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For Tea, Grocery, PROVISIONS9 Italian Goods, Patent Medicines, and Proprietary Articles, There is no better House in the Kingdom than E.P.JONES'. Call for PRICE LIST, and satisfy yourself of the veracity of this statement* Sole Agent for the Irame Food Bread. A. WILLIAMS. BAKER AND CONFECTIONER, BIRMINGHAM HOUSR, BODFOR ST., RHYL. Bread and Biscuit Baker, Wedding, Madeira, Plain and Seed Cakes of the choicest quality always kept in stock, (2213 lA CAPM.] I s 8 ) 0 Y S T 0 N, m lit, 1, BELLE VUE TERRACE, BATH STREET. DRESSMAKING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. NOTICE OF JJEMOVAL. W. Brient Beg. to announce his REMOVAL from 8. HIGH STREET, to more extensive premises at LYRIC BUILDINGS, MARKET STREET, where he will be able to keep a greatly inoreaspd. stock of Pianos and other instruments for his Customers' selection. PIANOFORTES, &c, TUNED & REPAIRED. Pianos by all the leading English and Foreign Foreign makers for Hire. All new M, ric at xd. in the Shilling discount for cash. Violin, Banjo, Guitar Strings, &o. II UGHES & SON, Merchant Tailors, HATRERS, HOSIERS, OUTFITTERS, &c. NEWEST DESIGNS IN SPRING AND SUMMER SUITINGS AND TROUSERINGS. Extensive Stock of Men's, Youths, and Boys Ready Made Clothing. The Leading Novelties in Gents' Outfitting, Hats, &c., for the Season. Note the Address- THE TAILORING AND OUTFITTING ESTABLISHMENT, 56, HIGH STREET, RHYL. -+- THE OLD. JEWELLERY BUSINESS, 19a, HIGH ST EFT, tOj.p. site ilie P-,st Office.) it GN I' t" thank his iiiiiiii,r, -tit; ''iistoui r- for tin* patr:»r«rff h; v hiVM b-tow.d foil tile pgr4t r-am, mid i" pe 1 f dh r II tJ,It" 111" mt-.idt t. «nst.-ir nir the BII-1!1" 0 hi", W. W I! III Jo )!)»• iin-;in»ime the entiitf v.,1 Jllble ••f tjOLD Klld MLVER WATv HKS. GOLD lid SILVER ALBERTS and CHAINS, DH OND and OEM 1:1IS M RBLE &(it lit-, CLOCKS, and J ESELLERY of evrry de-enptiou, valued hi about 1:2.40). will be offered lor Sale at Cost Price. Terms Strictly Cash. Repairs of aU description carried on as usual faring the Sale. Ifeyl, April, 1800. U%\ Scholastic ottreø. rLWY JJALL LADIES SCHOOL, RHYL. RESIDENT ENGLISH & FOREIGN GOVERNESSES AND VISITING MASTERS. This School is specially recommended by the Bight Rev. The Lora Bihhop of the Diocese, and the Vtry Rev. The Dean. For prospectus apply to the Lady Principal. OYILLEi^jfO L L E G v FOR YOUNG LADIES, BAST PARADE, RHYL Principal-M ISS MKRCIER (Removed from Russell Road). Masters and Resident English and Foreign Governesses. Preparation for University and College of Preceptors' Examinations, also for the Royal Academy of Mnsic. Special Classes for Ladies in Languages, Music and Painting. Recreation Gronnd with Tennis Court. House detached 0052 .a ST. A SA PH GRAMMAR SCHOOL. Large and commodious buildings. erected in 1881. surrounded hy six acres of playing fields, and situated in one of the healthiest districts in North Wales. Papils prepared for Professional and University Examinations. Thirty.three SUCCPBBPS in the last two years, including a Scholarship of £:;0 for 3 years, and Exhibitions of f20 and £15. Terms, &c., on application to W. EASTRRBY. I LO, B. A. Head Master THE VETtY REV. THE DRAN OF ST. ASAPH, Chairman of the Governing Body. RONHILDA, 14, WATER STREET, (Removed from Aquarium Street.) YOUNG J^ADItH' JgOARDING SCHOOL. Principj, 's: M1 i K S RE A D. Next term commences Jan. 14th. PUPILS snccessfnlly prepared for Local Examinations, t Preparatory Room for litt e (lirIs and little boys under eight. Prospectus on application. (2019 yjIDDLE-CLASS pDUCATION. F. WELSH, B.A. Course of Instruction ENGLISH SUBJECTS. CLASSICS, MATHEMA. TICS, FRENCH. BOOK-KKEPING, AND SHOKT-HAND. PRIVATE TUITION. Full Particulars on Application, Adiress 27, WATER 8TREKT, RHYL. (0066 Next Term comm-nep.La Sept. 17th CT. JOHN'S COLLEGE. GRIMSARGH, Near PKESTON, LANCASHIRE. Principal-REV T. ABBOTT PETERS, M.A., F.S Se.. London. Viee-Prin(-il)al-R II. BRUCE, M.A Assisted by a Staff of Efficient Resident Masters (Graduates). The College Departments: PEF.PARATORY.