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RHYL DISTRICT. TIfE HIDI)KN HAND.— XC\L WEEK we intend ^i\ ing a large instalment of the above. THE PALACE AND SUMMER (,ARDEN the past week a first rate company with Mr Louis Calyert as the principal, have been occupying the boards at the Palace. Each evening there has been large attendances, ami the productions have been thoroughly appreciated. lr Cah-ett, who is a most clever actor, succeeded in completely carry- ing his audience away, his dileneation of Claude Melnotte in the Lady of Lyons being all that could be desired, and his efforts were equally well secoii- ded by Miss Clara Cowper as "Pauline." To- night (Friday") "The Taming of the Shrew," and to. morrow evening (Saturday) is to be "Corsican Brothers," and "Black-Eyed Susan." The programme for next week shews a variation in the class of entertainments. Mr Denbigh Cooper, the renowned musician, will be one of the singers. 1880 A- 1SS4 VINTAGE CHAMPAGNE.—J H. Ellis holds arge stock of the above choice vintages. and wonlrl in- vite special jttention to the following selected brands :— Ayala, Bollinger, Clicquot, Deutz and Geldcinan, Gies!er. Heid.-ieck, Irroy, Meet and Cbandon, Monte- bello, Mumm. Perrier Jonet, Pommery and Greno, Lonis Roederer, Buinart, &c. also other brands from 30/- per dozen and upwards. J. II. Ellis would recoin mend intln- ding purchasers to hny at once, as all the p'incipal ship- pers of Champagne litve given notice of a very consider- able advance in the prices of their Wineo.-Full Price Lists of all Wines, Spirits. Liquers, Foreign Cigars, &o., &c sent on application to J II. ELLTS, Wine and Spirit Merchant, 11, & 12, Water Street, Rhil. For Choicest Kiel Batter—,T. O. Jones, Tea Exchange *L>'0VLY CARTE'S COMP INV,Our good friend Xfr Clement is once more going to give the public a treat at the Town Hall. The Gondoliers 011 \\cdnesday and Thursday, and the Yeomen of the Guard on the two following evenings. See advertisement, and attend the performances. BVOXSTBY OFFICE FOR FERVANT.J.— Evans & Co., Newsagents, Wellirgton Ch<irn!ierj, lUivl. For Spec al Blondtd Tea—Tea Exchange. TttE committee of the Lifeboat Institution have decided to place the new boat Margaret PlalL of Stalybridge at Rhyl. CLWfD AND ELWY FISHERIES. SALMON An TBOUT licenses for season, 20/. TROUT only for season, 4/6. WISHING Rons AND TACKLE of the best makers and of reliable quality may be had from Hatwood, Hair- dresser, Queen Street. HACKFORTH cV: Co. beg to call special attention to their TEA which is cf Ihe finest qoulity, from 16 to 2'10 per lb. POST OFFICE EXPKKSS DELIVERY.—On and from August 1st the l'ost Ollice will deliver messages, letters, and parcels by special messenger in all parts of the town and rural district. The fee for Express Delivery will, in addition to the ordinary inland postage, be "2d, for every succeeding mile or part of a mile, when a public conveyance (i.e., tramcar, railway or omnibus, &c.) is available in both directions. When the distance exceeds two miles and a public conveyance is not available, a charge will be made, in addition to the postage and fee, of Is. per mile for a special conveyance, or the ordinary cab fare. (If the sender wishes it, a spe- cial conveyance may be used for any less distance.) Under the new- Service Express letters and parcels ,1,, transmitted by post to any Express Delivery Office in^the United Kingdom will on arrival, be sent out for delivery by special Messenger. The following Offices in the district will be opened at the outset as Express Delivery Offices, and Ex-press letters, parcels, etc., handed in at the counter, or arriving by mail at any of these Offices, will beat once sent out for delivery; yiz :-Rhyl. Abergele. Cohvyn Bay, and St. Asaph. HATWOOD, HAIRDRESSER, Qneen Street and High Street, for Hair Cutting ami Shampooing. HATVOOD, Hairtbesser. fm- Hair Brushes and Combs, TTATWOOD, Hairdresser, for Toilet Articles, &c., Ac, HATWOOD, Hairdresser, for Razors and Straps. BAT WOOD Hai dresser, for FISHING TICKETS and TACKLE, Walking Sticks and Canes; nud the best Tobaccos and Cigars. IMITDENT THEFT.At the Town Hall* this (Fri- day) morning, before l)r Girdlestone and Mr S. Perks, Robert Hughes, a labourer, who is better known as Bob Ty Moel, was charged with steal- ing a sovemgnfrounMargaretTyrer, of! 12, Robinson St., Everton, Liverpoo). The Complainant stated I I itt; oil t lie (lay previous she wan in the ImperialHotel. She called foi threepeunyworth of whiskey for which she tendered a sovereign. Miss Williams, who was then vailing in the bar, said she had no change, when the prisoner took up the sovereign and said he Mould get her change. He took out the sovereign with him, but did not return, and she had not seen linn Titiglies de- posed apprehending prisoner, who denied the charge. He had los. on him. The pnsouer HOW admitted having the sovereign to change, but was drunk at the time and never brought it back again. —The Bench coimnittod him to II davs" hard labour. TEE Editor of the Mcdicol Annual speaks in the highest terms of CO\BBUllY'S COOA as a beverage and a food for invalids on account of its absolutejpurity, high quality, and great solubility; and counsels" ihe Medical Profession to re member, in recommending Cocoa, that the name CADRC&X on any packet is a guarantee of purity. RHYJ. RESIDENTS V. EIIVL VISTTUKS. The return match between these two teams was played on the 20th inst., on the ground adjoining the Summer Gardens, the Residents being again vic- torious for the second time. Appended is the score: I "Visitors. Residents Nightingdale run out 2 R I) Sllllcock not out 32 C Jones b Teale F. Jones c and b R. O. Simcock 7 Tot tie e X ightingdale b ('Hatfield b Simcock -1 F Jones 2 Suckling c Simcock b I Highway, c and b F .Jones t (I Rigby tun oiit 9 B Jones e F Jones b Goodman e R Sinicock Suckling 1 b Teale I R Thomas c Nightingale b Rigby O A .Tones st. F. Jones b I*. Nelson b Tottie S Suckling 18 I Nelson not out O \Y Gunuer b Suckling .> Dean c Suckling b Rigby 1 c 14 Total .">2 Total 77 George & another to bat BICYCLV.S for Boys on the Hire Purchase System. I have 7 Boj 's Ordinary Bicych s 36 & 40 in. Made by P. rDL,, r l: Co. Price 37/6 at 51- Cash down and re- mainder a" 6d. per week till paiu for, Chas. Ccnnih, Cycle Factor, Rhyl. HA.CKFOKTTT A Co., GROCERS, 27. HIGe: FTREET, k(ep oiily ille. b-st quality goods, which alwa, a give Batisf'cnon mH the cheanest in the end. So'e Ag mts for W. &- A. Gilbey's, Wines and Spirits.