruikshank, family and nurse 19 Mrs R. Thomas 20 k 21 Mrs Davies Miss Humbleston & maid, Chester Mrs Leet and maid do W. R. Parker Jervis, Esq, Hill Ridware, Rugeley Mrs Parker Jervis, family, gover- ness and maid do Mr and Mrs James Bower, family and nurse, Knowle, Warwich Miss How Clifton House—Mrs Chilwell's Boarding Establishment M rs and MissRatherain,Edgbaston Mrs Burford, Bromsgrove Mr and Mrs Noawman, B'ham Mr and Mrs Glover, children and nurses, Birkenhead Miss Lott, Liverpool Miss Baird, Glasgow 22 Mrs J. P. Evans Miss Gorst, Chester Mrs Hignett do Miss Hindley and attendants do M rs Duning, London J. Raschen, Esq, Birkenhead Mrs, Miss, & Master Raschen & attendants Miss Fellows and friend, Wolver- hampton 23 Mr J. M. Griffiths -1*3 I Mr and Mrs Parkes, Oakengates Dr Parkes, Handsworth Mrs Parkes, & family, governess and nurse do Mr Robson, Bow don Mrs and Miss Uobson, Sheffield 24 Mrs O. Jones Mr & Mrs Kidd, Byley Rectory, Middlewich Misses Kidd baby & nurse .Mr and Mis Wood & family, Stoke M s & Masters Beach do 2.3 Mrs L'n.sworth Canon Wood Edwards, Ruabon Yieamge Miss Edwards Miss M. Edwards Miss Marie Edwards 26 Dylife House—Mrs H. Owen 27 Mo.seley House — Mrs Jones and Mrs Wilson Mr Higham, B'ham Mr and Mrs Naigle, family and nurse, L'pool Mrs and Misses Restalls, Acocks ( reen 28 Mrs D. H. Jones Misses Newill, Welshpool Mrs & Miss Whitehouse, Tipton Miss Pearse, London 29 Mr J. J ones Mr and Mrs Lees family & nurse, Wolverhampton Miss Lees, London Misses K. «fc M. Lees do 30 Miss Pitchford 31 Mr D. Trehearn private 32 Abbey House -MrsMatthews 33 Mrs Hammond Mr and Mrs Jackson and family, Walsall Mr and Mrs Simpson, Malvern Mrs and MissBrundrett, Warring- ton Mr and Mrs Coston and family, Birkenhead 34 Mr T. D. Jones 35 Cecil Rouse-Mrs Pybus í Mrs Warhurst, Staley Bridge S. Warhurst, Esq, Staley Bridge Mr and Mrs Tubbs, Birmingham | Mr and Mrs Pybus, Southsea 3G Rev. Charles Whitaker,B.A., Mrs Whitaker & family pte. 27 Hendon House—Miss Owen 38 Ivy House, Mrs Phillips Misses Eyton, Nantwich Mr and Mrs Withers, West: Bromwich Mr and Mrs Prosser, Oldbury Master H. Prosser 40 Stratford House-Mrs Vaughan Mr, Mrs, & Miss James, Rugeley Mrs Lightfoot, Northwich Mrs and Miss Eggleston, Leicester- shire Mrs Taylor, Wolverhampton Mrs Gaunt do Miss S. A, Owens do Mrs Morley, do T. 0. Walters, Esq, Chelmarsh Hall, Bridgnorth Mrs Walters family and maid A. H. Pratt, Esq, do Mrs Pratt Mrs Morley, Leicestershire 41 SeftonHouse-MrsW. Williams Miss Brenda Farbridge, Whalley Range, Manchester Miss Alice Farbridge Miss Gwendoline Farbridge and maid Miss Yates do Mr and Mrs F. Gough and family, Brierly Hill, Birmingham Miss Gough do Mrs Thornton & nurse, Leaming- ton 42 Alexandra House — Mrs D. Thomas T. Cartlick, Esq, Gravenhanger Hall, Woore Mrs and Master Cartlick & maid Mr and Mrs Pennington baby and nurse.Manchester The family & nurses of J. Gibbons, Esq, Birmingham J. Goss, Esq, Stoke-on-trent Misses Goss do Miss Welch, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Viecars children and nurses, Stourport 43 Lathom House —Mrs Morris 44 Clarence House—Mrs. C. Matthews Dr. & Mrs Sparrows children and maid, Hollinwood, nr M'chester Misses Trotters, Prestbury, Miss Sutton do Miss Paiper, Liverpool 45 Mrs Lloyd Mr and Mrs Pell family and atten- dant, Hooton Mrs Scudamore, Spark Brook Miss Walker, Hooton Miss G. Walker, Hooton Miss Carter do Mr and Mrs Baxter family and attendant, Willenhall Mr and Mrs Mitchell family and attendant, Birmingham Miss Annie Tonks do Mr John Tonks do Mr and Mrs Golder, Chester Miss Golder 46 OaklandHouse-MrD.R.Jones Mr and Mrs Statham, Pendleton Mrs R. Twemlow, Levensholme Mrs Butcher, London Mr and Mrs W. Butcher family & maids do Miss Roberts, Chester Mrs Beechborotigh do 47 Astor House—T. Lloyd Murray Browne, Esq., J.P. & Mrs Murray Browne (private 48 Edgbaston House — Mrs Medcalf 49 Edmondsley House—Miss Cox 50 Cheltenham House—Mrs Tod 31 M alvern House — Mrs S. R. Sander. T. Bayliss, Esq, Moseley Mrs & Master Bayliss and maid Mrs and Miss Headley do Mrs CawJ.;>y, Nantwich Miss Evurts do Mrs and Misses Gray, Sheffield Mrs Johnson, Sheffield Miss Bradbury do MrsColdcoft& Mrs Ujus, Walsall 52 Melbourne House — The Misses Derricourt Miss Adams, Market Drayton Miss Edith Adams, Market Dray- ton Miss Florence Adams do Mrs Faryan and family, North- wich Mrs Cullwich and family, Wolver- hampton 53 Myrtle House.