- For boys between the ages of 9 and 14, who receive a thorough grounding in English Subjects generally, a'so Arithmetic, Algebra, Euclid, Latin, French, German, &c. MODKBN (SENIOKS). Subjects A higher course of English, Latin, French, German, Spanish, Mathematics, Chemistry (Experimental and Theoretical) Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Lanå. surveying, and Drawing. CLASSICAL (SENIORS).—Subjpcts Advanced English, Mathematics, Natural Science, and the Classics. ppcial Classes for Students preparing for UniVirsity Matriculation, Indian and Home Uivit Sennc., Woolwich., Sandhurst, and the Medical and I efrl hxaminatwvs. Instruction in Music (Organ. Piano, and Violin.) Scholastic Terms, Half-yearly; Vacations, hrilftmas and Midsummer only. Religious Inlltroction-Churchof England. Terms moderate; no extras. The College Estate, 50 acres, is about 4 miles from Preston, and near Grimtargh Railway I Station, is charmingly situated, having spacious grounds and Woodlands, and i considered by the medical profession to be one of the healthiest districts in England—a fact fully confirmed by the half yearly medical reports. Good Home Farm for the use of the College. Connected with the College is a Chapel, also Laboratory, Work-shop, spacious Gymnasium. Swimming Bath of 2:30 square yards, aud a Ciicket Field of eight acres. Prospectus. R ports of Examinations. List of succesxful Students. View and a B oc k PI in of tile College Huilding-i. References tu Parents of Past at d Ptesen- Students i all parts of f ngland, Ireland and Sc<i land, the United S'ates, Brazil India, and t I (I Colonies, forwaidcd on applica ion to the Priix-ipal. N.B In uppUing fpr Piospcctus, state age of inlent Nexi li»lf-year con,m< nets Sept. Hth, 1-90 f i! I k | J «> U K gCHOOL. P I., I HATOH Y I) I "1.V]} H > UUfNO SCHOOL Î) I <. M Six T TWKLVE YEARS 4-F \()K. AI \B h 11 J A iri'h' ;V CLASS. Ko <4 ectu 1 • Ildv Prinoipal. XM S TF.ItM-EP r, 16th. » B B M A N y 'J MUNSltillH L. fl. JUIVOtl, MILLER'S COTTAGE, TOWYN, (Near Voryd Station). Postal Address: MILLER'S COTTAGE, TOWYN, ABERGELE MISS N ICHOLSON, (Senior Cert. R.A.M.) TEACHER OF THE PIANOFORTE, 55, Wellington Road, Rhyl. t, Pupils visited at their homes if desired. A LFRED "r. JJUGHES, Organist of St. Mary's, Towyn. and for nine years Music Master at Kpworth College, lihyi. TEACHER OF THE ORGAN, PIANOFORTE AND SINGING. Classes conducted for the study of Theory and Sight-singing. 11 0 Pupils prppared for Public Examination in Music, and for Competition at Eisteddfodau. For terms, references, and testimonials, please apply— 17, ELWY STREET, RHYL. 11,11 R s- T, 3-. n ASELDEN, TEACHER OF THE PIANOFORTE AND HARMONIUM. TERMS MODERATE. Balls and Quadrille Parties attended. Bands provided. MAESINCLE VILLA, VALE ROAD. RHYL. 2229 HERBOURNE 0 u s Ell WEST PARADE. A LIMITED NUMBER OF DAY AND RESIDENT PUPILS RECEIVED. For Terms apply to the Principal- MISS SHAKESPEARE. W. & A GILBEY'S. WINKS AND SRLkITS. Bottle. Cattle A. Claret Borrtfanx I/- Castle Catatonia Port 1/- C.t;ile Pr,,(-f Scot,ch Wlii.,k 3/1 John Jnme-on «vi Sons' Iri-li NK hiskev.. 3/6 Castle U. P. Gin 2/- SOLE AGENTS- Hackforth & Co., FAMILY GitOCERS, 27, IIIGU STREET, RHYL. A S t I iv F FIELD, WHOLESALE, RETAIL, AND GENERAL IRONMONGER, 170, WELLINGTON ROAD, RHYL. ks REFFIELD.-L,,twn Mowers. ks li EFFIEL D.- Garden Rollers. ks IIEFFIELD.-Water Barrows HEFFIELD.-Ilose Pipes. H EFFIE LD.-Garden Seats gHEFFIELD.-Lawn Tennis. HEFFIELD.- Croquet. HEFFIELD.-Golf. S HEFFIELD.-Silver.plated Goods. HEFFIELD.-Brass Goods. SHEFFIELD.—See Window for Birthday and Wedding Presents. SHEFFIELD. Chimney Pieces. HEFFIELD.-Tile Register Stoves. HE-.i FIELD.- Hearths and Curbs. HEFFIELD.-Kiteben Ranges. A Staff of Men in constant employment as TINMEN, PTUVBVRS, GRATE- 8RTTEHS, Sfc. 5 per ctnt. discount for Cash, atid all Goods Carriage Paid. I HON BUILDINGS BR t (JE & STILL. NO F. LK STREET, LIVERPOOL. CO A T • A C TO K S FOil IRON HCL Ll>L\AS & I'OOFS, Churches, Schools Mission limms, Hospit:«lf| Crirket itml Lawn T unis Colliery Ronls Warelionscs, Stores, Billiard Rooms, Clubs, tSb*M)tiug L."lg<s CoLtrige>, Huts. j FARM BUILDINGS, Hay and Corn Sheds, Barns, Dairies, Stables, &a. I Highest Testimonials from the leading Clergy, Architects, and Agriculturists. Estimates and designs on application, OOFTVLCTOBB TO B.M.'S aOYBBNMSNT,