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GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. AtmjTVf mrrrnrpa This preparation has been before itisconfidentlyim-CLErgy- on\T\F RTTTFRS QUININE BITTERS the public for many years, and has men, lawyers, merchants, fud PRO- QUININE BITTERS steadily gained in popular favour. fessional men generally, who have to QCJXIXE BITXEliS OTTTWTOT? UTTTFim It contains a suitable quantity of /J devote themselves to BITTERS QUI.r<l.Niii xJlIlHiivo Quunne in each dose, combined with VJ QUININE BITTERS the active principles of other well- STUDY AND BRAIN WORK. QUTNIZsE BITTEEfe nTTTXTTMV "rtttf/RS known medieinal plants, viz., Gentian. OEi2N]-'E BITTElxS QUININE BITTERb A Burdock, Safari 11a, **F To CLERKS, SHOP ASSISTANTS, SEMP- "KTNT, PTT™<. QUININE BITTERS Saffron and Dandelion, mixecf soien- VV STRESSES, and all who QI LMIs L LTTiEEb — WORK LONG HOURS IN CLOSE ROOMS. J™ QUININE BITTERS are not re- I r° BITTEBS QUININE BITTERS commended to cure "all ills that ami others ^ho have ,0 tjUMSfc BITTERS QUININE BITTERS ^They give tone, Ut « BREATHE IMPURE AIR. 'L iNIXE BITTERS /~»TTTVTT-mi.- ■RTTT'TT'TiQ They strengthen the system, 1 QLININE BITTERS r^r, 1T1proye aPpetite. ToFARMERS QUARRYMEN, LABOURERS, nriXT^T" RTTTFP<> QUININE BITTERS w«"isThd ,,n..„e,o«,«! rtttfrs QUININE B"TERS 1"XTUirit* ar,d a, .Uch EXPOSURE TO THE WEATHER. oUIXI^Il: BITTERS QUININE BITTERS are recommended to people who wish to Y QLIM^TL BITTERS niTTNTNF. BITTERS av^' or abstain from intoxicants. IT GIVES QUININE BITTERS rsi-i-XXLirvo They steady the nerves,—as patients i.m„rv/"r-T m-, r- QUININE BITTERS who have suffered from sleeplessness, o 1RLa 0 I il TO TIlL WEAK, QUININE BITTERS QUININE BITTERS frriqueBnt'7^s?iVfeyr*tXerti0n and fJ[ II LAL Til TO THE SICK, QUININE BITTERS QUININE BITTERS vmn/rvr /7 rrrr ™ trr QUIKINE BITTERS QUININE BITTERS d^atefema.eT.8 pecu,,ar,y adapted t0 vAJOKl/iO T 1_\ LIFE T) ALL. OTJININE BITTER S QUININE BITTERS ATTIMTMD T> T IT 17 T> Q QUININE BITTERS QUININE BITTERS (j U 1 N I N L Di 1 A il Os QUININE BITTERS QUININE BITTERS rncut pn.iurrnrriTc (<'UDaNE BITTERS nrimrwTi' RTTTFR*? We siia1^ be P*eased to forward a FRAUDULcNT UUUil I CKF&IT5. OUININE BITTERS Pamphlet containing Testimonials J' QUININE BITTERS received from different districts. We are particularly anxious to QLINiNE BlllERb QUININE BITTERS We are also in a position to refer caution the public against the QUININE BITTERS _TT t-ntt -RTTT^-RCJ any bona fide enquirers to responsible U attempts of some Members of the QUININE BITTERS QUINIJNE BlIIERb people in'almost every district, who A-l trade to pa?s substitutes or even • QUININE BITTERS can speak from experience of the counterfeits of our preparation. QbiisUN^ iUiiLUb OTTT'NTN'R 'RTT'T'R'R^i beneficial effects of the Quinine Ask plainly for Gwilym Eva:\s QUININE BITTERS QUINlWfc SHIRKS B itebs< IF Quininb Bitteks, and see that tliu nrTV™ CTTT17pq QUININE BITTERS V name Gv,ir.v\t Evans is on label, j QEININE BITTERS QUININE BITTERS stamp, and bottle. Every bottle sent QUININE BITTERS OUININE BITTERS £ pecittttn* of StettlttOtttal# out °/. t,,e laboratory is prepared QUININE BITTERS yLiXMXJNUi <rr according to lus recipe, and under QUININE BITTERS Llysmeddj- Blaenau Festinio*, j\ his clire,t management. QUININE BIITERS ^TTT^CT^tf"K, "RTTTTFTOCi Septemb^t iltky 1S88. Sold bu oil (Jhcwists in 2j0 and 4;jG QTJIxsI^Nlij BITTEIIS ^LJJNXiNiL & lXili O Mr. Gwilym Evans.-It gives me gieat bottles, or in cases, containing three T„ QUININE BITTERS the .fficaj h u, di B TTERS "RITTERS mtUgestioii, and nervous palpitation. from the Proprietors, carriage tree, by QLIiNi.Nii lii.I QUININE BITTERS London 'Parcel* l'wt. QUININE BITTERS QUININE BITTERS — W™ BITTERS QUININE BITTERS Market Square, Wellington, Salop, W labelled hv Spanish. For further QUININE BITTERS QUININE BITTERS Gentlemen,-I find 'that 'gwh.vm eVam' particulars apply to the Proprietors: QUININE BITTERS QUININE BITTERS £ &Skylit, eaSt"h^ QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTURING CO., QUININE BITTERS QUININE BITTERS 5"? ^Yo^SS, QUININE BITTERS J. Hall, Dit-pensing Chemist. IiliANEIiLY, SOUTH TSTAT/15S. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. 0 GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. TT AN OH AM HOTEL,Portland-place. London, W. I 4 Moat fashionable, convenient b healthy locality. Artesian Ml water. Electric light throughout. Moderate tariff. Table 4'hMe. 6 to 8. Under the management of Wniter Onsdm. tMPCTATRICK- Perfect Table Water. SAXMTSHBAN. —For the Stomach aaid Difficult Digestion. PRXCXXUSK.—For Bile, the Liver, Gravel. ■ In every good Hotel, nt every Chemist's, Druggist's, and at Mineral Water Dealers. One Bottle per Day. ^^■1 Ml II lllll lllll I III III |i II n EEN GRANITE MONUMENTS, from dtH, earriage paid. Inscriptions accurate andbeau- ttfnl. Flans it prices from J. W. LEGGE, Sculptor, Aberdeen. HTKENUTHENINa' DIGESTIVE TONIC of excellent flavour; best the treatment of TAVX1H WISE Phthisis. escribed in Stomaohio exhaustion, Chlorosis, Anaemia, and during convalescence. VAecaumded by the Faculty for afed persons, youiig married women. and children. BEWARE OF CO UU TEKFEIT8. To obtain the only genuine SAINT RAPHAEL TANNIN WINE, apply to Ji. GAI.TIAIS, 90, Piccadilly, London, W. COLLIER'S KNITTING YARNH, direct from the t'octoiy, saving all iniddic- protina. P^tt-vr.s anfl Illustrated price book post irH-. F. Collier 1\ (-4. Tw PO!UrltDS.-LADIES'GOLD (Keyless) J- WATCHES, £2 each, post tive. Special barcainj. Strong handsome gold cases, and perfect timekeepers. Wairanfi dfor ..8 yean.-C. FTJS8ELL ft CO..Merrick .Sy^iarc, London. S.E. Tt_ mYT'H .FOB. 60 YEARS these Pilis have been "• (known as the most Perfect Remedy for IDROPSY and diseases of the <hast.Li%er,& ■ |nf|nOw jBowels, and rhey are without a rival to-day. llflUr U f 'Most convincing reports of cu'-es .-ffectedby "I their use after all other mean.s have failed ■ mvn have been rei eived. If you are suffering give LIVER A WllUithem a trial. Directions giv«n. Prepared MVfcll *» only by S. J. COLEY, Gnewt, STfeoCH, (»4los.: and sold in boxes l ib 2 9. 4 6, and nil I O ill/ Free by post tor stamps L>r i'.O. Sold ■*11 I Iby Chemists and Medicine Vendors every- 1 IfcfcV1 Iwherft. and all London Wholesale Houses. C) 3M :0 &6 Xn DAHLIAS Winners of the Great Centennial Prize. New Descriptive Catalogue now ready, Post Free. J. OHEAL & SONS, Crawley. MdI; Mt., Za. M. each; lÕÜ., 2s. lOd each.—Bruce <fc STlLt, Coatractoru for Iron Buildings, 75, Norfolk-street, Liverpool. BRtTCEl & STILL, NORFOLK STREET, LIVERPOOL, Manufacturers of Iron Chuvclies, Schools, It iofs, and Build- ings. Suitable for all situations. Highest testimonials from the letrliyig cU.r^y, ai-ciiitc-eti, and cult u i-ists. Estimates and deswua o^i ilppl!I;:tiÙl1: PA<5TI F WEEKLY SERVICE from UHO I LL LONDON to the LINE G0LD FIELDS of SOUTH AFRICA. • ■ For all information apply to t he Managers, DONALD CXTRBIE 0c, CO.. 3. Fenrh -rch Street. LONDON. IIMIHM I IMT for the SOUTH AFRICAN GOLD UmUlM LI DIE, FIELDS. THE ROYAL MAIL and iKTKMEDtATE STEAMERS i?a;l from Southampton every Friday for Cape Ports. C'allt! made at I.inU.n, Sf'uleira. & Cunuru Itlandt. Apply to THE UNION STEAM SKIP COMPANY (IxU. Canute Road. Southampton. aud South African House. 31 to 98, Blshopsgate Street. London. lEAD THE. BOOK OF M0KM0N.