—Mrs Jones Mr and Mrs Hales Mr and Mrs Rogers, Shrewsbury Mr and Mrs Jones family and attendant, Chester Mr and Mrs Gosling and family, Burslem 54 Mr E. V. Jones Mr and Mrs Griffins and family, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Parkers, Willenhall Mr and Mrs Riley, Birmingham Miss and Master Riley 55 Mrs Wrigley Miss Lynes and maids, Cheser J. S. Dickson, Esq, do Mrs Dickson family and nurse Miss Green, Stone Misses Hardinge do A. Driver, Esq, Birmingham Mrs Driver family and nurse 56 Medlock House—Mrs Moore Captain Heaton and Valet, St. Asaph Mrs Heaton and maid Miss Blanche Taylenr, Buntings- dale, Market Drayton Miss Vileest do H. F. Birley, Esq, St. Asaph Mrs Birley and 2 maids Mrs Dobell, Gwersyllt Vicarage Misses Dobell 57 Fron Wendon — Mrs Davies Mr and Mrs Jones, Torquay Miss Jones do Misses Pennels Mrs Duke family.. and nurse, Northampton 58 Shrewsbury' House — Mrs Johnson R. Worsley, Esq Mrs Worseley Mrs Bird, family and nurses, Bunbury Mr Yardley and family, Envilles MissesStewart Edwards, Boreton, Shrewsbury 59 Osborne Honse- lrs Ward Mrs Berry family and maid Edg- baston Mrs Abbott do Rev. and Mrs Bailey, Ripon Mrs Belol and maid, Leamington, Spa Mrs Cricleton family and maid, Edgbaston 60 Mrs Poulson Mrs Townshend MissMayo, Nuneaton Miss Green Mrs Halford und family, Nun- eaton 61 Mrs Smalley Mrs M. A. Fitter, Edgbaston Miss Fitter, Sent-, do Miss J. E. Fitter do Mr Sidney P. Fitter do MrM. A. Fitter, junr, Moseley Mrs M. A. Fitter, junr, baby and nurse do 62 WestEnd House-Mrs J. Evans Mrs Nithers family and maid, Wednesbury Mrs Yates do Mrs G. Yates Mr and Mrs Kenton, and family, Tipton Mrs Hill, Macclesfield Miss Whitaker do Mrs and Mrs Hawthorne family and maids, Hilston Miss Millward, Wednesbury 63 Glan y Mor — Misses Parry Mrs and Miss Isles, Mosely Mr and Mrs Williamson, do Master E. Williamson Mr and Mrs Oliver Jones, Mold Mr and Mrs Jones, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Edwards, Moseley Mrs Jones, Mold Mrs Robert Jones do 64 Misses Parry Mrs Giddings, Burton-on-Trent Mrs and Master Kent, Longton Mrs Bridget do Mrs Ventnor, Mold Mrs Rowdon do 65 Gordon House—Mr A. Jones 66 Swansea House — Mrs B, Williams Mrs Lever Misses Lever (2) 67 Emlyn House- Mr Griffiths ¡ Miss Barton and maid, St Asaph 68 Sandy wood—Mrs Z. Jones Rev. W. A. Stevenson, M.A., Oakleigh, Nantwich Mrs and Miss Stevenson Mrs Turnor, Birmingham E. Leigh, Esq. Winsford Mrs Leigh and family do W. J. GreenhamEsq, Birkenhead Mrs Greeenham do Misses Greenham do S. Bamford, Esq, Uttoxeter Mrs and Master Bamford 69 Tudno House—Mr Williams Mrs G. Howson, Hanley Misses Howson do Mrs Nickolson, Burslem L. Green, Esq, Birmingham Mrs Green do Miss Green do Rev. D. Lewis, Welshpool S. Scott, Esq, Stafford Misses Scott, children & nurse do 70 HarbourneHouse-MrsT. Ellis Mr and Mrs Danbeny and family, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Guider and family, Walsall Mrs Brampton, B'ham Mr and Mrs Brampton do Mr and Mrs Davenport do Mrs Barnett, Gosely Hall, Bilston Miss Sheldon do 71 The Norlands—The Misses Foulkes 72 Ormes Head View-Mrs Peter Davies Mr McVicer, Cheltenham Mrs C. Fisher family and nurse, Brownhills Mrs Jordan family and nurse, Dudley .L Mrs Knowles family and nurse, Wednesbury Miss Wakeman, Oldbury 73 Fern dale—Mrs Twilton Mrs A. Wood, Willenhall Mrs Edwards, children & maid do Mrs Hidderley and children, Stockport Mrs Sidney Smith and family, Coventry 74 Rutland House-Miss Kitchen H. W. Shaw, Esq, Sale, M'chester Mrs and the Misses Shaw Mr and Mrs Campbell, Brooklands Manchester Mrs Grundy do Miss Pendlebury do 75 Mor Avon—Miss Williams Mrs Hukin, Birmingham Miss Middleton do Mr and Mrs Brown family aud nurse, Nuneaton East Parade. 1 Miss Hughes Mrs Aldritt, Ashby-de-la- Zouch Miss Aldritt Miss Brancker, Ruabon Mrs J. Kynaston Cross, Bolton Miss B. Cross Miss Carlton do Miss Thornton do Mrs Ernest Grey do Miss Wilson, B'ham 2 Mrs E. Evans Mr and Mrs Horace May hew family and nurses, Hawarden, Chester Chester Mrs Malcolm Heard and family, Withington, Manchester E. F. Beaver, Esq, Fallowfield, Man chester Miss Greenwood do Miss Chapman, Chester Mr and Mrs Goddert, family and nurse, Edgbaston Air and Mrs Cotlierill and family, Fenton 3 Sedgley House—DrW. T.Gir- dlestone, J.P.,AIrsGirdlestone & the Misses Townshend pte 4 Alin y Don Cottage-Air Simcox 5 Alin-y-Don—Airs Williams Rev. J. and Mrs Pants, Alderley 6 Miss Jones 7 Miss Jones 8 Sea Bank House-Mrs Herbert Jones Air & Mrs Blackband, Stafford Misses Blackband 9 Sutherland House.Mrs Twigg Nee Mrs Rudge M<-s-sr.s P. d; J. William*, Rhyl. Mrs Whitby family and maid, Edgbaston Miss Proctor, Chester Mrs General Tylee, Clifton, Bristol Miss A. Knightword do Miss Alice Wayte and maid do Mrs and Miss Round and maid, Edgbaston Air, Mrs, and Miss