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ST. ASAPH PETTY SESSIONS. MONDAY, SEPT. 1. Before Major Birch, Mr Edwin Morgan, Col. Hore, and Mr E. W. D. Walthal. RENEWAL OF LICENSES. The justices renewed the licenses of the various publicans in the division of Rhuddlan, with the exception of two or three mentioned subsequent- ly. Superintendent Hughes produced his report shewing that there had been no convictions duriog the year. There were he said, 28 public houses|in the division, 1 beerhouse and 1 grocer's license population 3747, or one license for 121 inhabitants. In St, Asaph proper there were 13 public-houses and one grocer's license for a population of 2675, or one in 198. During the year there bad been 14 oonviotions for drunken- ness, a decrease of one. OPPOSITION TO RENEW ALS.-Ct THB HAND." Mr Alun Lloyd appeared to oppose the re- newal in any form of the license to the Hand Inn, Lower Street, St. Asaph. A pet tion was also produced by the Rev. T. LI. L. Williams, I Vicar, and the Rev. Benjamin Hughee, in opposi. tion to the license being granted. This had been signed by the Bishop, the Dean, minor clergy and miniHters, together with about 80 other persons. Mr Lloyd eeid it was desirable to gat all concerned in the question of granting the 1 cenee should be before the court, and if the mat. ter were adjourned he would try and get the has. bands of some of the women wh) got drink on credit at tho house to oppose the application. The women, be .dded, looked more like animated hogsheads than human beings.—The matter was left in abeyance. Mr Hugh Savage, BiDgor, agent for Messrs Young & Co., owners of the house, subsequently appeared in court and made a formal application regarding the license, Mr Lloyd objecting to his locus standi. The court remarked that they knew the objection was correct, but they were Wishful to hear what Mr Savage bad to say, as it would in no way effgct their decision prejudical- Iv. Mr Thomas Jones, tha old tenant, then formally applied for a renewal for himself, and Mr J. Morris Jones apfl: d for a new license, by way of transfer from the old tenant. The objection was then Lrmally tendered, on the grou ids (1) that the requirements of the neigh- bourhood ii d not warrant a. renewal, there-bsir.g three public-houses in the street. (2) that the class of customers who frequented the house were women, and (3) that they were encouraged to drink by obtaini: g credit. Mr Lloyd said that in view of those objections it would be best to adjourn the matter so as to eO'lbJo Thomas Jonea to attend at the next meetiog arid answer them. Mr Savage said that he wculd agree to that, although he thought a notice of the objection raised that day Ebould have teen given him. Toe Magistrates' Clai k (Ur Oiiver George): The Jaw rioes not reqqira it, and Mr Lloyd in what he had dore was perfectly legal. The Court then referred the applications to the adjourned mepting to be held on the 29tb of September, the Chairman adding that he was sorry to fiud that a woman to whom a transfer had been refused at a previous court was now sellit g -.t the houaa. Mr Savage replied that Toomas Janeg called th^re daily, and th-3 woman would go as soon as sbp f ui d ■> "hou^a. M)j r ErIch sa;d tbat the transaction to hi rni-nd was a mewhit suspicious one. The justic e then adjourned te matter. AN EMPTY HOTEL AND THE CONSEQUENCES. Mr Moses Robettii, Dr-per, St. Afapb, Bpplied to- the ren- wal of the license of the Mnsivn Hotel, and Superintendent Hughes opposed it. Mr Alun Lloyl said that he also appeared in opposition, acd being ask.d on whose bthaif replied that it was Father Lightbound (Roman Priest in the city). He added that he wished the ffis-rits of the cise to be gone into at the adjourred fessions, as Father Lightbound had not aa yet had aa opportunity of being advised by him. Be was also anxious that nothing in the way of vexatious oppositions should be advanced. Superintendent HubeB prodnoed a copy of the notice served, and sa d that he opposed the renewal simply and solely on the ground that the hotel had been closed for over six months, and he did that in accordance with the instructions of the County Council. Mr Lloyd said that his objections would be made at the adjournment, when all the facts could be laid before the court, including all that were in favour of a renewal. He said that when he movel the resolution at the County Council he had in view a house which had been closed for five years, and he was inspired to take steps in view of the then existing Compen- sation Clause, and so as to save the county as much as possible. Major Birch, the question of adjournment having again been mentioned, remarked that this matter was not a question of the owner losing his license but as to whether or no the house was required. It would be a serious thing to do away heedlessly with the license cf the leading house, or what had been the leading bou-e in the city, and which when occupied had not had a word said against its conduct. Mr Roberts then made his application formally. He added that the house had been unoccupied for two yeare, owing to his inability to find a suitable tenant. It could not, beheld, be contended that tho bouse was not required, as it waa eit-uated in a most central place, and there was ample stabling accommodation. The Chairman: What is your intention in regard to it ?-Mr Roberts Either to let or pell. The Chairman: We can't consent to an indefinite postponement of this subject. You must be prepared to either let or sell it before long. The longer it is left closed the stronger will be Mr Hugbes's argument. Mr Koberfes said that what he might have done was to put a man in to carry on the business in his (the applicant's) name. But rather thau do that he wished to have a suitable tenant who would take the whole thing into his own hrmds, In reply to Mr Alan Lloyd he said that the premises were purchased by him two years ago. He had not refused to let the place for £80. altbough he might have mentioned he would want -.ClOo. Did not know it had been let for S40 only during the past 20 years. The court then adjourned the application, Mr Lloyd aga n assuring the applicant that he would raise no vexatious objections. His grounds would be that the house was not required; that the owner was not going to corduct the house himself, that he was asking a prohibitory rent, and that other premises could not be extended if this house were reopened. A WOMEN'S QUABREL IN THE SQUARE. Jane Williams, an aged peraon, charged Sabina Deed, Irish Square, with an assault, the defendant admitting it as an "accidental" one. The complainant said that her daughter and Mrs Deed were arguing, when the lattev struck her (the comolaicant) in her head with a wbtir-cao she had in her bands. She had to go to the doctor in consequence. Defendant admitted having swung the can around, with the unex- pected result that she struck the old woman, instead of her daughter, with it. This was done after the latter had thrown a bucketful of ashes over her; the complainant denying that, and saying that the ashes were thrown atterwards. Sergeant Pearson said that he was called and saw blood at the bottom of the bucket, and he noticed that Mrs Deed was covered with ashes. The court considered the case a bad one, and an example would be made of defendant by being fined il, the costs amounting to 8s. In default 14 days' hard labour. Sabina Deed then charge Margaret Ann Tomlinson with an assau!t. This defandant was the former complainant's daughter, and admitted throwing the ashes after and not before her mother bad been struck. Complainant said the ashes sprinkling was the first episode, and called Dinah Davies as a witness, but sbe testified to the contrary, and the court dismissed the case, calling upon Mrs Deed to pay 23. 6d. extra in fees. As she had no money to pay in this and the former case, P. c. Parry escorted her to the premises situate to the rear of the court-house. GAME TRESPASS. Edward Jones, Pen?bpyn, Dymeirchion. was charged by Alfred Tabby, keeper to Lord Mostyn with trespassing in search of rabbits on land in the occupation of Mr Edward Jones, Oriafol, parish of Owm. The keeper had seen the de- fendant pick up a rabbit caught in a snare set in some gorso, and run away. Mr Alun Lloyd appeared for defendant and argued that it wae a case of mistaken identity. The court, bow. ever, found the case proved and inflicted a fine of Is., the costs amounting to 8a. 6d.

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