— It to a Sacred History of the Ancient Inhabitants of erica: including, also, an account of Christ's visit to them, 4 coutaina tht) Fulness cf the Everlasting Gospel. GU pages. "aid. a Milleksiai, Star Office, 4i Islington. Liverpool. Tt^lTROLOGY. Who you will MarryTTf". Wtiat is before you, 7 stamps. Oordon, 8, J'rinces S!trect, Westmimter. COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS and NEURALGIA, DR. J. CoLLIS BROVME'S CHLORODYNE, A t/nr .deaea quite offeatual. Caution. The extraordinary ^oversa>ent|lH|BljHjHBHSBHH| stamp, bearing »M«^ £ u^odyin.N Bee deeWon of Vio«4%a»»iiar PiwWwjuK ,JW". July leuu isu. ^JmBMMMtertiaeoiAk from eminent PhydoUai MeMVM} itt t* 1^. X. 4/a. b> rmitrtli ANTECZEMA ^YNTECZEMA XNTECZEMA ^NTECZEMA thk new EMOLLIENT »kin PAINT. A harmless, noii-poisono'i*. a?irt unique remedy for SKIN DISEASES. A few application-! will cure tu^ irio ,t inveterate cases. It acts like manic, and is without a rival. In bottles, price U 9, of all Chemists, or nost free of X. C. IAYKG, Chemist, 93, Finsbury Pavement, E.C. & SON. FREIBURG. (Baden) PENsioN^uirz; Delightful winter residence. Highest references. 1 yOpEB-^TE. Educational advantages. I ESTABLISHED 1836 FOR THE PROTECTION OF TRADE. STUBBS' MEECANTILE OFFICES, (TRACK AUXILIARY COMPANY LIMITED.) 42, GRESHAM STREET, LONDON, E.C. Subseribeis, by obtaining timely information, MAY AVOID MAKING BAD DEBTS. Every Trader should Tead STUBBS' WEEKLY GAZETTE, I With which i issued a Snpplement containing LISTS OF CREDITORS under all the important Failures. The Commercial Registers contain m^re than tfiiIj SIX MILLION ENI RIKS. DEBTS RECCVEEED WITH PEOJIPriTCDE. RRANCHKS at CHARLES STREET CHAMBERS, CARDIFF, Belfast, Birmingham, Bradfoid, Brighton, Bristol. Doblin, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds. Liverpool, Manchester. Newcastle. Norwich, Ports- month, Sheffield, ai d 53. Condnit Street, London. StJB.OFFICE8-42, CASTLE STREET, SWAN- SEA, Blackburn, Cambridge, Cork, Derby, Exeter, Gloucester, Grimsby. Hanley. Huddersfield, Hull, Ips- wich, Leicester. Limerick, Londonderry, Maidstone, Middlesboro', Newport (Mon), Northampton, Notting- ham, Oxford, Plymouth. Preston, Reading, South- ampton, Stockton-on-Tees, Waterlord, Wolverhampton, Worcester, York, Terms-El Is., 92 21., f3 8s., £ 5 5s. according to requirements. PROSPECTUS forwarded on application to any of the above Offices. PHOTOS. PAKIS EXHIBITION. TOUR EIYFlvL STUDIE8, FUR ARTIST.S AND AMATiXU.-i. OBVELIN & CIE., 1. Riie C:< i lat. J^aris. OESAS-ITWIXCH. ^XCTTETC. "VALENTINE. HARDAWAY & TOPPING, ▼ {Tui-f Commission Agents), BOULOCrNE-SUlt-MEK, FRANCE. THE "FRENCH AND ENGLISH SPORTSMAN" (Published Daily containing Entries for all Important Handi- caps as soon as published, and Latest Market Movements on the same, forwaroed Iree on receipt of ad'ire'-s. DOUBLE & TREBLE EVENTS. 8. P. ON ALL RACES. The Oldest Finn in exist'/ncr. Ko fippr- stntntlves. ECRAWPOED, TKAFJEOKD Rd., • SÃLFORD. Special attention to Bookmakers, only one in each town can be supplied wi, h reliable l'lformation each morning from course, supplemented later wii h runners of prin- cipal races, betting changes. Terms, apiily above address. THE MATRIf.lGNIflL HERALD I AND FASHIONABLE ETAB.IMAGE GAZETTE represents the )ar;:I¡ aLd most sÎ:ccflli laTJ"ÜHI\T)1al Agency in the world, R.:1' L i It.. ()l"'l-'in1 and 801e responsible medium for the Nobility, Gentry, a,.(1 Cnmmprcial Class"j>. Price 3d. (secure in plain envelope, 4;d.).—Knitor, 40, Lamb's Conduit Street, London. W.C.. or older < f aH_Xejvsagents. ■pROF. BLACKIE'S SELF-CULTURE, 18'h Ed. A Vade Mecum for young men ai d students, 2 6, post free. Every parent should put it into the hands of his _g^EM )o;iglas. 10, CasMe Street. Edinbuigh.i, jP V Ono Dressing with SANFORD'3 J_ PjiLLjiTo founii 136 Rals I'p.'<t msr iro. tun j- IIm3, llelr*. »horpe. Ui(c.'itoiJ. SenJ 1.2 to SANJFORX) Sc SOU. Mii.l.y.iieds & try it. T ANGHAM HOTEL,Portland-place,London,W, 1 J Most fashionable, convenient & healthy locality. Artesian well water. Electric light throughout. Moderate tariff. Table d'hate. 8 to 8. Under the managernent of WnlUr Gosden. A PERFECT TYPE-WRITER FOR 10/6. Writeforfnll particulars to THE MINIATURE POCKET TYPE-WHITER COMPANY. Swan Arcade. Bradford, Yorks. A 5-&ninea Prize given every Month for the best, letter writ' en with the machine. AA per cent, in 12 MONTHS by growing WVV LAXTON'SEARLY"NOBLE"STKAWBERBY. Particulars from T. Laxton. Seed Grower, Bedford. TCBAQSO and 0Ii«88- £ MXa> PASCH13. Every Reqxii^its for tho S nokor in Gm Crdor. The frf owini f rha-c' V r.U ut t'-ir lahe-. X;«Mv, O.