E. Sharman, Wellington 10 Belvoir and Pier Hotel—Mr E. Baker Mr Mrs & Miss G. F. Spencer, Miss Spencer family & nurse, Mr Mr Gordon, Manchester Air and Mrs Nash, Brighton Mrs Jordon & family, Worthing Mr and Mrs Coates, Leeds Mr and Mrs Adkins, London Air and Mrs Holliday, Stone Mr Harding, Stone Mr Field, Birmingham Air and Mrs Williams, London Miss Wiiliams, do Mr & Mrs Wilkinson, Manchester Miss Wilkinson, do 11 Westminster Hotel Mrs Lowe, proprietress Mrs Hassel and maid Master Hassel and nurse Mrs Chaambers Mr A. Hassell Mr and Mrs Pollock Mr Young Mr De Jong Mr and Mrs Slaney Eyton Mr Cooper Rev. Air Philps Mrs Hand, child and nurses 12 Grosvenor-house-AlrsR. Jones Mrs and Miss Twiston Davies, Rhyl H. Esther, Esq, Liverpool Mrs and Miss Esther Mrs J. B. Nicholson, London Miss Cooper Read do Mrs and Miss Peck, B'head Miss Ascroft, Liverpool Rev. Dan Edwards, Vicar of Rhyl Mrs Edwards, do Rev. G. Williams, Newcastle Rev. J. Davies, Bryn Eglwys, Corwen Mrs Davies, do Miss Peck, Huyton, Liverpool Mrs Adamston, do Mr Yates, do Dr and Mrs Davies and family Rhos, Ruabon 13 Northcote House Mrs Trowson The children and nurse of the Honble. Mrs Leekes, Longford, Newport, Salop Children and nurse of the Rev. Newton Leeke, Inkberton Vic- arage, Worcestershire Mr and Airs Foster, Woodsetton, Nr. Dudley Mr and Mrs Moore, Surviton Mrs Bill, do Mrs and Miss Aloorhouse, Man- chester The family and Attendants of Captain Ormrod, Wrexham 14 & 15 Elsinore Boarding Es- tablishment Mrs Furnival, Reading Miss Biggs do Louis Cox, Esq, Edgbaston Mrs Cox, family and maid do J. S. Burrows, Esq, Atherton Mrs Burrows, family & attendants The Misses Okeover and maid, 16 The Alexandra Children's Hospital (Branch) 17 The Alexandra Children's Hospital (Branch) 21 Eytonhurst—A. Eyton Lloyd Esq., M.D., J.P., Mrs Eyton Lloyd and family private 22 Sandhills Mrs Jas. Taylor private 23 Devonia—Rev. Lewis Ellis 24 Craig y Don-Air A. Rowlands 25 Healey House-Misses Taylor Mrs Aspinall and maid, Banbury, Tarporley Miss Ward, Nottingham Mrs H. Aspinall, Birkenhead Miss I. Aspinall do Miss Aspinall, Blackheath Mrs Phipps and maid do 26 Pier View-Mrs Lewis Miss Felkin, Wolverhampton Misses H. and E. Felkin do Mrs Hodgkinson Wolverhampton Mrs G. Hodgkinson do Miss Green, Manchester Mrs Horicks do Mr and Mrs Kewley and baby do Miss Muir, Liverpool Misses Muir do 27 Brighton-house Miss Trehcarn Air and Airs Brinsley and maid, I Birmingham Miss Bird do Miss Smith, Hereford Mrs & Misses Drummond, London Moore Cottage- 30 Plas Soughton-Miss Twist Captain Godfrey, Wrexham Mrs Ewart & family, Whitchurch I-ss Broigchan Miss Foulkes, Denbigh 31 Fairfield-The Misses Edwards Mrs Harper, Edgbaston Miss & Master Harper and maid Miss Harper Moseley Mrs Hollins & family, Dudley Hollins, Esq, Dudley Mrs and Miss Weeks do Miss Harper, Moseley Misses Higgitt, Small Heath Misses E. and G. Higgitt do H. T. Arrowsmith, Esq, Burslem Mrs Arrowsmith, family and maid FAIRFIELD AVENUE— Lismore House- M rs Macaulay private Heathyille-Misses Evans pte Cloveley Mr Sheffield, Mrs Sheffield and family private PLASTIRION TERRACE- 1 Henry Parratt, Esq., private 2 Miss Roberts The Rev. Canon Greenall, Mrs Greenall, family & attendants, Grappenhall Rectory, Grappen- hall 3 GIaubrane-Miss Rigby 4 Royal Alexandra Hospital (branch) 5 Mrs Alitchell Mr and Mrs Pritchard and maid, Wednesbury Mrs Smith and maid do Miss Marler do Misses G and A. Marler do Mr Bennett, Dudley 6 Air Edwards Misses Greenchilds & attendants, Eastham, Cheshire 7 Miss L. Smith 8 Mrs Insul Mis Vaughan Hughes Miss R. Wiliiamson MARINE DRIVE. Borleigh—Airs Bullen & family private PROAIENADE & FORESHORE. Royal Alexandra Hospital and Children's Convalescent Home Miss Vizard Lady Superin- tendent Rhyl Promenade Pier & Grand Prwilion-Mr S. Berrington, pier master Shooting Saloon—Air S. Alalings, Proprietor Photographic Gallery Mr. A. Riches, proprietor Camera Obscura—Proprietor, Mi Murphy Coast Guard Station- Mr H. Harding, chief officer (A Coast- guard is stationed at this post day and night) EAST PARADE (Continued) Belle Vue- T. R. P. Royle, Esq., Mrs Royle and family pte Dolaweii Areville Ladies College-Miss Mercier Pen y Don-M. S. Plunket, Esq. Mrs Plunket and family pte Alorannedd—G. Ralli, Esq pr. Bod Donwen—W. Wilkin, Esq. Mrs Wilkin & family private Abbey st. I Abbey Vaults Mr W. Vaughan 2 Saratoga-house—Al rs Burring- ton Mr & Mrs Welch and family, B'ham. 3 Air H. T. Robests Airs Foster and baby, Walsall Mrs Davies Mrs Gouch, Walsall 4 Mr J. Roberts 5 Mr W. Jones 6 Ncston House-Miss Morgan Air and Mrs Wilson, Birmingham Master Jack Wilson Mrs and Miss Amphlett, Wolver- hampton 7 Mrs Hughes Air & Airs Rayner, London. Air and Mrs Cox, London Master Cox do Air and Mrs Rayner, London Mr and Misses Price do 8 Danesbury House-Miss Dean 9 Gladstone House-Miss Tom- son Mr & Mrs Powell & family, B'ham. Airs, Aliss & Alaster Holland, Lichfield. Mr Dabbs, Mr Nourse, Mr Pep- per, Mr Hildick, Mr Dix, Walsall. 