-d. I'll•», l'U-r. i-«-. Aici^r, C ww. Brankston. M< r i«. Mi-«;n>l.. l.am'evt* !•«,«. Gor-u'v.M!, Di;Tce, j<; i.ov, N^r.ba.i. ]iicii:ii'd fij ill 'om- pany, (. -.r.>!l, L.)rii!rd. ,vc..M xicu: 3I;ili,Ii.dia. avd Cjtrur-> a>-d 'hrr.i > s » 1 :ipc,t :(.r.V p.c-<. Ti.f 1 nr ■ rj^ ti-r.i•• t /'?,■-«/—fa'c.) in, Allen Kl,.i,ei, Ijuke. ICiiiibui;. Am I! ..s ¥i e A ill", t'lii' er, Ls;nV-i t ec B'ltkr, Cope, a d th*i k&ilHig li/ p ivui and Tiirk-n Hn BSITiSH CrOA-RS to 100. All carefully Relfc:!cci aud •.< eil in itnr- Tne larwot an:l most var.td stock out ai L.m.wn to s-1 >:t from. Irish Uoli, Pigtail, N»i r d, Taivst. C-ike, PI"?. »r.<l all other liai-a i'obaiteos. n)«- Fiuki.y. «i;f. Vi:i ins, fat O-ivendish. ai.'l i>.t..) ..r Vt 'I 11 ii.-y Cut T'jb iCOOi of i &• ~ir'.okers* Sundries of every .-Jx: «";• si-iiha in tM STHOLETON c< f'<, To'oacco, 1} r. \} l\ \iV.L4j b ."1 \.JJ:. ")' t ,t:nulhC U.H Cannon Street and Fore St-set, BIRHIJfGHAM. lV ATCII CLUB CATALOGUES Soiiding- their name u,t,,i iviuies-tw CiiA iLES OWEN1, Moorhead I Woriw, SHEFi'lELD, wiilhoaror something to their uAvantage. I nOETTRG Germany. Mr. Taubala's School & 'Honiefor \.ounci4entlemen. £ 80—100p.a. Patron THE DUKE OF EDIN-/ J>| Tl> n BURGH, whose tamily is residing in LUI) XVV* M 0 N_:E Y' "£'30. T' ö.£:tp. OQ. '0 ,PŒelTc I T Y. _PROSp,EÇ,TU5?-:c.FV\:¡;l$ L- E N T'OistANCE PEÂRS '?GQ.R.S;I"tqN.DOt-i"W.c              ril A I Lt) ltl.NG.-Suits to measure, from H7 Li; Trousers, JL 7;. patterns free. Bykes.lS.TTiiperliead Dow.Huddereaeld; DU YOU LOVE YOUR DOG ? If SO. purchase EGLETON'S BRUSH and COMB P ATENT, in box. 3s. 6d. and 4s. 6 ».; also Egleton s Man»-C neb Patent. Is., Is. 6.1. and 2s. Sold by all Sad^er^jicc.—Wholesale. Egleion, Croydon. fTTANfED all eufiferers from LUMBAGO or DROPSY \f\/ to send 14 stamps for certain cure. J. Anhworth, v v Euxton, Chorley, Lanes, or from any Chemist. STOCKTON'S RUDDER GRANGE,l/postage S 2d., one of Douglas' Shilling Series of American Authors, which includes works by Howel 3, Holmes, Cable.Aldrich, Stock- ton & others. Lists free from D. Doug1;¡,s,l(),CaAJe-gt.Edinburgh. TJ AD DRIBURG (Germany) —Steel and Heather JJ baths fur Rheumatism and diseases peculiar to women, The CASPAR HEINRICH SPRING for diseases of the Kid. neys. Board & Residence from 40 Marks ( £ 2) upwards per week. Excellent Trout fishing. Prospectus with all particulars gratis, from BROWN. GOULD & Co., 54, New Qxford-st., London. W.C. pi LEICH6NBSRG (Health Resort), Styria, VU"AUSTRIA. Patronised bythe highest circles. Gold Medals: Puris, Amsterdam, Barcelona. Diplomas of Honour Gratz and Trieste. Season commenced May 1st. Brine-spray, 8tee!, Pine & efferves- cingbarhs. Pneumatic chambers. Hydropathic establishment. Kephir& Whey cure. Prospectus with all ymnii'ulars gratia from the Directorate. LACE.—Send to the Manufacturer for the noted shilling parcel, containing one beautiful Lace Handkerchief. doz. yards choice Maltese, i doz. yards Guipure. 1 doz. Valenceirie Edging. Carriage paid Is. 3d. L Cass, Lace Depot. Station Road, Long Eaton, Nottingham. XjtT J. LANSDOWNE AND CO. T ▼ • (TURF ACCOUNTANTS), 20, WELLINGTON STREET, STRAND, LONDON, W.O. Terms on application. '( Registered Telegraphic Address. "Attuned, London." "if C7~WATSON.— ESTABLISHED 1873. J3L* TURF COMMISSION AGENT, 90, ARGYLE STREET, GLASGOW. Terms on application. THE ARCH-DUCAL SCHOOL of MUSIC in "WEIMAR (Germany;. A new Course begins on Eept. 1, 1890, comprising:— (1) An Orchestral-Seller for the training of orchestral per- former Tim includes a training-school for soloists, con. ductors, teachers, and composûrs (fee, 40s. per quarter). (2) A Muaic-School. in conjunction with a Seminary, for the instruction of lady-pupils iu pianoforte-playing or solo- hinging (tee, 3 a. per quarter. (3) An Cpsra-School for instruction of male and female pupils in dramatic representation uee, 80s. per quarter). (1) An Elementary-School, also for beginners (fee, 20s. per quarter;. WEIIIAB, .1 'w 1890, MbXLER-HARTUNG. J)/'lc'ril. u DINBURGH U-NIVERSITY. Agric-Lilture JLJ Scienc-e and Practice. Particulars of Farm Residence; Coui >e of .Study. c" Degree of B. Sc., apply PRO tf ■- SOB WALLACE. /aiETTD POST CARD for PROSPECTUS to yS Brother James. St. Joseph's Commercial College, Dumfries. TX^MPTON GRAMMAR SCHOOLrMiddlesex. B 1 Founded 1556.—Fine modern school buildings (1880), OTejw looking the Tliames.on gravel soil, with six acres of ground*. The usual public-school classics and mathematics, with special att tion to French, German, & natural science. Preparation for ina» triculation, entranoe examinations of the navy, medical « legal Jirofessions.ft commercial life.Shorthand & carpentering,cricket, ootball. tennis,boating. School four-oars on the river. Detached Infirmary.ClosetoHamptonStation.Ominutesfrom Waterloo), for prospectus apply to Rev. G. F. Heather. M.A.. Head Master. jCJ.ERMANY.—Herr Oberprediger Ullrich, Freiendiez, Dies. a. d. L. wants a govemesB-poptt for high-class school. Terms £ 3Q, "ipiIANO.—Upright Iron Grand C0TTAGE, J- full trichord high-class instrument, with every modem Improvement, rich Italian burrwalnut in massive carved wor. inanship, bri liant tone, perfect touch, splendid condition; by eminent maker; suited for a well-appointed room; list price guineas; new this year; will accept at once 24 gulneaa, •.nd send carefully packed in case for approval: return carriage paid if unsatisfactory; maker's warranty for 20 years tran*» lerred to purchaser.—114, Downham Rd.. Islington, N., London. MARRIED LADY has invaluable harmless .L' Recipe for LADIES. Stamped addrMeed en ve)ope&« parSicnlars. HARHY, Innoswon Lodge, Lifctowel. Ireland. WHWMJmimYT Send stamped a<V ▼ t dressed envelope to Prof. W. Walker, 83.Bold-st..Liverpool. JJURKELL'S ^PPETJLXiij JJILLS. FOR IirniGESTiON, Locs or APPETITE, akd GFNERAX, Debtlity. J)URRELL'S j^PtETITE J3ILLS. A TONIC WORTH TAKING. JJURRELL'S APPETITE jpiLLS. FOB IifDiOESTTOiT, Loss OF APPETITE, AND GbnebjUi DEBILITY. DURRELL'S APPETITE pILLS. A TONIC WORTH TAKING. JJURRELL'S APPETITE pILLS. I FOR lumoEBTioji, Loss or APPETITE, AND Generju, I DEBILITY. DUIZRELL' s A PPETITE pILLS, A TONIC WORTH TAKING. From yonr Chemist. 1/1 I. "1' post free. 15 stamps, diroct from DURRELL & CO.,22, RUSSELL RD- GRF.AT YARMOUTH, SO Mil- SP CILL S. j nd ci teason Spiendid I ON V SETS of HARNESS. Patent Leather Saddles a d Co'.iarn. comp e e. 05-; iJi-f, (,'ob 70' full size. 80/ Bhtck Dressed Tf,rpn.li!i-. 12it. 9t't., 2j, i2tt, -12ft., 29y-: )5ft. x 12f-, S5/ Be t. H>in[' Scafioi<l Ro es. Cut and VV flipped, 29/- per cwr., 4 doz. to lewt. Corn ,-ark^, 'I housar.ds lu St' elf, 7" <o~- 31b.; 4Bushel. 41b. dit'o. l <1 (.'a^h wii h )rder. EOOFiNG- FELT, HICK. 7MEDIUM, 5-1 ROLL. HENRY DUNHILL. By Special Appoiiitmei.t to Her Jlojesty's Office of Works, 125 to 127, EUSTUN ROAD, KING'S CROSS, LONDON. Opposite Euston, Midland, and Great Northern Termini- PHIZES IFULXJE OYER ^600. FOS YOUNG FOLKS ONLY. SUNLIOHT SOAP MONTHLY COMPETITION. Competitors not to b, over 17 years of age last birthday. Tho first of these Monthly Competitions will be on August 31st next, fol'owcd by others on September 30th, October 31st, November 30th, December 31st, &c., &c., until further notice. The favourable consideration of Parents and Guardians and kind permission for their young1 people to compete for those prizes are asked on the following grounds 'Ihere is no element of chance in these competitions, tho winning of a prize depending entirely on the perseverance and trouble taken to collect the wrappers. The competitions are held every month, so failure in one does not discourage but stimulated to a fresh effort. The motto is—"If at first you don't succeed Try, Try, Try again." Tho articles given are all the best of their class. XiUL&S. I.