10 Air O. Hughes Mrs Wollaston, Shrewsbury. Mrs AlcVine, Douglas. Miss Alaurice, Buckley. Miss Gibson do. 11 Rhydwen House-Mra J. W. Jones Mrs Foster, Birmingham Miss Nellie Adcock do Mrs Adcock, Birmingham 12 Walton House-Alr T. Good- man Air & Mrs Harrison & family, Liverpool Mr and Mra Alfred Lowe, and family, Birmingham Mrs Albert Lowe & daughters do Mrs Pargeter, Walton, Liverpool Miss N. Webster do 13 Bognor House Mrs Charles Jones Mr & Mrs Stringer family & maid, Wolverhampton Air and Airs Bedwell, Aston Park Miss and Master Bedwell do Mrs J. Fullwood, Wolverhampton Mrs Fullwood and baby do 14 Nantglyn House Mrs Ed- wards Mr & Mrs Luckock, baby & maid. Harborne, B'ham Master Luckock Misses M & A Luckock Mr and Mrs Campbell, Hanley 15 Mrs S. S. Davies Mrs Simmonds, Cape Tower Masters Hugh, Guy' and Roy Simmonds, Miss Dorothy Simmonds, Airs Bloxam, Winton Miss Simpson, London Miss Walters, Wolverhampton Mrs Hincklay, Birmingham Master Lowe Mr Walters, Wolverhampton 16 Ventnor House Mr T. J. Griffiths TyNewyddVilla—Air Knight- ley Ethel Villa Air J. Jones 17 Seaforth House-Mrs Edrop Air & Mrs Squires baby & nurse, Handsworth Master R. Squires Miss Ethel Collins, Birmingham 17A Arfon House-Irs Pickrill Miss Key, Stafford Miss Newman do Miss Earl do Mrs Eachus family and maid do 18 Lichfield House Mrs W. Davies 19 Leamington House-Mrs F Ll. Hughes Mrs and Miss Ruffell, Watford Mr Ruffell do Mr and Mrs Pawson, Rochdale Mrs Robinson, Chester Mrs Ward do 20 Bodmeirion-Mr J. Edwards Misses Craik (3) W'ngton 21 Airs T. Whitley Mr & -.Nlrs Lovatt & family, Burslem 22 Mrs Jones 23 Air C. Cooke 24 Air C. Cooke Mr Hill, New Castle Mr, Mrs, and Miss Ward do Alissss Page, Burslem Mr Asehie do 25 Silverdale House Mrs J. Jones 26 AIowcop Honse-NLlrs Kinsey Mrs Sanderson, Congleton Miss Rycroft, Chester Mrs and Miss Nicholas, B'ham Miss Jackson do 1 Mr and Mrs Fairhurst, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Hesketh, Wolstanton Mrs Bowers, Wolstanton Mrs Joynson, Watlands Park Air J. Mayer do Air T. A. Rogerson, London 27 Cambridge House Mrs W. Baxter Miss Hughes, Mold Mr Evans, Leeswood 28 Claremont House—Airs Parry 29 Euston House—Mrs Jones Nellie Dyer, Birmingham Joseph J. Bradley, Esq, do Mr and Mrs W. Ensor do Miss K. Ensor do Mr and Mrs Ryden, London 30 Airs Powell 31 Mr T Foden 32 Air G. Lyne 33 Mrs Cooke 34 Mr Hughes Air and Mrs Tenny, Birmingham Mrs and Miss Nicholas do Miss Gcrty Jackson do Miss Ryscroft, Chester Mr and Mrs Bates and family, Ettingshall 35 Miss E. Williams 36 Mr Rosnev Albert street 3 Mrs Craighill 5 Mrs Bevan Aquarium street. 1 Staffordshire House Mrs Daniels George F. Clough, Esq, Chester Mrs Clough, family and nurses Mrs Parker and family, Calveley Mrs Johnson and family, Tarwin Miss Gunnery do Miss Jones, Warrington Miss Pigott do Mrs and Misses Willitt, Wrexham Mrs & Misses Wootton, Colbridge Mr Chambers, Hanley Mr & Mrs Warhurst, Glossop 2 Gwrych Castle View- Misses Gilbert 3 Miss Gilbert Air and Mrs Hulmes, family and maid, Newton-Ie-Willows Mrs and Master Matthew, L'poo 5 Harecastle House—Mrs Wil- liams 7 Mrs John Parry 9 Laburnum House Miss Phillips Mrs Norman and baby, Hands- worth Mis Hughes do Mrs Roberts, Manchester 11 Misses Marsland Mr & Mrs Jones, Yardley 13 Mrs Hockey Mr and Mrs Vodrey and family, Burslem 15 Mrs Edwards Mr and Miss Maddock, Salford Mr Tonge, Longsight Miss Noake do Miss Birrell, Weston-Shifnal Miss Craig do 17 Miss Jones Miss Greayes, Coventry Miss Laidler do Mrs Keetts, Dudley Mrs Evans, Rock Ferry 19 Shelton House-Misses Haw thorn 21 Grosvenor House Mr W Williams 23 Mrs Dyson 25 Mr Thos. Hughes Mr Buckle, Leeds Mr J. Tooth, Brighton Air J. R. Jennings, Bath J. Trappel, Salford 27 Mr E. Davies 29 Mr Isaac Jones Air Hicks, Birmingham Mr Fernnehough do Cli;itswortli House-Mrs Jones Wheatville—Rev. T. Shankland and Mrs Shankland private GLADSTONE VILLAS. 2 Ambleside Mr J. Parker Owen 4 Mrs Davies 6 Mrs D. Jones 8 Mrs Evans 10 Rev E. Lloyd 12 Mrs I Jones 14 Mr T. Roberts Mr and Mrs J. Tromans, Cradle- heath Mr and Mrs Sanders, Walsall Master F. Sanders do 18 Mrs Jones 20 Haversham House The Misses Lunt 22 Aquarium Cottage-Mr Rice Bath, Street, Eaton Lodge-Mr H. G. Little, Mrs Little & family private Alorlan—Airs Twiston private Ronaleyn—F. J. Collingwood, Esq. Mrs Collingwood & family private Craig Lea-G. A. Taverner, Esq, and Miss Taverner private Treneweth-Mrs Williams private Stonehurst-Alrs De Rance private BELLE VIEW TERRACE. 1 Airs Evans 2 Rev. O. T. Williams 3Miss Taylor 4 Mrs H. Roberts 5 Mr & Mrs Daniel Evans (pte 6 Mrs Jones 7 Mr S. J. Amos private 8illr Blain private English Wesleyan Chapel CLAREMONT VILLAS. 1 Mr and Mrs Jordan private 2 Stanhope House J. W. Parsons, Esq, & family pte 3 Mr A. Jones 4 Mrs E. Davies private GROSVENOR TERRACE. I Miss Davies 2 Mr & Mrs Lawrence private 3illisses Johnson private 4 Mr Walter Jones private BATH ST.—(Continued). Tan Llan-W. Wynne, Esq, J. P. private Springfields-J. H. Day, Esq., Mrs Day & family private Bod Arthur Bod Aleurig Bedford st. 7 Mr T. W. Roose 8 Mrs Downing 9 Studley House—Airs H. Jones 11 Mr Peter Roberts 12 Mrs Jones 13 Miss Jones 13AAIrs D. Pritchard 14 Mr Williams 15 Mrs D. Wynne 16 Mrs Abbot 17 Mr J. Owen 18 Mrs Jones 19 Mr Ellis 20 White Horse—Air Jones 21 Mr Hugh Williams 22 Mr Thomas Roberts 23 Miss Owen 24 Mrs Jones 25 & 26 Mrs Amos private 27 Mrs Jones 28 Mr A. Price 29 Mrs Jones 29A Ak D. Williams 30 Mr Owen 31 Airs Griffiths SlAAIr John Harris 32 Mrs Parry 33 Mr A. Edwards 34 Ruabon House-.Ilrs Edwards Mrs and Miss Chattam, Rhosy- medre, Ruabon Miss Hughes do Mr and Mrs Dav.es, Trefynant do Mr and Mrs Ellis, Penycae, do 36 Mrs. Jones Bodfor Street. 1 Albion Hotel Mr John Denton, proprietor 2 Mrs Noneley Saml. Chandler, Esq, London Mrs Chandler, children and maids Mr Hearue, B'ham 2AMessrs A. and J. Palethorpe. private 3 Mr & Mrs H. Palethorpe and family private 4 Mrs Wedgwood 5 Mr Shepherd 6 Birmingham House Mrs Williams 7 Air T. C. Amos. Auctioneer 8 Mr Campling & family pte 9 Eagle House Mr W G Pepper Mrs Shufllcbotham and nurse, Newcastle Miss Ashby, Birmingham Mrs J. Shufllebotham, family and nurse do Rev. Simpson, wife and family, Alsagers, Newcastle, Staffs Mrs Hall, Birchower, Derbyshire 10 Imperial Hotel-Mrs Williams 11 American Bazaar-Mr F. A. Henkel 12 "Star" Cocoa House — Air J. Bird, manager 13 Railway Restaurant—Air N. Costigan LONDON AND NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY STATION Mr Parry, Station-master Mr J. Furber, booking and parcel offices manager Mr D. Roberts, platform in- saector Thrnefreshment Rooms-Miss Large, manageress Messrs W. H. Smith & Son's bookstall Mr Watkins, manager 14 Bee Hotel-Mr Higson 15 Rutland House- D. McLennan, Chester J. Reid, Glasgow H. Alclver, Thurso Miss McLennan, Beauly 16 Sleaford Houtio- Mrs Faza- kerly 17 Airs Griffiths 18 Mr Mudd 19 Mr D. Ll. Lewis 20 Wynnstay House-Mr and Mrs T. M. Davies 21 Mr Orell 24 Miss Edwards private Bodfor Stationery Depot: Messrs A. & H. Sandoe, proprietors 25 Mrs Sandoe 26 Mr and Mrs Osborne private 27 Mr and Mrs Hughes, and family private Brighton road. I Mrs W. Roberts 2 Mr Evans Miss Wolferston, Staffs Miss Wallis, Gravesend T. Hines, Esq, Fenton Mrs, Miss, and Miss Lily Hines Master Percy Hines 3 Mr and Mrs Hy. Parry ptc 4 Woodlands-Airs Brown pte BRIGHTON TERRACE. 5 Mrs M. Hughes Mr and Mrs Corns, W'hampton 6 Miss Robertson private 7 Mrs S. Day 8 Mr E. Jones 9 Mrs Owen private 10 Air and Mrs E. Thomas 11 Mrs Williams Mrs and Miss Pugh, Llangollen Mrs & Miss Eayes, W. Bromwich Miss Cox, Llangollen Mrs, Miss, & Master Baker do Welsh Wesleyan Chapel CARADOC VILLAS 12 Mr Berrington Mr Barton, Liverpool 13 Air Wm. Williams Mrs, Masters and Miss Parry, and maid, Ross, Herefordshire 14 Mr J. Warhurst 15 Miss Davies Miss Woodfull, Corwen 16 The Misses Edwards private 17 Bryngwalia Mr Goronwy Jones English Wesleyan Chapel Epworth Lodge-The Rev. J. Judge; Mrs Judge & family pte Summerfield W. Williams, Esq., Mrs Williams, and family private Bodhyfryd: R. AloretonPricliai d, Esq., AI. D., and family; Mrs Littler private Sywell House B. Hayward Browne, Esq., M.A., Mrs Hayward Browne & family pte Richmond House W. R. Williams, Esq. and Mrs Williams & family private Clwyd House—Mrs Roberts South Lawn-Oliver George Esq, Mrs Oliver George private Penycoed The Cedars—W. Mills Esq. Mrs Mills & family private Bron Haiil J. L. Aluspratt, Esq., J. P., Mrs Muspratt & family privat St Melangell-Mrs Ffoulkes pte Hydropathic Establishment Manager-Miss Wright I HIGHFIELD COTTAGES. I Air & Mrs Hughes private 2 Mr & Mrs Tilby private CHURTON ROAD. Rydal Mount- 2 J. Y. Strachan, Esq., and Mrs Strachan private 3 COBDEN TERRACE. I Dr. Thomas & Mrs Thomas pt 3 4 Rev. E. Lloyd Jones, Mrs Jones & family private 5 Mrs F. H. de Montmorency & family private 6 Mr Oswel. 