-No competitor to be over 17 years of age. II.—The Competition will be held and Prizes awarded every month until further notice. III.—Competitors to save as many Sunlight Soap wrappers as they can collect. Cut off the bottom portion of each wrapper—that portion commencing Now for the Sunlight Way of Washing." This portion called the "Coupon" is to be saved for the competition. IV.—When as many of these coupons are collected as the competitor thinks will win a prize send thorn POSTAGE OR CARRIAGE PAID to LV ER BROS., Ld., PORT SUNLIGHT, Nr. BIRKENHEAD, INCLOSING WITH THE "COUPONS" a sheet of paper on which the competitor has written her or his FULL Name and Address, age last birthday, the number of the competition entered for, and the number of coupons enclosed. This paper must be signed by three witnesses of over 20 years of age. Only one witness to be chosen out of the same house, and no witness out of the hcuve competitor lives in. V.—The Coupons to be sent in (postage or carriage paid) not later than the last day of the month. "Coupons" received too late for one month's couipoiition will be put into the next. VI.—The Prizes will be awarded amongst those sending in (for their age.) the largest number of Coupons," provided tho paper with the Coupons" is correctly filled up and witnessed according to Eulo IV. A;II.—A competitor can only enter for one *rizo each month, but may compote every month if she or be withes. VIII.—Lists of Winners of each month's com- petition will be advertised until further notice in Tit-Hits" and "Answers" the third week of the month fi llowing, but a printed list of winners will be forwarded ten days after each competition closes to competitors who send id. stamp to pay Postage. IX.-Eniployces of Lever Bros., Ld., and their families are debarred from competing. X.—Lever Bros., Ld., will award the prizes to the best of their ability and judgment, but it is that all who ooiv-pote for the prizes azrco to acixpt Lover Bros. Ld.'s award as final. j In sending Coupons mark the "8, I ——————————————————————————————— MONTHLY CO >1PE 1 III Off. Prizes value ov >r EGOO. 60 Silver Keyless Lev^r Watchcs valaa o. Age. Jji 4s. each. 1 17 10 to girls & 10 to boys (1 to each winner). 2 16 10 „ 10 3 15 10 „ 10 100 Silver Keyless Watches value 303. eacli. o. Age. 4 1*1 10 to girls & 10 to boys (1 to each wiuu^ij. 5 13 10 „ 10 „ „ „ 6 12 10 „ 10 „ „ „ 7 11 10 10 8 10 10 „ 10 „ „ „ & undr. 8 Tricycles and 8 Safety Bicycles. No. Age. Tricyci.es. Bu u li s. 9 17 1 value R21 to-girls, 1 value i:20 to boy3. 10 16 1 zC21 „ 1 „ £ -20 11 11 15 1 xit) los. 1 „ Xi4 12 14 1 X10 10s. „ 1 X14 „ 13 13 1 „ £ 10 10s. „ 1 X 1,1 14 12 1 „ £ 9 „ 1 „ £ 7 „ 15 11 1 „ £ 0 1 X7 16 10 1 „ £ 7 „ 1 „ M 10s. „ & undr. XTRA PHTZES Unsuccessful competitors who have sent in not less than 24 "Coupons" will retvive, free of cost an 1 postage paid, a facsimile reproduction (size IV in. by ll £ in.) of the painting by \V. P. Frith, Ii.A., exhibited in the Royal Academy," 1889, and named by us "So Clean." The Dailu Telegraph, July lltii, 1889, says of it-" A charming little picture." When this pktnre is out of print others will take its place. SPECIAL CHRISTMAS COMPETITION. t500 in 2ooo P. izes. Same rules as for the Monthly Competitions. Coupons" for this competition to be sent in not later than Saturday, Deconiber 13tli, 1890, and marked Christmas Prize Competition." Printed lists of the winners will be forwarded, on or before December 23rd, to each competitor who encloses id. stamp for postage. 2000 Prizes as follows: Each winner may select whatever -lie or Le wishes for a Christmas Prize in Books, Toys, Games, &c., &-c., to the value of about 5s. (a shilling or two over or under this figure will not matter) or may have 5s. in cash should they so wish No. Age. 17 17 125 Prizes to girls, 125 Prizes to boys 18 16 125 „ „ 125 „ 19 15 125 „ „ 125 „ „ 20 14 125 „ „ 125 „ 21 13 125 „ „ 125 „ 22 12 125 „ „ 125 „ 23 11 125 „ „ 125 „ „ 24 10ifcudvl25 u „ 125 IJ „ tve'opi on theo:it-ide "Competition." FotR ner CENT. IVKTVKNTTTBE-. THE FREEHOLD TRUST COMPANY f At:s'llli*,Ll?, Capital suh-cribed £ 500,0~0 Capital paid up 50.000 DIRECTOKS. David Aitchison, E?q J [ 7.rv .T. T.nbbocll, The Ri'^ht Hon. Sir James ]>\ roil Lord Ronnld, E=q. Caird, K.i'.B. ltot-ert Bruce Ronald, Esq. Ferdinand M. Hath. E>q. The Ri,.Itt ]>\ roil Lord Ronnld, E=q. Caird, K.i'.B. ltot-ert Bruce Ronald, Esq. The Ri'^ht Hon. Sir James ]>\ roil Lord Ronnld, E=q. Caird, K.i'.B. ltot-ert Bruce Ronald, Esq. Ferdinand M. Hath. E>q. This Co!iipan\ is piepared to receive applications for termin- able debentures, be iri-.g interest at. 4 per cent p< r annum, for tiv-e, seven, or 10 v. ais. \V. U' )j H 1 31 cCOC\L\S, No. la. Ixadeiihall St p,t, L'J!HloJ1 I C. "retiuy. MBRCANTILE tOAT and GUARANTEE COMPANY (Limited). Incorporated under ilie New Houth Wjles Compaides Act, 1871. Authorised Capital s.500,003 Siib ciib-d and Allotted 8 3,375 Pai Up 67,097 London Offices: 110, Cannon Street. J'J.C. ground-tiutir corner' Head Offices: Sydney. Colonial Branches: Melbourne.Brisbane, s Newcastle-N.S.W.) Deposits of £ 60and upwards received 011 the following terms1 Six Months 4 pur cent. One Year 5 „ Two or Three Years i5,. l'urther Q Debentures of £: 00 each are issued, bearing interest at the rate of 6 per cent, per annum. The Company makes advancei to merchants, inainifacturers, ana others, upon bills of Indii.y for consignments to the Colonies, through He d Office or IS ranches. By order of the lizard of Directors, E. H 1U'CH\NAN, Lo -don Mauaiier^ Poui th Edition, Revised anct En,l:tr. ed, i;d. Gd.. poat ft-ee. THE DENOMINATIONAL REASON WHY. Giving the q igin. Stiatcy, and Tenets of tho Christian Sects, with the Ileasona n, aigned by tlieinselveb for their 3pe jialitit a of Faith and Form ofWorship. IJluBtratcd. An invaluable treasury of historic ( hristianity. o Bibli- cal students preacher and teachers, it will he of incalculable jervice "—Car-atian Unioji. London: Houlston and Sors, Pnternoster-squan,- E C. npHE C0NSERVAT0EIUM OS1 ■> MUSIC AND SEMINARY IN BERLIN, 31a Potsdamerstrasse 31a W. Director: PROF. XA VER SCHARWENKA. The Winter term commences on Monday, OCT. 6. The course eompries an ice various brancae* of IHuie. Thorough instruction, to the V'.rv highest ta¡! in all depart- ments of Instrumental Music. 1>ecu..¡ atte1ltloIl18 triven to the laining of Pianoforte Masters and Mistre-ses. The htudie.- are imparted in b"th the (ierm-in nnd Enplish la'^euages. 643 SCHOLARS ATI ENDED IN >889. Detailed prospect is, etc., can be had oi the S];}¡,L'l'A P. Y. rrHE FURSTL. C0NSERVAT0RIUM OF MUSIC in Sondershausen (Thuringen) Germany. Under the I'roie-sional Directi n of HOF-CAPELLMEISTJ;H PROP. CAUL SCIIROEDER. The Winter term comme ces SEPT. 2. Thorough raining i all branches of Music, and in Solo- Singing for Opera and Cone- rt. Free entree to the g eneral rehearsals and concerts of the Court Band, also to the general opera rehearsals. Advanced orchestral students can aho take part on the e ocafions. Vocil students have opportunities of making their debut at. thelt val Theatre, • Fees: Vocal Sohool, £ 10: Instrumental School, £ 7 10s. per Fees: Vocal Sohool, £ 10: Instrumental School, £ 7 10s. per annum. Prospectus gra is on application to the Secretary ot the Uoyal Oonserratorium. I WAILEB and RICHTE B, VT TUHF COJIMl^ioy AGENTS. 3, line Faidli;-vbe, lioniosiiic-sur-Mer, France. "THE BOULOGNE EXPhBSS" cent free on application. FilII i-tartint; 1 ro e, without limit. No commission. A LADY'S PLAIN or FANCY WOOLLEN TlP'PQQ 4 8 and 6 6. PATTEP(j;s J'KEE Ai ply Ma nufactnyer, Horsfurtl), near Leeds. THE JURY—How liundreds may V, escape ."ervimr. Bonk, confaieinsr full instructions fnr 1* Id.-M'r.. CHAKLES MUXCKTON. Vestry^ Clerk' Wim' *Sof?no. ?e la? ° ^"ferriiatioti given by letter in all matters relating to rates, taxes, overcharges and appeals. IMPORTANT BA RGAIN.