7 Mr W. Williams 8 Beaconsfield House Mrs Price Welsh Presbyterian Chapel Rev. S. T. Jones private Chapel House-Mrs R. Jones Chester street. Moranedd ———— Olinda Olwyd street 1 Mr John Williams 2 Air F. LangfieM 3 F. J. Gamlin, Esq, Solicitor 4 Air Samuel Jones 5 Miss Nott 6 Mr E. Edwards 7 Sergt.-Inst. E. W. Parcell 8 Air Lewis Mr and Mrs Allen, Handsworth Mr and Miss W. Baker do Alasters F. and H. Baker Mrs Allen & family, Handsworth, B'ham Miss Baker do Mrs Jeavons, Dudley Mrs J. Jeavons do Mr and Mrs Richards, B'ham 9 Mr and Mrs Jane Jones 10 Miss M. Hughes 11 Mr Truman 12 Alexandra Cottage Mrs Norman GROVE TFRRACE. 9 Mrs Richard Jones 18 Mrs Lloyd 17 Air Oldfield 14 Mrs R. Jones private Welsh Calvinistic Chapel County Courts and Magis- trates Office-Messrs Sisson & George 15 Mr Bayliss, Airs Bayliss and family private 16 Mrs Wallis Rev. J. Young, Mrs Young Misses Young, (2), Masters Young,Blore Rectory Ashbourne Miss Oldfield, Brassington NATIONAL SCHOOLs-Mr Tilby, master Miss Burns, and Miss Ditchfleld mistresses Conwy st. 1 Glencore—Airs TWaterhouse Barlow and Miss Barlow private 2 Walton Villa-Mrs Evans 3 Mrs Jones and family private 4 Kempton House-Rev. T. S. Ross & Mrs Ross private Sandown Miss Jones and Mrs Adams private /n Church Street. STANLEY TERRACE. 1 Air T. Jones Mrs and Miss Cox Airs Nickson 2 Air & Airs Frimston private 3 Airs Neale private 4 Aliss Th el wall private 5 Air and Mrs Millward pte 6 The Rest-Mrs Peet 7 Air J. Roberts, Mrs Roberts & family private 8 Landsborongh House- Rev. Jenkin Griffiths, M.A. and Airs Griffiths private 9 Grange Villa—Airs Buckley Morfa Lodge Mrs Trafford Kay private 15 Mrs Robinson 16 Aliss Alannix private 17 Mr and Mrs Bold private 18 Soho House—E Gardner, Esq Mrs Gardner & family private ISAALSS Roberts 19 Ton y mor-Mrs A. Walsh 20 Caradoc Cottage—S. L. Til- dasley, Esq. private Ty'n-y-coed—Mr Torkington Fern Villa—Air & Mrs Lukyn private 31 Air Davies Crescent road Marine Villa-Irs Lenton 2 Shrewsbury House — W. Preece Jones, Esq. Mrs Preece Jones private 2 Office of The Provincial Trade Protection Society" (and at 'Shrewsbury) Mr W. Preece Jones, Manager 2B — ——— 3 Lincoln House-Mrs H. D. Freeman 4 Mr J. Fielding Misses Martin, Rhyl Mr and Mrs Fellows family and nurse, Ruiton Mr and Mrs Smith, Ruiton Miss Smith and maid Miss Wilkes, Sedgley Hall 5 Crescent Place-Mrs E. Peers 6 Fron Don 7 Mr ancl Airs Everatt 8 Airs Jones — Convalescent Institution for Men-Mr Thomas Roberts, House Steward Christ Church British Schools —Head Master: Mr W. R. E veratt-Head Girls' Mistress, Mrs Everatt—Head Infants Mistress. Miss Johnson Crescent Hotel Mrs J. M. Smith, do Mons Jacobs, Rotterdam, Hol- and Mr and Mrs Jackson, Leeds; Mrs and Master Expence, Well- ington Mr McArthur, Inverness; Mr Pennington, Manchester 28 Belle Vue House—MrsClarke Air and Mrs Stevens, Stafford Messrs N. and P. Stevens Mr and Mrs Goodman, Manchester Mr S. Speelman CRESCENT TERRACE. 1 Shenstone House—Mrs John" son 2 BirchfieldHouse-AIrs Rogers Mr, Mrs, and Miss Smith, B'ham Miss Fanny Clayton do Mr and Mrs McMillan, and family, London Rev. M. Hughes' Brumbo 3 Mrs Small 4 Mr Farrar private 5 Morfa House-Mr and Mrs Lively 6 Mrs Roberts Air and Mrs Collins, Birmingham Miss Collins F. Simpson, Esq, Walsall Mrs Simpson family and nurses Miss Draper do JUBILEE TERRACE. Highbury House-lvlr Owen Hughes Dawlish House, Mr Furber I Mrs Brierley 2 Mrs Owens 14 Pen y Bank Cottage Air Trehearn 14A Mr Ellis private Englefield House-Mrs Small SOUTH VIEW VILLAS. 1 Mrs Edwards private 2 Mr Lloyd CRESCENT ROAD (continued) Greystones—P.Browne, Esq., J.P., Mrs Browne and family private Vine Cottage—Air Evans and family Abbey Cottage-Nlrs Potter Sandfield Cottage—Mr J. Parry 15 Bodelwyddan Bazaar Mr Pritchard, proprietor private 16 Messrs Jones & Son private 17 Glenthorne—Mrs H. Davies 29 Mrs Trevitt 30 Almora-Mrs Sarsons Edward Henry-st. 1 Lansdowne House Misses Jones Mrs Purcel and family, B'ham Mrs Evans and family, B'ham 2 Ivan House-Mrs Powell pte 3 Mrs Rothwell Mr and Mrs Drew & maid Saltley Mrs Wade and nurse, Birkenhead Miss Wade do 4 Sea View-Miss Williams Miss Davies, Mold Aiiss Dykins do Airs Whitfield and family, Walsall Rev. E. V. Owen, Llwydiarth Rectory, Welshpool Airs Hughes Jones party and maid, Plas Onn Mrs Leders, Liverpool Misses Leders 5 Mr R. C. Evans Miss A. Clark Mr and Miss Everard, Broughton, Astley Mr and Mrs A. E. Hayes family and maid, Birmingham 6 Mrs Cooper J. Heath, Esq, Walsall Mrs Heath, family and maid do Mr Prilchatt, Birmingham Mrs and Miss J ohnson, Willenhall SEA VIEW TERRACE. 