— .luvnsh tiieirT^hTnToftws pHperroR pkivact. A h-ulyolT rs 12 lurprc and 12 ir.al- T<ible Knives, real Crn.vforil Ivory hunillc<v:ieh meunted with ro;U real iher feriu e Intendedr»reddingrgia. Q tile neiv. 60/-accepted; cost £ 6 7 6 Ap- proval, camag-p Id.—" l.^iv."ST MA UK I'ltlORV. TWK K K.MIAM. I I M. LAHMAMM'S REFORM w COTTON WOOL UNDERCLOTHING. Porous. Cool, Soft, Pure. Non-trritating,Non-shrinkable. Durable. Write for Trice List, j estimoniais, etc., to I THE L.-Y H MAXN AUKNCY, 15, Fore Street, LondonT E.C. "SLnti-vcvminc" TO GROCERS, ♦ ♦♦ C0IlN DEALERS, "nti~ve/imine* CHEMISTS, &C. Meal for Pet Stock. Send business card 4 i ti-vczwviiicj* for wholesale terms, Show and Hand-billa "&nti-vttu\ine" Thos-^onr3d& Co- N BAILLIE'S Systeyn of Hotis,, Drtina,,e all, and Ventilation, absolutely air-tight. Patentees and manufacturers of tirst-cia^s sanitary aonliances. Houses in- spected, drains tested by our patent positive! apparatus. Street, Farringdon S reefc, London, E.C., and 03 Ai 65. Hanover Street, and 3t Aim Street.Edinburgh. COLOGNE CONSERV ATOIRE of fUSIC Under the DTecfion of rnoFFssoii T)n, ERANZ WULLNER CONDUCTOR of the MUSICAL-CHAPEL of COLOGNE.' The Co iservatoire consists oi an In trumental, a Sieging and Music i'heory, a-i Opera School: also of a Seminary for Pianoforte.teachers. ltposst-sseslh'epan.torv for Piano Violin, Cello, and Solo-Singing, and a.imits Pnpil< to the Cuoir- suigiug. Orchestra-Rehearsals. Ltictures, and Classes for Harp: al-o Cello, ContrlLb tsrf, and Wind Instruments if do ired. The Winter-term commences on Si ptember 16th next. The examination for admission will take place on that davatfla m in the School-house (Wolfs Str. 3). Tlie fee for one principal branch Hnd the obhgatoiy secondary branches ;s M300 (£15 per aim.; if the principal brunch taken up isSolo-ciinging, M400 £ a0) and if the Opera School is included. 1HS0 £ 2210s.) per ann For joining the Seminar; Scholars nay, once and for all, M50( £ 210s.). For further particnlaya, Fchool-regulations, apply by tetter or verbal.y to the SKOjtETARlAT of tu»; Oonservatoisb tVVolts btv. a). Cologne, Juiy, 1830. THE COMMITTEE. OTAMMERINQ-.—The latest information and important the CURE, on loan, post, free, without charge.- N. H..MAsQN. 35, Maclise-rd.,W.Kensinato '.tS PUPIL. An exceptio-n a-I opportimity offers, to a young gentleman desi ous of l. arniiig fruit and flower culture under g ass and in the open, game bnning- two of the most profitable and agreeable ¡)ueul'a1.Íons. 1),1 ,r,n. ;ng cquntry home and sun'onndmgs. Preinimu leyuirfd". Part- nershio could be arranged, if desired, later on. Address Il.E., c,o BRUCE & FORD, t, iri.inp S> (Hieapside, I,ondon. INSURANCE AGLN1S and others having spare time-wanted torthe t romotian of an entirely n'>vel seh« e olPOPU;.AtUNiUR4HCB«herobvOolU<>r*,MiM.Vs In -rrvinen Railwaymen. and others Can, by b ing a QUARTf'R ponwii of TRa weoklv. obtain ther with OKA TIS un IXSl'RAXfTE £ 25- agait, t TMa! ATI UENTbof ALL KINDS. Due pavmcnt guaranteedhvarespon.-ib;e Loudon Insurance Company. Liberal terms to'=:tnh pmen —Addrfss- Insurance,"c. 0 Brown,QvuldJcCo.,54,New Oxford-st.,London' LADIES CAN BUY DIRECT FROM! The LYONS PURE SILK COMPANY A splendid Black Silk Brcsa, 16 yards, wide whHb, for 97,6, Half retail pi-ic, rent post free Pat terns on application. THE LYONS PURE SILK COMPANY, 153, CHEAPSIDE, LONDON, E C. These Silks for cheapness and durabil.tv give the greatest eati>faction. as testified by numerous letter*; Miss Clifton ■writes: Miss G. Clifton is Weil plea ed with the dress and would like another 16 yard ent of the Fub. 2i1th, 1890. WINDSOR. WHITE HART HOTEL, VIC'T;» Oastle; first-class entirely lebi.ilt; re-iuniished, electno light anrt every modern requirement; excellent euiBina and wines; larp^rooms for banquets; superior carriages 10* Ascot, Virginia W^rer Ae. moderate tariff.-Mnrtin cV cto BiiSi' DETON CLOTTED CRMHTT7 iresh from Dairy. I I IL nost Vicar, a. Vaep, Lc^twithiel. All! free!