7 Ventnor House- Mr Henry Smith Mrs Atkins, Atherstone Mrs Power, Litchfield Miss Simmonds, Wolverhampton Mrs Brawn and family, Walsall 8 Mrs Beeby 9 Mr J. A. Evans 10 Mrs W. Pringle 11 Mrs Moss J. A. Donnell, Esq, Mrs Donnell, family and maid, Cheshire Mrs Jones, children and maid, Oswestry 12 Slindon House-Mrs Shilcock Mrs and Miss Madden, L'pool C. Dring, Esq, Spalding Mrs and Miss A. Dring Miss & Miss E. Dring, LongSutton Mrs Kershuw, Black Rock, C. O. Dublin EDWARD HENRY STREET ( continued,). 16 Airs W. Lloyd Mrs Pinkney, Liverpool Mrs AIcAIullen family and nurse, Huyton iNIr Taylor, Hylock Air and Airs Evans Mrs Williams, Llangollen Mrs Oaks 17 Mrs Roberts 18 Miss Jones Miss Thomas, Enville Miss Webb, Alveley Miss Harley do I Mr Webb do 19 Mrs Darlaston Mrs J. B. Kirby family and nurse Handsworth, Birmingham Miss Parsons, Sudley, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Moore, Preston Bagot, Henley-in-Arden 20 Leith House-Miss Davies 21 Mrs Taylor 22 Miss Garbett 23 Mrs O'Neill Elwy st. 2 St. Helens Cottage Mr Norton 3 Mr C. Egerton 4 Mr Robt. Jolley i Mr and Mrs Atkins family and nurse, Birmingham J 5 Elwy House—Mr R. Roberts 6 Mrs Hughes 7 Mr J. T. Shephard 8 Mr Evans Mr and Mrs Cresswell, Newton Heath 9 Mrs Roberts 10 Lozelles House Mr Hugh Edwards 11 Mr T. Jones Mrs and Miss Wilcocks, Hope 12 Air J. Parry Jones 13 Mr Bridge Williams 14 Mr John Owen Miss Alorton, Manchester Miss Isaac do 15 Miss Williams Mrs and Miss Mabel Drew, Ross Mrs and Miss May Little do Masters George & Bernard Little do Miss Lilian Brasier, Worcester 16 Miss Kiernan 17 Mrs A. Hughes private 1 South Villas—Air Lloyd private Gralaiifa-Mrs Ogwcn Jones private Irvindale—Air and Mrs Gunner private Elwy Villa- Albion Villa-Mr and Mrs. Ll. Jones & family private EmmlVilla-Mr Girdler private Alpha Villa-Mi- F. J. Gamlin, solicitor, Mrs Gamlin & family private Fernleigh-G. E. Fielding, Esq and Mrs Fielding private Bodeuron-Mr T. P. Williams private Clifton Villa-Mr and Mrs J. Jones private Ffynongroyw rd. Barmouth Villa-Mrs Jones BARMOUTH PLACE. 16- 17 Mrs V. Williams private 18 Mr T. Jones 19 Mr T. Roberts 2 Mr C. W. Jones private 3 Rev. J. Verrier Jones and Mrs Jones private CONVENT VILLAS. I Mr E. Richards 2 Mrs Jones 3 Convent Viila-Mrs Slateum CASTLE VIEW. I Mr Evans Mr and Mrs Turner, Coventry Mr S. Turner Miss F. Turner Miss W. Turner Master L. Turner Miss Mayo, Birmingham Gronant street. 3 Mr Davies 5 Mr Thos. Williams 7 Mr E. Hughes 9 Mr Bassett 11 Mr P. Evans 13 Mr Williams 15 Mr J. Williams 17 Mr Isaac Jones 19 Empty 21 Mr E. Edwards 23 Mrs Williams 25 Mrs Williams 27 Mr J. Roberts 29 Mr McBain 31 Darcy House Mrs Dooley 2 Mr J. Hayes 4 Mrs E. Edwards 6 Mr Jones 8 Mrs Berrie private 10 Mr Williams 12 Mrs Thomas Mr and Mrs Lloyd, Ellesmere 14 Mr Hughes 16 Mrs Hague 18 Mr Foley private 20 Air Smith private 22 Mr Harding private 24 Mrs Williams 26 Mr J. D. Whitley private 28 Mr T. Wright 30 Air T. 1. Hughes 32 Air White 34 Mrs Davies High street 1 Mr E. L. Pugh 1A Cottage-Mr Hughes 1A Mr F. AIcKernan 2- 3 4 Mr Slinn private 5 Miss Edwards private 6 & 7 Air Ede private 8 Bon Alarche—Air Lewis 9 & 10 Messrs Foulkes and Co. 11 Misses Jones private 12 Mr J. A. Spink private 13 Miss Jones 14 & 15 The Baths-Mr Ed. Vaughan 16 Miss M. S. Holloway 17 Miss E. A. Crockford Blue Cap Mews-Proprietor- Mr J. Williams The Magnet Studio Messrs Williams Bros. Air C. Hatwood, hairdresser Star Supply Stores Liberal Clubhouse 17 Mrs Whitfield 18 Mr Henkel 18A Mr E. Davies 19 Mrs Jones 19A Air Argent 20 Mr G. R. Lawrence, M.P.S. GREEN BANK. Grcenbank Cottage — Mrs Hughes 16 Mr H. Jones GREEN BANK SQUARE. 10 Mrs H. Jones 11 Mr O. Owen 12 Mr P. Wynne 13 Mr Rt. Jones 14 Mr J. Williams HIGH STREET (continued) 21 Mr W. M. Williams 21A Mr Williams 22 Mr Edw. Jones 23 London House-Mr Jones, junr. 24 Air J. Williams private 25 Russell Buildings—Air Henkel 27 Leamington House Messrs Hackforth & Co. 28 Mr Chas. Matthews 29 Book Emporium- Miss Guthrie 29 Miss Varnols 30 Office of the Rhyl Journal" Pearce & Jones, Printers and Publishers. 31 New Inn—Air Kilshaw 32 ————— 33 Britannia Ilin-Mr Jones 34 Mrs Jones 35 Mr R. Williams 36 Air Ed. Hughes and Son 37 Mr E. D. Evans 38 Mr H. Evans 38A Mrs Owen 39 Mr R. Price 40 & 41 Rhyl Coffee Palace-Mrg R. Jones Rev. R. W. Carpenter Wolver- hamton Mrs Carpenter Mr A Robins, Birmingham Mr W. H. Powell do Mr R. T. Powell do Mr D. Davies, Wrexham Mr Roberts, Llangollen Mr W. Kent, Shrewsbury 42 Airs Parry 43 Rhyl Gas Light and Coke Company Limited, Mr Joe. Williams, (manager) 44 Mr D. Roberts- 45 Office of Mr Geo. Bell 45A Upton House-Mr Parry 46 Dudley Arms Hotel—Mr A. Walters 46A Mr Furber 47 Alexandra Hotel Mr J. Williams, proprietor 48 Mr J. F. Griffiths 49 Mr Roberts 50 Singers' i-nlachiiie Co. 51 White Lion Hotel-Mr Thos. Parry Old Town Hall Stores-Mr T. Smith, proprietor 51A Free Trade Butchers 51B Mr F. Homan 52 Mr Pugh private Salvation Army Barracks ST. HELEN'S PLACE. 12 Mr T. Jones 13 Mr D. Williams 14 Mr J. E. Jones 15 Mr J. Lamb 16 Mr I. Jones 17 Mr T. Price VAUGHAN TERRACE. 1 2 Airs Thomas 3 Mrs C. Williams 4 Mrs Hannah Jones. HIGH STREET (continued). 53 Mr R. Price 54 Mr H. Millward 55 Mostyn Hotel—Airs Bates John Gregory, Esq, Manchester Frank C. Varey, Esq, do; Mr and Mrs Chawner, Birmingham Air Shark, London; Mr Lloyd Williams do, Mr Shillits, Sheffield, Air Chidlaw, Warrington; Mr Cartwright, Birmingham 56 Messrs Hughes and Son 57 Misses Roberts private 67A Mr Daniel Evans 57BThe LorneHotel-Air J. Morgan 58 Mr Frimston 60 Air Talbott and Airs Talbott pte 61 Air D. Trehearn THE POST OFFICE & TELEGRAPH OFFICE.—Air Powell, postmaster 62 Mr Bathgate 63 Miss Williams 64 Mrs Jones 64A Miss A. S. Jones 65 E. W. Keatinge, Esq. pte. 66 Mr A. H. Williams 66A Japanese Bazaar Bank House- London and Provincial Bank- Royal Hotel-Mrs Lawrence, pro- prietoress TOTTENHAM BUILDINGS. 1 Air Phillips 2 Mr Fell 3 Messrs Stead & Simpson 71 Cambrian House-Mr W. J. Kent and Mrs Kent pte 73 Mr H. A. Steer 74 Mr and Mrs Steer private 75 Miss Carter Hope place. p 3 Mrs Middleton 4 Mrs H. Roberts 5 Mrs Edwards private 6- 7 Mr Hughes 10 Air Evans 11 Mrs Thomas 12 13 Airs Aliddleton private 14 Mr Lloyd John st. 1 Mrs Shaw 3 Mrs Colquhoun 5 Miss Barlow 7 Mrs Malings 9 Air Watkins Mrs and Misses Wooley, Chester 11 Mr:F. Wallis Mrs and Miss Milwward Mr Chapman do Airs Wilkinson, Edgbaston Miss Anson, Burton-on-Tient 13 Mrs Wainwright Mrs and Master Cauty, baby and nurse, Faulkner Square, L'pool Mrs Lloyd, Trafford, Chester Miss Lloyd 15 Miss Hands 17 Beak house-Mrs Jones Miss Jones, Shrewsbury Mrs Sperry, Wilnecote Miss Titerton do Mr, Mrs, and Master Fone, Burs- lem Miss E. Fone, Longport 21 Airs Cattell 2 Kenneth House—Air Lewis 4 Coningsby House-Misses Gil- bert Rev. C. E. Boucher, Trolesworth Rectory, Lutterworth Mrs Boucher, family and nurse 6 Mrs Roberts 8 Mr George Hatwood private 10 Miss Roberts private 12 Mrs E. Williams Mrs Cashmore and family, Brom- grove Mrs Potter, Birmingham 14 Denver House-Mrs Jones 16 Plas Caradog-Mr Roderick 18 Mrs Morris 20- 22 Mrs Jones 24 Mr Harden Kinmel street 3 Mr Walter Davies private 4 Lindow House —Air Eawarda 5 Airs M. Jones private 6 AlrR. Hughes private 7 Mr B. Parry 6 The "Star" Cocoa House- Mr Bird, manager Gladstone Buildings- Offices -Messrs Oldfield & Co. Offices of Mr J. Arthur Evans Offices of Mr Davies, solicito. Mr R. Oldfield private Inland Revenue Office-Mr Esther and Mr Downing Surveyor of Taxes' Office- Mr Girdler 11 Air W. Lewis 12 Miss Bethel 13 Mr Williams 14 Mr Thomas Griffiths Louis La Hondell, Esq, Holland Mrs, Miss, and Master Lightfoot, Chester Mrs Stockton do Mr and Mrs John Parry, Birken. head Mr and Mrs R. H. Owen and family, Liverpool 15 Mrs Manning Mrs Bacon family and maid Master Scotchley and nurse 16 Cynval Villaa-Mrs Jones 17 18 Mr Murphy 19 Mrs A. Pritchard 90 Mr and Mrs Smith 21 Mr and Mrs Baker private 22 Miss Hughes WEST END VILLAS. 23 Mr W. J. Simcock, junr. 24 E.Edwards,Esq.,& family pte 25 Mr & Mrs Edwards & family private 26 Mr Hewitt 27 Mrs Hughes 28 Mr Gibbons 29 Miss Whiteside KINMEL STREET (continued ) 30 Mrs Lloyd private 31 MrAidney private 32 Mr and Mrs Owen and family private 33 Mrs Mathews private 34 Bodelwyddan View- r Ellis 35 Mr W. Jones Aliss Wilson, Northampton Miss and Miss N. Skeel, do Miss Lloyd Miss Lucas and maid, B'ham 36 Mrs Clakr private 37 YeWindsor-Mrs Clark 38 Mrs J, Goffe 39 Glasinfryn House-Mrs Paddy 40 Mr Evans 41 Mr Gregory Rev. J. and Mrs White, Lepton Vicarage, Huddersfield Miss White do Mrs Corker, Wolverhampton Mrs and Miss Perry, Thornbury 42 Mrs Allman 43 Castle Hotel-MrJ. A. Davey proprietor 44 Caledfryn House Mr John Morris Mr and Mrs Young, Birmingh m lvlrs Punchard, Shrewsbury Mrs Burson do Mrs Instone, Birmingham Mrs Swift do 45 Penrhyn House-Afra Evans A. O. Evans, Esq, Denbigh Mrs Holland family and maid, Wolverhampton 46 Belmont House: Mrs DitchneM Rev. T. Herbert Vaughan, B.A. H. B. Moore, Esq, Blackburn Mrs Moore and family Mr and Mrs Hitchcock, Dublin Mrs Robinson, Birmingham Mrs and Misses Critchley, War- rington Mrs and Miss Harding do 47 Wynnstay Hotel Mr F. Baldwin, proprietor 48 Central Restaurant Mis* Purcell 49 Mr Langfield 50 Mr Field 51 Offices-J. Parry Jones, Esq. solicitor 52 Mrs Davies 63 Conservative ClubhouM